Group 897

Puzzle 1

A powerful defensive charm used against dementors
The man who discovered the theory of relativity
A tiny or trivial amount
Long poles thrown by athletes
Slang for bad port wine
Non-fraying edge of fabric
Exchanging old door lock pins for new ones
Next-to-last rank of the legion d’honneur
Patches to shield a horse’s eyes from distractions
African country where Christmas is called Ganna
Displays to look at in museums and galleries
Italian dish like a quiche made from eggs
Theatrical street in New York
Venice ; parkland that hosts Venice Biennale
Musically, Sublime doesn’t practice it

Puzzle 2

Rich stuffing of fish, chicken, vegetables
They battle Oxford in an annual boat race
Farm workers who keep watch over flocks of sheep
Martin Chuzzlewit character, an unruly nurse
Bats, owls, and coyotes are this kind of animal
What the P in OPEC stands for
Haughty Cats character played by Mette Towley
Alison Brie and Donald Glover’s sitcom
Artificial grass commonly used for playing sports
Person who calls the acts in a circus

Puzzle 3

Flowering plant associated with Scotland
Made safe, protected from theft
Parsons, US sociologist, structural functionalist
Freshwater jawless fish; a surfeit killed a king
Avengers movie, or Samuel Beckett play
Dish of fruit, breaded and fried
Pantomime pal of Cinderella
Stations troops ready for military action
Blood-sucking horror-movie ghoul
Muslim who calls others to prayer
Hung wearily
Camera with a tiny aperture instead of a lens
Feeding a baby on the breast
There are 6 on a guitar

Puzzle 4

Robin’s mentor in the DC Universe
Jonah Hill and Emma Stone pharmaceutical show
This clef is a musical symbol
Took a quick look
William Shakespeare wrote this style of poem
Straw mats that served as floor covering in Japan
What Santa rides around in
Rough textile used for potato sacks
Name of the sorcerer in Disney’s Fantasia
An ancient technique of staining clothing
Flowing of the tide toward the sea
Islamic place of worship
The process of joining two or more things into one
Clock that is the most accurate timekeeper
Small hand tool for boring holes in wood
Slapstick circus comedians

Puzzle 5

Musical composer of the War of the Worlds
The middle one of three membranes around the brain
This is provided by a nursery or kindergarten
Robert Altman film, country music capital
Made a marble sculpture
The largest shark species ever documented
Literally, it’s an animal treated with respect
Carved stone figures seen on a building’s facade
White strawberry with red seeds, pineapple aroma
Mountainous region of northern Scotland
Tiny metric weight measure for a thousandth