Medieval Times

Group 221

Puzzle 1

To pamper

Color made with red and blue

1984 and Big Brother creator

Lead singer of Pearl Jam

To disprove a theory or belief

Sugar, almond milk and orange cordial

If in time, it saves nine

__ Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi cricket grounds

Theory of Evolution

It means “parents” in Spanish

Religious, ceremonial sword of ancient India

Puzzle 2

Indian mausoleum that’s one of the new Seven Wonders

Affixed, enclosed, added

Mixture of kamacite and taenite, “filling”

Author of “Candide”

Investigative reporter who brought Nixon down

Yellow bulbous spring flower

World’s most popular language

An egg’s least favorite golfing format

Cross-country runners

A basin with running water and drainpipe

Puzzle 3

Chemical administered to elicit a confession

Towelling sports accessory to absorb perspiration

Military belt and strap named after a commander

German author of Thus Spoke Zarathustra

Tsunami, seismic sea movement following earthquake

Ballet thriller movie starring Portman, Kunis

Epic Babylonian poem about a tyrannical king

Leading actor in Scott of the Antarctic

Folk music entertainment in a countryside building

Curved embellishments in handwritten letters

Cocktail of whisky and Drambuie, not used in d-i-y

Costa __, cruise ship that capsized off Tuscany

Deltiology is the collection of these items

Puzzle 4

Handbag designed to be carried in one hand

Singing or talking the same thing at the same time

Historically, a diplomat lower than an ambassador

The __ of Christ, Caravaggio painting

__ Brothers, US entertainment company

Russian leader at the 1945 Yalta Conference

Open and sincere, frank and honest

Surgeon’s uniform

__ Leone, African country

Middle Eastern flatbread, laffa

King of Spain, brother of Napoleon

A mythical reptile with wings, slain by knights

Construction of an item, act of creating something

Puzzle 5

Prominent historical Germanic state

Kylie __, petite Australian diva

Captain __ first appeared in 1941

Curious, mask-wearing mammal native to the US

Deceased Blues Brother, comedian brother

Cuban brand, famous white rum

Pasta with filling inside

Name of God in the Bible, also a witness

Desiderius __, Dutch humanist philosopher

Group 222

Puzzle 1

Roberta __, first neurologist in space

Not a lot

Bela __, best known actor for portraying Dracula

Periodic payment not based on hours worked


Active fighting during the course of a war

Someone people follow

Pablo __, Spanish cellist and conductor

Serpentine creature of reptilian traits

Indian leavened bread made with maida

Puzzle 2


King turned royal sage in Hindu tradition

Code of conduct associated with knighthood

Greek god of death, Hypnos’ twin

Very affectionate parrot

Italian goalkeeper, won World Cup 1982 at age 40

Female antihero with feline traits

Eating small amounts of food throughout the day

French candy, smooth yellow paste of candied fruit

Going after or in the tracks of another

Shiny silver metal used in plating

Puzzle 3

Baker’s ammonia, leveling agent

River of Myanmar, Mandalay lies on its banks

Russian composer of “Peter and the Wolf”

Artificial sweetener

Inflammation of stomach’s lining

Fan that converts rotational motion into thrust

Reference point

Evander __, “Real Deal” heavyweight boxer

Vital link between cerebellum and spinal cord

Carving a piece of wood by shaving it down

City on the river Pegnitz, state of Bavaria

__ Dumas, wrote The Count of Monte Cristo

French artist Auguste Rodin’s specialty

Plato’s most famous student

Method, process

To begin to grow, to sprout

Places where photographs are developed

The Age of __, Scorsese’s 19th century love story

Large, thick-skinned animal such as an elephant

Puzzle 4

La __, Puccini opera about Rodolfo and Mimi

Tent-loving person

Darwin’s famous ship

Capital of Iran

It means “Domingo” in Spanish

Polish author, Heart of Darkness

The neck of the uterus

Academia, university, faculty

Will magically make you fall in love

Your sibling’s little boy

Doomed allied raid of 1942 on this French seaport

You have been warned when you see it

Puzzle 5

Physician who performs medical operations

Indian leader of nonviolent civil disobedience

Rumble, bang


To agree

Very small headphones

Such a personal important thing

Originally, twisted German bread, now salted snack

This person doesn’t ride a horse

Masses of tissue in the throat, often removed

Perennial flowering plant, 1,795 different species

Short heavy curved sword used by pirates

Black __, world-renown English rock band

Southeast European, Western Asian language

Film in which actor Hoffman plays an autistic genius

Neither something nor everything

Considered founder of Beatnik movement

Group 223

Puzzle 1

Speed __ is solving Rubik’s cubes really fast

Times __, US popular intersection

Old bearded man, 1967 cartoon, what is inside

The __ tuna can grow to 400 lbs

Humans have five, including touch and taste

Compos __, of sound mind, sane

Colored wax stick for drawing

Metal compound used as a diamond substitute

Ship’s steering mechanism

Ignatius of __, Spanish priest founded the Jesuits

__ Jean; MJ’s “The kid is not my son” mega hit

Irony understood by the audience only

Thin, crisp crackers

Puzzle 2

Woman in Norse mythology linked to deaths in battle

__ Pankhurst, suffragette matriarch

Joshua __, president of the Royal Academy of Arts

A dish designed to hold a cleansing bar

The Curious Case of __ Button, film with Brad Pitt

Type of medicine used to establish cause of death

Upper case letters on a keyboard

French brandy made from apples

Estadio Gigante de __, Rosario, Argentina

True heir of the iron throne in Game of Thrones

The text for an opera

Radically curved Persian sword

East Asian mushroom

Santa Maria __, basilica on Rome’s Esquiline hill

Puzzle 3

Giuseppe __, Italian director of Cinema Paradiso

HTML: __ Markup Language

Usual way a person lives

One who makes alcoholic drinks for money

Greek cycladic volcanic island also known as Thira

It means “snails” in French

Seafarer made three attempts on the N-W Passage

Common name for digitalis flower spears

Disciple of Jesus, also identified as Bartholomew

Scientific study of mosses

1830s Boer exodus from Cape Colony

Puzzle 4

Antiquated term for a farmer owning his own land

Ships of the desert, with humps

__ Horde, Batu Khan’s 13th-century Mongol khanate

Palm tree fiber used for weaving baskets and mats

Direction in which Muslims face to pray

Mixed with type of heavy metal, eg. __ gasoline

Ordinary, unceremonious

Lake venue for 1980 Winter Olympics in the US

__ Prynne, she wore a Scarlet Letter

Danny __ played Louie De Palma in Taxi

Diamond plaids

It holds the archer’s arrows

Rosh Hashanha dessert aka Jewish honey cake

The Mark of Zorro swashbuckler actor, __ Power

Late 1800 US age of social inequality

Tissue that bulges through a body cavity wall

__ Sandberg, Facebook COO

__ Sore, painful, mouth ulcers

Puzzle 5

__ Ceausescu, leader executed on Christmas Day

Tortilla folded around a filling

Queen of France who married the King of England

Traditional candelabra for the holiday of Chanukah

Division of content within a book

Nationality of the music producer known as Zedd

A person who repairs or rents nautical vessels

__ Villeneuve, won the F1 title in 1997

Kerchief, napkin made of cloth

Hotel rating at lower end of scale

The Three Caballeros is a Disney __ buddy film

Group 224

Puzzle 1

Chinese communist revolutionary, Chairman Mao

Organ where humans develop

Processed wood used to build homes

Actress and singer from 1950s named Marilyn

Historically, indigenous people of South Asia

To stagger, wobble; to sway

Longest river in the European Union

__ moray eels are the largest in their species

Very well known by everyone

This traveler called Gulliver has a first name

Disposable handkerchief

Puzzle 2

White bird, yellow or orange crown, very outgoing

Being emotionally dependent on someone

Table tennis

Bratislava is the capital of __

Basic cocktail of rum citrus juice and sugar

Japanese celebration of plants on 4 May

Modus __, method, way of doing something

Scholarly, relating to studying

The mapping partner of longitude

Any form of pleasure is a sin to them

Worldwide known boxer movie star

Puzzle 3

Cold-blooded animal

They power your devices

Person who cares for your animal when you’re away

Group of assets, stocks, bonds or cash

Time following the middle of the day

Ardency, fervency, emotion

The state of having lost the esteem of others

Quilted trouser with shoulder straps, for skiers

Hit song by Tina Turner

There is no artistry or ideals in this statement

Thick smooth tissue at the end of bones

Very small pieces

Ejections of molten rock from a volcano

Equestrian footwear

Period before a mother gives birth

British ocean liner sunk in World War I

Dark green nutty legume from French volcanic soil

Claudia __, beautiful Italian actress from 1950s

Puzzle 4

Sword blocker

You can have many up your sleeve

Prize fighters

Paul __, US actor, won oscar for The Color of Money

Extreme fear

Thigh supported hi-tech device

Grammar says it can be restrictive or not

Oblast, city and river in south-west Russia

The second softest rock in nature

Skimmed milk, bacterium probiotic dairy drink

French Resistance leader; Paris airport, de __

Performed in beauty salons and spas


Puzzle 5

Mythical hybrid, a cross between a lion and eagle

You need one to insert your door opener

Swedish astronomer invented centigrade thermometer

This Ninja turtle doesn’t paint in the Renaissance

Muslim military-political leader of the Crusades

Marksman, sniper, gunner

Illegal to buy in Mississippi from 1907 to 1966

Yellow part of shelled food

The opposite of vituperation

The Last __, British-Italian epic film about Puyi

Enzootic means endemic to __

Group 225

Puzzle 1


Music term for very fast tempo

In architecture, a supporting stone bracket

Corpulent and pig-tailed friend of Asterix

General defended Moscow and Stalingrad in WWII

Pictures usually look better this way

Eastern European Jewish preacher

__ acid, found in vinegar, used as solvent

Utensil to remove stone inside

Anne __, second wife of King Henry VIII

Who __ Roger Rabbit, 1988 live action film

Golf club for green work

Capital city of Russian republic of Khakassia

Puzzle 2

Not yet a suspect, person of __

Featuring glamour and vitality

Tropical fruits with white flesh and hard shell

Japanese arcade game, similar to pinball

Accelerating accumulation of weapons

Largest saltwater lake in the world

Opposite exit to front entrance

Collection of schemas, tables, queries, reports

Superstate in Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four

Buddhism, Judaism, Hinduism, Islam, Christianity

Formidable late French general

Very fast sombrero-wearing mouse, Speedy __

Titanic’s male star

Storage container for a vehicle’s petrol or gas


Salty liquid dressing used in Chinese foods

Puzzle 3

Bad words

Russian triangular plucked string instrument

Versailles treaty demilitarized this German area

Crux __, also known as the Southern Cross

Pedro __, Spanish film director

In F1, an indication that you are disqualified

Idea, purpose, aim, goal, objective, plan

Latvian capital lies on this Baltic body of water

Red pigments found in tomatoes

Cooking just below the boiling point

British car designer of world-famous Mini

Puzzle 4

Another term for pistol or small gun

Title of Ancient Egyptian ruler

Participants in a game

Drug often used for fast muscle development

Baked German flaky pastry with filling

To make louder, larger, stronger, bigger

Pattern of musical sound

Medusa, Euryale and Stheno

Tokyo “Inspire the next” electronics firm

Ancient supercontinent, once called Pangaea

Spiky, egg-laying mammal

Alerting systems

Audrey __, star of Breakfast at Tiffany’s

The practice of accepting a situation as it is

Puzzle 5

Bloody Mary

Pinocchio, 1940 film about a __ puppet


Zinedine __, well-known French footballer

Garden hand tool for planting

Seat of worship of Sumerian god Enil

John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John

Abstract, breviary, summary, conspectus

Its area is calculated by 4 x pi x radius squared

Player of cor anglais or shawm

Female parent

Greatest and most celebrated pharaoh

World __ Day focuses on world sanitation

Giant __ shrimp have vivid colors

Group 226

Puzzle 1

Not solid or gas

Spoken in Kenya and Tanzania

To delay temporarily

Blue flowers painted by Van Gogh

This 80’s band doesn’t kill anyone

Muslim dynasty, ruled in the Levant 1127-1250

Open-top pie with savory custard and cheese

The mountain lion

Soviet human spaceflight program

Back __, fireplace, hot water heater combo

One of an ancient East Germanic tribe

Puzzle 2

No. 1 element on the periodic table

Skate__ involves riding and tricks

Shrubby mint, grayish-green needle-like leaves

An area rich in fuel deposits

It doesn’t hurt

John III __, Polish general and hero of the 17th C

Pope Francis’ predecessor, __ XVI

The Blue ridge coral is the only one that forms a __

It means “estate” or “farm” in Spanish

Advocate for women’s rights and associated movement

Whoopi __, won an Oscar for Ghost

Greeks chiseled the leaf of this plant in stone

Of, in, or relating to the head

Puzzle 3

A square dance for four couples

Michelangelo __, Italian writer of L’Avventura

Sea separates mainland Asia from Japan

To depreciate

Predator fish with a long body and tons of teeth

One who relies on another for support

Turned to stone

Ancient times

Syntactically, not the subject

Location of first Olympics to use electric timers

Norman invasion in 1066, William the __

Puzzle 4

Keeps you warm in the winter

Supported, sponsored

Meryl __, Out of Africa’s star

Capital of the Principality of Asturias, Spain

__ runner, tall upright breed of domestic duck

Scotland’s patron saint

Wu __, only woman to lead a Chinese dynasty

Uranus moon named after the King of the Fairies

Headwear of the Sikhs

Puzzle 5

Used before forks

Favorite social media site of current US president

Line for holding a tent steady

Jan __, Flemish painter from the 15th C

Paul __ Cruises from Tahiti are named after artist

Greek posited a geocentric theory of the universe

Detailing, itemizing, numbering

Strauss was known for composing these

Snake, reptile

The Raging Bull of the boxing ring

Maori people are native to New __

Condition that lasts three or more months

Indian sauce ranges from tomato to mango

Multicolor natural beauty

Group 227

Puzzle 1

Sea separating Italy and Greece

Japanese crossword with numbers instead of letters

Internal parts of the body

__ Grounds, host of Limerick hurling, football

Capital of Greece

Evil goblin who kills travelers in Border folklore

Blue-spotted __fish is long and very thin

Upset and disappointed


Inflatable car safety device

Patrick __, Dirty Dancing’s star

It means “fifth” in Spanish

Iraqi birthplace of Saddam Hussein and Saladin

Black __, dark cake with German origins


Style of hot yoga

Layer between the Earth’s crust and outer core

Puzzle 2

Delicate facial hairs that add expression

First man to go on both North and South Poles

Moralist who rejected the idea of original sin

Scientific study of whales and dolphins

Flying military branch

The French Lieutenant’s Woman, Sarah __

Christian festival celebrated on January 6

Estadio __, Valencia stadium hosted 82 WC matches

Three plus ten plus one

To practice a performance

The Guns of __, Peck part of Allied commando team

Blind Greek prophet who took male and female forms

Manhattan’s Art-Deco famous building

Hair or paper cutter


Huge, colossal

Small-sized newspapers

Cuban cocktail of rum, lime and sugar syrup

Tall, African animals with extra long neck

Punta is the main music of this country

Puzzle 3

Currency in Portugal before the Euro replaced it

Perfumed oil or wax to smooth or sculpt hair

Angela __, Germany’s first woman Chancellor

__ Eaton, record-breaking US decathlete

I beg to __

River running through Amsterdam and a beer brand

School of __, Raphael’s fresco of philosophers

Johannes __, German composer of lullabies

Riddle, mystery

Parts of a bicycle where you put your feet

Arctic explorer who created refugee “passports”

Puzzle 4

Germanic tribe “damaged” Gaul, Spain and Rome

Pants, jeans, skirts

__ Walk, iconic song from Me and My Girl musical

They don’t bite when they find search results

Pierce __, four-time James Bond’s star

Patrice __, South African mining magnate

4th biggest Indian river important for irrigation

Layered pasta

A betrayal like the Benedict Arnold’s one

__ fascia, band of tissue on underside of foot

Locomotives and train tracks

Preparing or making food

Timon’s species that stand on two legs

Puzzle 5

Society where more than one religion is recognized

Community supported agriculture, output portion

To understand the meaning of something

Unable to get up and about

Italian red wine made from Nebbiolo grapes

Military home by the water

Card game with the aim of outdoing other players

Person who digs for precious metal

To temporarily have a joint out of position

Frothy underskirt goes under a dress

Verdi’s opera based on a Victor Hugo play

Cookers patented by James Sharp in 1826

Intentional road obstruction

Bad pollution killed thousands in London in 1952

Meandering, atmospheric air current

US actor who played Batman

Natural magnet, early navigation mineral

Group 228

Puzzle 1

Food cured with fire fumes

Found in the middle of pigs’ faces

Egyptian president nationalized the Suez Canal

WW2 chaff dropped by British planes

Section, division; private or public

Impenetrable tangled mass of tropical vegetation

Person paid to kill people

European capital where Handel made his home

Crop failure in Ireland causing the Great Famine

The porcelain object Duchamp titled “Fountain”

Wolfgang van __, wrote Faust

Fashion designer Coco __

A gun needs at least one

Place that means “Naples” in Italian

Puzzle 2

In poetry a five line stanza

Gelling, thickening agent derived from seaweed

Sea devil

Covered with small pieces of sparkly material

Soldier’s dining room

Anything pertaining to the temple area of the head

John __ sought the NW Passage aboard Erebus

Opening through which light enters a camera

Someone expected to lose a contest or battle

Capital of American Samoa

__ scale, used to measure wind speed

Cyclist’s path

French Impressionist painters who worked outside

Puzzle 3

Type of chemical that kills mites

La __, Italian film by Federico Fellini

Science of putting people to death

Phrase actors use for good luck

Domestic animals, such as goats, pigs and sheep

Winter underwear

The matrilineal name of General Franco

Protector of the stars

One of the four humors in medieval medicine

Othello’s love

Artificial sweetener that Splenda contains

State of slavery or work imposed as punishment

Handel opera and mother of Nero

Deep, glass-fronted display frame

Medical expert in joints and muscles

Puzzle 4

Beethoven’s first name

Chinese premier 1987-1998, followed by Zhu Rongji

Syntactic constituent, single grammatical function

Narinder __, Indian inventor of fiber optics

Latin cocktail of lime, mint and coconut rum

Contusion; abrasion, scratch

Martin, last German to be World No 1 golfer

World __ Day supports action to combat the disease

A primary color

The clones are made on planet __ in Star Wars


__ l’oeil, optical illusion art style

Guru __ Sahib, Sikh holy book

Brother trapped in confectionery house

General __, died during the defense of Khartoum

Puzzle 5

Artist of pictures

Ripped, separated, divided, sundered

Professors, deans, et al.

Short rail track diverts trains off the main line

Shaking caused by cold or a horror movie

Japanese winter squash

Pre-historic, hairy elephant-like creature

Spanish ex no. 1 tennis ace, __ Sanchez Vicario

1999 in Roman numerals

Country where US Casablanca film is located


Rummy card game with two sets of cards

Roman army formation resembling a tortoise

The sort of pot that never boils

Group 229

Puzzle 1

In between front and rear, equal distance

Beaded counting device invented in Ancient Sumeria

Crockery for breakfast food from hens

“Bet your bottom __”, a US currency metaphor

__ series, research into hydrogen atoms

Title character of Scott Fitzgerald’s masterpiece

Siberian river that drains Lake Baikal

Climb this to go higher

Gland that slowly shrinks after puberty

Trademark name for fluoxetine

Poet of Ancient Rome

They propel dolphins

Berber sword of the Kabyles of Algeria

Sport in which Ilie Nastase gained fame

Great __, split in the Catholic Church

The Nutcracker, Swan Lake

__ rays, high energy radiation from space

Single flight leg with no return ticket

Puzzle 2

Used in organic farming, synonym of nitratine

Toy car brand by Mattel

Crinkled pasta shape resembles household heaters

Whirling art movement with bold geometric lines

Wild horned ibex living in Germany’s Alps

Al Pacino becomes the Corleone patriarch

Reed organ worked by foot-pedal bellows

Ruthless, fierce

System of equitable prices paid to producers

__ passage, shipping route passing Arctic Russia

Profession of caring for the teeth

Puzzle 3

Dante’s realm along with Inferno and Purgatory

Nationality of Puccini’s Madam Butterfly

When a storm comes ashore from over the sea

__ Santa Justa, lift in Lisbon inspired by Eiffel

How nuclear blasts are measured

Name by which the Czech language was known

US frontier period in the 19th century

Action planned or taken to achieve a desired result

Basketball play with both feet off the ground

Cucumber-looking vegetable related to pumpkins

Painter who practiced Tachisme, Jean __

Between 13 and 19 years old

Tiny organisms first observed by van Leeuwenhoek

Mindanao’s preferred sword in the Philippines

Puzzle 4

Righteous person in Judaism, Biblical figures

__ Duchamp, French sculptor

To lead an uninteresting life

Male parent

Knob or disk secured to an article of clothing

__ bean, red legume

Former name for Iran

Justus von __, chemist, fertilizer specialist

Chin__, pet rodent a bit like a squirrel

Seat of the Government of the United Kingdom

Scientific study of plants and plant life

__ gallery, criminals’ photo mugshots for IDing

Considered the father of computation

Puzzle 5

Long-handled stewing or frying pan

Buddhist head, “King of Victorious Ones”

Indian invention after 500 AD aka spinning wheel

Sour liquid used to flavor or preserve food

Strip of land, surrounded by water on both sides

__ rex cats only have down hair, not fur

Profit from labor, investment or business

Doctor __ is the most powerful sorcerer

Organ that holds urine from the kidneys

First satellite that Russia launched into space

Group 230

Puzzle 1

Type of felt pen, often permanent

The title of Wilhelm II, German monarch in WWI

Aka groundnut, good for making a butter

Protective domed cover for plants

Berlin district, home to a museum complex

Visible ring of light during eclipses

Hairline bone fracture from repetitive movement

Roger __, Victorian photographer of the Crimea

King Leonidas in The 300, actor __ Butler

Deadly whale

Cosa __, the Sicilian mafia

Puzzle 2

Spicy condiment

The __, TV Show about a ship cruise and its crew

Woman who “got married” in Coppola’s film

Persian thinker, philosopher of Islam Golden Age

In tennis, only one point is needed to win the set

Georgian region, seeking independence

William Herschel’s sister and discoverer of comets

Medium-sized bird with blue plumage

Discipline of forces producing or changing motion

French inventor of the frameless parachute

Formal exposition, dissertation

Les __ Dangereuses, novel on Revolutionary France

Norwegian explorer, the first to the South Pole

Another name for linseed

__ Mira, German actress, Emmi in Fear Eats the Soul

Puzzle 3

Someone who speaks out on behalf of a cause

An underlying layer

Sandra Bullock American football Oscar movie

Real or perceived oscillation of a moon/satellite

Personal driver

To die from being unable to breathe

In mountaineering, descending on fixed ropes

Early Italian rulers who lost control to Romans

A woman’s work is __

Italian volcano bread filled with cheese and herbs

Puppet state created by Japan in Manchuria

In ballet, a tiptoes spinning of the body

Italian term for singing style in music

Puzzle 4

Half robotic, lesser known hero of Justice League

Surname of Doogie played by Neil Patrick Harris

Unassuming first name of Mussorgsky

Greek city-state depicted in the film 300

CIA assassin played by Matt Damon

Item dropped into the water to hold a boat in place

Fifth __, a secret and subversive group in wartime

First brand to develop a smartwatch

Guardian of Qur’an, Madrasah teachers

Torch with extremely flammable gas

Spicy Napa cabbage dish, a Korean cuisine staple

Northernmost Scandinavian country

Puzzle 5

George played Hannibal Smith in The A Team

Small, round shield

Birth name of Genghis Khan

Economic excess

Founding Father reference refers to signature

Small, curved mounting for ancient Japanese sword

The act of going without food, esp. in religions

Swiss inventor of Velcro, George de __

Psychiatrists and psychotherapists

Bruce, the shark, from Jaws and __ Nemo

Ready to give up his kingdom for a horse, __ III

Georgian sauce made from sour cherry plums

Tokay geckos are one of the __ geckos

Figure skating move named after Swedish skater

African wooden xylophone

Japanese art of paper folding

Born in the most populated country in the world

Love makes the world __

Table, chairs for informal dining

To be cautious when doing something

Group 231

Puzzle 1

Lightweight silk twill fabric with print

Central Swiss canton with large lake

Something divided into four pieces, 3/__

Hua __, Mao’s Communist Party vice-chairman

Victor __, the overall winner of school sportsday

Earless artist sold just one work during lifetime

Extra jobs done without extra pay in circus

-snouted, endangered African crocodile species

__ pike is also called yellowfin pike

Smoking this may be hazardous to your health

Fashionably French

Ancient city, center of Hellenistic Judaism

What little Miss Muffet sat on

Getting to __, from Rodgers’ The King and I

Fruit that looks like a very small orange

Puzzle 2

Coin-operated communication

Range with Europe’s highest mountain, Mt Elbrus

__ lobster are blue with purple-red marks

Ceases, concludes, ends, closes

Latin phrase meaning the common people

Modern toilets developed by Sir John Harington

East African lake named after British monarch

Rain protector

Opening night of a show


Larisa __, Russian gymnast with 19 Olympic medals

__ Planet, one of the most expensive Disney movies

Type of rose has the appearance of a pruned tree

Puzzle 3

Unique male in a group

Capable of producing desired results

Leisurely walking

Swindler, deceiver; __ spider Anansi in mythology

The __, 37th Academy Awards winner, cartoon panther

German pioneer of the printing press

German “city railway” tramway system

French cardinal, Louis XIII’s chief minister

Yellow citrus fruits come from a __

Painter’s device for steadying the hand

Office of the cantor in Judaism

Puzzle 4

Father of English literature, Canterbury Tales

Used to give a licorice-like flavoring

The little girl in The Wizard of Oz

System of seats and tow bars used in mountains

Sheets, blankets, pillows

Regulatory body substance, e.g. insulin, cortisol

Batman villian who left clues

Hanna __ German pilot of WW2

To refuse, reject

Overly concerned with his or her own needs

Puzzle 5

Roman god whose name is linked to sleepwalking

French variety of “fire wine”; Cognac

People like this are very successful

Gone to a specific direction or place

Twenty minus nine plus one

Truman __, US writer of Cold Blood

The best-known ancient oracle was found here

Brave New World

Type of volcano with tall, conical peak

Juan __, former king of Spain, Franco’s successor

Type of garden populated with blooms

Dead body, cadaver

__ Nadal, Spanish tennis ace

Group 232

Puzzle 1

The __, movie with Marilyn Monroe and Clark Gable

To ask for something

Gladiator actor with a Beautiful Mind, __ Crowe

Character of a cartoon about inventors brothers

Room separator

The sound of nothing

Birth country of Beethoven

Person whose job is to care for people’s teeth

Nation that was once the Hapsburg Empire

Small, short-handled ax

This nocturnal omnivore wears a black mask

Hard-paste white porcelain from near Dresden

Stomping grounds of FC Barcelona

Eskimos live in igloos, Algonquins in __

Reverend who gave his name to verbal transposition

German-speaking Swiss canton on Lake Constance

Puzzle 2

__ acid, crystals found in wine

More than arguing

Deserted, abandoned

To spend lavishly

Phrase meaning water, biblical origin

The name the Turks gave Constantinople

Pan __, once the world’s largest airline

To secure with a hammer


Everyone should have a kit like this one

One hundred times ten

Ole __, invented the outboard motor

Sent by God to aid Umma, revives every century

Bugle call to wake you up

Puzzle 3

Physicist, proponent of the steady state theory

Food stabilizer from African tree sap

Prepared in advance or precooked, e.g. potatoes

How fast your ticker is beating

Krai and city in western Russia, on Kuban River

Metal finders of hidden treasures

Speaking alone, as in a speech in a play

Rising prices

Last name by birth of Pope Benedict XVI

Fleas, lice and tapeworms are all __

Eastern Roman emperor formed a Roman legal code

__ Meyer, Twilight author’s first name

Microsoft operating system that preceded Vista

__ Empire, dynasty centered on modern-day Germany

Puzzle 4


Carnival doughnut from Central Europe

Los __, site of the WW2 Manhattan Project

French military honor, the Croix de __

Clear understanding of some area or industry

__ of the Field, Poitier won historic Oscar

Humped animals that cross the Sahara

City in western Germany, in Ruhr industrial area

Became publicly known

Large enclosure for birds

Ship carrying oil

Johannes, who composed a famous lullaby

He flew too close to the sun

Italian term for a defending footballer, a sweeper

Powdery sticks used on blackboard or in art

Puzzle 5

Styx ferryman of the Greek Underworld

Central American country with famous canal

Milan newspaper once edited by Mussolini

Indigo has players collect __ from the board

German who worked on the laws of planetary motion

Bipedal primate mammal, homo sapiens

Cute, good looking

Old golf club, equivalent to a 4 or 5 iron

To connect two things together for use

Small, savory fruits also used to make oil

Breathing disease eased by an inhaler

Elton John’s real last name

Dress worn to evening parties or special events

Mother __, Albanian-Indian nun

Group 233

Puzzle 1

Thin metal cord carrying electricity

Chip or Dale

Second longest ruling Soviet leader

Science of ultimate nature of values

Tall towers that form part of mosque architecture

Party cruise line with more than 100 vessels

To constrict or squeeze someone’s neck


Arctic footwear looks like tennis racquet

Side-to-side-dog command

__ Crossing the Alps, David’s famous emperor art

Red fruits used in salads

Playground game aka Octopus tag

18th century naval sword

Puzzle 2

Looking with special attention

Capital of Cayman Islands, __ Town

Equipment for glacier climbers

Don’t water it too much

__ spring, expression for someone ready to react

The name of Hitler’s German shepherd dog

Crocodile __, 80s comedy set in Australia

Brine or vinegar solution to preserve foods

The Greek god of sleep

Member of male congregation “Society of Jesus”

Puzzle 3

Spiritual leader no. 14, won Nobel Peace prize

Growthpoint __Stadium, The Shark Tank


Spiked tool breaks up the surface of a lawn

Warfare strategy of wearing down opponents

To renovate, freshen up

Love interest in The Hunchback of Notre-Dame

Charged particles from the upper layer of the Sun

Information vault

To refine, render noble

French actor in Cyrano de Bergerac and Asterix

Terra __, Latin for land that remains undiscovered

Absorbent clay used in kitty litter

Cacao treat once used as currency

Second US president

Item required for some types of jobs

Romantic opera by Richard Wagner

Puzzle 4

River flowing through several SE Asian countries

Table-tennis bat

In truth, emphasis, confirmation, reality

James __ shared Nobel prize with Crick and Wilkins

Greek god of vegetation and rebirth

Sugar, milk, brandy and an ovum at Christmas

Orchestral wind instruments held to the side

Henri __, founder of the Red Cross

It gives pleasure to the senses, mind or spirit

Line of equal pressure on a weather map

The Blinding of __, Rembrandt painting

Describes fiber that makes linen, and blonde hair

Portions of a company divided among people

Man king of the jungle

Old, superseded software or hardware

Puzzle 5

End-of-the-year Italian sweet bread

Members of the primordial race of giants

Ancient quest to turn base metals into gold

From right to left around the clock

The __ Worker, movie about Helen Keller

Italian jockey with more than 500 wins, Frankie __

Nat King Cole, for one

Associated with a river or stream

Lacking creative skill

Small adjustments were made

Agile, goat-like antelope, known for its leather

No man is __ with his lot

Not specific

Mongol leader __ Khan

Group 234

Puzzle 1

Amusing, soppy love movie adored by the ladies

Louisa May __, wrote Little Women

__heim, this museum has a branch in Bilbao

Investment from overseas

Skiing event over a series of hard mounds


PvP means __ versus __

Nut that’s a seed and same genus as peach

Just one look will turn you into stone

Official currency of Haiti

Puzzle 2

Boer general and twice PM of South Africa

Beethoven’s disability

Agile tree-dwelling rodent with a bushy tail

Religious vessels and vestments are kept in here

Stores your Merlot and Chardonnay

Flight recorder on planes that is actually orange

Noble, 3rd most popular in atmosphere

Raymond __, French president throughout WWI


A type of surgery to remove wrinkles

Hat designer

Cheap Italian bubbly served in lieu of champagne



Wireless, unplugged

Flash memory gadget

Feminist magazine founded by Rosie Boycott et al

With qualities of life

Two pieces of bread with whatever you want inside

Boggy wetland area

Puzzle 3

__ Fawcett, suffragist leader and campaigner

Major Canadian wildfire of 1825

US swimmer, multiple gold medallist

Having to do with taste or flavor

Falling prices

Famous gladiator

Waterproof canvas fabric for tents

Awareness, judgment, knowing

Shakespeare’s tragedy in which Imogen appears

Rubbery circular air chamber

Instrument for predicting weather changes

Scientist who studies living things

Puzzle 4

Rickety old car from a bygone era

__ brain coral can grow up to five meters

Thomas __, author of Le Morte d’Arthur

School of thought developed by Chinese chairman

Britain’s longest river flows through Ironbridge

Sport for which Martina Hingis is famous


To excessively decorate

It is too hard to be used or eaten now

Middle Eastern food spread made from chickpeas


Italian island, origins of Mafia

Skates invented by Belgian Joseph Merlin

Puzzle 5

In Christianity, Jesus cured it

Glutinous, translucent protein

Paper is gone

Known as a musician, poet in Greek mythology

Ancient Egyptian construction

Adolf __, founder of sportswear brand Adidas

Event __, theoretical boundary around a black hole

Fish with greenish black lateral line, US and UK

Soft hail or snow pellets

Samba singer famous for fruit basket on head

Yet undeveloped beings

Currency in use in Argentina from 1985 to 1991

Unique six-limbed legendary creatures

This genre rarely presents real facts

Manchurian people who founded China’s Jin dynasty

Group 235

Puzzle 1

__ Rostova, central character of War and Peace

See-through paper used for drawing copies

It smells sweet

Wrongly taking property for personal gain

This person can’t drop balls, swords or flames

Larvae form of mite that can bite

80’s portable CD player by Sony

Traveling in a boat with the aid of the wind

Leafy plant, patch where kid’s dolls are born

Indian grass root used in men’s perfumery

Hot desert wind from North Africa

Mythical Irish specter portending death

To move forward

Vincent __, artist rumored to have cut ear off

Science dealing with rocks and earth

Stovepipe, rocket-propelled anti-tank weapon

Puzzle 2

__ train, speedy Japanese mode of transport

__ Goolagong, top Aussie tennis player in the 70’s

Julia Child brought __ cuisine to Americans

Joined pair of Afro-Cuban drums hit with hands

Ability to go somewhere, use something

Psychotic villains’ destiny in Gotham City

Magnate, mogul

A lion’s __ is like its fingerprint

French presidential palace


Puzzle 3

Voucher for readers

Active early in the morning

Science of sacred matters

Last supper

Area of Asia including Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia

__ elegance, referring to smart tailoring

Close Encounters of the __, UFO film

Horizontal movement of ocean currents

WWI battle, ignoble Italian defeat

Buoyancy structure attached to side of boat

Test of speed against the clock

Rounded mass of minced food that has been fried

To underline, emphasize, remark

US presidential retreat

Puzzle 4

Sage also known as Siddhartha Gautama, Shakyamuni

First video game to feature Mario: __ Kong

Harbor to dock yachts and small boats

To give a large part of one’s time

Tiny __, Elton John song

Americans call it a derby hat, the English call it

Agatha Christie’s Belgian detective Hercule

Cuisine promoted by the late Julia Child

Made amends or reparations

A stanza of eight lines

Duplicitous trickster

The gland in which T cells mature

Island where Mount Etna is located

Colorless fluid part of milk where fat is suspended

Puzzle 5

Former French president with Dutch-sounding name

Military home of operations

City where Franz Ferdinand was assassinated

First commercial __ generator was invented in 1873

Answer to a problem

Two runners cross the line at the same time

Groovy oil and wax with a pink light

Artificial structure shooting jets of water

Sleeveless undergarment for women

Italian doughnut made with fruit peels

Rock band named after an Aldous Huxley book

In chess, to move the king over the rook

Group 236

Puzzle 1

Adds a circle at the intersection of a Latin cross

__ Best, greatest player from Northern Ireland

The Persistence of __, Dali’s “melted” work

Controversy in Bertolucci’s Last Tango in Paris

Nail it

Not the headquarters

Eugene __, the last astronaut to walk on the Moon

Former name of Tuvalu island in Polynesia

Cottonwick has a black line under its __ fin

Color of the sun and daffodils

__Haydn, German composer of London Symphonies

Quark flavor, with symbol b, also known as beauty


Coveted crystal from Venice

Uproar, disturbance

It means “cake” in German

Puzzle 2

Storage compartment on a car’s dashboard

Not done by chance or accident

Japanese naval commander of Pearl Harbor attack

Akira __, Japanese director of Rashomon

Light of the biggest star

Person who informs the news

Royal __, Leopards South African stadium

Fela Kuti made this musical genre famous

Process of sewing layers of fabric together

Any imaginary semicircle on the earth’s surface

Term for the hammer, anvil and stirrup in the ear

Puzzle 3

Another name for whooping cough

One of four Hogwarts houses

Kids are out of the house

To copy edit

Leaders of Jewish rebel army in Judea

Machine or person who gathers crops

Identical twins whose bodies connected in utero

Mostly ridden by children

Large vibration in mechanical or electrical system

The red one carries oxygen

Peach variety with smooth skin

Black and white 1973 US film, Ryan and Tatum O’neal

Largest of the world’s crocodile species

Avenida da __, Lisbon’s main thoroughfare

Strength and toughness

Immensely, supremely, exceedingly

Son of Parsifal in Germanic legend

Human __ Virus, over 170 types are known

Puzzle 4

A hole in the tooth

Bela __, Hungarian composer of Mikrokosmos

Step-by-step instructions for cooking or baking

Castrated male

Production of quality prints with ink-jet printer

The currency of the Nobel prize

Ear part sometimes pierced


Arabic noble title meaning strength

__ Pacific, Hong Kong’s largest airline

Martial arts form where a black belt is tops

Sea abuts Athens and Izmir named after King Aegeus

Italian inventor, one of the pioneers of telephony

__ de Winter, French spy of The Three Musketeers

Roman god of wealth, father of Jupiter

Family of insects that feeds on plants

An edge or boundary of a surface, land

__ coffee, adorned with Irish whiskey and cream


The __ Book, story about a boy raised by animals

Puzzle 5

__ of the Caribbean, Jack Sparrow’s fantasy

Boris __, first elected president of Russia

Ron Weasley is most afraid of these

TV, concert and software

Inner parts

Digital currency designed by Satoshi Nakamoto

Wooden framework for growing climbers and roses up

Container holding the bones of the dead

She who opened the box full of evils of the world

Dab paint with a brush

Canadian skater punk

Payment for public transport on the road

Scapegoat, someone to take the rap

Nomads of the Middle Eastern deserts

Group 237

Puzzle 1

Thick but not fat

Criss crossed pattern associated with Scotland

Printed work in installments

Man with a __, Braque’s musical painting

Sinbad, __ of the Seven Seas

Eggs Benedict with salmon instead of ham

Roman philosophical writer, orator and senator

Floating fishing device

Eine __Nachtmusik, “little sweet serenade”, Mozart


__ knife, ring like weapon found in Africa

Canton in central Switzerland with the Linth River

Puzzle 2

__ Cricket Association Stadium Jamtha

In Hindu philosophy, the renunciation stage

A big maritime potence of the 16th century

Quayside structures for securing boats

Antigorite, green stone used by the Maori

Don’t Rain on __, popular song from Funny Girl

Joseph Marie _, inventor of the programmable loom

The evening star was called this in ancient times

Simone de __, French existentialist writer

Abandoned or deserted place

UN General __


Pottery coated and decorated with liquid clay

An Ankh is an ancient __ good luck charm

World’s most popular language from China

Wooden fence preserver

Horse whose ancestry is clearly documented

It can be done

This cartoon ursus may not know downward dog

Three children born at the same time

Dermabrasion is a __ procedure on the skin

Puzzle 3

A __ measures hardness of minerals

A bomb is an __ device

Antique paper for documents

“Moorish” cocktail popular in southern France

Great Indian cricket player, Sachin __

British novelist, creator of Gremlins


Formal name for veterinary surgery

Planting pot for ledges and sills

__ Baird, Scottish inventor of the television

Sao __, large Brazilian river, “Velho Chico”

Puzzle 4

Marie, 1st foreign language Oscar winner

Popular racket sport, first called sphairistike


Beer plus soda popular in Western Europe

Edith __, drafted US Social Security Act of 1935

Discover existence of something

Makes mistakes in one’s lines in a play

John Cleveland __, fuel and iron robber baron

World __ Day on 7 April promotes global well-being

__ Real, third-largest Spanish province

__ Biloba, plant enhances cognitive function

Christine __, French feminist and sociologist

Boating powered by oars

Sleeveless shirt or dress tied at the neck

80’s hair metal band, __ Crue

Puzzle 5

Stretchy fabric invented by Brit Thomas Hancock

70’s US probes that visited Jupiter and Saturn

Judy __, Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz

Wooden conical bore from Switzerland

Diver’s prize

Wine is stored there

French pilot, the first to cross the Channel

A lesser deity

Old slang term for detective

Tropical fruits with a large flat stone inside

Region of Europe in East Germany and SW Poland

System of government by an oppressive ruler

Perished species

Patron saint of Ireland

Group 238

Puzzle 1

Japanese car brand also known for its motorbikes

Popular, multi-use folding knives, Boy Scout tool

Equestrian slalom course with paired ponies

Half of a __ Sun, novel by Nigerian author Adichie

Part of the body between neck and diaphragm

Fish eggs

Where two walls meet

Smutty, vulgar

The capital of Zimbabwe

__ Brody, The Pianist actor

Female water sprites unfriendly to people

People who have been officially canonized

Soft mineral used in plaster

Clump breaker, sieve

Bluegrass, circular stringed instruments

Puzzle 2

Backless couch with high curved headrest


John __, Saturday Night Fever star

You’ll need this with your password to log in

UK currency

Deep purple-reddish color

Person or thing radiates warmth, cheer, happiness

Decade following the 80’s

The capital of Liberia

The __, US film with Dustin Hoffman

__ velocity, final constant speed of falling body

In marketing, a target area larger than local

Parasite that can live in the digestive tract

Puzzle 3

Fear of anything new

To give in

Oskar __, child-sized narrator of The Tin Drum

Soaked through, drenched

With Scribes in the New Testament, opposed Jesus

Official cost of an item

Vapor-powered water vessel created by John Fitch

Heavenly yolkless baked sponge

A den made up in the leaves and branches

Shia militant group based in Lebanon

Wooden sailing boats used by the Vikings

Tropical breeze that blows towards the Equator

Not funny

Gardening expert collects rare specimens

Laboratory receptacle

The study of the meaning in language

Died of a heart attack while filming Wagons East!

Aubrey __, Victorian painter

Sub-unit of former Italian currency lira

Term for the study of the origins of the universe

Related to the skin

Medieval German double-reeded wind instrument

Puzzle 4

Witches’ rides

Sunken, concave, indented, recessed

Transition metal, used in electric guitar strings

__ Santa, Holy Week celebrations in Spain

Country where actress Salma Hayek was born

Cleaning devices on a vehicle windscreen

Haitian religion complete with magic and priests

Madame __, French Revolutionary executed in 1793

The largest and best-known cuttlefish

Petit __, French kids wear, means “small boat”

Line from center to circumference of circle

Per __, for each person or individual

__ gland, gin and orange for simians

Bones of the ankle joint, connected to the tibia

Former argentinian football player, Mario __

Dog’s necklace

Puzzle 5

Beguiling, dodgy, cunning, guileful,

Italian opera composer of the Barber of Seville

Roman goddess of wisdom

__ bannerfish are white, black, and yellow

The art or sport of fighting with swords

Chest of drawers

Ugandan, styled himself the Last King of Scotland

Seed carrier from a tree

To lean back

Applying middle pedal in a car to slow speed

Felt weak suddenly, lost consciousness

Cool fashionable type of food

Person who has a full season with the circus

Russian novelist who came from the aristocracy

Train of a flamenco dress

The Cowboy State

Group 239

Puzzle 1

__ Gandolfo, former summer residence of the pope

__ and Clyde

It means “Mountain range” in Spanish

Made for fertilizers, potassium salts

Tower of __, English royalty; notorious prison

Opposite of malignant

Largest Christian church in Egypt

A person’s account of life events

Archimedes’ famous exclamation

Jules Rimet __, awarded to World Cup winners

Cat with no hair, sounds Egyptian

Country where Calgary International Airport is


Puzzle 2

The clapping of a theater audience

Tablets that can be taken without water

First computer, invented by Tommy Flowers

Purple vegetable

Woodwind instrument with a single reed mouthpiece

Country where the baht is the official currency

Feldspar variety with optical effect

Prix __, major French literary prize

__of Love, opera singer moves to Milan

The D in GDP


High natural elevation on Earth

British Overseas Territory, capital Adamstown

Restriction due to youth or maturity

Air force, navy, army

Mrs and Mrs Clark __, Hockney kitty art

Baby flying, water floating, big billed bird

World’s largest impact event in Russia in 1908

Puzzle 3

Book issuer

Gathering spot for hot beverage drinkers

Less cold blizzard

North German state, Mecklenburg-Western __

180-degree view


Arabic language, news television network

Laurence who played Ray Langston on CSI

When sugar has turned to alcohol

Spacy Russian traveler

The scientific study of cell nuclei

Swiss inventor of Velcro, George __

Commissioned the Great Pyramid of Giza

Medal-winning US sprinter and long jumper

Puzzle 4

Tropical viral disease transmitted by mosquitoes

Female face paint

To promote, encourage

Tenzin __, the 14th Dalai Lama

What Burger King is called in Australia, __ Jacks

Floating frozen mass on the ocean surface

Only U.S. state located in Oceania

A very small vein

Reactive metal associated with the color blue

Fiery Spanish opera by Bizet

Saturn moon, travels in a reverse direction

__ Incident, Japanese seizure of Manchurian city

Antonym of junior

Sardonic comedian of Groundhog Day

Strait separates Iran from Arabian peninsula

Green, flightless New Zealand parrot

Peril, danger, hazard, threat, imminence

Puzzle 5

An error or a fault, can be deliberate

In opposition to

Enduring, not changing, steadfast

Areas of the Earth around the Equator

A young or baby goose

Vegetable common in many salads

The __, band created for a TV show in the 1960s

Moving furtively or inconspicuously

The remedy may be worse than this

Islamic trumpeter, announces the end of the world

Official currency of Mozambique

Group 240

Puzzle 1

Old occupation of stretching cloth over a machine

Area that contains your vocal cords

“High” part of a city

Moses snappers have large spot below __ fin

The Magus who brought gold

The name of Captain Ahab’s whaler

It’s so vast that you cannot see the trees

A syringe’s best friend

60,000 milliseconds

Oil rich country of first Gulf War

Before another, prior, earlier

Medicinal plant similar to mint

__ chloride, used in sewage treatment

Puzzle 2

To take possession of money fraudulently

Island country in the Indian Ocean, capital Male

Guess at a price

Falling as freezing rain

Term for two-wheeled, off-road, mucky vehicle

Ridged, tubed pasta

Hungary’s leader during the USSR invasion of 1956

Bookworm’s injury

Giant, radioactive reptile, star of many movies

Metalloid used with alloys to create batteries

Distinguished by wealth and good taste

Puzzle 3

The Epsom Derby is one

The __, British short film, won 87th Academy Award

I think, therefore I am

These don’t ever make one right

Wooden walkway over marshes

Shoots the action

Represented by red semicircles on a weather map

French winner of 1947 Nobel Literature prize

With Tigris created Mesopotamia

Jerry Herman, US composer of La Cage __

Russian oblast and city on the Volga River

Puzzle 4

Vivid pinkish red color resembling cherries

The War of the __, novel by UK writer HG Wells

Wavy, frizzy

Fake ducks on a pond

Anatomy __ of Dr Nicholaes Tulp, by Rembrandt

Different from

Broadcast __, makes large scale planting easier

Cream of __, by product of winemaking, ingredient

Pope and poisons in Italian Renaissance family

__ Horse, event requires strong forearms

Mountaineer Heinrich who spent seven years in Tibet

Organ to be first successfully transplanted


Having two spouses at the same time

John __, long-serving Aussie PM

Puzzle 5

Person who writes online articles and comments

Psychic cookies

Place where products are made

A well-known Beatles’ song

Photo taken by the law

Cargo transported for money on land, air, sea

Insubstantial lingerie

Dutiful follower of a leader, especially religious

Homo __, scientific name for humans

Old English epic poem with the monster Grendel

__ is bordered by Brazil and Argentina

To adorn