Other worlds

roasting on an open fire, popular carol

and blues, or R&B, music style out of the US

Arena, will be renamed Spartak for 2018 WC

baby! Utterance of 60s archetype Austin Powers

Bhutto, Pakistani PM assassinated in 2007

Blum, she loses her honor in a book by B?ll

Bosses, 2011 dark comedy about abusive bosses

cards: decorative aces, kings, queens, jacks

Dawg, cartoon canine sheriff’s no 2

don?t make it bad sang the Beatles

drive (4WD) are vehicles for rugged terrains

du soleil, travelling show for the 21st century

earth metal family, group 2 of periodic table

energy: what a body possesses while in motion

Epoch: When the first marine mammals appeared

furniture: chests, chairs used by the military

Gates, entrance to heaven covered in jewels?

Graf, former German tennis champ with 22 titles

Gump said: Stupid is as stupid does

if You Can, Frank Abagnale Jr. story

Index (GI), rating for foods containing carbs

island, French dessert, on cr?me anglaise

J. Fry is from the year 2000 on Futurama

James, #23 plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers

Jankovic, former Serbian no. 1 tennis player

Lagasse, US chef that says “bam!” a lot

?le, historic center of Strasbourg

Le Pen, was French National Front head (female)

Lewis, boxer who memorably beat Tyson in 2002

like flies, dying/being taken ill in numbers

Macron, became president of France in 2017

mori, in English “Remember: you will die”

Moss, F1 driver with 212 Grand Prix wins

Mountain, most Oscar nominated film in 2006

Mr. Chips, 1939 British romantic drama

Network, first 24 news network

Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

NY: a frequent summer retreat for Mark Twain

of ?vila, canonized in the 16th-century

P. Sloan, General Motors’ mogul

pie: extra jobs done for extra pay in circus

Place Vend?me, French shirt makers

Prefer Blondes, a 1953 Monroe?Russell movie

reaction: a bodily reflex without thought

Renaissance, artistic flowering in 20s New York

Singh, Indian prime minister till 2014

stock: horses used for hauling baggage in circus

was here! Graffiti meme from WWII

1.000.000 of this unit makes a gram

10 years = One

1588 victory for England: defeat of the Spanish

1961 Ben E. King’s hit song

19th C. Polish composer known for 21 nocturnes

20 Questions categories: animal, vegetable, or

20,000 Under the Sea, a Jules Verne novel

2005 film: “Harry Potter and the of Fire”

2006 Guillermo del Toro film: Pan’s

2017 Nobel Prize for Literature winner: Kazuo

24 hour ceasefire during WWI: the Truce

60,000 milliseconds

A Bar at the -Berg?re, Manet painting

A biting dog, a pecking duck , a bee

A charm = a concentrated ingratiating campaign

A difficult challenge (maybe vertically so)

A fluid- or air-filled cavity or sac in the body

A football result such as 1-1, 2 or 3-3 etc

A given criminal’s behavior pattern: “modus”

A list: wishlist of things to do before death

A little is a dangerous thing: Alexander Pope

A novel by Charles Dickens: “Nicholas”

A pulled muscle: not a sprain but a

A small arboreal nocturnal primate: galago or

A strong metal and David Guetta/Sia song title

A superhero power: to to another dimension

A tune = a theme song

A turophile is a lover (think dairy)

According to the song, Johnny B. Goode is from

Actor cast as Wolverine in nine films: Hugh

Actress wife of Yves Montand: the late Simone

Add commas, periods, question marks, etc.

Add tables, settees, etc. to a dwelling

Addition to cocktails: cherries, sprigs, curls

Adjective: Causing dependency on a substance

Advice from the Beatles: “Hey Jude, don’t be”

Africa’s last monarchies: Morocco, Lesotho, and

Agent played by Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible

Agitator, a rabble-rouser (no matches required)

Alaskan islands hit by earthquake in 2014

Aldous Huxley quote: “To his dog, every man is”

Alexandre Dumas novel: “The Count of Monte”

Also known as Siddh?rtha Gautama

Amanda, actress in Mamma Mia!

American: Bret Easton Ellis’s Patrick Bateman

America’s Next , reality show about fashion

Amethyst Amelia Kelly: aka rapper Iggy

Amos , world-renown painter from the Bahamas

Anakin was 20 during the Battle of in Star Wars

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron with Will Ferrell

Ancient Babylonian set of written laws: Code of

Ancient Persian kings: Darius I and his son

Angelique, German no. 1 tennis star in 2016

Animated film about an infant businessman: The

Annie, antagonist in S. King’s Misery

Annual Nov. 5 British celebration: Guy Night

Another name for Greece: the Republic

Another name for the Cote d’Azur: French

Anton?n, Czech New World Symphony composer

Any baked dish topped with cheese/breadcrumbs

Architect who built the London 2012 aquatics centre

Arthropod that doesn’t actually have 1,000 legs

Arthur, Latin teacher of Goodbye, Mr. Chips

Artist Mrs. Knowles-Carter

Artist who parodied the Mona Lisa: Marcel

Asian mountain range, home to Mt. Everest

Aspirin and Warfarin, for example: blood

Assassinated British Prime Minister: Spencer

Assassinated Dominican Republic leader: Rafael

At pace = very slowly

Austin Powers: The Spy Who Me

Australian city hosting the 2000 Summer Olympics

Author of “A Brief History of Time”: Stephen

Author of “The Little Mermaid”: Hans Christian

Author of the Lord of the Rings trilogy: J.R.R.

Author of the novel “Black Beauty”: Anna

Author of the novel “Bleak House”: Charles

Author of the novel “Vanity Fair”: William M.

Author of the play “Blithe Spirit”: Noel

Author of “The Power and the Glory”: Graham

Author of The Silent World: Jacques

Author of the Summa Theologica: St. Thomas

Avoidance of reality through fantasy/entertainment

Award category won by DiCaprio at 2016 Oscars

Band who sings “Message in a Bottle”: the

Barcelona park with ceramic walkways by Gaud?

Barcelona public gardens designed by Gaud?

Bartender, Sam Malone, Dr. John Becker actor

Base unit of electric current (SI)

Basque separatist party, banned in 2003

Batman’s nemesis Dr. Edward Nygma

Beguiling, dodgy, cunning, guileful,

Belgian city hit by huge diamond heist in 2003

Belgian/German yellow cheese shaped like a brick

Beliefs/customs of a particular group of people

Beliefs/principles about the governance of nations

Believer in the teaching of Siddh?rtha Gautama

Belize, before it gained independence: British

Bermuda. don’t go too near said Barry Manilow

Best selling novel and film: “Like Water for”

Between E. Europe, W. Asia, borders Caucasus

Biblical sea monster and 1989, 2012, and 2014 film

Big hit song for the Animals: House of the Sun

Bin for decaying food/garden waste

Black Beauty’s stablemates: Ginger and

Blessing in: misfortune leads to good fortune

Blowin’ in the Wind writer/singer

BMW: The Driving Machine

Bobby Fischer beat him: chess grandmaster Boris

Boy, org. to teach young men life skills

Branch of math: points, lines, shapes, surfaces

Brand slogan: The best a man can get

Brazilian footballer and PSG star since 2017

Brazilian president impeached in 2016: Dilma

Brazil’s capital (not Rio de Janeiro)

British band created by Simon Cowell: One

British expression: A game of two

British hard rock and heavy metal band: Deep

British male tennis pro no 1 in 1996 and 1999005

British rock band: The Rolling_

British supermodel nicknamed “The Shrimp”: Jean

Bronte love story with Mr. Rochester

Brooklyn Beckham’s famous parents: David and

Brushed cotton fabric used on shirts/PJs

C-3PO was built by in Star Wars: Episode 1

Cable-stayed/suspension bridge in New York City

Can you tell me how to get to Street?

Canada’s two national sports: ice hockey and

Canadian city that hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics

Canadian film by Jean-Marc Vall? in 1995

Candy is dandy, but is quicker: Ogden Nash

Captain of the White Tower (The Lord of the Rings)

Careful, conservative, gingerly, guarded,

Careful, these sea creatures can sting you!

Carrot-eating menace, What’s Up Doc?

Casino game also known as 21

Cat with black spot native to Central & S. America

Catherine Deneuve film: “The of Cherbourg”

Change.org is a website that makes requests

Character created by A. A. Milne, the Pooh

Character created by J.K. Rowling: Harry

Character from The Arabian Nights: Sinbad the

Character in “Pride and Prejudice”: Charles

Character in “Treasure Island”: Long John

Charlotte Bront? novel with a girl’s forename

Cheerful, optimistic ? in a musical way

Cherry or plum: a fruit or a vegetable?

Cherry-stone movie: The Witches of

Chess world champ defeated by a computer: Garry

Childhood home of Harry Potter: 4 Drive

Christina played Kelly in Married… with Children

Cinema short showing current affairs/events

Citro?n car model named after a spiky plant

Citrus fruit cross between tangerine/grapefruit

City that hosted the 2000 Summer Olympics

City that hosted the 2012 Summer Olympics

City where John F. Kennedy was assassinated

City where one can shop at the famous Princes St.

Climber with striking purple/blue hanging flowers

Clock or watch to measure minutes, hours, etc.

Club, Wham No.1 record with crickets intro

Clue Jr.: Case of the Pet was released in 1989

Colonists’ slogan: “No without representation”

Colour of autumn leaves before they turn red/brown

Comic book Avenger played by Robert Downey Jr.

Composer of “Symphonie Fantastique”: Hector

Conifers’ seed case, commonly sprayed gold/silver

Connected system, e.g. a company’s computers

Contagious skin infection, forms mouth/nose sores

Contains planets, nebulae, stars, etc.

Convict known for his number, 24601, Jean_

Country colonized by the Portuguese in S. America

Country gaining independence from Serbia in 2008

Country in Central America, capital is San Jos?

Country in N. Europe by the Baltic Sea

Country in W. Africa, its capital is Abuja

Country made of 17,000 islands; capital Jakarta

Country of the natural wonder Uluru (Ayers Rock)

Country that is home to the Maori people: New

Country that is home to the Southern Alps: New

Country where Mt. Ararat is located

Country where Pico Crist?bal Col?n is located

Country with 2 official languages: Hebrew & Arabic

Country with the most 2018 Winter Olympics medals

Creator of the character Alfred Jingle: Charles

Critically endangered largest primate: Eastern

Cr?me, French dessert of cold, set custard

Cross of two plants/animals of different species

C?te d’official name of the Ivory Coast

C?tes, north French dept, was C?tes-du-Nord

Culture Club former singer’s stage name: Boy

D?a de los: Day of the Dead, in Spanish

Daisy, Rey, in Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Danish unit of currency (not the Euro)

December 26, Saint’s Day in Ireland

Dental: person who keeps your teeth clean

Describes an unconventional style/lifestyle

Deserves, earns (an award)

Developed radio telegraph system, Guglielmo,

Died of a heart attack while filming Wagons East!

Dissimilar, non-identical , distinctive, different

Divorced royal couple: Prince Andrew and Sarah

Doctor who discovered penicillin: Alexander

Dolby co-invented this film/sound recording method

Domesday Book commissioner: William the

Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian: types of Greek

Dorothy L., UK writer, translator and humanist

Dr. Jones’s nickname, maybe an ophidiophobe

Dr. No was the first film featuring this hero

Dr Pepper ad slogan: What’s that could happen?

Dr. Remy Hadley on House, Wilde

Early 20th-c. modern art movement of Matisse etc.

Early 20th century art style emphasizing color

Early 20th Century (pre WWI) England, the Age

Eastern European area states, incl. Kosovo, Serbia

Edge, outskirts ? or UK word for “bangs”

Edited (text) for publication

El Classico soccer matchup: Real Madrid vs.

Electromagnetic field discoverer: Michael

Element No. 95 in the periodic table

Element with atomic no. 89, discovered by Giesel

Elton John song: “Tiny”

Endangered largest living primates: Eastern

Energy expended while at rest BMP: Basal Rate

Energy source including fission/fusion processes

England’s top goal scorer in the 2018 World Cup

English nursery rhyme: “Mary, Mary, Quite”

English translation of “Rauchen Verboten”: No

Equal to 1,024 kilobytes

Equation with highest power of 2 (sounds square)

Equivalent of the Stock Exchange in France: La

Ernst Stadion, hosted 2008 Euro games

Estadio Ol?mpico Joao, Rio de Janeiro

Est?dio do, football arena in Recife, Brazil

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania: these states

Eug?ne, French painter of Cows in the Pasture

European city that’s home to St. Vitus Cathedral

Exile island for Napoleon’s last years: Saint

Expensive watches (specific brand)

Fa, a long, long (Do, Re, Mi)

Fairy tale about two siblings: Hansel and

Famous Christmas carol: Hark the Angels Sing

Fantasy novel by J. K. Rowling, Harry

Father of Genetics: Austrian scientist Gregor

Faulkner’s novel set in the 1930s: Light in

Fear and Loathing in, Hunter S. Thompson tale

February 29th is celebrated in one

Feeling trendy? Jump on this

Felix , animated series about a black feline

Fights, combat, conflicts ? sometimes pitched

Film actor who plays Harry Potter: Daniel

Film character who adopts Annie: Oliver (Daddy)

Film: Whoopi Goldberg disguises herself as a nun

Film with most nominations for the Oscars in 2013

First capital of Colonial Brazil (before Rio)

First coins were made from this gold/silver alloy

First disabled person to climb Mt. Everest: Tom

First leader of Nationalist Party (KMT) in China

First man on Mt. Everest’s peak, Edmund Kiwi

First Nobel Prize for Literature winner: Sully

First Prime Minister of Israel: David Ben

First wife of Henry VIII: Catherine of

Firstborn of Beyonc? and Jay-Z

Fish that gave birth to the stars in M?ori folklore

Flag term for emblem/shield in top left-hand side

Floor-length spring/summer garment

Florida bay discovered by Ponce de Le?n in 1513

Floridian island (not east)

Fluviology: scientific study of

Follower of the teachings of Siddh?rtha Gautama

Foot- and legwear worn by fishermen in rivers

For insects: act of hatching from an egg

Foreign born singer who had a No. 1 smash “SOS”

Forename of artist Dor? and engineer Eiffel

Forerunner to the U.N., of Nations

Forest site of historic Germans vs. Romans battle

Former Berlin wall crossing point: Checkpoint

Former church, then mosque, now a museum: Hagia

Former name of Bangladesh: East

Former name of MasterCard: Master

Former stage name of Islam convert Yusuf: Cat

Former US host of Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Fort, New Mexico: where Billy the Kid was shot

Founder of the Royal Philharmonic: Sir Thomas

Four, hotel chain for summer, spring…

Frank, Jr; con man played by DiCaprio in 2002

Fran?ois, Gargantua and Pantagruel writer

Fran?ois-Marie Arouet’s better known nom de plume

Freedom to use one’s power as one wishes: carte

French artist who painted “Joy of Life”: Henri

French director of L’Atalante who died at 29

French name for the English Channel: La

French philosopher said “My life is a struggle?

French wine region stretching from Dijon to M?con

Frequent lyricist for Elton John: Bernie

Gabriel Marquez novel: “Love in the Time of”

Gary, “What’chu talkin’ ’bout, Willis?”

Gas that constitutes almost 80% of Earth’s air

Gas that makes up around 24 percent of the Sun

Gatherings for sampling wine, etc.

Gaud?’s “stone quarry” building in Barcelona

George S., a bright Broadway playwright

German-style board game by Thomas Liesching, 2004

Get your earnings during this 24-hour period

Glitzy French Riviera resort Saint-

Gloves for the foot (not mitten-shaped)

Good luck in Spanish: “buena”

Grape Ape was created by Hanna/in 1975

Greatly reducing, e.g. prices

Greek island, film location for Mamma Mia!

Grilled Japanese dish of soy sauce and fish/meat

Grilling (often with a panel) before getting a job

Gulf of, site of 1964 US/Vietnam incident

Hairstyle: short in the front, long in the back

Half of the music duo Wham: the late George

Hannibal Lecter, Silence of the Lambs,Hopkins

Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale: “The Ugly”

Hans Christian Andersen tale: The and the Pea

Harold Wilson quote: “A week is a long time in”

Harry Potter’s spoiled, bully cousin: Dudley

Having an imposing frontage (of a building)

He appears in four novels by Mark Twain: Tom

He finished 2nd place in 2009 X Factor

He married Sophie Rhys-Jones in 1999: Prince

He played James Bond in the film “Dr. No”: Sean

He played Mr. Big in Sex and the City

He won the 2018 men’s title at Wimbledon: Novak

He wrote the play “Waiting for Godot”: Samuel

Heathrow, Charles de Gaulle, Shanghai Pudong, etc.

Hebrew greeting and writer’s pen name: Sholem

Helen Mirren holds the crown in this 2006 film

Her mother’s image = very much alike

Hey, look over there!

High is 8,000-12,000 feet above sea level

Highest point of the Alps with a peak at 4,808m

Himalayan capital, Mt. Everest starting point

Hit song from the Animals: “House of the Sun”

H?l?na, French actress from mid 1900s

Home of Jo?e Ple?nik and ?kocjan Caves

Home of the British Prime Minister: 10 Street

Household fabrics like towels, bedding, etc.

How Bond likes his martinis: shaken, not

How most UK monarchs are now addressed: Your

HST: Harmonized

HTML: HyperText Language

HTTP: Hypertext Protocol

Hugh, British actor, Dr. House

Hungarian author of “The Sleepwalkers”: Arthur

Hungarian sweet white wine from Asz? grapes

Iguazu Falls bordering countries: Brazil and

In a = concisely

In apothecaries’ weight: 20 of these in a scruple

In Christianity: manifestations of bodily wounds

In French it means “cr?me moul?e”

In golf, these score as +1 on a hole

In medicine: to suction fluid from part of the body

In television: not on screen

In the of an eye = very quickly

Inadequate blood supply to an organ/body part

Inglorious, 2009 film starring Brad Pitt

Inherited lung disease abbreviated CF: cystic

Inherited red blood cell disorder: sickle cell

International one hit wonder for Los del R?o

Inventor of the Liquid-Crystal Display (LCD)

Involuntary expelling of air/mucus from the nose

Island in E. Caribbean, north of Antigua

It is not science = it is not so difficult

It means “pl?tanos” in Spanish

Italian chicory/endive with red leaves

Italian filmmaker who directed “8 1/2”: Federico

Italian high fashion house: Bottega

Italian poet of Canzoniere (Songbook)

Its capital is Charlottetown: Prince Island

It?s why coffee gives you a buzz

Jack, main character in S. King’s The Shining

Jamaican sprinter who retired in 2017

Jane, actress of Dr. Quinn

Jane Eyre’s byronic hero, Mr.

Jane Porter in The Legend of Tarzan 2016

Jason, 49th/50th Supporting Actor Oscar winner

Jelena, former Serbian no. 1 tennis player

Jerry, Gooding Jr. shouted “Show Me the Money”

John P., US banker with a company in his name

John plays Finn in Star Wars: Episode 7

John T., condensed soup creator, Campbell’s CEO

Joseph Conrad novel: “Heart of”

Jules Verne adventure, 20,000 Under the Sea

Killed with his wife for lying to St. Peter

Kim, Belgian tennis star of the 2000s

Koh Samui island is this country’s 2nd largest

La, pearl (meaning pilgrim) owned by Liz Taylor

La, tomato-throwing festival in Bu?ol, Spain

Lady Chatterley’s Lover, by D.H.

Lake, fictitious town created by G. Keillor

Lance, stage performer did over 15,000 shows

Land-locked S. American country

Largest English speaking city south of the U.S.

Larry who played J. R. Ewing in Dallas

Latin phrase for “let the buyer beware”: caveat

Latin: “vanity”, a still-life term from Dutch art

Le, Canadian newscast by Genevi?ve Asselin

Libyan city where 2 US facilities were attacked

Liev Schreiber, villain, X-Men Origins:

Lights, camera,!

Lindsay, former US no. 1 tennis player

Lions, and, and bears. Oh, my!

Live From New York It’s Night!

Long and untidy, e.g. hair

Long-distance running race, 42.195 kilometres

Longest running London play (since 1952): “The

Longest skeletal part of the leg (not technical)

Look out!

Losing candidate for president in 2017: Clinton

Loud monkey species live in South/Central America

Lover of King Arthur’s wife Guinevere: Sir

Luck of is a drawing game from 2006

M. C., optical illusion artist

Made a noise through mouth/nose while asleep

Magical 2005 rom com starring Nicole Kidman

Major figure in the Cuban Revolution: Che

Major religion of Greece: Christian

Make when you say cheers/clink glasses

Male products include aftershave, razors etc.

Mantra of the Hindu religion: Hare

Maradona, Pel?, Beckham, Ronaldo

Meandering, twisting (like a reptile)

Measurement of pain w/ tool to detect sensitivity

Mediterranean nation with Greek, Turkish pops.

Meghan –, since May 2018 Duchess of Sussex

Melanie Griffith’s ex: Zorro portrayer Antonio

Member of the 60s British rock band Cream: Eric

Mental health disorder: total disregard for others

Meryl, acting royalty, has over 20 Oscar noms

Metal made by combining 2 or more metal elements

Metalloid, symbol Sb, alloyed with lead/tin

Metals made of two or more elements, e.g. bronze

Mexican victory celebrated on May 5: Battle of

Michael, US Olympic swimmer with 23 gold medals

Mickey, Broadway and movie actor, died 2014

Mini, pink/white pillows to top hot chocolate

Misconstrued evil intent: “A wolf in sheep’s__”

Mission Impossible: Ethan Hunt, Top Gun: Maverick

Mixed with type of heavy metal, eg. gasoline

M?ller, white grape created by Swiss botanist

Monarch who first united Egypt ca. 3100 BC

Money workers claim back, e.g. snacks for meetings

Money, 2016 US film with George Clooney

Montreal , hockey team member of NHL

Mop up last bit of Italian sauce: “fare la”

Mountains covering 75% of Nepal

Movie about a St. Bernard named after a composer

Movie with Woody, Buzz, Mr. Potatohead and others

Mr. Builds His Dream House, movie with C. Grant

Mr. Burns’ loyal assistant

Mr. Chipping’s profession in Goodbye Mr. Chips

Mr. Hyde’s medical counterpart

Mr. Krabs runs the Krab

Mr. & Sherman is a 2014 DreamWorks film

Mr. Squarepants first name

Mrs., is loved more than she will know

Mrs. Wilson in “Gosford Park”: actress Helen

Ms Hill and Messrs Jean and Michel comprise?

Ms. Muffet seat, low stool, pouffe

MS operating system launched in 2001

Ms. Puff runs a school on SpongeBob

Much imitated French handbag designer: Coco

Muriel Spark novel: “The Prime of Miss Jean”

Mus?e, French art museum in railway station

Mus?e, Paris museum with impressionist artworks

Music studios used by The Beatles (and crossing!)

Musical film, winner of six Academy Awards in 2017

Musician who wrote “I Shot the Sheriff”: Bob

Mysterious affair at. An A. Christie’s novel

Mythical creature: head of a human, body of a lion

Naming word substitutes, e.g. I, we, he, she

Nancy Boyd is her pen name: Edna St Millay

Narrow or taper to a point (e.g. of a leaf)

Natalie, leader of 10,000 Maniacs

National airline of Belgium from 1923 to 2001

National airline of Costa Rica (formerly LACSA)

Nationality of “Mi Gente” singer J. Balvin

Native of Lima, Arequipa, Trujillo etc.

Nazca Desert mountaintop alien landing site?

Near perfect eyesight, 20/20

Nearly 25,000 perished constructing this canal

Need for Speed’s installment was released in 2013

Neil Simon’s first name (same as Paranoid Android)

Nelson Mandela autobiography: “Long Walk to”

Never-ending nickname for Rome: the City

Newest named ocean, acknowledged in 2000

Niccol?, violinist composer of Caprices

Nickname for Canadian $1 coin

No. 1 element on the periodic table

Non-religious (male) church worker

Northern hemisphere annual March event: vernal

Not a hat, but a very hot chili pepper: Scotch

Not eating/drinking for a set period of time

Not up to = unsatisfactory

Noted author of James Bond novels: Ian

Noted French art nouveau glassmaker: Rene

Novel by Phillipa Gregory: “The Other Girl”

O mistress mine, where are you?

O! My!, poem by Walt Whitman

Oceans bordering on Indonesia: Indian and

Official languages of Cameroon: English and

Often heard apology for swearing: “Pardon my”

Ojos del, active volcano in S. America

Old English fairy tale: Jack and the

Old German language written in Hebrew characters.

Old town area of Hamburg, with ancient Deichstra?e

Olivia Newton-John song: “Have You Never Been”

On his deathbed he said: Let not poor Nelly starve

Once bitten,

Once upon a dreary: by Edgar Allan Poe

One who is held against his/her will

Oneirophobia: the fear of

Opera by Mozart: The of Figaro

Opera by Puccini: Madama

Opera type defined by woes, fighting and/or deaths

Oscar Wilde’s only novel: “The Picture of Gray”

Oscar winning actress in La Vie en Rose: Marion

OTOH, translates to: on the

Ovenproof dish with fluted sides for cr?me br?l?e

Pacific Rim, sequel to the 2013 original

Pack & Stack. game for three to six players

Paraguay and are landlocked in S. America

Parker Brothers: make words from lettered dice

Part of speech: implicit comparison

Part of town where L. Bernstein musical happens

Pat Morita, Mr. in The Karate Kid movies

Pee-Wee’s, Mr. Herman’s oddball junior show

People’s on Facebook show their profile/posts

Perennial flowering plant, 1,795 different species

Persian and Angora cats have (lengthy fur)

Person who betrayed Jesus: Judas

Person who sells and/or prepares cuts of meat

Pet Klaus is this animal in American Dad!

Peter, French philosopher, lover of H?lo?se

Pete’s, 1977 Disney film, remade in 2016

Pete’s, a live-action/animated 1977 film

Pete’s Dragon in 2016 is a of the 1977 film

Philip H., cofounder of Nike

Philip Seymour, US actor who passed away in 2014

Pi?a, cocktail of rum, coconut, pineapple

Pioneer of radio transmission: Guglielmo

Pizza with crispier base/edge

Place to build furniture, learn a trade, etc.

Play by George Bernard Shaw: Man and

Play by Lope de Vega: “The Dog in the”

Play by Oscar Wilde: “The Importance of Being”

Play that poses the question “To be or not to be?”

Player going first in 4 can win 100% of the times

Poem by William Blake: Auguries of

Political belief rejecting government/authority

Polynesian cocktail: rum, lime and cura?ao liqueur

Poor man’s pudding in Quebec: pouding

Popular guitarist of the Woodstock Era: Jimi

Prejudicial system abolished in S. Africa by 1991

President of People’s Republic of China, 2003013

Primary patron saint of Ireland: St.

Prime number, the sum of two squares, 16 + 25

Prince William’s royal title: Duke of

Principal Chilean city named after St. James

Principal wife of the pharaoh Akhenaten: Queen

Private evening party or gathering (French)

Probe that dove into Saturn’s atmosphere in 2017

Process that affects structure of Earth?s crust

Producer of the Harry Potter films: David

Professional whose fingers travel 12.6 miles a day

Professors, deans, et al.

Psychological thriller based on a S. King’s novel

Puccini’s poet, lover of Mimi in La Boh?me

Quote from Keats: “A thing of is a joy forever”

Rabat serves as this N. African country’s capital

Raft of the, G?ricault portrait of a shipwreck

Rapper, 2 Fast 2 Furious star

Raw fish, Japanese style (without rice)

RBI: Run In

Reached the North Pole under the ice cap (1958)

Real or perceived oscillation of a moon/satellite

Red/orange metal shined up and used for pans

Regular payment, ex. mortgage, pension payment

Relationship with a huge age gap: May romance

Reluctance to go through with: chilly extremities

Removed goods from a container, vehicle, etc.

Ren?, Belgian surrealist artist

Retail, shopping to make you feel better!

Reuses/repurposes object and increases value

Riding of air currents (not flying or levitation)

Roald Dahl’s first children’s book: “The”

Robert Jr. Sherlock Holmes, Iron Man

Robin, actor of Mrs. Doubtfire

Rock band founded by Jimmy Page: Led

Rod Stewart No.1 hit of 1983 about a past love

Rod Stewart song character, the older woman!

Roman politician assassinated Caesar, Et tu?

Roquefort, Gorgonzola, Port Salut, Neufch?tel

Ruler of England when a Commonwealth: Oliver

Russian tennis no. 1 Maria

S. African country, capital is Gaborone

Samuel L., US actor

Sarah Ferguson’s former spouse: Prince

Sayonara: how you say goodbye in this language

Scene It? is a DVD game by Screenlife

Sci-fi novel by H.G. Wells: The War of the

Sci-fi novel by R.A. Lafferty: “Past”

Science fiction genre: Victorian and Industrial

Scoundrels of Skullport is a 2013 game

Seafood typically used for Coquilles St. Jacques

Second biggest selling video game (as of 2017)

Second longest reigning monarch: Queen

Second wife of King Henry VIII: Anne

Series finale: “Harry Potter and the Deathly”

Series of 8 notes in the interval between 2 notes

Severe storm with categories 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5

Shakespearean actress from Poland: Helena

Shakespearean character: king of the fairies

Shakespearean comedy: “Much Ado About”

Shakespeare’s shortest play: “Comedy of”

She released a Fenty Beauty makeup line in 2017

She won America’s Most Talented Kids in 2004

Sherlock Holmes’ slow-witted inspector: Greg

Short story by Oscar Wilde: The Giant

Shouting out of turn at a trial: in of court

Signed off Merrie Melodies with That’s All, Folks!

Silver metal named after continent, atomic no. 63

Singer who wrote “Imagine”: John

Singer whose first single was “Ghost”: Ella

Singers J. Balvin and Shakira both come from here

Sir Les, drunken Australian cultural attach?

Site of major Chinese earthquake in 2014

Sixth actor cast as James Bond in films: Pierce

Skeet , an Olympic event

Small Balkan state declared independence in 2008

Small grains or particles, e.g. coffee

Small spoon. Cooking measure.

Smile, you’re on Camera!

So, a needle thread (Do, Re, Mi)

Social news/discussion site; “perused it”

Some call it “pl?tano” in Spanish

Some E. coli strains are dangerous and

Something divided into four pieces, 3/__

Song by Queen: Bohemian

Song by the band U2: Where the Have No Name

Song by the Beatles: “Strawberry Forever”

South Africa tourist attraction: Table

Southern Italy’s two islands: Sicily and

Soviet serial killer: Andrei Chikatilo: the Red

Spain’s “Catholic Monarchs”: Ferdinand and

Spanish couples dance with guitars/castanets

Spanish ex no. 1 tennis ace, Sanchez Vicario

Special events, e.g. birthdays, anniversaries

Spend these in S?o Tom? and Pr?ncipe

Spielberg 2012 movie honoring a president

Spiritual leader no. 14, won Nobel Peace prize

Spiritual retreat (Indian culture)

St., company that makes self-tanning mousse

St. Francis of, saint of animals

St. Peter’s in Vatican City is one of them

St. Petersburg’s former name in 1914

St., pre ER and Grey’s Anatomy medical drama

Standing long jump expert in early 20th century

Star from Taxi and Who’s the Boss?

StarCraft: The Board Game was shown in 2007 at

Stay Gold,

Steven, US director of E.T.

Stir one’s = hurry up

Straight Outta, gangsta rap album by N.W.A

String goes through eyes/hooks in winter footwear

Strings go through eyes/hooks in winter footwear

Structure used in BMX, snow- and skateboarding

Subscriber identity module in a phone (in short)

Substances that are mixtures of 2 or more elements

Sultan who captured Jerusalem after the 2nd crusade

Superman’s version of Mr. Hyde

Supersonic jet that was retired in 2003

Survival game that became hugely popular in 2018

Swedish tennis legend, no. 1 six times 1977-1981

Sweetmeat of almonds and sugar from Mont?limar

Swiss city home to the Cathedral of St. Pierre

Swiss pro tennis player ranked in top 2 in 2018

Swiss watch company, anagram of “sling one”!

Swords, guns, clubs, etc.

Tallest mountain in Mexico: Pico de

Technology that lets 2 devices connect wirelessly

Tennis play: the ball pops gently over the net

Tennis players Hingis or Navratilova?

Tequila, cream and cacao; don’t lose your fingers!

Term for the first (higher) blood pressure number

Term for the second (lower) blood pressure number

TerminatorUS film from 2015

The abbreviation DM on Facebook: Direct

The act of going without food, esp. in religions

The Adventures of Huck Finn (1993) starred Wood

The and the Bobby-Soxer, movie with C. Grant

The Animals lyric: There is a house in New

The B in the BMW car company (English translation)

The, Benicio del Toro 2010 lycanthrope movie

The, book by Bernhard Schlink. Later a movie.

The Boy’s Progress: subtitle of Oliver Twist

The Catcher in the Rye, by J.D

The Charge of the Light Brigade poet: Alfred

The computer term HTML: hypertext language

The difference between darks/lights in an image

The “e” in e =mc2 as posited by Einstein

The ex-convict in “Les Mis?rables”: Jean

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris, a film

The Game, 1992 British-Irish-Japanese thriller.

The Great, Italian movie, 2013 Oscar winner

The Hobbit, novel by J.R.R

The lark, V. Williams piece for violin

The last one was in James F. Cooper’s novel

The Lord of the Rings: The of the King

The Manx is a breed of cat with no tail.

The medical test abbreviated BMP: Basic Panel

The, movie soundtrack included Mrs. Robinson

The movie 20,000 Under the Sea is from 1954

The name of the 2010 World Cup ball

The name of the 2014 World Cup ball

The Netherlands? capital

The Old = Virginia’s nickname

The Persistence of, by Dal?, if you can remember

The plucking of strings. Also known as

The Roman Empire’s two centuries of peace: Pax

The roux used to make Bechamel sauce: flour and

The second M in MMA (the sport)

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and

The “Two Gentlemen of Verona”: Valentine and

The two longest rivers in the UK: Thames and

The two moons of Mars: Deimos and

The, US film about a flirtatious Mrs. Robinson

The weaver in A Midsummer Night’s Dream: Nick

The: yellow cartoon family from Springfield

The young narrator of Treasure Island: Jim

The 2012 Summer Olympics were held here

Theologian and missionary, brother of St. Cyril

Thick soup/stew with corn, or prawn or clams

This actor played Jack Kevorkian in 2010 biopic

This author introduced Mr. Darcy to the world

This country has the Internet domain .SM

This George B. Shaw’s play inspired My Fair Lady

This part of an URL can be .com, .gov or .edu

This river and tributaries run through S. America

Tie, e.g. secure an animal with a rope

Time of year when day/night are equal length

Tiny marine organism, Mr. Krabs’ nemesis

To die = to one’s last

To dull, e.g. spirits, mood

To get off on the (incorrect limb)

To go where no man has gone before (Star Trek)

To oppose or deny (it rhymes)

Today is a gift. That’s why we call it the


Tracy , her show introduced The Simpsons

Triskaidekaphobia: superstition about this number

Tropical fruit and rum rhyming Cura?ao cocktail

Truman wanted Ms. Monroe to play Ms. Golightly

Try not to overload the donkey, he might kick!

Turtles, crocodiles, snakes, lizards, etc.

Twenty Thousand Under the Sea, J. Verne’s novel

Two words: danger has passed, nothing in the way

Type of neckline that shows a lot of d?colletage

Ugly Danish toy, found under bridges?

UK monarch with the 2nd longest reign

UK science-fiction short stories by Eric F. Russell

Uncle , “The richest duck in the world”

Unit of distance, equal to 201 meters or 220 yards

Unit of measurement; 10,000 square meters

Uptown Funk and 24K Magic singer

US dam named after a 20th C president

US vice-president who won the Peace prize in 2007

Use @ to reply or do this on Twitter

Vast mass of comets 50-100,000 AU from the sun

Vegetable that can easily take 20 minutes to eat

Volcano that destroyed Herculaneum: Mt.

Volcano that destroyed Pompei: Mount

Volkswagen Type 1; it means “K?fer” in German

Volver, Vanilla Sky, and Blow actress,Cruz

W. G., wrote Austerlitz novel

Waltzes, tangos, etc.

What one cannot do if he/she can’t obey

What the C in Washington, D. C. stands for

What the clocks are doing in Dal?’s famous artwork

When February has 29 days

Where avians can drink/take a wash in the garden

White, 8 Mile rapper discovered by Dr. Dre

Who did Gepetto create?

Who’s Afraid of Woolf?, black comedy film

Wile E. Coyote chased the Road

William is best known for playing James T. Kirk

William S., author of the Beat Generation

Willy Wonka’s tiny factory workers: Oompa

Winner of 2015 Best Picture Academy Award

With a = to the full, to the nth degree

Won an Oscar for Goodbye, Mr. Chips, Donat

Wording of Nobel prize: Physiology or

World’s largest island (in area)

Wrote Principia Mathematica with B. Russell

WWII novel set in Greece: Captain Corelli’s

WWII U.S. Navy leader, Fleet Admiral Chester W

Yellow, Beatles album and film of 1968/9

Yellowy egg/milk sauce for a variety of puddings

Yes, a times yes!, Pride and Prejudice line

You set the exposure ? not automated

You’ll get relief from this Dr. Hoffmann invention

Young birds of prey: tawny, little or barn

You’re in here if in disgrace (one for canines!)