Group 883

Puzzle 1

Files of loose, hole-punched paper
One of the twin brothers who founded Rome
Highest ranking navy officer
Oscar-winning director Kathryn
Moor of Venice, or strategy board game
Underground passages
Game where one gives verbs, nouns and adjectives
1971 John Lennon album
What a computer does when things go wrong
Drank or ate greedily

Puzzle 2

Plotting or planning with cunning
Caribbean nation, language is Bajan Creole
To disinfect a place with gaseous chemicals
Allied soldiers of WW2 in Burma
Medieval pudding of boiled, cracked wheat
TNT series about a criminal team
The fastest running Greek huntress
Herd of running animals
2020 thriller starring Russell Crowe
Mort Shuman’s songwriting partner

Puzzle 3

Arguing about trivial matters
Type of bond issued by a local government
Extremely narrowly sliced, e.g. ham or turkey
US state, or recently acquired clothing item
Bouncy Australian marsupials
Mother of Hagrid
Longer way to say tried, had a go
Jewish house of worship
Ravi and Anoushka Shankar
Prince William’s wife’s surname

Puzzle 4

People get married under this open-aired structure
Neptune is the eighth one from the sun
Forename of Groucho Marx
Of or relating to cattle
Run, cope with
Hairpiece worn by a man
Short form of the name Veronica
Author Alice, who wrote The Lovely Bones
Japanese maker of motorcycles, boats, pianos
Mickey, US women’s golfer and grand slam winner
Mexican popsicle sold on the streets
America’s only island state

Puzzle 5

Existing only in one’s mind
Largest of the Gambier Islands in French Polynesia
Thracian gladiator and Kubrick film subject
Much mocked cartoon-inspired typeface
Wind Beneath My Wings singer Roger
Spoke quietly
Cartoon jazz flapper from the 1930s
Converting waste into new usable material
Family movie about liberating an orca
Hard, aged Italian cheese sliced for sandwiches