Group 893

Puzzle 1

Throws into confusion, causes a halt
Fashion brand based in Metzingen, Germany
Ceremonial canine model used in Chinese festivals
Makes milk
Chubby Checker cover that made a dance popular
American coins worth 25 cents
Great lake’s name means long tail
A city in California; a type of cheese
Information on information
Child’s wet weapon
Type of oil that gets burned when you stay up late
Unrest in Argentina with military death squads
Leader of a religious institution like a school
Sockeye salmon that are landlocked
Sanskrit name for child’s pose in yoga

Puzzle 2

Skateboard with a handlebar, essentially
Author Paul who wrote The Poseidon Adventure
Band that smells like teen spirit
Gadget that turns photos into digital files
Confectionery company that makes Crunchie bars
Cage, actor-nephew of Francis Ford Coppola
Dropping, ditching a partner
Good Samaritan, Prodigal Son are this story type
Pop star who married Guy Ritchie in 2000
A very elastic fabric, think superhero costumes
Female reproductive organs
Overwhelming tiredness
Steal or pilfer
Marginal Arctic Ocean sea between US, Russia
Something unnatural that was created by humans

Puzzle 3

Famous 1940 novel about being Black in Chicago
The start of a path when hiking
Removed from an outlet
Cheerleading movie starring Kirsten Dunst
Places to roast s’mores
What one eats if forced to admit errors
Ennio, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly composer
Water-dwelling half-human half-fish folk
When a cell removes its own damaged components
Series of pictures, shown through a projector
Sibling expression of frustration, dismay
To shape another planet to resemble the earth
Small affectionate Madagascan parrots

Puzzle 4

Popular app of videos made to music clips
Oscars, Christmas happen this often
Astrologer with planetary motion laws, Johannes
Profession of opera’s most famous Sevillian
Pig-like mammals with short nose trunks
Actor Eddie, who played Terry in Ray Donovan
Pair of facing pages in a newspaper or book
Companies limit this to sensitive data
Rhyming words often have this musical term
The Maltese with Humphrey Bogart and Mary Astor
This cocktail uses seafood instead of alcohol
Pretends to have a good poker hand
a guess; come up with a prediction or theory
Some bands focus on these songs by other bands
A place where stones and minerals are extracted
Sudden, sharp

Puzzle 5

Mosquitos carry this recurring fever
up; became suddenly silent due to nerves
A place where goods are manufactured or assembled
Rabin, Israeli PM, assassinated in 1995
He’s the main antagonist of No Country for Old Men
The species of Sonic’s spiny pal Knuckles
Birth surname of singer Madonna
Larger handheld computers with touchscreens
Shine unsteadily like a lit match or hearth fire
Rare New Zealand goat breed close to extinction
Italian espresso coffee brand
Capital of Northern Ireland
The core of a biological cell