Group 888

Puzzle 1

The fastest falcon in the world
A teen detective who’s friends with the Hardy boys
To pronounce words clearly
Players hit a puck back and forth on this table
Yellow, daisy-like flower aka black-eyed Susan
Performance or portrayal, a depiction
Internet feline Tardar Sauce’s famous nickname
What you hop on when agreeing with popular opinion
Carolina Panthers player who signed with Patriots
Sparkly Robert, actor to play Batman role

Puzzle 2

Portuguese fortified beverage
Work toward political office
Connected systems of people
Florida singer of American Girl, Free Fallin’
Boston, London, New York and Tokyo all hold one
David Foster Wallace’s Jest was this
Pointing a camera and filming
African republic once known as Bechuanaland
Belgium’s bronze little statue, pis
Low-squatting, hip-thrusting, rump-shaking dancing
A physical force exerted on a person or thing
Furry marine animal known for holding hands

Puzzle 3

Pickled daikon radish used in sushi recipes
Ate a forbidden fruit, for example
US toy company that manufactures Barbie
Nickname of game-playing Bond girl Dominique Derval
Group that gave us MMMBop
Another name for Britain, common in myth
What you blow your nose into; biological membrane
Four biggest golf tournaments
Someone who is quiet and easy to influence
Makes fun of someone in a public, comedic manner
Shakespearean role best performed with a skull

Puzzle 4

Play on words, eating at your work station
Type of food, e.g. from India, France…
Surname for Elvis
Frodo and Bilbo’s surname in the Lord of the Rings
A person who coaches people or animals
Swooned, passed out
Russian white dog with a spitz-like tail
A cover to protect the optical glass on a camera
German city famed for beef patties
A play where characters burst into song
Hindu deity shown as an elephant

Puzzle 5

Roman emperor who succeeded Caligula in 41AD
Action of one surface rubbing against another
Aerosmith lead singer’s daughter; played Arwen
Dean Koontz book of genetically engineered animals
Spooky, three-sided area near Bermuda
What you watch on the track at Daytona Speedway
Gummy food-thickening additive
It’s the month of Kwanzaa, Hanukkah and Christmas
Opposite of pain
Half-bend at the knees in ballet
Limbs on a tree
Revival of 20s New Orleans music in the 50s