Group 241

Puzzle 1

Waterway larger than a brook, smaller than a river

You put this on dogs and horses

Very energetic person

Under __, sports clothing company

Cured Italian meat, popular cold cut

Elinor __, economics Nobel Prize winner

Slightly louder than a whisper

Mark Antony’s wife

Islamic mysticism

Sweet hummable musical arrangement

Harry __, title character of a series by JK Rowling

Currency of the Czech Republic

Puzzle 2

Stages in from birth to death

Canadian comedian, Uncle Buck, Space Balls

Avocado-based dip

Wooden puppet who lied a lot

The place behind the performance area in a play

Italian opera composer of Lucia di Lammermoor

Describes a petite nose turned up at the tip

Seaside toy

Harmless, inoffensive

Usually, mammals give birth to __

UK 1983 robbery, gold bullion remains unrecovered

Attracted to all people regardless of their gender

Puzzle 3

Wheel guards on a car or bike to prevent splashing

The eighth Avatar of the god Vishnu

Modus __, way of living

Medical term for the loss of the sense of smell

Half-goat half-horse creature with one horn

Gray and white aquatic bird that lives by the ocean

Space in front of your plane seat

__ Jordan, legendary US basketball player

Swedish band that recorded “Listen to Your Heart”

Science that studies rocks

Congo’s National park with mountain gorillas

Stieg __, crimewriter of the Millennium trilogy

Prehistoric cave paintings found in France

To attack with explosives, repeatedly

Jewish holiday also known as Feast of Weeks

Popular smoking product is illegal in Bhutan


Puzzle 4

Endures without yielding or bears patiently

Fernando __, Portuguese poet, had many identities

The “e” in e =mc2 as posited by Einstein

Car that pulls a train

Cross between a doughnut and a croissant

To penetrate or enter unexpectedly or violently

Australian city known for its “Coathanger” bridge

Joseph __, British inventor of reinforced concrete

Decorative wheel cover on a car

Author of “And Then There Were None”: __ Christie

Fred Flintstone’s best friend, Barney

Soft corals that look like feather pens

Second book of the Old Testament

Notre-Dame has a famous rose one

Extensive territory ruled by one group or person

Puzzle 5

Waterproof overshoes

Another name for the Holy Grail

Botswana delta, popular with safari tourists

Milan’s international airport, with the code MXP

The queen’s daughter

Look inwards and study oneself in this field

Butch Cassidy and the __ Kid, famous duo

Flat bread used to wrap tacos

Bottle gourd with pale green skin and white flesh

Area between the Earth and the sun

Eating disorder involving loss of appetite

Blenniidae and Clinidae fishes, scaled or scaleless

Literary festival

It would take a tiny jockey to ride one

Atari’s 1984 shooting game

The official national sport of Cuba

Tight-lipped, disinclined to talk

Term for a papal election

Group 242

Puzzle 1

Tropical yellow fruit with black seeds in center

Groups of stars and matter found in the universe

__ Sports Stadium, Ghana’s largest, Baba Yara

To outline, trace, delineate, silhouette

Ancient Russian town on Lake Nero, in Yaroslavl

Ferdinand and Imelda, Filipino dictators

Relating to or situated near or on the back

Home to ancient Senegal site and holy sites

Large blunt sewing needle

French port where the country’s navy was scuttled

Grand __, large covered market in Istanbul

__ Takei plays Hikaru Sulu in Star Trek

It means “dawn” in Spanish

Scribe of the written work

Puzzle 2

Venustraphobia is fear of __ women

Statue of Athena that protected Troy

Festival marking the beginning of Lent in Italy

Spanish cocktail, Calimocho, Rioja Libre

Famous US tractor company

Lightweight hand-held air wafting devices

Non-compliant, opposing; reluctant

Pan’s __, dark fantasy about the Spanish Civil War

Medical term for the inflammation of veins

Iron carbide found in most steels

Much sought after Last Supper’s goblet

North African city with bustling Djemaa el-Fna

Similar to an Embassy, but not in a capital

Buddhist female lay renunciant in Myanmar

Puzzle 3

Roger __, Swiss genius on the court

Head with prolongation in various animals, weevil

Language that has 18 vowel phenomenons

Author of Britain’s most famous spy

Franco’s former royal palace, near Madrid

Capital of China’s Jiangsu province on the Yangtze

Lightest solid created

Dustin __, Rain Man

Yuri, Lara love story filmed in Spain, Doctor __

Puzzle 4

Motoring route that must be paid for

Gothic Revival cathedral in Madrid

In this movie Al Pacino plays a drug dealer

Players don’t move the round object with their feet

Exhibition held every two years such as in Venice

__ slice, uncooked, layered brownie

Number with 12 zeros

Valley of __, Luxor’s ancient royal burial site

Don’t __ Ice is a children’s game for ages 3 and up

Thought expressed with symbolic fictional figures

Sacred Hindu language

Puzzle 5

Decryption code

__ Richards, makers of kettles and irons

Warcraft villain, __, played by Daniel Wu

Christian title can be held by women

__ Elvis, Warhol painting of three

W. G. __, wrote Austerlitz novel

A bee performs a __ dance to show where food is

Janggi, __ chess, is a board game from Korea

Penguin species with loud trumpeting call

__ and Clyde, US criminal couple from the 1930s

Box that is lowered six feet into ground

Salt __, part of a cruet set

Situation marked by errors or confusion, muddle

Bluish gemstone aka cordierite

Richard Strauss’ tone poem, Also __ Zarathustra

Group 243

Puzzle 1

Large lake on the border of Estonia and Russia

Mushroom that sounds like seafood

__ Krabs is SpongeBob’s boss

It means “dove” in Spanish

Astronomical measurement from parallax and second

Ottoman sultan’s highly decorative robe

Thick tissues that link muscles to bones

Catch butterflies blown from an elephant’s trunk

A knight’s personal assistant

US desert state that is home to Area 51

__ Goose, 1964 WWII romantic comedy, codename

Ian __, Atonement’s author

Grouchy or ill-natured

Berber __ are always traveling

Region where Westminster Abbey is located

__ tang are popular bright fish

Puzzle 2

The name for the three-banded Italian flag

Swimming stroke a canine uses

If you have this you giggle longest

German term meaning spirit of the age

HTML: __ Markup Language

Capital and largest city in Cambodia

Dome __, gold-roofed shrine in Jerusalem

The birth name of Cambodian dictator Pol Pot

Giant ‘evil’ crater in Siberian forest

Shopping by post

Puzzle 3

Music style in no key, sounds controversial

Rajiv __ International Cricket Stadium

Strip for landing airplanes on

Formed, delineated

Concert__, Amsterdam opera house

Elusive Scottish lake monster’s nickname

What Euphrosyne, Aglaea and Thalia were

1994 short film about a Diana Ross fan with a crush

Band player

Felines love this herb

Indian dagger, fist blade

French term for thick sauce made from fruit

Severe gluten intolerance, __ disease

Charles __, King of the Franks

Lord Peter __, detective of Dorothy Sayers’ novels

Group of related people, sometimes in one household

Upholstered bench, couch, sofa

Puzzle 4

Beavis’ pyromaniac friend

El __, Maya step pyramid at Chichen Itza

The __ of the Sierra Madre, US film from late 1940s

Box for holding pet piscines

Squat, very hot chili pepper from green to orange

Educational entertainment company, kid’s game

Fear or dislike of bisexuality or bisexuals

Heavenly virtue of self-discipline by reason


Sounding of notes of a chord in rapid succession

Lord Protector of the Commonwealth

That’s how the cookie __

Puzzle 5

Oldest living former French president, 1970s

Developed the 1st blood transfusion service

Robin Williams film about supernatural board game

The way one who gives twice does it


__ Arnault, French billionaire

Largest moon of the planet Uranus

Large North American brown bear

Making clay items in a wheel and firing them

This Croydon singer’s real name is Michael Omari

Goblin who lures children to the land of the dead

Repurpose items, creating more value

Great musician or composer

Capital of Thailand

Nancy Drew’s genre

Group 244

Puzzle 1

A female horse chiefly used for reproduction

Von Trier’s comedy film from 1998

Light in a concentrated line

Outside the allowable area

Staple food of Central Asian herders

Nationality of long-distance runner Gebreselassie

James __, invented artificial sweetener aspartame

Sega’s sixth generation video game console

Discovery channel’s annual deep sea event

Ancient rock temples in southern Egypt

Cover for a light

Hermann __, creator of the inkblot test

Viewing wheel by the River Thames

The world’s constructed auxiliary language

Financial situations of regions

Natalie __ had a hit song called “Torn”

Puzzle 2

Herbal garden also known as apothecaries’ garden

Carl Orff’s O Fortuna cantata, Carmina __

Members of secret society organized into lodges

A folding case used to carry money


A place for the sale of goods, store

__ gingerbread, named after former Polish capital

Dam on the Zambezi shared by Zambia and Zimbabwe

Plump and round

Crouching Tiger, Hidden __, film by Ang Lee

Toy weapon with a cork down the barrel

Largest Bavarian city, home to Bayern’s soccer team

Frida Kahlo’s husband, Diego __

Puzzle 3

Dig a corpse out of the ground

Killing the __ lion, the first labor of Heracles

Fat-burning hormone found in muscle cells

This insect’s bite can lead to sleeping sickness

Tires for emergencies

Kingdom between Norway and Finland

Surname of mailman Cliff in Cheers

Geoff Love’s adopted name for music for mountains

Swift, a comet that last visited in 1992

French fashion house of Marcel, with Femme perfume

Another name for the European bison

Puzzle 4

Made first solo non-stop transworld balloon flight

End-of-line railway station, main Rome rail hub

__ chicken wings and blue cheese dip

Bound, obligated, closely related

Raising from birth

What the old are over

Christ the Redeemer statue overlooks Rio de __

Troy __, an actor in The Simpsons

Hans __, German writer of Alone in Berlin

Argo producer, George __

Scholarly Jewish comedian

FC Barcelona’s stadium, with large trophy room

Puzzle 5

Jefferson __, Washington monument to ex-president

US national park, a world Heritage Site since 1984

Alan __, Brit inventor of stereophonic sound

Matt, creator of The Simpsons

Serer priestly class, ministers of religious cult

__ in Paradise features in the 50s musical Kismet

Jack the Ripper’s true one was never known

Celebration headwear

“All over bar the __”

Power tool without a flex

Large outbreak of disease

Bay __, bight at north of NZ’s North Island

Resting position with lower legs on the ground

Spherical float found in a toilet’s cistern

Put money into a project

Country in Marvel comics, capital Doomstadt

Unit of hydrostatic pressure

__ Pessoa, Portuguese poet who used heteronyms

Turn signals, informally

Cooked on a slow boil

Group 245

Puzzle 1

Marie-Antoine __, French pastry chef to royalty

King __VII Sea, Southern Ocean stretch

__ Adventure, animated family attraction in London

Syringa flowers that lend name to light purple

Female president of the Philippines

The Girl with the Dragon __, a book and a movie

American Super Soaker inventor __ Johnson

Sea glider

Bread __, extract from the stomach in Operation

Collection of ancient writings forming Jewish law

An unbred, bucking, wild horse

__ in the Wind, song by Taupin and John

Photo __, take care of your nostalgic memories

__ Island, South African former prison

__ Hero, self-destructive character

Colombian painter who depicts plump women

Puzzle 2

Dmitri __, created the table of chemical elements

Sweet, fermented yogurt eaten in India

Kate Middleton’s royal title, Duchess of __

A millionaire

Frances __, actress known for Fargo

King of Aragon, sponsor of Columbus

__ Tittlemouse, a character obsessed with cleaning

Science founded by Archimedes

Flyer who assesses performance of new aircraft

Question on every Dallas fan’s lips in 1980

Major global hit for Boy George and band, Karma __

Putting green golfer

Puzzle 3

In mythology, daughter of Helen and Menelaus

Major French red wine region

He gives voice to a cowboy in Toy Story

Italian kitchen appliance brand, owners of Kenwood

Last half of a round of golf

The __ waspfish has a large crown

New Zealand skyscraper for bungee jumpers

__ de la Cruz, eternal jubilee city

Geological era in which mammals developed

Pernickety, pettifogging

Mount __, historical peak in South Dakota, US

Similar to persuading

__ Event, unexplained Siberian explosion of 1908

Style or design of printed characters

__ Mastroianni, leading actor of La Dolce Vita

Frasier Crane’s assistant and radio producer

To make amends and fix

John __, inventor of the chronometer

Koala CIA agent in American Dad

Science of electronic devices for aircrafts

Puzzle 4

Chemical element of atomic number 77

Illuminated machine that selects and plays vinyl

Johnny __, real life story of lies and rumors

Elizabethan loose-fitting breeches

Similar to precook

Montevideo is capital of this South American State

The letter ‘F’ in the phonetic alphabet

__ thy name is woman

__ Marvel shoots energy bursts from her hands

The __ snapper has a black spot below dorsal fins

Vlad the __, ruler of Wallachia, Dracula

Billy Madison, Waterboy, Happy Gilmore

Needlework with a single hooked needle

Puzzle 5

Andrew __, climber, died with Mallory on Everest

Container or ship

Opposite of concave

__ Fair, Thackeray’s tale of rebellious Becky Sharp

Latin American dish cooked in corn husk

__ Square, famous public space in downtown Cairo

Phone with round spinning dialpad

Procession, cortege

Hungarian name for their native language

Knight’s servant

Humans only have two in their hands

US brothers who invented a flying machine

Luke, former world No 1 golfer

Biblical land given to the Hebrews by Joseph

Group 246

Puzzle 1

They often come with thunder and lightning

Paid assassin

In Christianity, Jacob’s second wife

TBH, Internet slang for “To Be __”

Appliance for heating water for coffee or tea

Oil used in cosmetics

Nominated 10 times for the Academy Awards, John __

Exercise performed hanging from a bar

Georges __, dotty French painter

Sir Gary __, West Indian cricket all-rounder

Parsley, celery-like herb

__ of Mons, apparitions seen on the Western Front

Greek caviar, typically served as a spread

Joseph __, Irish author

To choose not to participate

First African Nobel Peace Prize winner, Albert __

__ the spot, treasure indicator on a pirate’s map

Lena __ plays Cersei in Game of Thrones

Kurt __ lead singer of Nirvana

Puzzle 2

UK spicy, currant cake like Eccles cake

__Steps, Iberian stone stairway in Rome

Alternative name for Jerusalem’s Western Wall

__ Aching, witch-in-training in Discworld series


__ Bentz, German who invented coffee filters

Julia Roberts and Richard Gere star in __ Bride

A Few __, Aaron Sorkin’s US legal drama

Clue Jr.: Case of the __ Pet was released in 1989

__ Adam, composed the ballet Giselle

No gain __ pain

This starts a soccer or football game

Magician and escapologist born Ehrich Weiss

A person who has had a limb or part of one removed

Puzzle 3

The Great American __, 1974 rodeo documentary

Piazza in Rome with fountains and obelisk

Jan __, Czech student protested by self-immolation

The __, sang highway radio hit Wild Thing

Longest river in southeast Asia

Not a liar, honorable, fair, sincere

Greek goddess of the hearth

Printer inks

Evan __ Wood, US actress

Nestle’s French packaged dessert

The fluid that surrounds blood cells

__ Cardcaptor, Japanese cartoon with a magical tarot

French reformer of the 16th century, John __

Extremely strong plastic invented by Kwolek

Puzzle 4

Extinct flightless sea bird of the North Atlantic

Formal garden of symmetrical box hedges

Variety of talc, metamorphic nickel

They attach your feet to the saddle

He declined the Israeli presidency in 1952

Anesthetic sometimes called “Special K”

A shortened version of a book

All __, Fosse’s dance film

The extreme opposite of orderliness

Large purple fruit used in cooking

“Yes, a __ times yes!”, Pride and Prejudice line

Wheel inside a car that changes the direction

Old Church, oldest building in Amsterdam

Puzzle 5

Elite army of eunuchs in GOT

Professional charged with steering Venetian boats

Fear of animals

Gilbert and Sullivan operetta about a curse

A Town __, a love story set during and after WWII

Beachcomber’s bounty

Institute where brainy sorts thrash out policy

Sensible and realistic

Equines who pulled coal in the mines

Public space at the heart of Amsterdam

There’s calm in its eye

Different colored skullcap worn by RC clergy

Component that cleans lubrication

Can be verified by observation or logic

The first set of gnashers of a young mammal

Group 247

Puzzle 1

__ Sound, NZ fjord with penguins and seals

French dept in Occitanie, named after its river

Gear for going backwards

As fast as it goes

Spanish fashion designer, __ Fortuny, born 1871

South African mongoose

Strips of dried dough

First Triumvirate member with Pompey and Caesar

Term for an americana submission in Jiu Jitsu

Hot __, moving around the office to work

Ancient quarter of a city

Puzzle 2

Dame Ninette de __, English-Irish ballerina

Puff __, French, many buttered layers

Official currency of Tajikistan

Noah’s great-grandson

Insect emblem of mysterious global puzzle series


Animal waste used as fertilizer

__ Plath, writer who married Ted Hughes

Where would Scooby-Doo be without __

Cleaning up the __ stables, the fifth labor of Heracles

Capital of Dominica

Taking a chance, with no guarantee

Puzzle 3

__ Heinlein, the dean of science fiction writers

Natalie __, plays a Tyrell in Game of Thrones

A large dog

Guitar maker that produces the Stratocaster

What Italians call Scotland

Sport for which Petra Kvitova is noted

Tropical plant used in conservatory furniture

Adrenal and thymus are types

Museum where the Mona Lisa is located

Woven fabric with a loopy curled pile

Japanese photography firm, merged with Minolta

Neither Sunday nor Tuesday

Maraschino, a type of

Roman Augustan poet famous for his odes

Aircraft storage building

Schwarzenegger is his twin in a movie

He was Prince Siddhartha before his enlightenment

Agricultural region in southeastern Spain

Puzzle 4

The N in the international phonetic alphabet

Italian dessert made with mascarpone and coffee

Where an artist keeps oils

Owner and manager of vacation resorts, inns

Unaccompanied, abandoned, forsaken

Amerigo __, explorer who gave his name to America

Two-player card game evolved from “whisky poker”

Tommy and __, crime solvers till death do them part

The science of the laws, especially of the mind

This machine tears up confidential papers

On Futurama, he is a famous robot actor

The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, Molly __

A head-swelling lizard

US prison center of 1962 jailbreak mystery

Jim __, lead singer of US band The Doors

Puzzle 5

Thor __, Norwegian explorer and anthropologist

Joseph of __, he took the Holy Grail to Britain

Opening sheet of a newspaper, with headline

Deceitful speech or action

The season of good cheer

Armpit perfume, fights body odor

Johannes Erwin Eugen Rommel

Cologne __, Germany’s most visited landmark

To move back and forth

German director of Der Blaue Engel

To build

One who obtains or extorts money illegally

Sri __ Sahib, Amritsar’s Golden Temple

Where golfers go to celebrate a round of golf

Contamination, toxic waste and smoke cause this

Hardwood trees with catkins

Group 248

Puzzle 1

Warning lights in a car, with a triangle symbol

Treaty of __ sought WWI peace with the Ottomans

Soldier’s equipment holder

Color of the submarine the Beatles sang about

Greek goddess of hearth, home and chastity

Metallic strands used to decorate a Christmas tree

Filtration system inside the mouth of some whales


__ Greene, UK author of The Heart of the Matter

Yoga practiced in heated rooms

Nicole __, Star of Far and Away and Moulin Rouge

Puzzle 2

Former home of Elvis in Tennessee

Vehicle driven by Ernest Hemingway in WWI

Period of life before adolescency

Weather-related nickname of boxer Rubin Carter

Strait separates Africa and Europe

__ Taylor, British-American iconic actress

Teller in a financial institution

Person who has a hard time remembering things

It means “never-ending” in Latin

Shot of espresso with ground coffee

German composer of Canon in D

First to develop a polio vaccination

It used to be Saint Petersburg

Artistic attention to detail

Country where Hugh Jackman was born

Puzzle 3

Nickname of Arsenal’s supporters

To have faith in someone or something


Suspension of fine solid or liquid particles in gas

Marsupial that is like a small kangaroo

Root vegetable, off-white, similar to a carrot

The capital of Iraq

Cross them for good luck

Last name of US first lady Jackie’s husband, 1960s

Survivors, remnants

Not indoors

Heavy, coarse fabric used for stiffening garments

Walter __, creator of the Bauhaus in Weimar

Puzzle 4

Hugh __, British actor, Dr. House

Italian aperitif flavored with orange

Annie __, evil nurse from King’s Misery

Type of liquid printer

Car stoppers

The period of four Sundays before Christmas

Lightweight, cheap cotton, used for straining jam

Corny, mawkish

Play that poses the question “To be or not to be?”

Puzzle 5

Avant-garde musical instrument with antennae

King __ Stadium, Belgian royalty sporting grounds

__ Judy, seaside slapstick with husband and wife

It won’t poison you

Small bread roll from Belgian capital

Green or yellow banana

Major vein that returns blood to the heart

Saddle bags, handy for cyclists

Horror sitcom sounds like a type of cheese

Island group containing Majorca and Menorca

Bob’s __, animated short film about midlife crisis


Pony __, vibrant trophy ribbons

Seller of indulgences, as described by Chaucer

Creator of Holden Caulfield

Member of a group holding power in a country

Group 249

Puzzle 1

Blood sucker

Apep, Egyptian __ deity who fought Ra

The banded __ star has dark brown bands

__ James, actor who served as Monty’s double

The middle coat of the eyeball

__ Familia, Gaudi’s unfinished Barcelona church

Display-based game console from Milton Bradley

Large knife used for clearing foliage

Waste, trash

The Goonies follow __ Willy’s treasure map

Played Liz Lemon on 30 Rock

Female parent, not biological

Twisted, baked bread represents people hugging

Quickly scrolling sideways on a screen

Puzzle 2

Science of the sun, ancient Egypt course

Germany’s main legislative body

Notorious Welsh pirate famed for many captures

Long form of a machine that copied over phonelines

Yom Kippur, Day of __ in Jewish religion

Very exaggerated figure of speech, in writing

Evaluates art, writing of strengths and weaknesses

Forrest’s shrimping boat company

Largest Buddhist temple in the world, in Indonesia

When an astronaut leaves the capsule

Napoleon’s last utterance, the love of his life

The head of a company, chairman

Small version of posh piano

A small German archipelago in the North Sea

King Solomon’s mother

__ Trophy, annual prize for seaplane races

Puzzle 3

What the French call Scotland

German word for an artificial, substitute thing

Plain, Irish fabric of woven cotton


Ceramic spouted vessel to brew Assam or Earl Grey

The Human __, Rooney as telegram boy

Pencil toppers with colorful stood-up hair

Bessie __, medical supplies pioneer

Tapping a keyboard with fingers

Colorful Egyptian water, popular with divers

A price placed on a wanted person’s life

Drug that reduces cholesterol

Greek titan of the sun

Puzzle 4

Someone who is a novice, especially to a religion

Founder of the German Empire, Otto von __

French painter, Barbizon school

Not sisters

Turtles, crocodiles, snakes, lizards, etc.

St Peter’s sacred building in the Vatican City

Bosnian custard cream pie

Fabric with linseed, now plastic, as table cover

Nissan car shares name with Campbell’s speedster

Used in the home

Swine language game, remove letter, add an ‘a’

Puzzle 5

Home builder

Magician’s story

Luc __, director of Nikita and The Fifth Element

Facial hairs, mostly in men

Side of the head, behind the eye

It will take your picture

Tough choice between two

Truck __, heavy tractor units revving up

Wildlife-spotting adventure holiday

Volkswagen model sounds like a friend of Tracy

Long-stemmed salad veg with leaves at top

__ventura, Canary Island with biosphere reserve

Royal residence, such as Buckingham or Versailles

Thomas __, invented first commercial steam engine

“Good good” chocolate sweets

__ the Great, King of Wessex from 871 to 899

Group 250

Puzzle 1

__ coral shrimp are red and white

The art of horsemanship

__ notes, brand of sticky notes

French multinational known for dairy products

Five vertebrae in your lower spine

Orange or purple root veggie favored by rabbits

101 Dalmatians in 1996 is a __ of the 1961 film

Northernmost Latin American country

Purcell opera, Dido and __

__ Wallis, invented bomb used by the Dam Busters

To abduct


In contrast to or as the alternative of

Larry who played J. R. Ewing in Dallas

Puzzle 2

Belgian former pro tennis player Kim __

To take errors into account on a reading

The first drops of breastmilk after a baby’s birth

Human remains perfectly preserved in peat

Practice what __

Word starting with f with all five vowels in order

Large London square with lions and fountains

__ Louise, Davis and Sarandon starred

Promoting, selling and distributing a product

Scarlett __, actress of Lost in Translation

Waves at an orchestra

Storage for personal items with no strap

Marine creature siphons water in and pushes it out

Diamonds __, Prince’s song about precious stones

Machine tool engineer, famous for screw threads

Norwegian nutty cheese with large holes

Newt __, fictitious J K Rowling author

__ Maria of France, married Charles I in 1625

What takes you to another web page

Puzzle 3

Rock formed by cooling lava

Double __, Nintendo basketball game

Antonym of lowest

Southern __ snake is a harmless species in the US

__ van Gogh, he painted sunflowers

He has a hit song called Maggie May, Rod __

To have laid out a course for a plane, boat

Lewd, raunchy

Merry __, rotating horses, carousel

Small, short sword used by Samurai class

Of or relating to fabric or weaving

Major worldwide news syndication company

__ on the Wind, based on real life scandal

Puzzle 4

Fleet of warships

Ready to relinquish control

Subgenre of alternative rock born in the last 1980s

Spanish newspaper, name means “the country”

Vulcanized material developed by Charles Goodyear

Czech-born Swiss tennis star Martina

French-speaking province of Canada

Marbled dried meat from Italy

Recovery, renewal

The Welsh mafia, a portmanteau word

American __ Story, US series created by Ryan Murphy

__ Legion, German planes bombed Guernica in Spain

Hair products you use “Because You’re Worth It”

__ Lance, 1954 Western movie with Spencer Tracy

The __brush coral is tall with small branches

Puzzle 5

Final date to complete a project

Die-cast vehicles first sold in cardboard packs

The woman Romeo claimed to love before Juliet

__ Flute, Mozart opera

Substance used to preserve food

Marks caused by burst blood vessels under the skin

Marlene __, sultry actress of The Blue Angel

Something that takes precedence or is most urgent

Norwegian mineral, contains uranium

Sherwood Forest’s male inhabitants

Source, origin, font

Capital of Malta

__ the Kings, Luxor’s ancient royal burial site

Blue-spotted __ has bright blue spots

Group 251

Puzzle 1

__ Aztec, red cocktail with tequila, cream

Sea between Australia and New Zealand

They fly the bird

Scope, degree, range

Riverside execution post used for hanging pirates

1980s term for a young urban professional

Less hot

Scandinavian country’s currency is the Krona

La Femme __, TV series starring Peta Wilson

The Police’s mega hit song Every __ You Take

How the __ Stole Christmas

Puzzle 2

Small containers for drugs

__ nebula, dark “equine” cloud of dust in Orion

Italian cheese sometimes smoked or grilled

Star of Good Will Hunting

Apparatus used for hatching eggs

Pierre __, French dramatist of Le Cid

Belgian king set up the Congo Free State

Money lender with excessive interest rates

King Tut’s golden headdress, discovered by Carter

1975 film satire of country, gospel music

Sedimentary white rock

Puzzle 3

Western Hemisphere marsupials

Mr Eiffel, who built an iconic French tower

Where planes land and models strut

Edible upper half of the broccoli

-Daro, abandoned Indus Valley archeology site

Gainsborough portrait of young man in satin

__ Ice, US rapper from the 1980s

Kidding around

West German name for former East German currency

Impressive cave scribblings at Lascaux, France

Plastic spork is example of this utensil

Ergonomics is the __ of things fitting people

Convertible car

Maiden name of Margaret Thatcher

Sikh swords seen crossed on Khanda symbol

Puzzle 4

Pink-hued nickname of Petra, Jordan

Strongman buys girl in Fellini’s mythology film

Snack made with granola, dried fruits and nuts

Imitative work that nods at another work or style

Container of varied objects

Peruvian or Greek tunes are played on these

Form of marriage with multiple wives

Awkward and not graceful


Five robots combined in the Power Rangers series

Puzzle 5

One makes several french fries

Day of the week that starts the Sabbath

Puppet play from Bali and Java

Spanish F1 racing driver Fernando __

French author of the play No Exit, Jean-Paul __

Announcer on the Muppet Show,__ the Frog

Important to economy, longest south African river

Red __, British flag seen at sea

Snowy month of the French Revolutionary calendar

Lech __, Polish trade unionist and president

You put your head here when you are sleeping

Rhyming term for an important person

Small measure of liquor

Former name of Chennai and a lightweight fabric

Charles __, Dickens’ French aristocrat

To choose something or someone over others

Group 252

Puzzle 1

Padded stool used as a footrest

Astrological sign associated with the fish

Store your stuff here

Breaking up of soil using machine of the same name

Shape of cloud that forms the core of a tornado

Moveable toy, with strings, for putting on shows

Type of coffee invented by German Melitta Bentz

To deliver a blow, to hit with a fist or weapon

Puzzle 2

Star from Taxi and Who’s the Boss?

Controversial spiritual movement in China

A bizarre or odd idea or suggestion is out in __

Crystal twinning, variety of albite

Equine violin bow material

Cross between an espresso and a cappuccino

Carved faces on Westminster Abbey’s roof

__ dummies, car safety guinea pigs

Photo story, progressing through multiple pictures

Moving a ball with lots of short kicks

Pilot of a double-decker passenger vehicle

People or animals who live at night

Puzzle 3

London’s macabre historical attraction

Slang for prison, describes the closing of doors

Someone who trespasses or steals

To gulp and ingest food or drink

Omission of a passage in a book, speech or film

The Dalai Lama is a central figure in __ Buddhism

Often ice-bound gulf between Sweden and Finland

Historical Delhi residence of Mughal emperors

__ Vivaldi, composer of The Four Seasons

Highest officer rank in the US Army

__ oxide, aka laughing gas

Naval battle between the Ottomans and Holy League

Puzzle 4

Eager, impatient

Gulf __, strait of the Arabian Sea

Norse dwarf turns into a dragon killed by Sigurd

Bone in the wrist

Spicy root can be used in sweet or savory food

Onto a ship or plane, climb __

Sub-unit of the zloty, Poland’s currency

The Millennium __ is Han Solo’s ship in Star Wars

__ Conrad, Chief Bureaucrat on Futurama

Subject, theme, topic

Jacqueline __, French flyer who set speed records

Thin fruit dessert topping from Eastern Europe

AS Roma plays soccer in this Italian league

Microsoft’s software suite

Author of “The Handmaid’s Tale” Margaret __

Little __, Degas sculpture of ballet student

Country claims part of Kosovo, capital Belgrade

Ferdinand Marcos’ shoe loving widow

Puzzle 5

Retired Serbian tennis player Ana __

Internal communications system

Times __, standard font

Trans Railway, linking Moscow with Vladivostok

Soaking food in liquid to extract flavor

Journey album, 1978

__ Leia kills Jabba the Hutt in Episode 6

Blue-pink spring flowers from bulbs

A small rocky body that orbits the sun

One of the most famous British Monarchs ever

Hallway furniture near the door

The Return of the __ Son, Rembrandt painting

French Sun King with palace at Versailles

Singing group associated with Diana Ross


Large long-tailed bird with beautiful feathers

Author of All Quiet on the Western Front

Group 253

Puzzle 1

Renault mid-range van, badly spelled conjestion

Yellowish French liqueur flavored with aniseed

Five o’clock stubble

Not being at risk from danger

Police Chief Clancy on The Simpsons

Spike of ice formed when dripping water freezes

The Gross Clinic is surgery painted by Thomas __

Portable computer for hot-desking

__proof, can’t be if shot

Deux, west French dept named after two rivers

Bohemian religious reformer burned at the stake

Shakespeare __, won the Academy Awards in 1999

To clumsily feel for something

Ex-Man Utd and England striker, Wayne __

Fruit ready to be picked

Puzzle 2

Nationality of Verdi’s opera princess, Aida

Daily frequency

Robinson Crusoe’s companion

Birds whose eggs are the biggest

Turkish tax system of enrollment of Christian boys

Supposedly, allegedly

Daughter of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra

End of year festivities cookies, Santa, reindeer

Smooth rock for grinding grain

Largest island in the Maluku archipelago

Polymers developed by Frederick Kipping

Not the glass of an optimist

Nazca Desert mountaintop alien landing site?

Puzzle 3

Axilspot __ are red-brown with white spots

__ control, of the force that attracts us to earth

Medicine used for pain and to thin blood

Dogs __ Poker, famous canine portrait

Other times, other __

Collectibles in metal currency form

Name that Julius Caesar gave to present-day Paris

__ Henry, Frenchman led Arsenal in scoring

Professional started with science kit as kid

The reversed P “paragraph” symbol

John __, Dexter villain, Interstellar actor

Procedure to find cause of death

Great Wall __, giant East Asian brickwork

Strolling, taking steps, using your legs

Nino __, Italian stylist and wool business owner

Upward-moving current of air

Umbrella toting fictional character Mary __

Beethoven’s only opera

Moving your body to a tune

Puzzle 4

Lowest rank of Zoroastrian priesthood

Neck accessory for male evening suit

__ Sutherland, Flatliners star

Scanty, not enough

Frenchman who led the First Crusade, Peter the __

Large white seabird with yellow head

__ Run, utopian, no one above age of 30

Infamous letter-writing killer in 1960s California

Country where Monte Carlo is located

__ Electric Power, stadium nicknamed Big Swan

Small, wooden tool for making a hole for planting

Musical pieces or decrees in law

Kitchen utensil for removing the pits of cherries

Jack __, White Fang author

Oldest university in English speaking world

Puzzle 5

Not straight forward

A woodwind instrument with a reed mouthpiece

Legendary literary critic, __ Frye

On a snail they are retractable

New Zealand movie set offering tours

First President of Kenya as an independent nation

Pirate’s handheld optical aid

Monty Burns’s assistant in The Simpsons

Strong green liquor nicknamed “The Green Fairy”

A precision shooter is an expert __

The Blues __, stars John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd

__ Zwingli, Swiss religious reformer

The title given to the daughter of a tsar

__ order or a PO

Region of calm winds near the Equator

Group 254

Puzzle 1

George __, main spy of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

Sacking of this financier started the French Rev

Money earned through work

Dam Busters target with the Sorbe and Eder

__ cord, vital part of the central nervous system

The current capital of Tanzania

Pam who played Mindy in Mork and Mindy

Benjamin with a curious case

Red head in love with Betty and Veronica

Charity begins here

Country called the “land of milk and honey”

Female English fossil finder Mary

Ricky __, torch bearer of late 90’s Latin craze

Wooden structure used in factories

Female Collie has been in film, TV and radio

Spanish word for state

Puzzle 2

Old style personal printer

Novelty lighting with warmed wax blobs in glass

Grab a tree for luck

WWI training grounds like at Etaples Mutiny

__ the post, voting system where winner takes all

Holder of grilled bread at breakfast table

Part of a choreographer’s routine

Tiny breed of dog named after a big Mexican State

It’s all about beauty

Puzzle 3

Fastest land animal

Thou shalt not bear false __ against thy neighbor

__ Square, central piazza in Venice

The __, resources not owned, open to all

Shakespearean play title that rhymes with “jello”

A ruling family in a monarchy

Stuffed pasta pillows

Aircraft designer known as Queen of Hurricanes

Priestess of Santeria, male is Santero

__ Itza, ancient archeological site in Mexico

Puzzle 4

Small, long-handled shallow pan for sauteeing

Entry-level light aircraft

Jack __, paleontologist researched dinosaurs’ DNA

Kevin, plays Francis Underwood in House of Cards

The Hindu class system divides people into __

Written communication

Coarse fabric often used in sacking

Country where Lech Walesa served as President

Attention-seeking cry of a pirate

Of or relating to dogs

What slot machines are called in Australia

Magically animated beings of Jewish mythology

Doggy channel south of Tierra del Fuego

Curiosity killed it

Give lines to a forgetful actor

Antonym of never

Roller shoes with built-in wheels

__ reels form part of a needleworker’s collection

Occupation of the fictional character Sweeney Todd

Puzzle 5

Stade __, national stadium in Paris

Reba __, US country singer, actress

She plays Katniss in The Hunger Games movies

Table Mountain overlooks this South African city

Low-cost German airline with green logo

Dry Italian cookies to eat with coffee

Board game where a player may land on “Chance”

Annually, each year

Mineral used in making glass

Brittany region as said by a Frenchman

Widely known as the first synthetic plastic

__ chameleon has large horns on its head

The second-highest ranking of angels

Sideshow Mel is Krusty’s __ in The Simpsons

Group 255

Puzzle 1

Surly or ill-tempered

Food made by churning milk

Fighting skills

Friendly ghost, befriended by Christina Ricci

Latin name for Copenhagen

Modern term, someone who knows rabbinical lit

Line of equal pressure on a weather map

Juno __, Roman goddess of money

__ Sese Seko, seized power in Zaire in 1965

Venomous Aussie snake has coastal and inland types

__bahn, famous entertainment street in Hamburg

King of England from 1760 to 1820: __ III

__ Lake, Oregon landmark with a wizard island

Peace prizewinner and founder of Solidarity union

Lofty Australian tennis star, Pat __

Bad manners to put these on the dining table

Blend of cybernetics and organism for a part-robot

Futurama’s head of the Robot Mafia

German-Austrian dress of full skirt and low bodice

Puzzle 2

Harsh scratchy garment worn as a show of penance

What many hands make

Having gone back to a place

She takes you to your seat in the theater

US international news agency founded in 1995

Polish dance music associated with Chopin

African __, giant gastropod

Unter den Linden in Berlin is a tree-lined __

Sailboat with two hulls

Called Liberty Steak in the US during WWII

Drying, shriveling

Seaside venue for club and ball game

SI derived unit of radioactivity, symbol Bq

Papa’s Delicate __, Jackie Gleason plays Papa

Puzzle 3

Leonardo __, Italian artist and inventor

Mouse-like domestic pets that burrow in earth

Hard clear plastic, an alternative to glass

Steered clear of something

__ Bridge, Prague river crossing with statues

Favorite green leaf of certain fictional sailor

Infectious disease also known as lockjaw

Shop checkout person

Paolo __, longtime left back for AC Milan, Italy

__ cavity, space between membranes in the lung

Bishop to whom title has been officially granted

To flog a dead horse is __

Foreign born singer who had a No. 1 smash “SOS”

Ability of animals to adapt to avoid predators

Venetian water transport

To lean back

Puzzle 4

Premeditated unlawful action of killing someone

The Baltic States are Estonia, Lithuania and __

A participant in game played in an alley

__ reviver, a mix strong enough to raise the dead

Julia Louis-Dreyfus played her on Seinfeld

Where something begins

Last name of the Count of Monte Cristo

Japanese religion honors natural world deities

“Au __” means goodbye in French

Shoe that needs to be tied

Cell created when a sperm fertilizes an egg

Storage for pirate plunder

Dust storms occurring in arid regions

__ squad, former military execution method

Whistle __, exposes illegal, unethical conduct

Sailors suffered from this disease, lack of Vit C

Swiss chemist who invented an updated oil lamp

Puzzle 5

Mental state of insecurity, anxiety

National capital of Australia

Ballet about a toymaker

__ board, peg table of compass points and holes

The furthest flight routes and destinations

David, who played Mulder in The X-Files

Largest of the United Arab Emirates

“Great voice” pioneer of video game consoles

__ pudding, sieved jam with flaky pastry

__ rate, the value of one currency against another

To pretend to be sick to avoid doing work

US battles to end slavery, 1861-1865

Device that can be used without connecting cord

Save your place

Group 256

Puzzle 1

Small canine

Honeycombed mushrooms

Die __ is a German strategy board game from 1986

Gold __, someone who marries for money

Chosen weapon of fictional aliens

A piece of news intentionally false

The alternative verdict to innocent

Danish short film about a hospital friendship

Made a mess with a simple dress, Miss __ Lewinski

First country to issue a Christmas stamp

US boxer Sonny, world heavyweight champ in 1960s

Puzzle 2

Ms Hill and Messrs Jean and Michel comprise?

Icewind Dale PC game by __ Studios

Cordial made from orange juice and sugar

It means “spring” in Spanish

House that once reigned in Game of Thrones

Large marsupial with pointed nose and large ears

“Ugly” Danish toy, found under bridges?

Rust is a form of this chemical compound

Luxury Swiss watch brand, used by aviators

First king of Norway after dissolution of the union

Viennese building and Jugendstil art movement

Puzzle 3

Far from close or near

Spiders make lots of these in autumn gardens

Uphill stretches of the Tour de France race

Author of “The Day of the Jackal”, Frederick __

The best things in life __

__ Bomb, Red Bull cocktail named after candy

__ To My Life, Simple Plan song

__ at Bernie’s, 1989 US dark comedy

Actively look for people to hire

Roman senator, lead among those who stabbed Caesar

To have authority over a military unit

Burj __, Dubai skyscraper, tallest in the world

Puzzle 4

Britain’s largest train station

The amount of labor a person has to do

Large N American amphibian known for noisy croak

Thirstquencher of a Caribbean party sharing drink

Little Miss__, it shows a trip and a beauty pageant

Elevation that rises from the ocean floor

Robin __, Mork & Mindy star

Sits on the tongue and identifies sweet and sour

Sir Edwin, sculptor of Trafalgar Square lions

No news is __

Best position to put someone unconscious in

French family of deep-sea explorers

Process also known as hydraulic fracturing

__ Cry, sports warcry to motivate team

Name of 16 popes, inc the former Pope Emeritus

Match at which people abuse each other verbally

North-east Indian state whose capital is Kohima

Li’l Abner’s hometown

Youngster aboard ship

The apparent change in position of an object

__ grise, exerts power without official position

Wellington’s nickname

Puzzle 5

Nepalese knife, weapon, tool, ceremonies

Unbearable provocation

Metals made of two or more elements, e.g. bronze

Poles apart from being neat

Spirit of tragic drama

John Maynard __, demand-side economist

Copy someone’s ways mockingly

Thin layer, like wood on a coffee table

Jack Nicholson’s character in “As Good as it Gets”

Mole-like animals often confused with mice

Strauss opera and daughter of Herod

Food closet

French term for served on ice

TV show centered around the Ewings

Underwater pursuit popular with Red Sea tourists

Group 257

Puzzle 1

Prodigious individual with autism

Picturesque Thai island loved by backpackers

Solar __, flashes of brightness on Sun’s surface

More explosive than bullets of same caliber

Paul McCartney’s fashion designer daughter

Mark Twain created The Adventures of Tom __

Walter __, director of The Motorcycle Diaries

Islam worship site

Roman politician assassinated Caesar, Et tu?

To steer a ship into shallower waters

Harass with small persistent acts

Caffeinated drink also popular ice cream flavor

Greek god of the sun, light, music, and healing

Common caiman species found in South America

French “Incredible Sulk” footballer, Nicolas __

Puzzle 2

Signals and communication using flags

Aussie town in Northern Territory with female name

MMS, multimedia __ service

Evonne __, leading Aussie tennis player in the 70s

1961 Ben E. King’s hit song

Picturesque volcanic peak in Japan

Something totally unexpected or out of the blue

Collectible objects to do with warfare

Hemline well above the knee

Agriculturalist who rears pork

Citric dessert spread used as topping

St Paul’s epistle to the people of Galatia

Romantic tale

Spinal bones

Puzzle 3

Corpus __, feast on Thursday after Trinity Sunday

Universal __, theme parks in Florida and Japan

Vietnamese mooncake

Engraver of Beer Street and Gin Alley

French car brand whose badge features a lozenge

Person who moves in the water professionally

__, Row the Boat Ashore, slave spiritual

Do it while the sun shines

Gives his name to industrial framebreakers

Study of animals

To stay away from others without having any contact

Gulf name, aka Arabian Gulf and Gulf of Iran

Card game with variants Callabra and Papillon

The night of this present day

__ are masters of the Light Side in Star Wars

TV series about the world’s most famous vampire

__ harvester, large machine that threshes grain

__ Burgess, English writer and composer

Puzzle 4

Jelena __, former Serbian no. 1 tennis player

Money workers claim back, e.g. snacks for meetings

Largest land mammal hunted for its ivory tusks

Guards the entrance to Hades in Greek mythology

Buoyant jacket

Popular amusement park chain with banners

Box containing cerebral board game

Russian rocket pioneer responsible for Sputnik I

Dust form of volcanic rock

Hazardous coating on road surfaces in winter

White goods brand, famous for washing machines

Former French president with Dutch-sounding name

Robin __, actor of Mrs. Doubtfire

__ Silver, quartermaster under Captain Flint

Chief cook

Country noted for its Ajiaco stew

Tomaso __, Vivaldi contemporary, Italian composer

Predominant religion of Thailand

Egyptian Red Sea resort popular with divers

Weblog publishing site; diary “dot” com

Irregular in frequency

Diplomat and chief weapons inspector over Iraq

Puzzle 5

__ red, pH indicator in labs

Took someone’s possessions by force

Blockage, standstill

Fruit with the outer skin layer removed

Burj __, towering sailing boat hotel in Dubai

Buddhism’s four noble __

Roman counterpart of Hypnos, Greek god of sleep

Kept afloat

Grain-eating beetle

List of acts

Job of Robin Starveling, a Shakespeare’s Mechanical

__ Acar, Turkish artist

__ Airways, second-largest airline of the UAE

Music-themed, 1920s perfume created by Lanvin

Picturesque waterfall between Brazil and Argentina

Director of the 1996 sci-fi comedy Mars Attacks

Ancient curved sword of Indian subcontinent

Scientist Isaac, first to observe laws of motion

Group 258

Puzzle 1

Blanche __, A Streetcar Named Desire’s lead

Religious woman who heads a convent

Wrote Hound Dog with partner Stoller

Branching tube sponges are usually a __ color

2000 US presidential candidate and eco warrior

Unrealistically high price for certain assets

WWII U.S. Navy leader, Fleet Admiral Chester W __

Pretzel-like deep fried maida flour

Pins on the bottom of track runners’ shoes

“Mighty oaks from little __ grow”

Time to get the __ jumpers and scarves out

SI derived unit of pressure named after physicist

African lake also called Lake Nyasa

__ Board, large paper used for science projects

The Coathanger’s and Opera House’s home city

By no means unknown

Deficiency in red blood cell production

Puzzle 2

Artificial waterway links the Elbe to the Baltic

These require you to clean hearth and grate after

Phantom vessel with no signs of life

Istanbul in ancient times

Vast mass of comets 50-100,000 AU from the sun

Cooked by being submerged in hot oil

Spanish name of precious green stone

Devoid of freedom or liberty

Music group associated with collieries

Dan Aykroyd plays the father of this alien family

Crusty arthropods that cover rocks

An island-city state

On 1 December, __ Day, people wear a red ribbon

Neolithic settlement on the Bay of Skaill

Furniture for playing bridge

Puzzle 3

__ Flynn, her thriller novels portray mad women

The speed of sound

The __ of King George, royal mental health film

Place where your vehicle gets cleaned up

Bang & __, Danish audio-visual company

Someone who comes from the Ivory Coast

Fish that when red is a misleading clue

__ Patch Kids, unattractive soft toys of the 1980s

Type of crumpet, pancake in Oceania

Large fire built for celebration, entertainment

One who rejects the accepted explanation to facts

Composer of La Mer, Claude __

Puzzle 4

Machu __, citadel of the Incas in the Andes

In some places, the kids go back to __ in autumn

Cause of laughter

Some people need a big cup of this in the morning

Robert __, former leader of Zimbabwe

Latin football fixture list term meaning against

On the way, arriving, approaching

European city that’s home to St. Vitus Cathedral

Force __, barriers against evil

Flying island in Gulliver’s Travels

Evil dwarf

In music, instruction to repeat from the beginning

Card game, deck has no twos to sixes

Puzzle 5

To remain local rather than holidaying abroad

__ bodily harm, crime causing great pain

__ clock, another name for a grandfather clock

In good spirits, merry

David __, author of Cloud Atlas

Transatlantic air service created by Freddie Laker

__ Bank, water extension of Yucatan Peninsula

Seth MacFarlane created __ Dad

Takes his or her clothes off to music for a living

Male singing voice between tenor and bass

Horse with brown and white patches

Making a societal debut

Sixth son of Jacob, his mother was Bilhah

Loom-fitting and the patterned fabric made on it

The Roosevelt who displayed a teddy bear

Bicycles riding one behind the other in cycling

First disease for which a vaccine was invented

Working of bread dough to strengthen gluten

Group 259

Puzzle 1

First English poet laureate, Benjamin __

Capital of New Caledonia

__ Film Festival, Golden Bear Award

Classic pie made with tart, not sweet berries

__ vest, beachware according to saucy postcards

Lee who played The Six Million Dollar Man

Quiet and decorous

Forerunner to the U.N., __ of Nations

Straight-line conjunction of Sun, Earth and Moon

Puzzle 2

Greek king murdered by wife Clytemnestra

Gin-based cocktail at the Raffles Hotel: __ Sling

North Sea wetland area with rich biodiversity

Not permanent

Russian tennis no. 1 Maria __

Director of Gallipoli and Picnic at Hanging Rock

“Karma Police” band

A woman who stays at home to care for the children

Prejudicial system abolished in S. Africa by 1991

__ gains, dishonestly obtained goods

Puzzle 3

A bird in the hand is worth two in __

Non-religious, not affiliated to a church

In German legend, he pulled a sword from a tree

Eyelet of hard material covering a hole

Ivory tower

Boat to overturn, bottom up

Clear, reflective material

Something given without charge

North German city and port on the River Alster

Johann __ II, wrote Blue Danube

Randy Johnson’s nickname, The __

A form or variant of a type or original

Puzzle 4

Lindsay __, former US no. 1 tennis player

A device that sprays water

Nigerian extremists blamed for mass abductions

Scientific study of ancient inscriptions

Safe room for storing cash

Brandon __, known for his Mistborn series

Concrete bridge, the design for many road bridges

Paper currency of the US during American Civil War

Decision requiring no thought

Verdi opera from a play by Friedrich Schiller

Space Hulk is a game set in the __ universe

Speech sounds are the focus of this science

Vodka and cranberry makes a marine wind

Puzzle 5

One who is tall and thin

Large thin crepe, zampanelle

Cotton fabric with soft pile, like chamois

Buzz Lightyear and other playthings come to life

Estadio Atanasio __, Medellin, Colombia

British war artist famous for the Menin Road

The first of its kind

Epidemic disease spread across a large region

Person from the country whose capital is Gaborone


Largest of the American frogs

Japanese city terror, silverscreen success

Jomo __, Nairobi’s international airport

Group 260

Puzzle 1

Prince in Mozart’s opera, The Magic Flute


Slang for money in South Africa

__ Bung Karno Stadium, Indonesia’s biggest

John __, Zimbabwean Test and ODI cricketer

Synagogue assistant, shamash

Harm caused

Anagram of fibers

When a player’s cards are exposed for all to see

Feast of the Seven __

__ Kai-Shek, led the KMT government on Taiwan

Grass family cereal grain

John P. __, US banker with a company in his name

Curriculum vitae

Another name for vitamin B3

__ iron, hinged metal device to bake pancake mix

__ Lindgren, Swedish author of Pippi Longstocking

The projecting jaws and nose of an animal

__ Washington, Oscar winner for Training Day

Puzzle 2

US inventor, developed a steamboat in 1786

When it feels colder because of the breeze

Slobodan __, Serbian prosecuted for war crimes

Belle of the ball at school party

Pienza sheep cheese

Los __, Peruvian site of Cloud Alien People

You can’t make a __ out of a sow’s ear

French chemist, outlined the theory of combustion

__ O’Neal, former US basketball player

Weather system bringing low temperatures

Palazzo del __, residence of the Italian president

Character who is decidedly ungainly

Puzzle 3


Amount paid for retirement after serving

Science of the hypothetical mystical force of od

To break up, dissolve, disperse

Documentary about the dolphin hunting in Japan

__ camps, single-site family summer attractions

Japanese city, venue of the 1972 Winter Olympics

Long nerve running down the back of the leg

Sergei __, Russian astronautical engineer

Nomadic Middle Eastern people

Tiny, imaginary creatures

Puzzle 4

Tim __, Left Behind author

Notorious French serial killer, Henri __

His comet returns to Earth every 76 years

__ wrap, parcel packaging filled with air

Dublin’s river, crossed by Ha’penny Bridge

Unique and unrepeatable

To increase the ticket price

Commonly known as maru, deer horn weapon

Grass and earth thrown up after a golf stroke

This force is deadly

Primary color that mixed with blue makes green

Time spent outdoors on a blanket with food

5th cup of Passover Seder wine intended recipient

Italian grape brandy

The capital of Comoros

Puzzle 5

Cookie made of egg, sugar and almonds or coconut

Homer’s goody-two-shoes neighbor

To arrange objects or items in categories

German V2 rocket engineer and space pioneer

Greater or Lesser, Caribbean archipelago

Made a formal declaration

Blue club __ are a type of sea squirt

Don’t put the cart before __

Lower leg tendon, also known as the heel cord

Herman __, writer of the American Renaissance

The Blues __, 1980 American musical crime comedy

Hijacker of Boeing 727 who vanished in 1971