Group 895

Puzzle 1

The item on Hall & Oates’ list they can’t resist
Sticky rib marinade with smoky, sweet taste
Large mythical hall in Asgard, ruled over by Odin
Another name for the Italian peninsula
Scenery behind the actors on stage
Narrative shape of a tale
The toy dog whose ears form a butterfly shape
Splinter groups, divisions
Ruby footwear coveted by Wicked Witch of the West
Does not incorporate

Puzzle 2

Actresses Fanning or Johnson
Trimmed tree; fingers after a long bath
What FBI Agent Booth calls a lab intern on Bones
Top-selling Paramore song on Twilight soundtrack
Harms someone or treats them improperly
81-square number puzzle
Bavarian capital, home to BMW and Oktoberfest
Material that kept rain out of Medieval homes
Building for Christian religious activities
Carton carrier for strawberries
What web advertisers want
Female Dirty Rotten Scoundrel’s remake The

Puzzle 3

Make an assist in basketball without looking
Inflammation and swelling of the cornea
The one that is the most in need of food
Cylindrical valve; style of straight legged jeans
The plant said to hurt lycanthropes; monkshood
Masks worn by members of Anonymous
He sang Tiny Dancer, Rocket Man and Circle of Life
Traditional print Chinese New Year decoration
Musical about a mystical, ephemeral Scots village
South African author of Cry, the Beloved Country

Puzzle 4

Popular Italian hazelnut spread
Stage name of entertainer born Fred Austerlitz
Snowball represents this Russian in Animal Farm
1920s French tennis Grand Slam winner Suzanne
Cover on a bed
Greatly surprise, amaze
Dutch painter of The Starry Night
Give someone money that is owed
Number of jurors in a Scottish criminal trial

Puzzle 5

London art institute named after an industrialist
A marine fish that comes in weedy varieties
Toward or at the front of a theatrical platform
Beasts and Where to Find Them
The time of day when dusk comes to an end
Proficiency in a specific field
How much wood would one chuck?
Plunger coffee-brewing device invented in 2005
Winter squash that tastes similar to a pumpkin
The surname of Beatles member Paul