Group 881

Puzzle 1

This platter might have brie, cheddar and manchego
What ff. means in world of printing and books
Cone-shaped tube to guide liquid into a small hole
The Italian family who produced four popes
The tropical sea cow
River that flows under Prague’s Charles Bridge
Covered in headwear
Michaela Watkins comedy series on Hulu
Peter Pan had to have his sewn back on
Sport where you love to have no points
Fastener for clothing with two rows of metal teeth
Stradivarius stringed instrument

Puzzle 2

Another name for the North Star, a guiding star
Condiment that adds spice and heat to any dish
Shortest day in winter and longest day in summer
Chats, series of radio broadcasts by FDR
One who promotes complete equality of the sexes
Right one doesn’t know what this one is doing
Rudyard Kipling’s poem about Indian water-bearer
Immature, like Donald Glover’s stage persona

Puzzle 3

Sea vessel that can operate beneath the surface
Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell
The zodiac sign represented by the horned goat
Body that orbits a star beyond our solar system
Cat involved in kopi luwak coffee production
Press releases are a form of this attention
The activist who said Ain’t I a woman? Truth
Person whose job is to exercise canines
Return along a route or path
Pinkish light that follows a sunset
Carrington, Real Life Story composer-musician

Puzzle 4

One who jeers a comedian at a show
Irish whiskey brand known globally
Like the moon when it isn’t crescent or full
Heavy boat used for deepening river channels
The rainbow bridge connecting Asgard to earth
Display one’s accomplishments pompously
A small sea or strait found between land masses
Those who don’t own their apartments
Great final resting place of pharaoh Khufu
Freddie of Queen fame

Puzzle 5

Small residues of dried bread
Individual portions of a garden fence
Video game with falling blocks
The second most abundant element in the universe
Type of man Colin Firth plays in a Tom Ford movie
A bean or a very fast person
Shrub genus in the honeysuckle family
Typical playful move of a spring lamb
Areas of land drained by rivers
Day of the week for Thanksgiving in Canada
Teen drama character who apparently owned a creek
Raised position of the hammer of a gun