Group 887

Puzzle 1

School students
Dessert produced by bacterial fermentation of milk
To dig into the ground for safety
Judd who was a bad boy in The Breakfast Club
Apollo and ; Bernini life-size marble sculpture
Get together, group together to make a unit
This singer named John married Chrissy Teigen
Last name of Anderson, host of CNN’s 360°
Austrian setting of Measure for Measure
Polar light display

Puzzle 2

Eating, devouring
Trip to underworld with Charon
Gloomy daughter of Morticia and Gomez
City where Jesus was born in a manger
Waterway on which Rugby and Warwick stand
Starting point, or Christopher Nolan film
Sewing-machine needles for securing wool fabrics
The language of Cape Town with Dutch influence
A simple sugar found in dairy products

Puzzle 3

US Golfer Fred whose nickname is Boom Boom
The tiny yellow creatures from Despicable Me
Evil spirit thought to attack sleeping women
Citruses that famously don’t rhyme with anything
Infinite, until the end of time
Pen and paper game that ends with execution
Austrian ballerina Fanny who was embodied in film
Furnished with many tiny archipelagos
Extinct lion also called North African lion
Lifted with a crane or a winch
Sections of a poem
The devil is in these small, particular things
Cathedral city with a copy of the Magna Carta
The radio shows of today, digital audio series
Classic confection of melted sugar and peanuts
Brew something so that yeasts break it down
Official decisions, often from a judge
Sharp knife used by surgeons

Puzzle 4

Virtual tourism that doesn’t require travel
The location of the bronze Great Buddha statue
To broadcast or televise
The Jonathan Swift character who went to Lilliput
New Zealand’s largest city
1967 seafood-named musical Elvis starred in
Milder, red chili pepper
Popular floors often desired on home design shows
Largest vein in the human body
Illness-causing microorganism; the plague was one
Handy phrase for elocution teachers: How now
An educated guess about future events

Puzzle 5

Traditional dish made with offal in Spain
Made a duck sound
Museum of American art located in Manhattan
Cardi B, Bruno Mars are dripping in this
Envious of another person
Old-timey muzzle-loaded guns
Clumsily spread out
Lauren Groff’s state-named short story collection