Group 892

Puzzle 1

Relating to an ensemble of singers
Technique of writing and art that inspires emotion
Scientific study of plants
Egyptian god with a jackal’s head
Hellen, first deaf-blind person to earn a BA degree
Don’t like the legal verdict? File this
Artfully named mutants’ reptile species
Cricket in Pinocchio
Tower on a castle or where gunner sits on a tank
The French word for sun; Cirque du
River; or Hawk played by Bruce Willis
Transparent covering of the eye
Extracting resources from below the earth’s crust
Sport whose playing area includes a telltale

Puzzle 2

A marine crustacean with large claws
Breathing deeply to express disappointment
First half of computer giant HP
Bierce who wrote The Devil’s Dictionary
US states sometimes called flyover territory
First name of the US president named Wilson
Mistake made while filming a movie
Batman or Superman’s League
A sauce made by cooking sugar until it browns
Encyclopedia published by Microsoft, 1993-2009
Winter games held every four years
Sang like Sinatra or Crosby

Puzzle 3

Israel ruler who began as shepherd with slingshot
Branches of neurons
Heroic girls, daughters of Professor Utonium
Robin Hood’s religious Merry Man
Special layer on a cast-iron frying pan
A speech in a play given by a single person
Seaport city in Maryland where Babe Ruth was born
Similar in appearance to a kilt or culottes
What the E in UNICEF stands for
Go to a party uninvited
Day celebrated by James Joyce fans on 16 June

Puzzle 4

A limited time guarantee on a product
Deciduous hardwood tree that produces pale lumber
Watchful, attentive
Cold body part you give to snub someone
Forest, 2007 Best Actor Oscar winner
The type of gene that is expressed more strongly
The protagonist of Shakespeare’s The Tempest
Briskly, hastily
Keyboard music maker, aka pianica or blow-organ
Relating to the arm
Crustacean named for the Abominable Snowman
A chief Hindu Yogini, fearsome form of Chandi
Fried sugary treat sold by Krispy Kreme
Circus and sideshow pioneer, with Bailey

Puzzle 5

Twelfths of a year
Part of the body inflamed by blepharitis
Russian mini pancakes
These Australian marsupials have fingerprints
Type of acting that involves being the character
Story that explains the birth of superheroes
Thigh- or chest-high waterproof fishing gear
Ran 40 yards quickly
Sales talk, heard on a car salesroom forecourt
Small bunches of flowers
Pretend-food water and soil mixture
Where you go when you step off a boat
The girl who left breadcrumbs to find her way home
Trees for wood
Less chilly
Fruitless, without success
One Flew Over the ‘s Nest, Jack Nicholson role
This grim guy carries a scythe