Group 885

Puzzle 1

Samira Ahmed book, Mad, Bad and to Know
Worthless mineral that looks 24 carat
Stern look, in the style of Paddington
Performing surgery
This title is shared by Gadget and Clouseau
Ghost goo
A video stopping and trying to reload
Eugene O’Neill wrote of a strange one
Online music magazine with focus on new music
What a social butterfly or a fat penguin does

Puzzle 2

Each hair grows out of this
Heavily scented remedy for congestion
Had an influence on
Vegetables served baked, mashed, fried
Number of playing cards in a standard deck
Only chemical element whose name begins with V
Noah’s relation to Methuselah in the Bible
Harry Potter’s Dobby was this type of creature
Type of tree known for its dual-winged seeds
What Meat Loaf would do for love
Mistakes shown at the end of the film

Puzzle 3

Not in good health, unwell
To consume a food or drink
Dexy’s Midnight Runners asked her to Come On
Hooch’s human detective partner in 1989 film
William and Kate; Lorde song
Basic metal obtained from the ore chalcopyrite
Taking a curtain call
Those who preside over court proceedings
media, another word for a middle ear infection
Stoat-like mammal with red-brown coat

Puzzle 4

Call a ghost with a magic ritual
Pubs, bars
Largest island of Sweden
Faltered, trembled
G, PG-13, R are all these
Hamilton got this by working a lot harder
Chocolate chip treats first made by Ruth Wakefield
Egg-laying farm bird
Mary, on the frontline of the Crimean war
First Star Trek TV series about a female captain
High-profile Russian ballet based in Moscow
Girls’ name that means honeybee in Greek

Puzzle 5

Public squares
A song which represents a nation or group
The snowman from Gene Autry’s 1950 Christmas song
Japanese Gilbert and Sullivan operetta, The
Chef hats
Website files get stored on one
Document that shows spending habits
A dry, dark red Bordeaux wine
Three people can keep one if two of them are dead
Protagonist Quimby in Beverly Cleary’s books
Spielberg, Scorsese do this in Hollywood
Dancing slippers worn by a prima ballerina
Ellie, star of the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt