Group 891

Puzzle 1

Several species of marine algae
Lyonne, writer and actor in Russian Doll
Long river rising in Russia’s Ural Mountains
Compressed balls fired from guns
Cuisine that includes tacos and enchiladas
This actor has played Dumbledore and Dr. Watson
It’s best served cold
Margot, prima ballerina paired with Nureyev
Element number 75 named for a German river
Securing a door or gate with a sliding latch
Chinese strategy game using tiles
Title for the second daughter of Spanish royalty
Romanian playwright who wrote The Bald Soprano
Covering to protect finger while sewing
Real name of Mr. Incredible

Puzzle 2

Mating embrace of frogs and toads
Glass vessel with a stopper for holding wine
Rare, not often seen or experienced
Interlocking Celtic symbol linked to oak trees
Keanu Reeves movie about retired hitman
Play starring sophisticated equine puppet
Arc between the north and south poles on the earth
Poet and writer Spike, famous for nonsense verse
One who lies under oath

Puzzle 3

Replenished supermarket shelves
Heroic and intrepid
Continuing vaccination dose that renews immunity
He gets visited by three ghosts, bah humbug
One-eyed people from Greek myths
African hunting canine
Happening every 30 days or so
Planted platform, roof on a city apartment
Statuesque lady on an island near New York City
1920s gin, allegedly made in this household vessel
All Aretha Franklin was asking for in her 1967 hit
European country whose currency is the lek
Pablo, famous Spanish artist born in Malaga
Last days of the working week

Puzzle 4

Arrangement of words, grammar
Al the gangster
Chancellor of Germany, elected in 2005
Make holes in soil to allow oxygen to circulate
Monotony, boredom
A person born in the years following World War II
Film festival held in France
Money made after expenses are subtracted
Neil Young wants him to take a look at his life
The point when the moon is farthest from the earth
Patron saint of England
Constipation’s purple friend
Religious ceremony like baptism, wedding
Hook-shaped tool for cutting grain
Oliver Queen keeps his arrows here
Uniform, generally of male servants in a household
Last name of Enterprise captain Jean-Luc

Puzzle 5

Fan, enthusiast
Its first rule is to not talk about it
Charges a president with misconduct
Saline tidal flat, rich in coastal wildlife
Served separately
Star of The Martian and Good Will Hunting
Record-breaking athlete Sergey Bubka’s event
Biblical wife of David and mother of Solomon
US pop band fronted by Will Anderson
The escapee daughter of Tsar Nicholas II
Scientific instrument used to measure air pressure