Group 884

Puzzle 1

Aquatic flightless bird often found in the cold
Boycott, sanction
A YouTuber’s subscribers are also called this
Country singer Williams, she sang Can’t Let Go
Sandpits in golf or war shelters
Woody Harrelson bowling movie
Old practice of finding water with a Y-shaped rod
Scapegoat, someone who has been set up
Top prize from a slot machine or the lottery
After-death surgical investigation
Without luxury, inspired by ancient Greek city

Puzzle 2

To cover with a rug
French cattle breed a bit like an expensive car
Type of bar frequented by Casablanca’s Rick Blaine
Musical that begins with a beautiful mornin’
Anything relating to our earliest age of existence
A toxic chemical element with the atomic number 17
British band that sang You Really Got Me
Structure with many entrances for pigeons
Royal fairy in Romeo & Juliet and poem by Shelley
Bike arm rests used by triathletes
Four-legged wooden structure for cutting planks
Dark brew made from leaves, can darken hair

Puzzle 3

Havel, Prague’s international airport
First name of hyphenated actor in Inception
Baking spice made from ground seeds
WWII German prisoner-of-war camp
Worker thrown in the deep end gets this baptism
Greek giant, nephew of Pegasus, grandson of Medusa
Italian city where Romeo and Juliet laid its scene
Scottish Iron Age roundhouse structures
Actor Wood, played Frodo Baggins and Todd Brotzman
Worked out, got to the bottom of something
Site that’s the front page of the Internet
Number of pieces of silver given to Judas
Jelly Roll jazz pianist of the Red Hot Peppers

Puzzle 4

Items taken from the Internet to one’s computer
Money paid for government services
German sausage type made from veal and pork
Michael Frayn play about a play
Biblical monster, depicted as a fish and/or reptile
Christian music from the Afro-American tradition
Actor who plays Doctor McCoy in Star Trek remakes
Small, foamy waves during low tide
Item needed for game played in A. A. Milne stories
Campaigners, protestors

Puzzle 5

Goods brought in from other countries
Legal way to add kids to your family
Magic practitioner often confused with wizard
Last name of Cinderella Man boxer James
Colloquial name of the infantile Mandalorian star
The singer who would do anything for love
First two words of Walt Whitman poem about Lincoln
Tswana word for community assembly place
One of the main elements in gas giant planets
Deriding, belittling
Another name for the yellow-eyed penguin
Anxious extremities, idiomatically
New York city once called Webster’s Landing
Safe spot where US Constitution was stored in WWII
A prehistoric sea monster created by Ishiro Honda