Group 894

Puzzle 1

This character appears in four Shakespeare plays
Arnold flick where Jamie Lee Curtis plays his wife
Wizards of publishes Dungeons & Dragons, Magic
Broadway home of The Lion King since 2006
This species of baleen whale is known for singing
Drifting, unsettled
The unit of measurement for X and gamma rays
Full last name of saxophonist Kenny G
Thing used to mark a spot in a novel
She explained it all on Nickelodeon in the 1990s
Old wives’ tale basin cure for sinus congestion
In the tale, a sword was suspended above him

Puzzle 2

Huey, Dewey and Louie’s relationship to Scrooge
Dutch a one-sided deal, a single advantage
Stem or stalk of a leaf
What Billie Eilish or Adele are doing in concerts
To have put down roots in a foreign land
Text positioned in the bottom margins of pages
Wolfgang Mozart and Sigmund Freud’s home country
A nation’s finance and trade
Diagonally slice across the weave of a fabric
Shorten a text
Actress Faye, won an Oscar in 1977 for Network

Puzzle 3

Organ attaching intestines to the abdominal wall
2002 sequel to The Silence of the Lambs
Bottom-fermenting lager brewed at ale temperatures
Early ship that brought pilgrims to the New World
The world’s largest animal
Bass guitarist of The Monkees
Divers’ breathing devices
One who doesn’t use cigarettes

Puzzle 4

Rudolph Valentino’s most famous film and image
Relating to trees, like the animals living in them
Place providing dairy products
Catch a fish on its body not its mouth
A place where very sick people go
Dutch sailor Willem, who rounded Cape Horn in 1616
Seussian locale inhabited by Whos
Clasp used to keep hair out of the face
Unit of digital memory abbreviated to GB
F1 title-winner 1963, 65, killed at Hockenheim
The oboe has a brief solo in Beethoven’s fifth one

Puzzle 5

Call by a referee to start a judo match
Husband of cowgirl Dale Evans, Roy
Last name of Cloud from the Final Fantasy series
Object of Cyrano de Bergerac’s affections
Slow, intimate dance from 18th-century Spain
Leafy treetop level of a rainforest
Produced coins for circulation
What a defenestrated person is thrown out of
Muscles officially known as triceps surae
Husband of Marie Curie, co-discoverer of radium
Writing programs for computers
A candy-filled container broken apart at parties
Most sage
Laura, Battlestar Galactica 12 Colonies leader
Securing ceramics on walls or floors
Curiosity killed this feline creature
Rap music that grew in popularity in the 90s
Day of rest or church day
Daisy Henry James novella
Country with an ancient civilization called Olmec