Group 886

Puzzle 1

Brown, hovering bird of prey
Fairies associated with water
Scissor-like gripping instruments for surgery
Person who assists priest during church service
South a Broadway play about a Navy romance
Five-part robot whose pilots defend the universe
International boundaries between countries
Fifth Harmony song featuring Kid Ink
Extremely loud and chaotic
Musical film based in Berlin with Liza Minnelli
A small, peach-like fruit with sweet orange flesh
Felix, champion 100m, 200m and 400m sprinter

Puzzle 2

First-rate, premium
Captivating island in San Francisco Bay
Portuguese dried and cured ham
Examples include helium, oxygen and sodium
Smart Jellystone picnic lover
Bird-hunting spaniel with brown and white fur
The storyteller of a book or film
These blankets can help with anxiety
This male pattern doesn’t include hair
Masked heavy metal band from the US
Gotham superhero also known as Kate Kane

Puzzle 3

Retaliation, payback in equal measure
Elastic part on a pair of gym shorts
Mysterious, puzzling
Musical about a girl who dreams of dancing on TV
Rock scientist
A flightless bird with a tall horny crest
S in the immune system disease MS
T. Rex, Santana suggest we get it on and do this
She served as Daenerys Targaryen’s advisor

Puzzle 4

A man in the Wild Wild West
Kingdoms, domains
Plain and unfashionable clothes
A medium-sized cat also called a red lynx
Propeller-type turbine invented in Austria in 1913
Passage of the Bible read out loud during service
Capital of Australia’s largest island
Long, strong thigh bones
All-powerful leader known for cruelty
Nickname of Nike’s trademark tick logo
Ballroom moves
Spirits that haven’t crossed over
Slang for money that sounds like a cow
Highly constrained French literary collective
A group of proteins found in wheat, barley and rye
DC superhero team; Doom
What lawyers do when protesting in court

Puzzle 5

Collections of works of knowledge
On a riverbank, by the edge of a canal
Surprising news, but sounds like munitions
A peach with smooth skin and no fuzz
Small square rebounder used by gymnasts
A metal band with James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich
Airship, zeppelin
She’s the only girl of Peyo’s small blue creatures