New York, New York!

Group 361

Puzzle 1

Largest city in Scotland, but not its capital

Cupboard that cools food to low temperatures

Someone who lacks belief in the existence of gods

Wrap arms around

Ability to read one’s mind

Lagos and Kano are this country’s largest cities

Claude __, impressionist composer of Nocturnes

Teased or mocked

__ delight, Ottoman inspired confections

World’s largest inland body of water: __ Sea

The third component with gases and solids

Puzzle 2

Gift to mark a celebratory occasion

Another word for pubs

One who scans for land on a ship

Swarming insects, a Biblical plague of them

Brazil’s highest mountain Pico da __

Country that won the first FIFA World Cup

Lying under oath

Green gem and Ireland’s nickname

Freezing in hip-hop funk dance before continuing

Bitterness, resentment

Study of mechanical systems used for body parts

Largest city in Canada in terms of population

Puzzle 3

Unfounded, without grounds

Very well

Designates, nominates

Where the Cyclops sported their single eye

City with a tourist attraction called the Atomium

Oldest Kardashian sister

Small thatched dwellings in the countryside

Polish sausage

An immediate, unthinking emotional reaction

Eaten by whales in huge quantities

Brits call it a lift, Americans call it an __

Smart city and India’s capital since 1931

Puzzle 4

Largest city entirely on European soil, in Russia

Italian denim, T-shirt and watches brand

Discover the presence of

Educational facility

Actor Christian from Heathers

Aromatic flower buds, spice used during Christmas

__ Queen, she’s a dangerous woman

__ Burner used for chemistry experiments

__ Griffin, the youngest member in Family Guy

__ Bergman who played Ilsa in Casablanca

Puzzle 5

Time marker for musicians

North Korean city with landmark Juche Tower

It can be harsh or constructive

The second chamber of the ruminant stomach

Dress shirt accessories

Community of organisms and their environment

A wild party with too much wine, as in Roman times

Passed through or roamed around a place

Convinces, talks into

Professional aquatic creature catcher

Busy, with a high volume of traffic

Period when a computer is offline or unavailable

Meat tubes, often cooked on barbecues

Delivers the news by bicycle

Flying __, phantom mariner fated to sail forever

Small exclusive shop

Ancient Greek festival where playwrights competed

High-heeled shoe and the name of a slim knife

Alleged stomping grounds for Robin Hood: __ Forest

DC Comics feline antiheroine

Coming of age film starring Saoirse Ronan

Lively resort city in Nevada, with casinos

Tiny globes of water

No longer in fashion, out of date

Puzzle 2

Jeans company named after animal handlers

Mockery, ridicule

Remove someone from contacts list on social media

Organized 11-a-side game started in Sheffield

Whitened artificially

Find a penny pick it up, all day long you have __

__ Hall, New York concert hall for classical music

Active volcano in central Ecuador

Superman is faster than a __ bullet

Breathing out

Slip of paper with weekly salary or wages

Queen __, monarch who oversaw a vast empire

Perfect and spotlessly clean

Related to or for cooking

Puzzle 3

Concussive effect of an explosion

France’s second-largest city, on the Mediterranean

Estimate of a property’s value

Ceramic material used to make some figurines

Adopted a new religion

Single-mindedly obsessive

Tall, large bloom, also called Helianthus

Young people, not quite mature

Word for a supreme ruler, like a monarch

Hired driver

Most populous city in Scandinavia

Puzzle 4

Fiction genre with a crime to be solved

Daughter of Latinus and Amata in Roman mythology

Places with exhibits

Kenyan city, home to an important stock exchange

Boldness, flashiness, bluster

Small-scale 3D model

Act of being absent from school without permission

A dog whose breed is mixed or undetermined

Wedding brought forward due to unplanned pregnancy

Puzzle 5


Autonomous community in northern Spain

Meat from a sheep

To dull, e.g. spirits, mood

This element is used in graphite

Last known country to use the guillotine

Type of wild dog that lives in Africa and Asia

One of the seasons for Paris Fashion Week

Sacred Islamic shrine, site of Muhammad’s tomb

Polish composer & pianist of the Romantic era

Group 363

Puzzle 1

Shapes of buildings, hills etc against a horizon

Person post employment

__ Mode, band meaning “hurried fashion”

Greek goddess of innocence, means “star-maiden”

Capital of and largest city in Wales

Straight route between two places

Look after an infant while the parents are out

One who makes houses

Italian cornmeal mush

Puzzle 2

Son of Zeus, Ares’ title

Grilled Japanese dish of soy sauce and fish/meat

South Africa’s administrative capital city

Someone who boasts about their possessions

Classification grading for hurricanes

Fruity nickname of New York City

Quick-witted close friend of Shakespeare’s Romeo

__ warfare, military operations using poisoned gas

Killer of a political leader, such as a president

Falafel legume

Uneasy, unable to relax


Puzzle 3

Sell all of it

Shoes with horizontal strap and a girl’s name

Gone in sixty seconds

An assistant referee runs up and down one

Ruin the appearance of, especially on the face

Cabernet __, successful red wine grape variety

Female who carries a baby for another woman

Muscular wall above the abdomen

Infinite, endless, never-ending

Color changing lizard

Puzzle 4

Oval fruits often stuffed or marinated

The eighth month of the year

Arnold __, golfer with drink named after him

Silas __, George Eliot’s weaver

Sum paid for capturing a fugitive

Trousers that stop above the knee

Spanish word for man


Dalai Lama’s winter home in Lhasa: __ Palace

Puzzle 5

Hat maker

Flame __, military weapons shooting fire

Is representative of, is a normal example of

Irritation of the mucous membrane in the nose

__ Steel, romance novelist since 1972’s Going Home

Jewish festival also called the Festival of Lights

__ Husky, dog breed, thrives in cold climates

Puts at ease

I Love Rock ‘n Roll and Bad Reputation crooner

One of the cardinal virtues, meaning reason

Organ of the body that produces insulin

Octopus limb

Master of illusions, card tricks, and hand slights

A chip off the __

Country where the enormous Angkor Wat Temple is

French wine region on either bank of the Gironde

Human-powered taxi in Asian countries

__ bag, for hitting at the gym or in boxing

Uncovering something

Patek __, Swiss luxury watchmaker

Unsolicited sales pitch delivered via phone

Fluffy egg white and sugar dessert

Raised pathway across wet ground, used by giants


Without morals


Argentinian cowboys; also wide, calf-length pants

Both an insect and a sport

King Arthur’s court

Undermine authority

Main cause of old age blindness: __ degeneration

Square, stuffed pasta parcels

Drooping like a parched plant

Held in high regard

Cork plug placed in a bottle’s neck

Highest female singing voice

Popular online social network, before Facebook

Describes an animal that walks on two legs


Puzzle 3

Liquid filled mattress

Maker of objects from clay and china

Moving on all fours

Wearing thin garments one on top of the other

Parasitic larvae infection through soil or water

Religion associated with the Mahabodhi Temple

Large city on the Congo River opposite Brazzaville

Supervised, inspected

Chinese city with more than 300 skyscrapers

At a fast pace

Opinion, way of thinking

Author of Oedipus the King

Small sun comes in white, black, red types

Leader of a clan

Members of the family

Stretching before exercise

Throat and stomach connector

Italian dish of stuffed boneless pork roast

Country where the didgeridoo instrument originated

Watch and fountain pen brand with mountain motif

Puzzle 5

Hair flipped out at the sides like a plane

Took a sneaky look

Cheerleading accessory

Celebration with floats and bands

Medical treatment for aches and pains

“The City of a Hundred Spires”

Involve oneself in another’s business

Large drinking cup for wine

Large stinging wasp

Chrissy __, model married to John Legend

Group 365

Puzzle 1

Written symbol represents a thought, not a sound

Wreaths of flowers and leaves, hung or worn

Marvel antihero, known as the Merc with a Mouth

Woman in Norse mythology and a Fleetwood Mac song

Large California city, near the mexican border

Type of science used in criminal investigations

Process endured by babies while the canines grow

Thorough, scrupulous

Returning the ball to the goalkeeper

Released an egg from the ovary

Title given to a son of the Emperor of Austria

Puzzle 2



Magnesium sulfate that helps ease inflammation

One who studies rocks

Hidden explosive device set up for intruders

Decade that saw the rise of disco music

King Solomon’s mother, according to Hebrew Bible

Spain’s second largest population center

A depressed state

Puzzle 3

Rubber suction cup

__ king, a custodian of the Holy Grail

Epitomize, characterize

A promise

One who runs for exercise


Fatigue caused by flying across time zones

Janis __, US rocker with distinctive raucous voice

Second largest city in Pakistan, after Karachi

National flower of Singapore

Puzzle 4

Stronghold, defender

Those who take prisoners

Traveling around, performing concerts

Using a bike

Awful, frightful

Largest city and commercial capital of Sri Lanka

Synthetic element, symbol Bh

Title bestowed on the viceroy of Egypt

Polished, graceful, debonair

Lover of Thisbe in A Midsummer Night’s Dream

__ sensors guide drivers safely into spaces

Advanced in years, aged

Puzzle 5

A celebrity’s attractive companion

Five-pointed sea creature

Naturally occurring alloy of silver and gold

Transfer from the internet to your hard drive

Defensive wooden barrier

Edge of a garment and how it lays across the chest

Immerse, hold underwater

Booklet on one subject

Person with total power over a country

Restraint for car driver and passengers

__ Park, big screen dinosaur theme park

Intricate Chinese folk art involving snipping

Someone who happens to be walking past

Second largest city in Japan, after Tokyo

Whimsical, unbelievable, far-fetched

Group 366

Puzzle 1

Third largest German city after Berlin and Hamburg

Large luxury boats

Nationality of Brigitte Bardot

Makes a frog noise

Cloudy, opaque

Crustacean that lives in water or land

Head protection

Hired killer

Worn, in poor condition

Container for mixing cocktails

Ralph __, US designer with Polo brand

Puzzle 2

Make stronger with walls

Thailand’s largest city, also called Krung Thep

Marked the skin by striking

__ Love, duet with Lionel Richie and Diana Ross

Rises from the ashes

Linking together

Fortress like the Acropolis of Athens

Poetic conundrums

Incorrect belief

Trial that led to Nelson Mandela’s imprisonment

Puzzle 3

Watch a sport from the stands

The __ of cymbals as a band plays

Brazilian city, largest in the Southern Hemisphere

Chemical element with the symbol Ti

Driving erratically from side to side

Left on an island

Cause someone to feel isolated or estranged

Feudal ruler

Loss or lack of sleep

Kathy Kane’s comic book alter ego

Puzzle 4

Two different words that mean the opposite

The act of asking someone to marry you

Strait taking the Sea of Marmara to the Black Sea

Internal slippage of a body part

Ancient roman building commissioned by Hadrian

Approved with a signature

The New __, sonnet on the Statue of Liberty

Crowded Serbian city on the Sava and Danube rivers

Throws away

Opened a wine bottle

Puzzle 5

Into the water from a ship

Term for the killing a parent or close relative

Overly ornate, pretentious, pompous

Privacy, namelessness

Cover furniture with cloth

Natural painkiller found in the brain

Signs of authentication of silver pieces

__ World, Sam Cooke heart-melting song

“Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of __”

He opens doors when homeowners have lost the keys

Flinching, jerking back

World’s largest arboreal mammal

Synthetic fabric with low moisture absorbency

Capital of Victoria, Australia

Group 367

Puzzle 1

Removed from office by force

God of creation in Ancient Egypt

Memoirs of a __ by Arthur Golden

Wax coloring stick for drawing

Two houses attached by a wall in the middle

Save from peril

Meddle with evidence

What the Spanish word queso means in English

Firming up muscles

Coagulate, congeal, like spoiled milk

Puzzle 2

Rebellions, revolts, sedition

Gesture of approval

One who studies plants


Dried skin flakes in someone’s hair

The orange pigment in carrots

Little red car that Prince sang about in 1982

Caterpillar bred for clothing fibers

Collapses inwards

Empty a building


Puzzle 3

Description of sounds in a language

Nationality of author Paulo Coelho

Shown on a screen

Wobbly, trembling like a sweet dessert

Condition of excess fluid in the lungs: __ edema

Boatfuls of cargo

Stand under this green plant for a kiss

German model once married to Seal

Happening every 10 years

Person who is paid to find people to fill jobs

The person someone is engaged to

Puzzle 4

Severe storm in the South Pacific or Indian Ocean

Never appearing to grow older

Memory loss

A side part of something

Uranus moon named after the heroine of The Tempest

Early record-keepers, who wrote on clay or papyrus

The voice used as percussion

Poisonous chemical element, atomic number 33

__ America; red, white and blue Marvel superhero

Machine for turning beans into coffee

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of __

Woman in line for an inheritance

Puzzle 5

Devoted and loyal

Ladies shoe with a strap around the heel or ankle

Stoppage, conclusion

Compound literary work in five parts

Cover these with mascara

Free-swimming, gelatinous organisms that can sting

Ordinary postal communication, not electronic

Agency that deals with defusing explosives

Moves to a later date

Buying and selling products on the internet

Skilled person in a particular area

Group 368

Puzzle 1

__ strength, a material’s maximum stretching force

Holy spots to commemorate the deceased

Sharp bend in a road

“Today is a gift. That’s why we call it the __”

Licking the envelope

Italian jewelry company with Latin script logo

French cosmetics house and perfumer of Tendre Nuit

Music performance by soloist or small group

Large, bristly pig; collective noun is a sounder

Remote, trucks with wire transmitters

Mountain that Tibetans call Chomolungma

Connected to or related to the heart

Highly unpleasant, gruesome

Instructions for making certain dishes

Created by humans, not naturally occurring


Creature with lion’s body and eagle’s head & wings

Puzzle 2

Roman chariot racetrack

Coffee rum liqueur

Food storage device patented by Peter Durand

Sharp steel, hand-held weapon

Denmark’s second largest city

India’s “Pink City,” for colors of its buildings

NASA space telescope, the H in HST

Open air market

__ heel, low dainty-heeled shoe with feline name

These are forbidden by social customs

To go back to the original state

Film is wound onto them

Puzzle 3

Person who works with and lends out books

Carrying container on a horse or bicycle

__ spiral, mathematical design found in nature

Stifled, suffocated

Hair with damaged tips

Alter ego of the White Queen in Marvel Comics

Changes in the speed and direction of the breeze

In Greek myth, a hunter, son of nymph & river god


Removing belongings from a suitcase

This earliest form of explosive came from China

Puzzle 4

Blocks, gets in the way of

Speak slowly, clearly and deliberately

The science of the causes and effects of diseases

Underwater projectiles

A bank balance of less than zero

He takes the wheel of a multi-occupant vehicle

Sweet, pleasant smell

Those with endless lives

Someone who writes a regular piece for a newspaper

Puzzle 5

Hides from view

Case on the deck of a ship where the compass is

Something closer to the torso

Indian religion with god Vishnu

Graduated highlighting hair dye technique

Professionals who study reports and research

A pretender, a fake, a deceiver

Carbon copies, duplicates

Plant with a two-year life cycle

City in Spain where paella originated

Unwavering, purposeful, determined

Act of giving birth to puppies

It makes perfect

Stops between connecting flights

Japanese video game empire

Set of beliefs held and taught by a certain group

Hoops for keeping household locking items together

Group 369

Puzzle 1

Give a line to an actor on stage

The boy in The Jungle Book who is raised by wolves

Isaac Newton is famous for three laws of __

Stamp a design on a surface, stands out in relief

Cured, fermented and air-dried sausage

Meal basket

__ wave, woman’s hairstyle of the 1920s

Discourages, dissuades

Someone who owes money

Lexus parent company

Puzzle 2

Collections of historical records

St. Peter’s in Vatican City is one of them

Military aircraft

Marine mammals known for their double coats

Shakespearean tragedy Troilus and __

Moore and Gibbons’ 1986 comic book series

Branch of mathematics that means “pebble” in Latin

Loud cutting tool with teeth, gas or electric

Destroy, ruin

Area for building big boats

Patting down someone’s body as a security measure

Moroccan nut emollient for eating and cosmetics

Tufty yarn used to make soft, furry garments

Puzzle 3

Study of the general physical aspects of rocks

Rules of politeness

Round and often served with spaghetti

A young tearaway, a rascal, a scamp

Destructive attack

Britain gained this Rock by the Treaty of Utrecht

Extensive online reference resource

Weakening, subsiding

Top part of a fraction

Group exercise on studio bikes

Puzzle 4

Without having been invited

Officials appointed to supervise large events

Protective goddess of the dead in Ancient Egypt

French pancake shop

One of the elements found in water

People who catch animals

Suddenly and unexpectedly

Region in southern Italy, Naples is its capital

Full moon transforms this creature

Puzzle 5

Bottom edge of stitching on a skirt

Artist who first introduced Batman, in 1939

Dense star derived from a supernova explosion

Female deity

Abbreviation made of 1st letters of other words

With a leg on each side of a horse

Chocolate ganache treat named like a fungus

Upset, worry, torment

Pushing roughly

Debbie Harry’s Atomic band

Series of three things, such as novels

Sportsperson on rings, beam, floor and vault

Sea that stretches from Somalia to India

Meet, gather

Struck by love

Group 370

Puzzle 1

Greek goddess, she is connected with retribution

Potato pasta

French grotto where Bernadette saw the Virgin Mary

Road with no way out

Both a moon of Saturn and type of caribbean music

The study of sacred buildings

Relating to the sense of touch

Hitchcock dizzying film with Stewart and Novak

Large, winged scavenger

Extreme confidence, with great style and flair

Flaming garden feature for toasting marshmallows

Make something clear, define it

Symbol for categorizing messages on social media

Puzzle 2

Malaysian shoe designer based in the UK

Element with the chemical symbol Pu

Lasting indefinitely

Sending goods abroad for business

Person who uses a tannoy to provide information

Imaging technology developed by Godfrey Hounsfield

Somebody who is made to take the blame

Seating for toddlers

Oval course for horses

Spreadable fruit

Hilly region at the base of a mountain

Waiting place between Heaven and Hell

Marvin Gaye heard it through this vegetation

Italian Renaissance sculptor of Zuccone

Medical analysis of red bodily fluid

Seaport and second largest city in Madagascar

Marvel supervillain team, often versus the Hulk

Puzzle 3

__ latte; low fat, lower calorie hot drink option

Loses consciousness

Sacred serpent on an Ancient Egyptian headdress


Performing in a play

Spanish word for rain

Short haircut named after Roman emperor Julius

This author introduced Mr. Darcy to the world

Italy’s third largest city after Rome and Milan

Serve as evidence of

Puzzle 4

Italian opera singer, one of the Three Tenors

Spanish word for the numeral 16

Can be used to kill cancerous cells

Identifying item worn at festivals

Victorian mechanics as fashion

Delicate, touchy, easily offended

A slope for boarders to do tricks

Providing, supplying

Group representative

Defiantly, with conviction

Puzzle 5

Place to sleep in tents

Savory Australian spread made with brewers yeast

Peppa and George’s father in kids’ cartoon series

Defeated general in the Second Punic War

One who has won an event at the Olympics

3D image formed by light beams from a laser

Chronic condition of too much sugar in the blood

Female performer in a musical or stage recital

Vehicles in the Netherlands outnumbering cars

Convince, encourage, impel

Cloudy day

Party game with a mouthpiece making talking hard

Wrote Murder on the Orient Express

Largest lake on the Peru-Bolivia border

Get a tan while outside

He became France’s First Consul in 1799

Group 371

Puzzle 1

Humility, lack of pretension

Street musicians

Baseball strike that gets batter around the bases

Military hairstyle, short back and sides

A self-contradictory statement

Calendar which designates each year with an animal

Small glazed ceramic container for cooking

Asian city called the Venice of the East

Flour tortilla stuffed with fillings

The exchange of money for goods or services

Car with a solid roof

The Chiron is one of their most expensive models

Slang for abs that are well defined


Commissioner Gordon’s crime-fighting daughter

Nauseous, sickly, queasy

Filmed material for a tv show, for example

Morally offensive

Siblings Without __, book by Faber and Mazlish

Puzzle 2

Tall shoes from the 1970s

Shrubby rose also called sweetbriar

Make an exact copy

Another word for the rising sign in astrology


He mixes cocktails and sells drinks

Nationality of “Mi Gente” singer J. Balvin

Philip II of Macedon’s successor: __ the Great

Flexible, able to adjust to new situations

Paper currency

Required by law or moral duty

Puzzle 3

Woolen knitwear that buttons up the front

Goodbye in French

Barbecued bone, used as a backup

Channel built for water, in the form of a bridge

__ Kingdom, Nintendo place ruled by Princess Peach

Buried in a vault

Anatomical term for the lower jaw

These animals fight with their long necks

Exit point from a house to a garden

Unaccompanied musicians


Marble building in Agra, India

Puzzle 4

Practical, level-headed, shrewd, wise

Place to build furniture, learn a trade, etc.

With an impressive, grand appearance

Walking with loud, heavy steps

Elder daughter of Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier

Jumping rope

Country whose capital is Bratislava

Rum and fruit juice cocktail, often strawberry __

White mass seen around a mountain’s peak

Relating to the fall season

Typed words along the bottom of a TV screen

Puzzle 5

Carrie __ played Princess Leia

Rendered empty or invalid

Small wave in the water’s surface

Dry red wine grape originating from Bordeaux

Auction participant

Simon the __, also called Simon the Canaanite

Recently, not long ago

Something with a depressing effect

Exercises for thighs, bending as if sitting

Rough and harsh, such as a grade of sandpaper

Studious schoolgirl with a crush on Charlie Brown

Circus jokers

Element of fear for globophobics

Portuguese capital and cultural heart

Metal fasteners such as on bags or jewelry

Group 372

Puzzle 1

Open-topped two-seater car

Early spring flower the English call the Lent lily

Graffiti artist’s paint dispenser

Writ to attend the court

Staunch supporter of a cause or party

Trashy news newspapers

South-African actress __ Theron

The surrounding area


Walking aids, sticks placed under arms

Machine that adds shine to floors

Spinal column

Spent recklessly and compulsively

Say in a different way

Puzzle 2

Empire Polo Club’s annual music extravaganza

Criminal, delinquent

Retro cocktail, Brandy __

Sunny flowers come in French and African varieties

Taking accurate land measurements

To begin legal proceedings against someone

To be obvious is to stick out like a __


Group of four related literary or operatic works

Century when Shakespeare was born

Puzzle 3

Remove from office forcefully

Caramel-colored liqueur made from distilled wine

A mobile phone that can’t be traced

Individual drawings in a comic strip

Receptacle used by patients on hospital wards

The principle of cosmic order in Hinduism

Literary work that uses irony, wit and sarcasm

Large groups of flying insects

Informal, nonchalant, relaxed

Worker who attends to a system of ropes on a ship

Less rapid, not as fast

Anglo-Saxon king with power to turn the tide

Puzzle 4

The side of a coin that has the principal design

Pumbaa from The Lion King is one of these

Undermine the power of an institution

Criticism aimed at an easy target

Passes on germs

Standoff, deadlock

Softly sung to entice sleep

Cotton cloth, typically with a checkered pattern

A minor deity

British manufacturer of the F1LM racing car

Pair of related artistic works such as films

Perceivable by sight

Three of these and the batter is out

Array of eyeshadow colors or an artist’s paints

City in which the Titanic was built

Silvery-white transition metal, atomic number 77

Gifting money in return for an illegal favor

Doesn’t take sides

Chopped off

Puzzle 5

Social media website with co-founder Zuckerberg

Do these to target the abdominal muscles

Spanish spelling of largest Balearic island

Logo or initials, added to shirts and hankies

Blaze surrounded by tents

Simple hanging cloth beds

Result of dividing one quantity by another

Christina __, Madonna kissed her on stage

One who travels to work

The name of The Jungle Book black panther

Group 373

Puzzle 1

The way text is set on a page before publishing

Unauthorized use or reproduction of another’s work

Something __ This Way Comes, by Bradbury

Ground spice used in some autumnal desserts

Person in front

Short sleep

Third most populous city in South Africa

__ bra, supportive garment for physical exercise

Red gemstones

Someone worth hanging on to

Perfect, unblemished

Bacon from Italy

A croissant gets its name from this shape

Explanatory information at the bottom of a page

Open mesh stockings

Wildebeest do this panicked rush during migration

Riddled with, overrun with

Fashionable phrase

Guessing game, where clues are acted out

Puzzle 3

Bringing goods into a country

Professional oddsmaker and bet taker

Practical and sensible

Of Mice and Men author

Red Italian leafy vegetable

Laugh lines around the eyes

Space rock that gets through Earth’s atmosphere

Time of year to witness mass wildebeest migration

First name of King Henry VIII’s first wife

Release of strong emotions

Surpasses, eclipses

Puzzle 4

Body that examines evidence before going to trial

1995 gunslinger film starring Antonio Banderas

Group of individuals who promote a common interest

Ancient Egyptian pharaoh succeeded by Thutmose I

Remote areas of trees far from civilization

Process of forcing someone to leave a place

Garden plot devoted to blooms

One who examines for quality, or works in police

Recluse, loner, shrinking violet

Being the property of

Vacation after the wedding

Puzzle 5

Sonic the Hedgehog and Knuckles the __

Strength of sunburn-producing radiation

Forcefully departed from a crashing plane

The Game Plan stars Dwayne “The Rock” __

Harsh criticism

Usually black, brush this onto lashes

A tooth meant for cutting, humans have four

Gather disparate items to form a list or archive

Evergreen trees don’t have leaves, but these

Algeria’s busiest port city

Highly prized red spice, turns risotto yellow

Mountain sport transport

Study of how organisms relate to their environment

London designer of leather goods

Group 374

Puzzle 1

Signs of a malady

Scottish woodwind instrument with reeds

Country where the national animal is the unicorn

Jean Paul __, haute couture fashion designer

Legal notice to leave a dwelling

Dry, barren terrain with canyons and ravines


Calm and undisturbed, peaceful

Italian tomato sauce with herbs and spices

Compensated an employee with too much money

Lock on a door that doesn’t use a spring

A four-line stanza in poetry

Set of six works, like Mission Impossible films


Thin sheets of precious metal used for gilding

Puzzle 2

Fraction whose denominator is a power of ten

Israel’s financial center, with many skyscrapers

Livestock, not plants

German maker of 911, Boxster, and Carrera

Princess Diana’s maiden name

Headstrong, difficult to control

Flemish painter gave his name to a type of beard

Actress __ Dietrich

Professional who measures and manages risk

Dull, bland, wishy-washy

Tufty hair growing in the wrong direction

Object kept as a reminder or souvenir

Storage for cigars

Puzzle 3

Who can take a sunrise, sprinkle it with dew

Like an unmoving ship

Advice given to help solve a problem

Largest French wine region, on the Garonne river

Element with the chemical symbol Ti

Smashing, breaking with a huge ball

Almost too late, long overdue

Sold, advertised

Cartilage between the surfaces of some joints

Country where Kilimanjaro Park is located

Chart showing days, weeks, months

Illegal scribblings or paintings on public walls

Braid that looks like an aquatic animal

Puzzle 4

Awards won

Hollywood actress, won an Oscar for La La Land


Transmitting music in a continuous flow

Small figurine

Makes a lepidopterophobe’s heart flutter

Hidden openings

Material that is resistant to fire

Active at night time

Breakfast patty of shredded potato

Short-lived, ephemeral, on the move

Putting money into a project or financial scheme

Embalmed and wrapped in cloth

Century when Christopher Columbus was born

Gangrenous reaction to extreme cold

Lying down in a chair

Puzzle 5

Capital of Cuba

Chemically treated hair set in a wave or straight

Discuss something with someone

Austin __, groovy 60s spy played by Mike Myers


Rough wooden storage containers

Sun god in Ancient Egyptian mythology

Chicken in French

Mind-bending word problem

Grimaces in pain

Robert Ludlum’s Jason __ series

Group 375

Puzzle 1

Mark __, Hulk and Bruce Banner

Covered with wool, like a sheep

Randomly and rapidly search through something

Mistake caught on camera

Contacted over the airwaves

Water ceremony for church initiation

Connected system, e.g. a company’s computers

Shoes with hole patterns at the front

Dutch painter of Girl With a Pearl Earring

Make ready for

__ imaging system, infrared device for detection

Rich Italian cheese made with mozzarella and cream

Puzzle 2

Skater’s semicircle

Traveling broadcast or musical entertainment

Han Dynasty trade route for luxury goods

Arm ornament worn around the wrist

Danger-loving actor’s replacement

Restaurants and cafes

Tapered, decreased in width

Base unit of mass in International System of Units

Underground story of a building, like a cellar

Final, unavoidable confrontation

Acclaimed musical featuring ABBA’s music

Playing music unplugged

Second largest city in Indonesia

Puzzle 3

High-end maker of the Flying Spur car

Find a solution, settle an argument

N Italian city, famous for a pasta sauce

Leather fringe adornments on loafers

Religious campaign

Inverted V-shaped line on a uniform, shows rank

A double-bladed paddler

Arising from a common origin

Country whose capital is Abuja

Authored Great Expectations and Oliver Twist

Drawing guessing game with gruesome ending

__ leopard, blotchy wild cat from SE Asia

Warrior goddess of healing in Egyptian mythology

Allow room for someone to pass, move aside

Puzzle 4

Operated by air or gas under pressure

Yellow character from the Transformers franchise

Disease of the liver

Pleasant to taste

Elvis’s daughter

Stopped from happening

Expert in building design

Point out faults in a disapproving way

Open summer footwear, known as thongs in Australia

Nintendo interactive tennis, golf and boxing games

The __ Rabbit by Margery Williams

City with Germany’s largest and busiest airport


King’s clown that preys on children

Puzzle 5

Americans call them bangs, Brits call it a __

Not whole or functional anymore, faulty

Ancient Gaelic festival marking start of spring

Mass of space “cloud” gasses, such as the Crab __

Electronic messages sent via the internet

Slightly annoyed

Detective Sherlock __

A true principle or belief

Support, ratify

Rock __, 60s movie star, played opposite Doris Day

Santa Cruz del__, densely populated Colombian isle

__ acquisition, a recruiter

Playground toy of a plank with a pivot

Beetle central to Ancient Egyptian mythology

Sandwich company with elongated offerings

Group 376

Puzzle 1

Person who funds government

Offensiveness, repulsiveness

Prediction or forecast of future happenings

Garfield’s hopeless owner, Jon __

Least light

US founding father with musical based on his life

Maintains a vehicle

Phytonutrient that gives tomatoes their red color

Management of a museum or gallery collection

Norman __, US painter of Four Freedoms

Rich, wealthy

Made an excited sound, like a pig

Hall for slain warriors in Norse mythology

Puzzle 2

What the M stands for in BMW car company

Make someone lose courage

Math that uses letters

Professionals in horse racing, riders

Tactile writing system used by visually impaired

Legally, it means “guilty mind”, from Latin

Shakespearean play known as the “Scottish Play”

Stumble over words

Lamented a death

Deliberately messy hair, as if just woken up

Figures that represent players in videogames

Go off on a tangent

Muscle located at the top of the shoulder

Making up for a bad deed, religiously

Leaves, goes

Optical illusions seen on hot roads

Puzzle 3

Easy to control, placid

__ voyage, a ship’s first trip, think Titanic

City where John F. Kennedy was assassinated


Egyptian god of the dead had a head of this animal

Fragile, easily damaged

Sweet red-brown bean used in vegetarian dishes

Japanese car company, makes Corolla & Camry models

Approach with aggression

Open a flag or sail

Capable of moving

The second of Prince William’s four names

Region of Italy containing the province of Palermo

Mario’s archenemy in Super Mario

Prize for winning a sporting event

__ balcony, named after a Shakespeare heroine

Puzzle 4

Where the locks frame the face around the forehead

Long-haired fairy tale princess locked in a tower

Explosive sticks for demolition

Loyalty rewards for frequent flyers

Grouping like geese

Green, anise-flavored spirit

Burt __, who starred in Deliverance

Way in, doorway

Attractive, tempting

Monthly house payment to bank

1983 Bond film Never __ __ Again

The __ Zone, long-running supernatural TV series

Animal whose bite can transmit dengue fever

Only tepid, or not showing any enthusiasm

Puzzle 5

Relating to the preparation of material to publish

Strangely, uncommonly

Elvis’ house

She transformed Pinocchio into a real boy

Sign on paper money only visible under light

Emergency hospital vehicle

English band had albums OK Computer and The Bends

Conceited and knowing person, cocky and arrogant

Someone who is scared of feet

Country where the Tanami Desert is located

Treating serious issues with inappropriate humour

Number check of people present

Study of the origin & development of the universe

A traveler, but not the vehicle’s driver

Group 377

Puzzle 1

Hordes of people

Acronym for the US first lady

Confirmed, endorsed

Loops in ropes tied with a knot used by hangmen

Body of water separated from the sea by a reef

Vessel for pouring stewed hot drink

Secure, fasten with planks of wood or metal

Banish out of a country

Have significance

Puzzle 2

Political undoing and descent

China’s largest city

Changing over time

Person who lives in a building

Vista, an all-around view

Shoes that extend over the wearer’s ankle

Jennifer __, played Katniss Everdeen

Another name for table tennis

Light ramekin dishes made with egg whites

Creator of expensive fashion

Red, sore, infected

Early jewelry pieces used to hold cloaks closed

Dark skin patches caused by UV exposure

Singer famous for Poker Face and Born This Way

Bits of strewn paper for celebrations

Puzzle 3

First European to reach Kilimanjaro summit

Nearly, almost

Cues, sticks, balls, and a table

Disappearing without a trace

Free from blame

Dustin Hoffman drives this brand in The Graduate

Eighth and last leader of the Soviet Union

Best place on a route to stop and take photos

Counselor, psychoanalyst, psychiatrist

Lacking any obvious principle of organization

Occurring every six years

Club __, Wham No.1 record with crickets intro

Holiday when people sing carols

Keratin covering on the first digit of a hand

Basic print device that uses ink to create images

John Wayne’s headwear

Unused parts of meals, reheated the following day

Puzzle 4

To damage and destroy beyond repair

Thin bars that keep an avian in captivity

Comic verse composed in irregular rhythm

Greek battle with runner Pheidippides

Position behind the driver

Money off an item

Someone who spends winters in warmer climates

Took part in an athletic event

African nation with the Serengeti National Park

Capital city of Malta


Hair raised high, Marie-Antoinette style

In the UK the game is called draughts, in the US _

Puzzle 5

Dead Poets __

Testosterone is one of these

Energetic and vital

Physical training based on military obstacles

Japanese city, venue of the 1972 Winter Olympics

Sold objects via numbered tickets in a draw

Patio for tanning

Get better from illness

The only female judge in the Book of Judges

Crimes against the king or queen

__ Stone, decoding tablet found by Napoleon’s army

Wood-eating insect

Sea of the Philippines, also called Sulawesi

“Hope __ eternal”

Runs, oversees

Group 378

Puzzle 1

Cooked in simmering water, eggs for example

Study of living organisms

Dr. Jones’s nickname, maybe an ophidiophobe

A business or a firm

Removed impurities

Royal house of Queen Elizabeth II

Hasbro game with a whipped cream surprise

Holes in shoes through which laces are passed

Of the color of green, lush grass

The nicer police officer in an interrogation

Aggressive regional, independent military commander

Letters of a word rearranged to form another

Department of imported goods, at an airport

__ vane, for breezy predictions

The Fairy Queen in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”

Puzzle 2

Required, necessary

Where you plug electrical devices in

An official count of a population

A swelling of the thyroid gland

Six-stringed musical instrument

Whole-page illustrations printed separately

African country, home to Volcanoes National Park

Testing process or rehearsal

Root often served alongside sushi

Men’s hair stylist

Second largest Greek island, after Crete

Patrick __, Dirty Dancing Hollywood actor

To build a piece of art from stone or clay

When people receive their wages

Particles shed from hair or feathers of animals

Made amends or reparations

Puzzle 3

Big semi-aquatic snake found in South America

Decade when Madonna came to prominence

Metallic resounding of bells

The most rapid, quickest

Redford and Newman 1920s betting caper

Refused to see or care for any longer

Kidnapper, captor

Cramped, restricted

Puzzle 4

Frame enabling goods to be carried on top of a car

Wading in shallow water

Road for leaving a highway

Westernmost country in continental Europe

Northwest Pacific tropical storms

Naming word substitutes, e.g. I, we, he, she

Whoopi __, comedian, actress, star of Sister Act

The less-medical term for alopecia

Three precious stones on Meghan’s engagement ring

Male who is an expert shot

Form of marriage with multiple spouses

Hard Italian cheese for grating on pasta

Beauty is only __

Absolved of a crime

Airship named after a German Count

Worked soap into bubbles

Advance tactical strategy for a sports match

Puzzle 5

Younger sister of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

Short visit or trip to a tourist attraction

City that’s world famous for its Irish crystal

Annoys, irks

Money given to children for completing chores

Prime Minister who replaced Neville Chamberlain

Saxon king Edward the __, succeeded Harthacnut

Rose rapidly or grew dramatically in size

Unconscious desire for one’s own fatality

Unwilling, hesitant

Audience member

Group 379

Puzzle 1

Microsoft’s electronic encyclopedia

Person in charge of lighting crew on a film set

Graduated hair, from long to short

Seasonal wind that brings weather changes

The mother of all those 101 Dalmatians

Inflicts, forces

Second largest city in Ukraine

Distorting, bending, deforming

Semi-frozen dessert of sugar, water & fruit flavor

Sport played on a court with curved wicker basket

Gloria __, singer with the Miami Sound Machine

Gift __, a coupon for a shop, preloaded with cash

Clean the outside of a vehicle

Soothing, oily stick for chapped mouth

Greek epic poem by Homer

National park with the tallest trees on Earth

Branch of tech that deals with moving machines

Remain in place, don’t move, stay put

White sauce of cheese and milk, in French cuisine

Famous ancient Roman temple, now a Catholic church

Person highly skilled in music

Strong urges for food, especially during pregnancy

Smallest country by area in South America

Witch’s pot

Safety restraint for car drivers and passengers

Redirects mail to a new address

Silver animal guardian spell from Harry Potter

Make less severe or painful

Macabre, gruesome, grotesque

Poem in which the letters in each line form a word

Great wealth

Arm protection for skateboarders

Puzzle 3

A blacksmith’s workplace

Statement ender

This sea witch stole Ariel’s voice

Layer that forms on copper over time

Double burger with cheese from McDonald’s

Compelling, pleading

Tie, e.g. secure an animal with a rope

This animal’s foot is said to bring good luck

To come into view

Ran steadily for exercise

Decreasing in power

Casual, loose-fitting trousers

__ shake or Albee, dance craze and meme

An emasculated man

Puzzle 4

Raise this to surrender

Damage to metal from exposure to air and water

Make it up as one goes along, on the spot

Strong wind blowing loose sand over deserts

Quality of being serious and dignified

Also known as halitosis

Event watcher

Story written about someone’s life

Barbra __, singer-actress of Evergreen and Yentl

Someone who is scared of traveling by plane

Thrilled, delighted, extremely happy

Feathered headdress of Egyptian gods

Puzzle 5

US missile named after an Algonquin axe

Organized collection of information on a computer

Card game with a board and pegs for adding parts

Deliriously happy

Almond meal confection often found in desserts

Nike’s slogan

Spanish word for aggressive masculine pride

Document relating to a legal investigation

Refined, classy, cultured

Hawaii’s capital

Traditional sayings that pass on wisdom

Musical avian

Group 380

Puzzle 1

Human joints between foot and leg

Evil spirits

Person who fuses metal together by heating

Bends, curves

Monkey that is named after the loud noise it makes

Van made for sleeping in

Outback, Forester, Impreza car model maker

Chemical element with the lowest melting point

“Still __ run deep”

Nestle closely together

To act disloyally

An angry look, scowl

__ and Scully, the protagonists of The X-Files

Puzzle 2

Opposite end of the scale to the maximum

Cut-out for painting images on walls

Attempting to fix or patch up

Expensive red spice derived from flowers

Filling a travel bag

High flat area

Golfing spectators surrounding a green

Black-spotted __ is a species of stingray

Include something or someone in an act

Town of Lazarus, where he was raised from the dead

Leading someone

Avoiding capture

Reduced in value

In a sleeping state, hibernating

Elf protagonist in Lord of the Rings

Italian luxury sports car manufacturer

Young genius with exceptional skills

This Monopoly token speeds around the board

Usually the lead singer

Where homeless canines stay

Cowboys working at home

Less sugary, green banana from the Caribbean

Selina Kyle is this superhero’s real name

Greatly reducing, e.g. prices

Facilitates bowel movement

Relating to the structure of the earth’s crust

Great deals

Able to be endured

Boxing blow that starts low to hit the chin

Small grains or particles, e.g. coffee

Someone sharing the same moniker

Raised area for giving speeches

Popeye’s girlfriend

Felons, criminals

Femme fatale

Puzzle 4

Variety, especially among different peoples

Popular 90s store to connect to the Internet

Informing, formally advising

Laws concerned with the punishment of crime

Single shot of espresso with a dash of foamy milk

__ Aguilera, Genie in a Bottle singer

Became rigid

Close fighting technique used to gain advantage

Circumstance, position

Where the ocean and sea meet

The movement of people from place to another

__ Mountain, Ang Lee film about cowboys

Karl __, designer noted for shocking white hair

You buy these in gift shops to remember your trip

Get back on good terms

Change gears from 4 to 3

Special events, e.g. birthdays, anniversaries

Performer’s rest area during a concert or play

Puzzle 5

Continental __, Philadelphia meeting of 1774

Raise a barbell from the ground to hips

Jewelry worn on the throat

Guarding from the side

Gas that makes up around 74 percent of the Sun

Owing money or gratitude to someone

Dashboard compartment for valuables

Upholstered seat with limb support

Someone who writes song words for a living

Prize money, spoils

Pain at the top of the body

Prediction of upcoming weather


Probably the Genghis Khan’s burial place

Smoked dried hot chili pepper

The Lantern __ marks the end of Chinese New Year

Connective tissue holding joints together