Group 281

Puzzle 1

Partially shaved hair as worn by a monk

__ Kandinsky, Russian abstract artist

Siberian river that is tributary of the Lena river


Not solid or liquid

Standing closet for clothes, wardrobe

Dishing out food and drinks

In metaphysics, an actual being or existence

A fatwa was issued for this author in late 80s

__ Salander, from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Professional horse riders

Puzzle 2

Principal democratic assembly of Ancient Athens

The __, Meryl Streep as the British Prime Minister

Someone who recently got married

A photo on film, view it on a light box

__ ball, heavy ball for training

Butterfly subfamily, referred to as “the whites”

Trimming the edges of a photograph

Purposeful, determined

Person who enforces the rules during sports games

Explaining the meaning of something

Puzzle 3

Jewish memorial service held on certain holidays

Longest river in South America

Outer coat to keep you warm

Battle that featured in A Bridge Too Far

This Harry Potter character hatched Norbert

To save from danger

Yogi Bear’s friend

Vegetables including pumpkins and squashes

Minor roads or paths, not major routes

William, Harry or Edward, to name a few

August birthstone of octahedral crystals

Spanish party

Puzzle 4

Syrup made from pomegranates

HMS __, Captain Cook’s ship from 1763-1767

Metal jazz wind instrument with keys

Volcanic national park on Lanzarote

Faithful gentleman of Verona, who weds Silvia

Software company which dropped its paper clip icon

Poisonous mushroom likened to heavenly flyers

A triangle with two equal sides and angles

State of being unknown or inconspicuous

England’s last Tudor Monarch: __ I

Puzzle 5

Lying out in the sun, like a lizard


Smoke stack on a building

Machine for taking mud from a river

Priest’s assistant

Capital of the Hittite Empire


Press __, company’s memo to the public

__ Faire, hands off, let people do as they choose

Nickname of Mrs Onassis, the former Mrs Kennedy

Group 282

Puzzle 1

BBC TV spy drama that was retitled MI-5 in the US

The back of an animal’s neck

Cleans abrasively

Cutting, piercing with teeth

West coast French department, same as the river

Moving in a circular motion

The game Pong was created by Allan__ in 1972

First name of British composer Britten

We speak and eat with them

The Love Bug was the first __ movie, in 1968

Dr Susan__, robopsychologist in Asimov’s universe

Puzzle 2

Fine, gauzy fabric, like a cobweb

It wasn’t on purpose

A wizard with magical powers

Captain Corelli’s __, Greek wartime saga

It burns bright

Clearing obstacles in a race

Nationality of Peace prize winner Kofi Annan


Encourages others to rebel or protest

Thoroughly soak

An __ combustion engine powers a motor car

Chefs work in these

Starts at Lake Tana aka River Gihon

Richard __, actor tackled the shark in Jaws

Fruit-filled toaster snacks

Cold current discovered by German explorer

Selma __, Swedish writer and Nobel laureate

Puzzle 3

Valentine, anagram of married

Price of a taxi ride

Actress who starred in “Sleepless in Seattle”

Heavy sphere throw, Olympic sport

Drawing little spots all over something

Avoiding, deliberately trying to hide

To make rhythms, percussion with your mouth, voice

Fibrous, dark-green mineral from hornblende group

Where you might dip a quill

Swollen, puffed up, or excessively conceited

Puzzle 4

All-in-one fun fashion piece with shorts

Describes a football forward or warrior in battle

__ Rodriquez, the slowest mouse in all of Mexico

Group that contains humans and great apes

Another word for the pick used to pluck a guitar

Glows outwardly, gives off heat

Engrave a message

Heathrow, Charles de Gaulle, Shanghai Pudong, etc.

Leaves __ in the breeze

The __ Cat wears a big grin

Building and equipment for processing something

Tesla Motors CEO

Herby mixture, cooked inside roast turkey

Castel __, former summer residence of the pope

Small, active, feisty dogs, e.g. Yorkshire, Cairn

Word of French origin meaning generosity

Labyrinth creator, father of Icarus

Original name of he who became Gaius Julius Caesar

Puzzle 5

Itinerant singer of songs, a minstrel

Believes in introducing reforms gradually

Large animals deployed in the Pyrrhic Wars

Maslow created a sociological “__ of needs”

Pub fixture, target for throwing arrows at

Swallowing, absorbing

Devices to ease your foot into footwear

Catch __, an impossible situation

Robert Langdon field, study of religious _____

Acts of political violence for a stated aim

Erytophobia is the fear of these

Hunter who fell in love with his own reflection

You type on these

English translation of champignons

Country where mass murderer Martin Bryant was born

Spiral kitchen tool for opening bottles

Everest’s environment

Emergency vehicle for transporting the sick

Localized organisms and their environment

The most probable

Group 283

Puzzle 1

Winnie the Pooh and the __ Day, 1968 Oscar winner


Soldier, anagram of inflamer

The study of cells

Insect-eating relative of the Hyena

Lagoon off the coast of NZ’s Chatham Island

Christian song and salutation means “Hail Mary”

Founder of the Xin dynasty

Unerupted tooth that’s difficult to remove

Snack’s logo has a mustachioed man with bowtie

Sweet herbal liqueur used in a Harvey Wallbanger

Circus trick of tossing and catching balls

Shylock, Shakespeare character in The __ of Venice

City that has the largest shopping mall in Canada

Puzzle 2

Herby cocktail made from bourbon

__ Web, Berners-Lee’s invention for the info age

Wet weather garments

Submitting requests for payment

Novel by Emily Bronte: “__ Heights”

A pattern of alternately colored squares

Austrian currency prior to the euro

Slivers of wood stuck in your skin

To dock a ship on its side for cleaning


Not sure

Large twin temples with pharaoh carvings

Singing without any musical instruments

American Football forward, creative and offensive

Puzzle 3

Long musical notes equivalent to a double note

Cut into fine slivers with a knife

Vehicle for scooping out holes in the road

Famous Chilean female author, first name

Opposite of alkaline

The boatswain of Captain Hook in Peter Pan

Contracted pupils

Mocking jibes

Small hopping desert animal with large ears

Strategy in war or business

Author of “La Comedie Humaine”

__ floor, body part often weaker after childbirth

Game like hockey played in Scotland

Stolen, unlawfully obtained

The Buddhist wheel of life has eight of these

Henry Winkler’s nickname in Happy Days

Android OS version like a chocolate wafer biscuit

Puzzle 4

Shorten by removing words without altering meaning

Large Chinese fighting dog with wrinkles

Skin sore containing fluid caused by friction

Item of clothing

Common language for North India and Pakistan

Daenerys, Mother of __

The trait of being truthful and fair

Duties of someone who represents another

First Patriarch of the Jewish people


Parliament of the Isle of Man

Puzzle 5

English lord forewarned about the Gunpowder Plot

Composer of scores for 11 James Bond films

Outer skin layer

English name of the German town Brauenschweig

The art of arranging and selling flowers

Diced pieces of meat sauteed in white sauce

Following someone in their job to gain experience

Mixing together until blended

Severe, harsh, strict

__ effect, chaos theory of small things

All over the globe

First S in OSS, precursor of CIA

Filtering out calls you don’t want to answer

The Hotel New __, John Irving’s family saga

Box __, venomous cube-shaped medusa

Group 284

Puzzle 1

Vast Catholic shrine in Portugal

__ Alps, range in North Limestone Alps, Germany

Electronic messages sent over a network

Expression of delight from small child

King of Bavaria known as the “Swan King”: __ II

Breathe in

Insect with shortest lifespan

Deliverers of babies in the cartoon world

One who proofreads a book for publication

Threw a party

Impede, obstruct someone from doing something

Desert water source

Adjust in a disruptive manner, __ with; meddle

Someone who reads written works

Edvard Grieg’s birth country

Edward Knoblock play, later a musical

Currency used in the United Arab Emirates

Scales a mountain

Piles of blown snow

Puzzle 2

Tree pruner

Not sitting

French word for a casino game dealer

Cloak worn by ancient Greek men and women

The study of viruses

The capital of Uzbekistan

In a state of chaos, a complete mess

Where the sound comes out of a stereo

Understood by specialists only

You should look __ before crossing a road

Detective Jim__, played by James Garner

Pompous, pretentious

Of or relating to stags

Description applied to Frank, Pepys and Evelyn

Laughing like a witch

Cleaning abrasively

Orange flower to honor dead in Mexico festival

Puzzle 3

Informal term for first motion pictures with sound

Bermuda-based producer of white rum

Itchy contagious skin disease caused by a mite

Welsh capital

To put under a spell, like Samantha did

Strait between Sicily and mainland Italy

Original washing machine and spin dryer of the 60s

Last book of the Old Testament

High-flying travel business

Study of plants and animals and their environment

Like the grass on the other side

Happy, perfect, blissful

Mercurial alloy

Using pencils or pens to create art work, sketch

Used your arms to shove someone out of the way

Sport involving coastal and inshore racing

Puzzle 4

Insult directed by Brexiteers to their opponents

Without any form

Doraphobia is the fear of this

Ocean formation caused by gravitational pull

With a hue similar to the color of the sun

Inventor of the printing press

To __ to injury, make a situation far worse

Charlemagne was the first __ Emperor

Scotch and ginger wine cocktail

Explanatory comments at the bottom of a page

Warlike and quarrelsome

Modify a rhythm by shifting the accent

Former British copper coin worth two farthings

Golfer known as Phil the Thrill

The study of precious and semi-precious stones

Facial structure between ear and nose

Pasture or savannah

Matching set worn while exercising

Puzzle 5

Gifts for a teacher

To do as someone asks of you as a way of helping

Fizzy, like champagne


Half of The Producers, Willy Wonka lead

To fossilize

What bracelets are usually worn on

Aesop’s __ have a story about a tortoise and hare

Dome-shaped shrines used for meditation

Raised pulpit for sermons in a mosque


The front, curving part of a saddle

Reposted an article on social media

Group 285

Puzzle 1

Alyson __, Willow in Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Spoiled or harmed, infected with disease

Flowering pink plant with heart-shaped leaves

Made a high-pitched sound by blowing

Moll __, Defoe’s chronicle of a criminal woman

Varies the pitch of speech for emphasis

Joule described these units of food energy

Incarcerated person

Swedish actor Max __

Place where animals are slaughtered

Complete standstill

In football, ahead of defense and behind attack

Somme World War I memorial designed by Lutyens

Hong Kong martial artist-actor, father of Brandon

You wipe your feet on these

Casino game where Phil Ivey used “edge sorting”

Occupation of Charon, of the Greek Underworld

Puzzle 2

Russian wheeled vehicle pulled by three horses

Mikhail __, regarded as father of Russian music

Goat Island, off Italy’s Tuscany coast

Seal set into a ring

Unpleasant, repulsive

Impervious to light, not transparent

Ally __, US legal TV show with Calista Flockhart

Island of Napoleon’s death, Saint __

Risk, speculate, bet

Puzzle 3

Kent, the TV news anchor on The Simpsons

Moving wings to fly

Deceptive talk to swindle

German city with an annual Wagner music festival

Unjust or unfair

__ Rush, won an Oscar for his performance in Shine

Swedish botanist, devised classification system

Emile Zola story of mining, wages and conditions

Publication of religious songs

__ Steel, best-selling fiction author of The Gift

How a sharp pain is described

Herbes de __, south France dried herb mix

Not clearly visible

The surface at the bottom of a stream etc

A plane suddenly plunging steeply downwards

Flesh __ means your kith and kin

South African dessert, milk tart in Afrikaans

Puzzle 4

Of or relating to sea lions

To walk the beam you need this

Charge a president with misconduct

The Roman goddess of truth

The U in the international phonetic alphabet

Joe __, Pip’s kindly guardian blacksmith

Add tables, settees, etc. to a dwelling

Type of computerized X-ray

They cure animal hides

To eradicate, destroy completely

Protected islands in the North Sea’s Wadden Sea

One who shouts at comedians

Drug that activates receptors in the brain

Fantastic creature that multiplies with water

Sack fabric made from jute, used for rope

Puzzle 5

Large bowl in which greens are served

Pink variety of beryl, named after a famous banker

French mayonnaise with capers, mustard, herbs

Residents, inhabitants

He has an electrical measurement named after him

Pakistani cricketer, bowler and politician

Deep discount sale

Clapped your hands

Taking in liquid or information

Fear of ruins

A plan used in architecture or engineering

Strays from the correct path

Circus animals Stravinsky’s ballet music was for

Administers medical treatment to

French blue wooly cat with golden eyes

Group 286

Puzzle 1

An author’s introductory statement

Chemical element of atomic number 83

Ancient Celtic language of France, Belgium

Inflamed pimple or spot containing fluid

To add jewels to something

City that is home to Hampden Park Stadium

Cook food hot and quickly in a wok

Power __, plant for generating electricity

Adjusting spaces between words

Puzzle 2

Counterfeiters, pretenders

Direct kick awarded to offensive team in soccer

__ clause, lawful reason to break a contract

To boost morale

The act of putting seeds into the soil

Mexican caramel sauce made from goat’s milk

What Italians call Turin

Character raised by wolves in the Indian jungle

Room in a church where vestments are kept

Agreement, treaty or settlement

Country where the Huarache sandal originated

Family Guy diabolical toddler

A car’s shoulder


To have put a bad spell on someone

Grainy intrusive rock, named after Tuscan village

Puzzle 3

Conifers’ seed case, commonly sprayed gold/silver

Messy and complicated situation

Lack of proportion between two sides, parts

Dripping, like rain water down a gutter

Charged a president with misconduct

Tanzanian park, home to many animal species

Prohibition place for sale of illegal alcohol

Flaming weapon used in ancient times during battle

Organization of complex tasks like flow of goods

Lyrical tunes to help babies fall asleep

Colonial trading port on Colombian coast

Puzzle 4

French dept in Grand Est, name means upper Rhine

Headlines that don’t quite ring true

Female plotter in Les Liaisons Dangereuses

Famous French tapestry business

Elizabeth I as written in Spenser’s Faerie Queene

Past tense of beseech

Last day, the day of reckoning


Machines for turning beans into coffee

Puzzle 5

Abundant mineral-gem, also used in electronics

Stephen King book and film about telekinetic girl

Language family of Hungarian and Finnish

Longest type of captured snake

Loose mixture of small stones and sand

The Hindu festival of light is called __

Mixes seamlessly

Queen of Troy, mother of Hector and Paris


Removing hair using hot, sticky substance

Plant with red root producing red pigment and dye

Group 287

Puzzle 1

Name given to Khmer Rouge’s takeover of Cambodia

Italian white wine, also found in Chile

Raise these in surprise, on your face

Cinema short showing current affairs/events

Ocean that the port of Casablanca borders

Concurring, not showing dissent

Spine-chilling book or film

Sliver of wood stuck in your finger

The customer or client

Bladed footwear for traveling in the Arctic

Unpaved street

Puzzle 2

National bird of Guatemala appears on its flag

True heir of Gondor in Lord of the Rings

A fit of laughter

Robert __, actor, director and American Icon

To inhale and exhale

First caliph and friend to Muhammad

Wheel of __, tarot card suggesting good luck

Ancient Roman magistrates

Tool for cutting plants

Nissan model named after an American grassland


Spiral structure in the inner ear

__ Claude, French inventor of neon lighting

Speckled, dotted

Former currency of the Netherlands

The giant version of this plant causes skin rashes

Roasted deer, served as an alternative to turkey

Puzzle 3

French missile used by Argentines in Falklands War

Pumped or spouted out, e.g. fumes

Obscure, supernatural, secret things

Portuguese is this South American country’s tongue


George ____, American Broadway producer, director

The fastener on a belt

Christian church of Egypt

Morihei Ueshiba’s harmonious spirit martial art

Inappropriate staring

1986 James Cameron Sci-Fi sequel

The Three Men in a Boat rowed this river

Friend of Asterix the Gaul

Holiday when Greeks often bake Koulourakia

Type of paper that acids turn red

Words to be sung

Puzzle 4

Geoffrey Rush’s pirate of the Caribbean

Neptune, to the Greeks

Co-founder and chairman of SolarCity

The branch of botany that studies fruit

Libyan city, once joint capital with Tripoli

Without a saddle

Winning punch, laying opponent flat on floor


The A in PALs, warning about explicit lyrics

Distance from tip to tip or a bird’s wings

Display of affection, cuddling with a loved one

Puzzle 5

Halloween figures made of bone

Reductions in price, savings

Piece of textile used for cleaning furniture

The scientific study of rocks

Fab Four weren’t jay walking on this album’s cover

Microscopic life form, meaning little rod

Organization founded by Julian Assange

Washed hair

When it’s your decision, the ball is in here

Opposite to smoothness

Group 288

Puzzle 1

Saved from peril

1971 Bond film Diamonds are __

To put something on food as a decoration

Ship-swallowing triangle in the Atlantic Ocean

A song’s chorus or to abstain from doing something

Reddish toxic liquid element, used in dyes

The table where you pay for your goods in a shop

Exalted state of joy

Medical term for the study of disorders of the ear

Dramatic and very ornate art style in 17th century

To release from obligation, to set free

Gap in the ring system of Saturn and also a probe

Balkan nation invaded by Italy in WWII

Section of horse’s leg between hoof and fetlock

Fancy strips of cloth laid along a festive table

Puzzle 2

Italian term for outdoor dining

Attributed to

Festival of Festivals in India’s Nagaland

To quickly rise or increase

Another name for the scaly anteater

Female massage therapist

Tennis stroke that makes the ball suddenly reverse

Inflammation of the membrane around the lungs

Sending a Twitter message

Mesozoic period saw early dinosaurs evolve

Picasso anti-war painting

Name of British singer Chris Martin’s band

Theft by breaking and entering

Weapon used to kill in Dial M for Murder

In a forest, an open space of land

Puzzle 3

Christmas plant to kiss under

London borough that lies on the Prime Meridian

Space in a living room wall with a mantel on it

US country music named after Kentucky vegetation

Awards given as special honor

1912 play on which “My Fair Lady” was based

Hair removal method for eyebrows

Acquittal, vindication, exoneration

Material removed from top of liquids

Holly’s surname in Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Name for study of mammary glands

No longer feeling close or affectioniate with another

German dog with short legs, a sausage dog

Court replacement

Italian cocktail of Campari, sweet vermouth

Swing dance style or a person who dances swing

Puzzle 4

Tree used to make battle shields in the past

A photo or picture that is behind glass

Beer maker

Where the Wild Things Are author

Where emails go while they are being sent

Bugsy __, Prohibition-era drama with splurge guns

Equipment with rungs for climbing up or down

To admire or respect someone

Lymphoid organ where T cells mature

Legal __ is money that is acceptable for use

Capital of Angola

Metamorphic rock that breaks into layers

Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs actor __ Keitel

Discarded, left on the side of the road

Draw roughly

Ulcerous animal disease of horses and rabbits, etc

Puzzle 5

The Big __, epic Western film with Gregory Peck

Southeast Asian sea east of Bay of Bengal

Placed at front entrance to wipe your feet

Natalie Portman is an American and _____ citizen

Large frozen masses that are starting to melt

Act of falsifying a document

Protein found in claws, hair and hooves

Use these colored sticks to draw, like chalks

Mass of tissue that can affect breathing in children

Hewlett is an american computer company

Cooked on a rack over fire

Insect resin used in varnishes and early LPs

Tove __, Finnish writer who created the Moomins


He bathed himself in the Flame of Py’tar

Group 289

Puzzle 1

Grabbed, took with force

Small lit particles that jump from a fire

Prodded with an elbow

Arab country ruled for 46 years by King Hussein

Body-shaking dance move, especially the shoulders

Mild, yellow pepper used on pizza, sandwiches

A light-hearted sports event, race or walk

Someone who drives cattle

Twitter messages

Clever or skilful, from French word

Name of Shakespeare’s one son

Manhattan playhouse that burned down many times

Term for a Himalayan mountain guide

Gave birth to a horse

Gaps between working

Related to the teeth

72 documentary about swindler, once child preacher

Puzzle 2

Put together from parts

__ Quickly, landlady of the Boar’s Head Tavern

Cenozoic period when mammals evolved

Haitian dictators known as Papa Doc and Baby Doc

Pet Klaus is this animal in American Dad!

Daisy __, Gatsby’s great love

Where earrings are attached

Cabinets that contain frozen food

Hinged device used in pelvic examinations

Of or relating to rams

Seafood typically used for Coquilles St. Jacques

Month when the holiday of Chanukah usually occurs

Went past the intended stopping point

Puzzle 3

Tough measures introduced to stop crime

Institutions created to study, train in certain field

Fruit that symbolizes hospitality

Hairy Addams Family member, related to Gomez

Two-step Spanish dance

Putting fluids into a body using a syringe

A flight where the destination is not far away

Italian revolutionary who unified his country

Edge of a balmy air mass, in meteorological terms

Wet weather accessories you put above your head

Open, motorized beach vehicle

Goodfellas main character

Using chemicals to make something whiter

Star gazer

Puzzle 4

Conceptions of or beliefs about something

Jed __, Martin Sheen as leader of the free world

Intentionally not paid attention to

Main group of cyclists

Protects financially

Apple __, Viennese pastry, very popular

East German currency prior to reunification

A member of an organized gang of violent criminals

Puzzle 5

Tidying fallen leaves

Mountain in Turkey, possible site of Noah’s Ark

Filming location, apartment with no bedroom

Extra material sewn into a seam to strengthen it

Starmix and Tangfastics sweetmakers

Hard gray rocks turned tools in prehistoric times

Order of words to form a meaningful sentence


Falling down and feigning a knockout

Basket of rocks used for erosion control

Waterfowl nickname of Canadian dollar

Group 290

Puzzle 1

Describes T-shirts that are not short

Shunned, avoided, abstained from

Extremely shocking, wicked act

Barcelona avenue, popular with tourists

Strongly criticized

Person who defends set of ideas, certain person

Baked egg whites with sugar

Extinct reptile

Preparing yourself mentally to think clearly

Don’t judge a book by this

Person caring for animals on a film set

Study of nutrition, diet

The part of a fist you punch with

Puzzle 2


Old British silver coin worth two shillings

__ calf, killed when the prodigal son returns

Inflated mechanically, like a bicycle tire

Illness that claimed Pavarotti at age 71

Canadian province that introduced the dish poutine

Use these for shaving

Son of Zeus known as “messenger of the gods”

Has a tendency to be unwell frequently

Put a worm on a fishing hook

-hound, short-legged scent dog aka a hush puppy

Andreas __, German leader of Red Army Faction

Smart jacket, school uniform requisite

Fruit flavor used in Kriek Belgian beer

Dry dusty wind blowing from North Africa to Europe

Fill the air with fumes

It’s not true

James Bond’s early nemesis

Contempt __, showing disregard to a legal hearing

Neapolitan flavor

Person who performs the Islamic call to prayer

Various types, forms, array of different cultures

Spouts at the end pipes, e.g. petrol pumps

Art technique of creating a design using acid

Large tuba carried over the shoulders

Shy companion of Snow White

Gathered together, accumulated

To make a photo bigger

Puzzle 4

Appliances that use hot water vapor to cook food

Cyrano de __, French big-nosed writer and duellist

She championed the return of the Elgin Marbles

__ slip, error in speech thanks to the unconscious

__ music, produced without electric instruments

Inflammation of the elbow or knee joint

Pressed or flattened the creases on a surface

Tutored, schooled

Principal Chilean city named after St. James

Large flowers used in tea for high blood pressure

Eating in between meals

Puzzle 5

Engaged in conflict

Belief in magic, witchcraft and the supernatural

Parboiling to remove color or odor

Aztec ruler who was stoned to death

Cosmetic stomach skin surgery

Dancing with no choreography

First Prime Minister under Queen Elizabeth

Searching, investigating, detective work

Machine creates a plastic coating for protection

Skin of an equine used for leather

Group 291

Puzzle 1

Snippets of music heard on mobile devices

Jewelry pieces worn on the collarbone

Antonym of childhood

Nickname for the lunar roving vehicle

Ability of a gem to show two different colors


Pompous, with a gassy digestive system

Their job is to check tickets on a bus or train

Obstruction of a tube or opening in the body

Gnosiophobia is the fear of this

Causes blood to thicken

Desert twister, vacuum cleaner brand

St. Petersburg’s former name in 1914

Kitchen machine

Cut this from under someone’s feet to weaken them

Not under control

Tool that collects and analyzes data in Formula 1

Zoological term for a pouched mammal

Things that are left out or not mentioned

Object shaped like small water vessel for sauce

Puzzle 2

Copenhagen is capital of this Scandinavian nation

Dancing like Madonna

Scuff marks left by dragging

Official currency of Paraguay

Stealing and ransacking goods esp during war

Jonathan __, wrote The Corrections novel

Black __, 1959 Brazilian inspired play and film

The first T in GATT

All mammals are warm

Type of doctor that performs operations

Main language spoken in Swiss canton of Ticino

Distressed maidens imprisoned in towers

South Korean car brand, Accent, Elantra

Paper handkerchiefs

Puzzle 3

Took care of, helped back to health

Large Australian mythical amphibious creature

High-speed trains in France, Belgium and Germany

Gin, vermouth cocktail with pickled onion

__ Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events


Sides of a cut gemstone

__ wheel, Buddhism’s cylinder holding invocations

Power or hand tool for smoothing wood

Another name for a violin

Rubbed out

Circus performers with red noses

Pulp Fiction and Seven Psychopaths, Christopher __

Big __, 7 bright stars in Ursa Major

Puzzle 4

Aussie city with the name of William IV’s consort


An obsession

Gas that makes up most of Earth’s atmosphere

Tight shorts from the 70s

Dead set on doing something at all costs

US city, marriage capital of the world

Edged, anagram of dreaming

World’s largest existing type of land animal

“Fight Club” star

Composer buried by request next to Beethoven

Puzzle 5

Influential Spanish artist, pioneered cubism

The state of being liberated

Sea west of Myanmar, famous for volcanic activity

Largest flatfish in the world, diamond shaped

Catwoman has this ability to creep up on people

Money-hungry Disney duck

Seasoning made from drying ocean water

Scandinavian country

Food; meant to be eaten, eatables

Tiny bone located in the middle ear

Hygrophobia is the fear of this

Someone is in there

Green pepper commonly used to top Mexican food

The __, novel by Nicholas Sparks turned movie

Without any joins or edges

Tree has winged seeds that “helicopter” to earth

Tall, dark and __, like most Mills & Boon heroes

Artist who created paintings of his mother

Rubbed muscles to relax them

French word for an exclusive shop

Rebounding action of a bullet

Naughty behavior, disobedience, troublemaking

Flushing in the face

Overrun with pests

Accepted values of virtuous behavior, like ethics

Repaired or replaced equipment

One of sixteen in a billiard game

Puzzle 2

A revolt, such as in Ireland in 1916

Sports arena for competitive cycling


Great surprise, wonder

Terri and Will’s surname in Glee

Talents, proficiencies

Paralyzing, disabling

Spongebob’s neighbor

Having eight sides

Charlie Bucket’s grandma’s first name

Sedimentary rock made of calcium carbonate

48th BAFTA Best Actor recipient

Where your drink sits in a car

Depression in economic activity

Alterations in the structure of an organism

Decorated by curves along an edge

Type of fat found in both butter and coconut oil

Puzzle 3

Football player who blocks

1984 fictionalized biopic of Mozart

Connected to by blood

US state in which Miami Vice was set

Sugar found in fruits and other carbohydrates

Light housework with a feathered stick

Oscar Wilde was born in this country

Animal related to llamas, lives in South America

African country whose name in Latin means “free”

__Gulf, body of water fed by the Sea of Oman

Tambourine, associated with the Bible

Someone who sends unwanted emails

If muscles waste away, they __

Reveal a photo by treating film with chemicals

Puzzle 4

Of or relating to horses

Model of bride and groom on top of wedding cake

Heavy artillery that fires iron balls or shot

10 less than 100

Recovered from illness, got better

Unfair, morally wrong

Lebanese bulgar wheat and mince patties

Nymph who was transformed into a laurel tree

Ancient Asia Minor city, one of the 7 churches

When something carries mark of disgrace, dishonor

Kelly __, British double gold-winning runner

Strip of land a plane travels down before take-off

17th-century French dance for two with small steps

National tree of India

Smart, sharp, clever

Machine for getting liquid out of fruit

Robbed in the street

Tiny pieces of leftover food or snippings of paper

City where Bono, lead singer of U2, was born

Puzzle 5

Unloads, removes, transfers

Drying a wet surface

Protective jacket worn during wet weather

The only chemical element to begin with a V

Music system for compact discs

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta

Sports day event with people hopping while in bags

Dried fruit and nuts snack assortment

Group of young 80s Hollywood stars, inc Rob Lowe

The Berlin Wall was built along this German street

What villains call the kids in Scooby-Doo

Excluded someone from doing something

People of the preeminent military Greek city-state

Spread of disease

The briefest of glances

Most widely practiced religion in modern France

Insult directed at spectacle-wearers

Symbols used in many tweets

Upwards slanting airplane wing, after a seabird

Percussive foot dancing

Eosophobia is the fear of this

Plucking hairs

Cubicle with no light, for developing photos

Group 293

Puzzle 1

Portion of a worm

Region of Italy that the Arno River runs through

Japanese company YKK makes most of these

Remove adhesive

Person that goes from place to place, job to job

Magical board game movie with Robin Williams

Real first name of golfer Tiger Woods

Hand-shaken percussion instruments

Substance used for closing something off

The last Roman Emperor: __ Augustus

Ramon Mercader assassinated this Bolshevik

Most famous Marx brother

Put aside for now, or stacked like books

Puzzle 2

Taking someone into custody

Attractive man with gray hair

Fast ballroom dance style

Illicit hard liquor in the US

Not all it’s cracked up to be

Lee __, proponent of The Method acting philosophy

Supportive bars mounted on walls

Queen Victoria wore this black gem in mourning

Drying out and shriveling up

People who seek relief from reality through fantasy

Ringside judges who score a fight

Holocaust rememberance museum in Jerusalem

Puzzle 3

Curly, looping, swirly

The one with the least movement

Goat’s-wool shawl

David __, US thriller novelist of The Camel Club

Second of two Japanese cities bombed during WWII

Freshwater sunfish, bream or copper nose

Common disorder of the eye or a large waterfall

Sleeping area assigned to officers on a warship

Eight letter word for inability to sleep

French philosopher wrote The Social Contract

Tree that Zacchaeus climbed, hoping to see Jesus

Administrative capital of South Africa

Capital of the Canadian province of Manitoba

Corinth king made to push a stone uphill forever

Responds to a stimulus

A book-learned intellectual

Material covers for windows

Bedrooms on board ships

Greek word which is the root for sun

Hamlet holds his skull aloft

Country which launched two Alouette satellites

Retired pro athlete Tim Henman’s sport

First Russian Nobel laureate, worked with dogs

Egyptian crunchy, aromatic blend of nuts and seeds

Lack of color in the face

Robert Redford gambled in this 1990 film

A chant repeated during meditation

Psycho motel owner Bates

The Doctor’s foes, traditionally can’t climb stairs

Miserable and not at all bright

California city famous for celebrity homes

Beethoven’s first name

Puzzle 5

Suzanne __, The Hunger Games writer

Phillip __, wrote His Dark Materials trilogy

Capital of lower Egypt in ancient times

When frozen flakes are falling, it’s __

The ferris wheel was invented in this US city

Nationality of Luciano Pavarotti

Playing a horn

Old language of southern France

Riding a bicycle

All Quiet on the __ Front, novel by Remarque

Jumping off of building sport aka free running

Black-shelled shellfish with yellow flesh

Legally managing another’s property or money

Leg __, female lower leg clothing

Women warriors of Greek mythology

Group 294

Puzzle 1

Giant ape movie monster

Cooking a whole pig on a BBQ spit

A note you write to someone who gives you a gift

Vancouver’s metro system

Labyrinth creator

Skill of planting and growing trees

Criminal set free at Christ’s expense

Animated sports comedy starring Michael Jordan


To plan in secret to do something illegal

Archimedes discovered this act of staying afloat

Bechuanaland in Africa became this state in 1966

Played a guitar

Puzzle 2

__ Jean, Michael Jackson’s 1983 moonwalk hit

__ rasa, a blank slate, the human mind at birth

Stirred from sleep, past participle

Being vivacious, full of life

Anthony Shaffer film starred Olivier and Caine

Cheese __, metal device for shredding hard cheese

The Merchant of Venice’s mannish woman

Dog variety prefixed by English, Gordon and Irish

Ocean where Christmas Island is located

Type of cleaner that sucks up dirt from carpets

Magical hexes

Female animal that has been sterilized

Used as protection from swords

Antonym of frequent

John __, one of The Beatles’ lead singer

Attention-seeking walk, swaying the hips

Uses a razor to remove hair

Puzzle 3

Official language of Andorra

Wayne __, also known as The Great One in hockey

Unit of the intensity of sound waves

Holder for a pistol

Mire, swampy wetland, useful for fuel

Final stage of something, especially in chess

Orestes’ revenge seeking sister

The__ of the Opera, novel written by Gaston Leroux

Made a digital copy of

Just Another __ Kid, 1981 Best Documentary

Navigational instrument for measuring distance

Prospero’s daughter in Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”

Spring cocktail of dry gin and creme de mure

Places where people conduct business

Flights that depart later than planned

Puzzle 4

Cheap, uncovered seating at a US sports stadium

Go past the intended stopping point

Shining, cleaning

Another name for the former empire of Ethiopia

Describes round, polished, unfaceted gems

Of the family of animals containing lemmings

Happened at the same time

Most populated of the Cook Islands

Natural capabilities

Term for a Russian astronaut

The G in GDA, advisory labeling on food

Willing to receive, receptive

Brandy, ruby port and egg yolk cocktail

Person who moves props around for a theater

King Arthur’s wife has an affair with Lancelot

Puzzle 5

Term meaning connected to the Internet

Indian city Mumbai’s former name

Rope attached to an animal

Hebrew word for peace, hello, and good-bye

To exert to the maximum

From Greek, meaning soul or spirit

Loud monkey species live in South/Central America

They cover you while you sleep

Country where model Gisele Budchen was born

Dish out cards again

Bruce __ is also known as the Incredible Hulk

Presentation of a plan in model form

French brandy

It’s in the air and water

Group 295

Puzzle 1

To dispense soda or surreptitiously remove funds

Harry Potter’s godfather __ Black


Blossomy pattern

The liquids extracted from fruit


Followed the rules

Turn around by a number of degrees

South central French dept, capital is Aurillac

Name given to frequent visitors at a bar

Gymnastic position with legs at straight angles

Puzzle 2

Theater poster

Rough drawings

Auld __, Scottish celebration song

Bed garments, anagram of heisting

Ill-fated opera Princess

__ wheel, a stone for abrading or polishing

Steal from a store

Similar in appearance to a lupine creature

Scale that measures how hot a chili pepper is

Andean lake on the border between Peru and Bolivia

Propelling a boat with oars

Evening activities after a day on the slopes

Puritanical British Queen

Shines or sparkles due to reflected light

Christian church service at sunset

Ocean that is last alphabetically

Value of a number based on its distance from 0

Blind prophet turned into a woman by Hera

Dressing up to avoid detection

Puzzle 3

North London soccer club

Small pot where a pen or quill is dipped

Patron saint of lost things

Bad experiences, anagram of Sumatra

Having a border made of hanging threads

To obtain, to receive, to earn

Strongly asserts, states a fact

Bacterial infection; Black Death, __ Plague

German fruit cake covered with powder sugar

Of or relating to deer

Gentlemen Prefer __, film with Russell and Monroe

Bicuspid filler

All are sharp or flat

Act of invoking a memory or feeling

8 times the amount

Spread of disease by infected individuals

Wriggly pink creature that lives in soil

Sweet added to tea or offered to horses

People who seek relief from reality through fantasy

Text or characters written beneath normal type

Two things or people who look exactly alike

Witches use these pots for cooking brews

Puzzle 5

Slim personal computer that uses a touchscreen

Horse’s name, backwards for “murder”

Ocean that Hudson Bay is considered part of

Laments a death

Original from which copies are made

Small and smooth stone

Yuletide songs

Crouched down to avoid a flying object

Scratches metal to make art

Wild dog lives in desert, chases Road Runner

Prepares a pool cue with powdery substance

Witches’ spells that bring bad luck

Dark-blue grape named after the French for blackbird

Sean Connery’s real first name

The __ Games, book series by Suzanne Collins

Stop working officially when of age

Device to connect a gearbox to a vehicle’s wheels

Group 296

Puzzle 1

Immune defense protein found in blood

Something that is ridiculously easy to do

Fleetwood Mac song adopted for Formula One

It catches tea leaves so you don’t drink them

Very admired or respected

Sprinkle this Christmas spice on your coffee

Two-word term for a kennel


Region in Peru, name means “where the gods speak”

Those who openly reject the official religion

Ruling like a queen

Puzzle 2

Professional sports person

Tight bodysuit covering neck to wrists to ankles

Filipino sea between Visayas and Luzon

Gossip, rumor, can’t be proven

Small newspaper usually with half-truths

Hurt or wounded

Person who creeps about at night and up to no good

James T Kirk’s rank

Hit with one finger to send something flying


Say what will happen in the future

Platform used to carry a camera in film and TV

Hands-free device worn in customer service centers

African __ are common fish in tropical areas

Ralph __ Williams, British music maestro

Young female movie actress

Inflatable safety cushions in a car’s dashboard

Slang term to describe someone eccentric, strange

Greek winged horse

Cooked by heated water, not boiled

Meat stuffed in casing

Puzzle 3

They look after sheep

Olive green meteoric gem from Bohemia

Discoveries made after perfoming medical exams

Surname of British Prime Minister called Supermac

Clocks for perfectly boiled breakfast items

Charming or influencing by tricking or flattering

These cause a severe reaction, anaphylaxis

Scenic lakes in Ireland’s County Kerry

More than one period of a thousand years

Prove to be right

Firm and unwavering

Fungus with white-spotted red cap

Instruments that measure distance traveled in cars

Puzzle 4

“Away in a __, no crib for His bed”

__ trot, dance of the 1900s for the bird, maybe

Searches a person for contraband

Puzzle game with dropping colored shapes

Ten twice

Chemical element with the symbol Na

Ropes of interlaced hair, braids

Bavarian city of three rivers, Inn, Ilz and Danube

Detroit-born fast and heavy electronic music

Nocturnal carnivorous spotted cats

Ice hockey player

The O in UFO

Oil __, large ship that carries liquids

__ almonds, sugared almonds aka dragee

Puzzle 5

Tuneful container with rotating ballerina

Round window of a cruise ship cabin

One-wheeled bike ridden by circus performer

Epic sanskrit poem ascribed to Valmiki

Literalism, concern with small details or rules

Country that is home to the Hebrides Islands

Dan __, CEO of PayPal

Cattle steering device used by Indiana Jones

__ to Heaven, Led Zeppelin’s 1971 hit

City where Michelangelo’s statue of David stands

To restore an old relationship

Liquid trickling out drop by drop

Prevent something from happening

Excessive self-confidence

To concentrate on achieving something

Direction of a row; left to right, not up and down

Surname of man who created Mickey Mouse

Former Soviet Union dictator, after Lenin’s death

Chinese food in small fried or steamed dumplings

Musical about the witches from Oz

Golden statues given at the Academy Awards

Regions where feet connect to legs, with 3 joints

Sudden strong windstorm, especially at sea

Puzzle 2

Frenchman considered one of the masters of comedy

When someone has stuck to or followed the rules

Part, anagram of notices

Photo that is printed straight away

Man-made bend on a motor-racing course

To stop completely, eliminate, terminate

Oversaw museum collection or exhibit

Greek civilian foot soldiers, were heavily armed

Flammable gas used for soldering and welding

Wall-less structure with roof to shelter a vehicle

Part of the body impaired by nephritis

Split with boyfriend or girlfriend

Tuscan wine, often sold in straw basket

US-Canada waterfalls popular with honeymooners

Puzzle 3

Throw these during winter play fights

The beans of this plant contain ricin

Android OS version like sugary flavored candies

Indian tech city, capital of Telangana state

Exhibiting a strong determination

The scientific study of sleep

When a building is cleared out due to an emergency

Person who is obsessively self-centered

Laminated pastry for sweet and savory pies

Inking on skin

Keeps your hair dry in the shower, bath

Another word for “wrestling”

US Revolutionary War started at this battle site

An add-on to an outfit e.g. a handbag or earrings

US political party of Obama, Clinton and JFK

Pronounce clearly

System of writing of ancient Mesopotamia

Puzzle 4

Believing everything you are told

Displaying love or affection

Unexpectedly, suddenly

With Bernstein, he exposed the Watergate scandal

1960s stalker movie remade in the 90s with De Niro

Los del Rio 90’s Spanish dance craze

Where travelers wait to board a train

Sudden opening in the ground

Dangerous fibers found in old building materials

Unsophisticated, not knowledgeable, uneducated

Capital of Indonesian province of Papua

Term for a horse between the ages of one and two

Eating between meals

English Forest, Nottinghamshire home of Robin Hood

Puzzle 5

Beautiful woman who is half fish

Indistinct, unclear

US inventor of the solid body electric guitar

Four-stringed Hawaiian lute

Something mysterious or vague

Island in Haiti, once a port for pirates

rodent extermination device

Mythological creatures with human face & bird body

Vacation to Brits

100 years

Group 298

Puzzle 1

Its lighthouse is one of the 7 Classic Wonders

Curvature on the surface of a road

Main language spoken in Austria

Disco dance that sounds like a swindle

Drying in the kiln

Serpent in Greek mythology killed by Apollo

Panamanian currency named after Spanish explorer

Ace Ventura and The Mask actor, Jim __

Country donating Trafalgar Square Christmas trees

Force causing rotation

Pressed laundry has been __

1879 battle saw the defeat of Zulu king Cetshwayo

Beliefs, religions

Wave rider

First appearances

Best of both __, all the advantages

Ice cream, chocolate sauce, whipped cream dessert

Abbreviated nickname of huge Canadian dog breed

Shut down and start computer

Lavish, of superior quality

Daryl __, she made a Splash as a mermaid

Puzzle 2

City where Harvard University is located

City where Anne Frank hid

Eastern __ Dollar is a currency in the West Indies

These African insects devour all in their path

Bigger than necessary

Head of the family in American Dad

Crushing or squashing, especially of bugs

Boiled dough, often added to stews


A triangular gemstone cut

Something that is satisfying, fulfilling

Turned off from something, repulsed

Puzzle 3

__ Skywalker becomes Darth Vader in Episode 3

For keeping hands warm

City James Joyce often wrote about, his birthplace

World’s biggest selling spice

In Buddhism, it means “cosmic law and order”

Rooms under roofs of houses, often used for storage

Polluted, anagram of umpire

Flavor of the French liqueur cointreau

Green sweet or sour vegetable that tops burgers

The opposite of love for someone

Where flags are on golf courses

Puzzle 4

Devices used to trigger explosive reactions

Tabloid portmanteau for Mr Affleck and Ms Lopez

Stringed musical instrument played with “hammers”

Guiding in another direction, like wheel of a car

They sit between the canines

Bad winter storm

Watched, paid close attention to

The state of abstaining from alcohol

NY Yankees big hitter and record holder

Online button to click so you can pay for items

Enlightenment leader and writer of Candide

Utensil used to beat breakfast laid by chickens

What Captain Kirk might say

Rock break of a gemstone where two parts separate

Puzzle 5

Devoid of any happiness or positivity

Second-largest Balearic isle, famous for megaliths

Lewis __ who wrote Alice in Wonderland

Simple sugar important to diabetics

Wrinkled and crinkled and requiring ironing

Leg __, woolly tubes worn on lower legs

Insulated portable liquid container

Ropes and chains that support a ship’s mast

Momentum, propulsion

High-end, extra value

Leather makers

Group 299

Puzzle 1

Male equines who have been sterilized

Poking at someone and making them laugh

Beating something, e.g. cream, until it stiffens

Person who jumps off airplanes for sport

A type of light, not ultraviolet, near crimson


Mafia gangsters

Long, light French dressing-gown for women

The so-called “Mad Monk” of Russia

Driver of a horse-drawn carriage

Specific to a particular location or area

Fleeing, running away

Second largest ocean in the world

Country representative

Covered in dots or freckles

Describes enlarged leg veins

Elton John’s self-given middle name

Asking someone sincerely to do something

Puzzle 2

Also called “fish-eating crocodile” found in India

Sequence of scenes that condenses space and time

Detachable metal covering for a plane’s engine

Third pharaoh of the 19th Dynasty of Egypt

A golden yellow variety of quartz

Country where model Heidi Klum was born

The Time __, H.G. Wells’ tale of time-traveling

Grassy area between golf tee and green

Uranus’ moon named after the Queen of the Fairies

Country where the Second Indochina War took place

In U.S., name given to an unidentified male body

Bathroom attached to a bedroom

To worry excessively, to endure mental anguish

Site of Chile’s deadliest earthquake in 1939

Bodily organ that stores urine

Puzzle 3

Second largest planet in our Solar System

Valley of the __, Franco’s Catholic basilica

Fiends, devils, evil spirits

7th century BCE King of Judah, son of Amon

Name of the main Ewok in Return of the Jedi

Two-piece swimwear for summer season

To remove the packaging

Working cop

“Fruity” red liqueur invented in 1818: __ Heering

Cultivated the earth before sowing

Relating to ancient religion, practiced by witches

Mozart’s favorite stringed instruments

Padded bed coverings

Ancient name of Greece

10 to the power of 100

Macbeth’s murdered friend returns as a ghost

Puzzle 4

A bruise

Beach vehicle with wheels and sails used for sport

Clergyman’s house provided by the church

Dancing flowers in “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud”

Rough, unsophisticated

Electrical discharge during a thunderstorm

U.S. trophy recognizes excellence in TV industry

Rare blue mineral, the gemstone of California


European city where “Game of Thrones” is filmed

Precipitous part of a high steep rock face

Highest movement of water across earth’s surface

Jazz instrument played by Lisa Simpson

Soldiers that protect from behind in a retreat

Round, beige legume used to make hummus

Flat, cold weather footwear to aid in walking

James Bond film named after Ian Fleming’s estate

Puzzle 5

Cofounder of a tech company with David Packard

Italian term for cooked firm to the bite

Pestered, hounded

Relating to your immediate surroundings

Re is the symbol for this chemical element

Two-word epithet for the Russian mystic Rasputin

Mysterious, enigmatic

Northern group of islands in West Indies

The __, Shakespeare play with Prospero and Caliban

__Holyfield, “Real Deal” heavyweight boxer

Singer who won an Oscar for From Here to Eternity

Group 300

Puzzle 1

Someone speaking on behalf of an important person

Pilfered, stolen

Conducting a surprise attack from a hidden place

To take control of again, acquire by force again

The __, film with Shirley MacLaine and Jack Lemmon

Musical notation indicating instrument fingering

Glowing white feldspar gem linked to June births

Early hand-held personal organizer used a stylus

Also called green onions

Plant starch used as a thickener in sauces

Those stranded on desert islands

Being __ to someone means you like them

Puzzle 2

Unsavory, seedy

City that has the longest open air art gallery

Copa __, Spanish football cup competition

Plucked stringed instruments from India

Important matters or topics to be discussed

Uncovered a plot before it was carried out

__ Bergman, star of the 1942 classic, Casablanca

Agitated, cranky like a crustacean

To repudiate an error in public

Mix with water to make less concentrated

A rabbit is pulled out of it during a magic show

Lavish city-state located in the south of France

Low, guttural sounds, like the ones made by a pig

Biblical king who threw Daniel into the lion’s den

Not colored, i.e. natural hair color


Caught or trapped

Surprise attack

Puzzle 3

Violently robbed

Pest that enters homes and lands on food

Another name for cutlery

Without others knowing

Savagery, wildness

Nationality of the inventor of basketball

Wife of Prince Albert of Monaco, a former swimmer

Scientific name for an ocean sunfish

Light, often elevated, transport on a single track

“Met his __”, a significant battle of 1815

Pencil for drawing around peepers on face

Historic trading town in Mali, Africa

Trade in goods and services

Puzzle 4

Simon __, liberator of Latin America

Sloping, slanting, askew

Island located between Japan and Taiwan

Remorseful, apologetic, regretful

Oil of __ is another name for sulfuric acid

Sicilian wine also used in cooking

Cool Runnings is about this type of sports’ team

To print for public consumption

People who select and approve copy for newspapers

French greeting for hello

Puzzle 5

William __, U.S. author of The Sound and the Fury

The scientific study of animal behavior

Working out a puzzle or mystery

Musical openings

Wooden cupboards for storage

Its capital is Tegucigalpa

King of Sparta and husband of Helen of Troy

Type of spit-roast pig

Traffic signal that means stop

Small pot in which tobacco chewers deposit saliva

Skin sores containing fluid caused by friction

Accompanied to another place for security

To cut something off, unwittingly abbreviate

Staircase handrail

Army unit of a number of battalions