Group 896

Puzzle 1

The female Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher
Multi-covered 20s classic song by Hoagy Carmichael
Media that debated blue/black or white/gold dress
Shigeru, Super Mario creator and Nintendo guru
Tiny, mild onion used often in cooking
Star cluster also known as the Seven Sisters
Indian city, former HQ of the East India Company
Man who appears physically and emotionally strong
A geographical area in Canada
Pinscher that often serves as police or military
Italian ballerina Marie, first to dance en pointe?
Meeting the requirements for participation

Puzzle 2

Ancient peoples of Yucatan
Julie Andrews knows it’s this pulling thread
Billie Eilish and Khalid song from 13 Reasons Why
Trick-taking card game; river-crossing structure
Bird that married the owl and the pussycat
Online name of vlogger Zoe Sugg
Comes between blue and violet in the rainbow
Where many go to look something up online
Something set apart as holy or to be worshipped
A Middle Eastern chickpea dip
What plants do when they shrivel and die
A knitted sweater worn as a pullover
Strips of shiny metal foil used around Christmas
Mythical creature shown on the flag of Bhutan

Puzzle 3

Stops working in old age
City in which the sitcom Seinfeld is set
One who hunts out of season or on protected land
Officer of high ranks in the medieval military
Froth caused by waves; a shade of green
Truthful saying, e.g. all that glitters is not gold
Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk or Black Widow
Gromit’s owner
Dirty old cinema
Organisms before they become fetuses
Brittle food that makes a noise when chewed
US opera singer Sills who then managed NYC Opera

Puzzle 4

The German long-bodied dog also called wiener dog
Flooded, overwhelmed
Moving up and down on a screen
Infamous Lady Gaga outfit
Bitter, spicy leaf vegetable, aka Italian chicory
Mystery or detective story
Brad Pitt tries to stop zombies in this film
Punishment of execution by guillotine
He cut the Gordian Knot in an ancient legend
Run or jump on springy stilts

Puzzle 5

Experiencing breathing difficulties; breathless
Playing a wind instrument found with drum corps
Organ important in tasting
Sticky, burr-like invention patented in the 50s
Some of its cities include Warsaw and Kraków
Undersea rail tunnel joining Hokkaido and Honshu
Washed and dried a floor
Live streaming platform where you’d find Ninja
Tree nymphs in Greek mythology
Grain, seed, small piece of corn
Benes on Seinfeld who can’t dance
Tiny hole for a shoelace
Afghan hound, the world’s first cloned dog
Word for dirty blackboards