Group 882

Puzzle 1

Magical potion’s instructions in Wonderland
Mother of Jacob and Esau in the Bible
A Shetland sheepdog or pony
Birth surname of Chris de Burgh
Intolerance or prejudice; anagram of bit gory
More blustery
Ancient capital of Hammurabi’s kingdom, now Iraq
Curry, McGraw, Tebow prefer the 3-letter nickname
Flightless bird in Final Fantasy video games
He found a way to prevent liquids from souring

Puzzle 2

A butterfly breaks free from this
Wrench to an ankle that’s not broken
Short, heavy club
Country where the Caesar salad was invented
Internet sales company, South American rainforest
Animated anthropomorphic aardvark with own TV show
Gradual color shifts from bases to tips
Most common type of volcanic rock
Great ones cover Nebraska, North Dakota, and more
Open-air room in ancient Roman architecture
Justin who sings Baby, Sorry, Love Yourself
Buffalo check, gingham and tartan

Puzzle 3

Punctuation marks at the end of statements
Preparing food, often by using heat
Play whose title actors dare not utter aloud
Minnie was this in old jazz tune
A nation or territory with its own government
Some churches do this in a pool
Lohan, known for Mean Girls, The Parent Trap
Firefighters are known for these saves
The branch of mathematics dealing with symbols
Short, succinct phrase named after a Greek city

Puzzle 4

Extinct arthropod with three lobes
Eye-covering cloth
Single upright blocks of stone
Musical about sailors on shore leave
The sample or preliminary model of a product
Capital of Scotland famous for its festival
The Empire’s massive space station from Star Wars
Do-gooding outfit that doesn’t make earnings
People who jump out of planes and live
Russian newspaper, meaning news

Puzzle 5

16th-century French writer of Pantagruel
Source of albums London Calling and Combat Rock
Woofers, tweeters are examples of these
Part of a word with one vowel sound
Secretive nocturnal wild cats with tufted ears
Swelling of a joint, such as on the knuckles
Spreading a layer of bark chips over soil surface
Naval formation of small warships
Cooking banana
This seeing sense improves in 8-week old babies