Group 890

Puzzle 1

Sailing ship in Robert Louis Stevenson’s Kidnapped
Cap worn by Orthodox Jewish men
A skillet with a series of parallel ridges
UN celebration of the planet on April 22
Proper name for vitamin B1
To do with weeping
Wife of Nestor, mother of Thrasymedes
The Favourite actor Hoult
Result when an opponent in sport fails to turn up
Itemized desired products
Manchester massacre at a radical meeting in 1819
Gin and grapefruit for an expert sailor
A type of New Zealand spell that’s been cast
Small mongooses that stand upright
Southern islands of the Lesser Antilles

Puzzle 2

Food that isn’t high in oils and greases
Circuits of golf courses, covering 18 holes
Describes a yearly event like a festival
Visits from the afterlife
Stranger Things’ Slurpee-loving Russian scientist
To move information from your computer to the web
Aliens’ android character
Clingy mollusc found on beach rocks
July birthstones
It’s used to draw so mistakes can be erased
Witchy musical prequel to The Wizard of Oz
Future and Migos are known for this type of rap
Disguised by covering the face

Puzzle 3

Talking that spills secrets
German war film about military submarine
Percussion set
Without work, having no employment
Jan Vermeer painted a famous Girl with a Pearl one
A competition where beauty and talent are judged
Fabric covering pulled across a window at night
Gaelic festival at the end of the harvest season
Changes made to improve a bad process
Maker of Twinkies, Snoballs, Ding Dongs
Move across continents, like a Monarch Butterfly
to Alice: On First Reading Jane Austen: Weldon

Puzzle 4

Flour/egg coating for deep-fried Chinese dishes
Gentlemanly amphibious Muppet
He created four stages of cognitive development
First name of former President Obama
Ocean surrounding the Nicobar Islands
Take residence in a place
Musical string instrument similar to a dulcimer
Cat bred for hairlessness
Nail selfie
Ducks, Sharks, and Penguins play this game
Musical about high school students in 1950s
Inventor Orville or Wilbur

Puzzle 5

These bumps are found on your tongue
1970 Ali MacGraw and Ryan O’Neal romantic movie
Hand tool for cleaning laundry before machines
Terry Pratchett Santa-type character of Discworld
Double vowel sound in one syllable
Duet ballet performance
Spotted American horse breed
Explosion of gases in a building fire
Current situation, present circumstances