Group 889

Puzzle 1

Legume fruits found in Worcestershire sauce
German orchestra leader of The Seduction
Pale stone used in plaster
He’s one of Microsoft’s co-founders
Abusive and critical language
The island located 30 miles south of Cape Cod
Essential tool for wine lovers
Group of businesses
2002 thriller about a woman trapped in her home

Puzzle 2

Large body of ice on top of land
A bird call, or social media app
Tajiri, creator of Pokémon
Classic liquid accompaniment to fish and chips
Fictional wife of Babar the Elephant
Margaret Thatcher’s maiden name
Neck artery that supplies blood to the head
Rock band known for Drive and Stellar
Country where the ancient city Trier is located
Wobbly, shaky, unstable
Money paid for a plane ticket
1993 Tom Stoppard play set in multiple times
This animal sleeps just below the water’s surface

Puzzle 3

Silence of these introduced Hannibal Lecter
Becks or small brooks
Forced plans off course
The study of fungi, including yeast and mushrooms
Clock for cooking
Tolerant, easily calmed, forgiving
Legally, a natural hazard no one can be blamed for
With child
A store that sells products on a large scale
Georgian treat consumed at end of year
role, lead character in a film or play

Puzzle 4

Declare without proof, claim as true
West Indian popular music genre
Soft, fatty substance inside bones
Joe Manganiello character who stole Hand of Vecna
Hindu wiseman, advocator of self-enquiry, Maharshi
Plaid textile design originating in Scotland
Encke’s, Halley’s, and Hale-Bopp, for instance
Goat-antelopes native to Southeast Asia
Relax at the end of the day
Broadway musical about the son of Charlemagne
Japanese drama with men playing both gender parts
It whistles when water is hot
French Polynesian island also called Uvea
Blanche from A Streetcar Named Desire
Bladed shoes for slippery ice rinks
Make a sound like a running brook

Puzzle 5

Pardon for a political prisoner
Italian potato dumplings
A piece of writing published in a magazine
Mythical horse, or valuable startup company
Concentrated on a task
Metalworking process that stretches sheet metal
Bloom actor known for elf, pirate movies
Father and son actors Brendan and Domhnall
Quirky Saved by the Bell character; owl breed