La Bella Roma

Group 401

Puzzle 1

Foretell that something will happen in future

Cancels permissions or access rights

Russian author of War and Peace

The craft of making porcelain or earthenware

Number defined as 1 followed by 9 zeros

Italian rice dish cooked in broth until creamy

Destination of the virtuous in Greek mythology

Furniture containing a concealed chamber pot

Process of interlocking loops of yarn with a hook

Small Greek restaurant or cafe

Very weak, insubstantial

Hinder, restrain

Puzzle 2

Losing consciousness

Ridiculous, preposterous

Mystical adviser to Czar Nicholas II of Russia

Encourage, compel someone to do something

Sporadic, intermittent, periodic

Alcoholic mixed drink

City home to the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore

Morally corrupt

Kids who have escaped home

Outstanding tennis sisters Venus and Serena __

Small structure for drying plates on

Puzzle 3

Deception, two-facedness

Deeply engaging 3D experience, such as when gaming

Person who moves scenery in theatrical productions

Tribe or clan leader

Organisations doing good works

Gargamel’s blue lady spy

TV Adventures of the Ricardos and Mertzes

Rod Stewart hit about a fling with an older woman

“Sweet” mountain peak located in Rio de Janeiro

Rises or grows rapidly

French maker of stilettos with red soles

Frequency range for transmitting internet signals

Puzzle 4


Hungarian capital city on the Danube river

Nun dwellings

Fastener for binding electric wires together

Cave of ____ has Paleolithic paintings, in Spain

Radio frequencies for broadcasting

The most glossy, most polished

Cut of a garment above the chest

Greedily, eagerly


Puzzle 5


Long choux bun has cream filling and chocolate top

Use this on Instagram to change a photo’s look

Pieces of printed music

Weapon that fires heavy iron balls

Stella __, Belgian pilsner

Head-wrap worn by a Sikh

Says hello

Lotus __ S1, Bond’s car in The Spy Who Loved Me

A song’s refrain

Illustrious __, Sherlock is approached by a royal

Group 402

Puzzle 1


Capital of Cook Islands

Flat, polished sides of a diamond

__ Pete, nickname of tennis player Sampras

Breakfast tart with eggs and fillings


Showy, glamorous, sparkly

Japanese art form of small trees

He pulled the trigger

Not in front

Composer called “The Poet of the Piano”

Husband of Mary, the mother of Jesus

Puzzle 2

Exploding, like a cork from a bottle

The level of sourness, e.g. of a food or substance

Singer Niall Horan’s native country

Director of the Italian film Nights of Cabiria

Unseen prompt for actors, held off screen

Ancient light source, no electricity

Tennis played with one player each side of the net

Queasy, nauseous

Field of fruit trees

Word formed by rearranging the letters of another

Bram Stoker’s famous vampire

Puzzle 3

Love song, used to court someone

Element with the chemical symbol Pt

Type of restaurant most likely to serve sushi

One who subscribes to another’s tweets

Spectacularly embarrassing mistake

Leonardo __ was The Wolf of Wall Street

Lemongrass helps treat this scaly scalp condition

Shined to a glossy finish


Tube leading from the outer to inner hearing organ

Former name for Zambia and Zimbabwe

Fundamental component

Clyde __, US astronomer who discovered Pluto in 1930

Puzzle 4

Sleeping platform with a liquid mattress

Person who brings goods into a county in bulk

Kelly and Jack’s heavy metal singer dad, Ozzy __

Since birth, lasting all one’s years

Noise-making vehicle anti-theft mechanism

Coin-operated communication

Birds found on the coast


Register of people present

Chinese system for placing objects in a room

Athletic event of leaping across sand area

Viral reactivation of the chickenpox virus

Thin tissue-sheet boundary in a living organism

Well-spoken, articulate

Relating to the Greek capital

Puzzle 5

Traditional greeting of business people

People from Bucharest are __

Little __ are fibs meant to do no harm

Daily prophecy or advice based on the zodiac

__ Willie, Mickey’s first film, released in 1928


Fascinated, curious about

Not pleasant to look at

Elvis Presley’s actress wife

Group 403

Puzzle 1

Fast-moving river area

Ocean where walruses are concentrated

Forested wetlands along the Mississippi

__ Fleece, found on the flying ram of Aries

Thrill of victory, the agony of __

__ Franklin, Queen of Soul

Barney and Betty’s last name in the Flintstones

Green guy who stole Christmas

Struggle, brawl

A __ tweet stays at the top of a feed

What Iran was called formerly

Puzzle 2

Italian tomato sauce

Idly chattering, like a brook

Inundated with water

Hamlet’s stepfather who is also his uncle


Flap of skin underneath the tongue

Finds a solution, settles a dispute

Photos of a designer’s seasonal collection

Nationality of a native of Tirana

Under __ by Queen

Extra big bed, fit for a male monarch

Mecca’s most distinguished historical figure

Puzzle 3

This Venetian beauty elopes with Othello

French torch-song singer of La Vie en rose

Vastness of size, enormity

Loved and protected

Greek dramatist of the Bacchae and Orestes

__ up, fried eggs with the yoke showing

Followers and fans of Justin Bieber

Flavian Amphitheatre in Rome


Rodent with quills

Closed the window doors on a shop

Tennis penalty when serving on a baseline

Samhainophobia is the fear of this

Shining, making something glisten

Puzzle 4

Doggedly chasing

Fried squid dish

Power tool associated with Texas massacre movies

Day of the week of the Travolta’s Night Fever

Geological time period of the first dinosaurs

Tasks to be tackled, written in order of priority

Nero’s great uncle who adopted him

Katana-wielding Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

Holy or consecrated

Sessions during which auditions are held

Puzzle 5

Month in which Libras and some Scorpios are born

Make an image more in focus

Large spotted wild cat

Metal cap worn to protect against needle pinches

Flat Italian pasta sheets

Photo taken upon arrest

Series of Japanese animated films with Pikachu

Singer with Fenty beauty line of makeup

Walked in step, like a soldier

Brighten, become happier

Filthier, grubbier

Group 404

Puzzle 1

Gravemarker with inscription

Giant brick construction ordered by Shi Huangdi

Istanbul even before it was Constantinople

Capital letters

Oddly, weirdly

Ash __, first day of Lent

Food regime with zero animal products

Oval-banked cycling track

Il __, a Verdi opera about a troubadour

Primary hub city for Lufthansa Airlines

Grippy footwear worn on nautical vessels

Puzzle 2

Answering people’s tweets or messages

Specialist in the scientific study of plants

Tied-back hairstyle

Hiding game enjoyed by babies

Strong Roman god

Resident of a house, a tenant or dweller

Gap between the teeth

Palpable, can be touched

Leave one’s country and resettle elsewhere

ABBA-themed musical film and stage show

Puzzle 3

Deep blue colour

Egyptian god of the underworld

Distressing or urgent situations

Japanese organized crime syndicate, like the Mafia

Hole in mountain or hill that can grow speleothems

Richard __, traveled to Mecca; namesake of actor

__ pastries, assorted yeasty breakfast treats


An optical illusion in the desert

Famous for its shell-shaped roof: __ Opera House

Fourth astrological sign in the Zodiac

Traditional Japanese dramatic performance

Puzzle 4

Long pole with weights at either end

Only living species of the acinonyx genus


Reprimanded for bad behaviour

Ocean that is the largest on Earth

David’s successor at the end of 1 Chronicles

Awarding a mark for an assignment

Prospero’s young daughter in The Tempest

Face powder case with built-in mirror

Puzzle 5

Wet weather to save money for

Old, heavy sailing ships

Large swelling luminous star with cool surface

Lotion used to relieve itchiness

Spirits or spectres

The Godfather and Scarface actor

He delivered newsprint to your door

Making a heavy, metallic noise

Compelling attractiveness

Forming plans or a writer constructing a story

Group 405

Puzzle 1

Was hired to work for a company

Landlocked country linked to the origin of coffee

Venomous flat fish with long, thin tail

Lawless, instruction less

Portable exercise weight

Papers with adhesive backing, for pricing goods

Not scared, courageous, intrepid

Cave of the __, huge transclucent shards in Mexico

Jungle Book movie birds modelled after The Beatles

Spanish word for pharmacy

Second-level pilot checks for software programs

Puzzle 2

What the “A” stands for in the diagnosis ADHD

Green colour named after a type of nut

Natural feature, e.g. Niagara

Stringed instruments, similar to lutes

Member of the rabbit or hare family

Tennis __ saw the birth of the French constitution

Noticed, perceived

May or may not be successful

Harmless, safe

Puzzle 3

No longer existing, no longer useful

Northern and southern hemisphere divider

One fourth part


Toasted bread cube found in salads

Def __, British heavy metal band

Sent unwanted emails to users

Audible sign of possible sleep apnea

Painting style with thick layers of paint applied

Using another’s phrase or saying

Showing sincere and intense conviction

Mess, untidy proliferation

Puzzle 4

__ and Jake Gyllenhaal, acting siblings

White hat worn by MJ in Smooth Criminal video

Appearances, pretenses, costumes

A mule is created by mating a horse and a __

Light meal accompaniment, with lettuce, cucumber

Country where Leon Trotsky was assassinated

To have put a barrier around animals

Family ruling Florence for most of the Renaissance

Humbled, made to feel guilty publicly

To deny an accusation

Bird depicted as the head of Egyptian god Horus

River that flows through Baghdad

Puzzle 5

Programs used on a computer, e.g. games

Famous waterfall on the Zimbabwe-Zambia border

Glass bottle used to serve wine

Well-educated people who are interested in books

Conning someone

__ whale, aerially active breaching mammal

Broad, strongly built

The amount of tasks to be completed for one’s job

Popular red fruits grown in home gardens

Settler of a new country

An active hit for Olivia Newton-John in 1981

Group 406

Puzzle 1

Set apart from all the rest

Philosopher to whom Kong Miao Temple is dedicated

Put money into a bank account

Not a fake, the genuine article

To speak or act on behalf of someone else

Term for a plant that lives more than two years

Explains in clear detail

Thick, cool and flavoured fast-food drink

Ice crystals that form a circle around the sun

Power outages, when electric lights fail

Deaf German classical composer

Author Gabriel Garcia Marquez’ nationality

Calming tea herb

Plane-jumping sport

Yellow metal, symbol Sr, used in cathode ray tubes

Athletes who clear obstacles

Cook who is in charge in the kitchen

Sofa accessories

Early Beatles drummer, often titled the 5th Beatle

Car that races over a quarter mile

Able to be carried

Outshines, overshadows

Pills, tablets

Dark red, polished hardwood for furniture

Due or planned to happen at a certain time

Larger body from which 12 jurors are chosen

Puzzle 3

Footwear label that Victoria Beckham designs for

Green tea powder

Get a message across

Use it to clear out the snow

Anatomical term for tailbone

Dora the Explorer antagonist

Little __ of Fourteen Years, by Edgar Degas

Longs for

Largest country in area in the Northern hemisphere

Ancient military leader of the Huns

Not senior

Puzzle 4

Smearing ink

Prevents illness or bad luck from harming you

In the __ hemisphere, spring begins in September

Sauce tossed onto salad to add flavour

Slow-moving ice mountains


Puzzle 5

Share someone’s Twitter musings to your followers

Physicist had a sound waves effect named after him

__ Pilate, Roman governor who judged Jesus


Japanese island where karate originated

Brown dot on skin

Moet et __, French champagne house

Historical document collection

Wilted, flopped

Conducted yourself politely

Group 407

Puzzle 1

The swaying gait of ducks

Robert __ was a Taxi Driver in 1976

Steer violently around something

Lake __, turquoise lake & resort in Alberta, CA

Velvety-tasting, like a carbonara

A market in a Middle Eastern country

Miss __, Vietnam love story about Madame Butterfly

Featured instrument in Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons

Confirm to be true

Another word for prepared wood

Puzzle 2

Musical movie soundtrack

Sudden memory of a past experience

Canadian Pacific isle with its capital at Victoria


Containers for saws, hammers, drills etc

To discuss the terms of an agreement via debate

St Peter’s earthly profession

Invention that inspired the first opera glasses

Wassily __, Russian abstract painter

South Asian flat staple served with curries

Thickness of a liquid

Puzzle 3

Type of melon and a scientific Muppet character

Followed closely, observing work practices

As American or as British as this fruity pastry

What the E stands for in a record format EP

Make a claim retrospectively valid

Evergreen tree offspring

Feeling elated

Beach-based drama series with lifeguard action

Weather condition estimate

Stripes, checks, polka dots, floral are all these

Material draped around windows and drawn shut

Pertaining to the self; __ planets, inner planets

Autonomous community in north-west Spain

Like a phantom, ghostly

Microsoft’s online file-hosting service

Puzzle 4

Coming out from cover

Strips of material to wrap a wound

Makes officially valid, like a treaty

Spots on buildings for aircraft to land

World’s second largest landlocked country by area

In Greek mythology, the city founded by Queen Dido

Strips of stickiness to catch summer insects

Beta, red-orange pigment found in carrots

Puts forward a plan

Breathe this in when you are outdoors

Degree earner

Laboratory substance

A picture is worth this many words

Term for inflammation of the substance of a bone

Touching a football with your arm, by accident


Vertical strip at the left or right of a website

Avoiding the question

Arrow holsters

Tibetan, Neapolitan, & English breeds of this dog

Title or address of a married Italian lady

Likes one thing over another


Visible African country from Straits of Gibraltar

US postal cipher at the end of an address

Puzzle-loving Batman adversary

Mint compound from peppermint oil used in cigs

Group 408

Puzzle 1

Agatha Christie’s character, detective Hercule __

Soft, squishy item for washing your body

Largest hot desert in the world

Put upside down or in the opposite position

Fine parchment made from the skin of a calf

Japanese robe closed with an obi

A solution of salt in water

The main course, in US

Closest Caribbean island to Florida


Chinese astrology animal with floppy ears

Puzzle 2

Rocket launcher

Roman god of wine

Insect that makes a noise by rubbing its wings

Frilly gathers of material that decorate clothes

A bold or daring act

Sporting boat race

Business tycoon

Sugar in milk products many people can’t tolerate

Your father’s father

Official language of Belize

Commonplace, ordinary, expected

Woodland areas under threat from being cut down

Highest mountain in Greece

Water __, another name for Aquarius

Extreme tiredness, exhaustion

Tennessee ‘good stuff’ summer festival

Place of abode

Ceremony for driving out evil spirits

Ecclesiastical districts with churches

Applied a dressing to a wound

Brazilian black bean stew

The capital of South Carolina

Getting older and wiser

Nut-hoarding animal

Jacques __, French sailor and underwater explorer

Term for Carnival season in Greece

City where Catherine de Medici was born

Puzzle 4

Nationality of one from the city of Sucre

Filipino professional boxer, Manny __

Maximum extent across the arms of a plane

Cold cabbage side dish

State of being usual, common, natural

Longest reigning Roman emperor

Surgical cutting of nerves in the brain

Mountain range along the entire Italian peninsula

The most expensive

A chance occurrence

The occasion of a person’s birth

Jose __, tenor singer with Domingo and Pavarotti

Found in Chinese cookies

Puzzle 5

Breeze that hits perpendicularly

Devoted support

First ancient people known to use hieroglyphics

Looming close, approaching

Kevin McCallister fends off robbers by himself

Ride of the __ by Wagner

Artificial sugary addition or payment as a bribe

Encouraged, given the impetus to go ahead

Group 409

Puzzle 1

Salad in Italian

They grow up to be kings of the jungle

Former Roman temple, now a church

Rio’s biggest festival

Disease typically associated with hyperglycemia

The smallest trace, only just visible

Wildlife hit by traffic on the highway

ABBA song about Napoleon

Cloth for drying dishes

__ fields, swathes of purply bushes in Provence

Latrine shack

Puzzle 2

paper-folding, the Japanese way

Wriggling fly larvae

Main Cretan town, built with a huge palace

Worth a thousand words

Compound that is the main component of cane sugar

Creator of the Mongolian Empire: __ Khan

Dolce & __, Light Blue perfume makers

Italian town squares

Enclosure for babies for fun and games

Moveable wardrobe, often antique

__ wage, lowest legal rate of pay

Puzzle 3

Eva Peron was married to this country’s president

Making it to the end zone with ball in hand

Fear of bees

Ancient Egyptian queen

Feeling of intense dislike

Holiday that occurs the day before Boxing Day

Shone an image onto a screen

Creator or maintainer of online content and sites

Raise the stakes

Machine that produces electricity


Medicinal sweet to aid sore throats

Puzzle 4

Grating, irritating

Mexican carnival-style music festival

Italian hard almond biscuits

Film actress originally from South Africa: __ Theron

Second-largest city in Peru

A patient person can wait for cows to do this

Fixing a hole in cloth with more cloth

Pot for making hollandaise

Pirate’s company onboard

Releasing gas from the mouth after a heavy meal

__ Things by the Duff Brothers

Signed off Merrie Melodies with That’s All, Folks!

Another name for adults, when talking with kids

Stop subscribing to someone’s Twitter feed


Show to be wrong or false

Puzzle 5

-me-not, borage plant with small blue flowers

Glares, frowns, glowers

Occasions, ceremonies, things that are happening

Paul Francois __ led a coup against Robespierre

Better known name of the Greek god Loxius

__ Conan Doyle, writer of Sherlock Holmes tales

Someone who is extremely talented or admired

Thin, white fungal coating, grows on damp clothes

They could be blue or beluga

Capital city of Saudi Arabia

Disney mouse

Someone who is in jail

Group 410

Puzzle 1

Zero __, policing system with strict policies

City birthplace of the four Beatles

Stretchy trousers used for exercise or meditation

Based on random choice

Depicted or represented

What comes from a tap marked C

Little inhabitants of Emerald City

Emotion, feeling, nostalgia

Sweaters with buttons down the front

Daisy-family plant, its extracts said to aid colds

Puzzle 2

Selecting and organizing items in a collection

Walks unsteadily and giddily

Spanish island where Rafael Nadal was born

Close friend of Harry Potter: __ Granger

Less than half the whole

State of having no hair

Vision, hallucination

Places where grapes are processed

Ability to keep afloat in water

Orchestral composition featuring soloists

Puzzle 3

Hawaiian volcano, the world’s most active

Presumed cause of the Plague of Athens: __ fever

Diffidence, timidity

Not nice

Act or show off


Bathroom directly joined to a bedroom

The fallen angel

Behind home plate in baseball

Puzzle 4

Long, narrow sea inlets bordered by steep cliffs

Someone who enjoys cigars or cigarettes

An account has been __ when accessed illegally

Ship for catching large mammals

Capital of the Bahamas

Season when the Wimbledon tournaments take place

__ boot, term for latex, waterproof footwear

Right place to find Hispanic groceries

National animal of Canada

__ bar, cereal snack that gives you a boost

Natural material that baskets are made from

Katniss __ of The Hunger Games

The decade of Madonna

Only barely, thinly

Wooden window coverings

Formal observance or celebration

Ruler of Haiti from 1957 to 1971

Like a house in need of frequent, costly repairs

Circular conveyor of luggage in an airport

Eastern Namibia desert

Group 411

Puzzle 1

Unexpected event

These are for standing on, after a shower

She brings your order at a diner

Poster advertising a theatrical performance

Homeless wanderer

Caviar fish

Former Hostess sponge cake with cream filling

Beatles LP featuring Taxman and Eleanor Rigby

People told to leave a place for safety

__ of Venice by William Shakespeare

France’s July 14th celebration, ___ Day

Capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Puzzle 2

Small, dark, sour cherry

Ursula __ portrayed Vesper Lynd in Casino Royale

Smaller-sized products for testing

Newspaper bosses

Distinctive, colourful facial feature of a clown

Patriarch of the Jewish people, father of Isaac

To progress to the next stage in a video game

Soap spheres

Sneer, forced smile

Destructive wind storm with funnel-shaped cloud

Timing device for sporting events

Thinks up an idea

Examples of this include a potato and a carrot

Scientific techniques used to solve a crime

Antarctica’s largest island, named for a czar

Priestess of Apollo whose prophecies were doubted

Not showing care for the consequences of an action

Wild, drunken celebration

Director of first non-silent British feature film

A residence for monks

Grievance about a shop-bought item

Turns against, behaves treacherously

Wrist restraints for an arrested criminal

The lamp that illuminates the star act on stage

Australian parrot with orange cheek circles

No Matter What Sign __, Diana Ross & the Supremes

David and Victoria Beckham’s daughter

Witty exchanges

A sockeye is this kind of fish

Apply these to stop a car moving

Soviet dictator who created the USSR

Hindu festival of lights

A tight grasp

Bite the __

Handy for a certain purpose

Where Guinness beer comes from

French word for “chicken”

Contemporary style, often simplistic, up to date

Puzzle 5

Complain about, vent out loud

Tropical islands found south of India

Sudden destabilising symptom of vertigo

Boxing training without hard blows

Elbow-shaped pasta

Savoury mince, shaped and baked in the oven

Leader of the Decepticons in Transformers

To have brought contraband into the country

Unpleasant, nasty, disgusting

Delicate pattern of silver or gold wire

Duke of Milan in Shakespeare’s The Tempest

To be immature

__ spaniel; lively, energetic gun dog breed

Abhors, shuns

Mating and production of offspring in animals

Group 412

Puzzle 1

Former name for Microsoft OneDrive

Criticize harshly

__ Fighter, mixed martial arts competition

Capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Tangy citrus juice

Defeat in a battle, subdue, overcome


Causing an injury

Month when British people celebrate Bonfire Night

Busiest, most happening part of a city

Knives and other eating utensils

It can house fresh water or salt water fish

Deplete ocean stocks by catching too many

Puzzle 2

Spiritual leaders with special healing abilities

Mixes with water to make less concentrated


Novel featuring the character of Leopold Bloom

Stacked sleeping arrangements

Male on-court retriever in tennis

Remote Australian bush land

Tony Stark’s alter ego

Top cash prize in a competition or lottery

Claire de Lune composer

Goes back, retreats

The practice of growing food to sell

Mark on the skin

Greek stew of meat and onions

Long locks of hair

Scottish knitwear brand with diamond pattern

Bridge-like structure with arches across a valley

Puzzle 3

Threaten or endanger, like Dennis the __

__ Carey bought Marilyn Monroe’s baby grand piano

Hebrew word of greeting or taking leave

Invented, untrue, fictional

Creme __, vanilla cream with burnt topping

Body part that includes the pharnyx and larynx

Thin layer of wood as a decorative surface

Tool used to drive nails into wood

Add-on software component

A divine utterance delivered to man

Style of popular music featuring rap

Puzzle 4

Name given to St Petersburg between 1914 and 1924

Passionately, eagerly, intensely

Occur, arise

Emotional responses

Revolving tray for food placed in a table’s centre

Goods that are wrapped before sale

Compilations of songs in a particular order

People who can cast out demons or spirits

Describes people who are active after dark

Thin, flat writing material used in medieval times

Puzzle 5

Major football stadium in Rio de Janeiro

Flight to __, the capture of the fleeing Louis XVI

Bar fighters

Italian coffee sweet translates as “cheer me up”

The sky over a particular country or territory

Frequently, most often

Capital of Liberia

Like a drum beat

People who give up easily

Overthrowing an official

How the Spanish say 40

Fabric pieces sewn on fabric to create a pattern

Marvel Comics superhero group

Group 413

Puzzle 1

Learning disorder, causes difficulty with reading


International __, mark at the 180th meridian

Magnifying symbol of a sleuth at work

Someone who is rotten to the core

Accepts something as true

Woody and Buzz Lightyear want to be the favorite

Spotted herbivores with long necks

Unnaturally high singing voice

Spanish actor who voiced Puss in Boots

Sending unsolicited, annoying emails

Green vegetable that’s like a little tree

Where green citrus fruits grow

Puzzle 2

Cured Italian pork sausage cut into circles

Triangular bone at base of spine

Tweaking guitar strings for harmonious play

Crime of robbery on the high seas

Sharp, quick-thinking

Whirling mass of water or air

Mislead, trick someone into believing lies

__ scooper, device for picking up doggy droppings

Collie from Eric Knight’s children’s books

Heaps, piles

Puzzle 3

Robin __, voice of the Genie in Aladdin

Annoyance, cause of discomfort

Consecutive numbers with the same difference

__ Hall, New York classical music venue

How many sports games are started, involves money

Fluid surrounding an unborn child

Glasses that work for near and distant vision

Forename of Virginia Woolf’s Mrs Dalloway

Based in reason and logic

Eggs __, dish of eggs, muffin, ham and hollandaise

Popular Broadway musical about US founding father

Dress with material missing behind

Puzzle 4

Lovable cartoon Great Dane

Tiny silicon element in a computer circuit

Seville orange conserve served thickly on toast

Teacher or educator, especially when pedantic

Trustworthy, with a good societal standing

Having great future possibilities

Three foot measuring tool

Rain protectors

Method, process

Copper __, blue fungicide aka Roman Vitrol

Fall quickly from a height

Paper tissue brand name that is now generic

Rory’s mother in Gilmore Girls

Loss of ability to understand or produce speech

Feathers on a bird

Cracked, roughened, reddened skin

Cream filled tubular pastry from Sicily

Composer of the opera “La Boheme”

Usain Bolt’s Caribbean island nation

Group 414

Puzzle 1

Precious metal hammered into thin sheets

Elevated city railway

Essential substance found in sunlight exposure

Something worn between hand and arm, or on a glove

Largest city in the southern hemisphere


A metal or ceramic container for melting ores

Filling to the point of overflowing

What twigs are attached to

French term for a wine barrel

Soft floor covering underfoot in a room

Banged by judges to proclaim rulings

Zodiac twins

Charlie’s __, series about female crime fighters

Changes gear

Country ruled by Idi Amin in the 1970s

A pillar, holds up a building

Struggling, dealing with a loss

Alternative route when road is closed

What drummers have in order to play in time

Country where Mt. Ararat is located

Lightheartedness, humour


George __, Australian director of Mad Max

Puzzle 3

To stamp an outline on a surface

Protective care or guardianship of someone

Changed into an animal

This country has a very popular blue lagoon

French term for dipping veggies in boiling water

Piece of fabric worn on the upper part of sleeves

Nationality of tennis player Novak Djokovic

Webpage set up by an ardent follower of a star

Speaking furry toys, must-have of the late 1990s

Something given gratis

Narrow strip of land with water on either side

Italian saint and philosopher, Thomas __

Raining heavily

Puzzle 4

Indonesian island once called Celebes

Definiteness, conclusiveness

Thrusting into water to clear blockage

Gap or ambiguity in the law

Scuba equipment invented by Cousteau

Leans back

__ Thornton, once married to Angelina Jolie

Dead end, road with only one way in and out

Precious green jewels

Spaniel cross-breed with a curly-haired dog

Warming rays that boost Vitamin D supplies

Diminished, reduced

Tennis scoring system introduced at 6 games apiece

A shareholder’s part of a company’s product

Large, front part of the brain

Puzzle 5

Most populous Central American country

Sticky material pieces played with by kids

Site of Beatles music studio and zebra crossing

Taken to hospital by helicopter or plane


Iron Man’s identity

Someone with an irrational fear of food

Device for storing computer data

Study of friction, wear between surfaces

Soft, smoked Italian cheese

Relating to memory or reasoning processes

Adolescent, whippersnapper

Another name for tea tree oil

At Christmas, the bird found in a pear tree

Group 415

Puzzle 1

Person who directs an orchestra

__ James Moriarty, Sherlock Holmes’ nemesis

Where local produce might be sold

Surface for a billiards-type game

Ancient past, preceding the Middle Ages

Providing psychological relief, emotional release

Terribly fierce and dangerous

Pet __, job title for Ace Ventura

High-rate data connection to the Internet

You can use it to see the stars

A person with senior responsibility in business

Passing on, e.g. knowledge or wisdom

Base chemicals

A grump, a whiner, or a kitten sucking a lemon

Rough number of passengers on a full ship

Could be sunny side up or over easy

Resembling a castle or a large royal residence

Obstruction or occlusion

Tennis player Andy Murray’s nationality

You mean this when adding BTW to a mail or text

Anne Boleyn’s fate

“Goody goody __”, a sweet turn of phrase

Puzzle 3


Second tenet of the French Revolution, in English

Bookish, inclined to study

Composer Franz __, wrote the Trout Quintet

Supersonic passenger plane

Garment that sits above the wearer’s hips

An agreement

__ fracture, aka stress fracture

Pink alloy of copper and precious metal


Covered walkway in a convent

Very hot, like sausages on a BBQ

The state or fact of existing

Lasagna-loving orange cat

Puzzle 4

Woman’s undergarments for training the torso

Weights exercise for thighs

Protein found in nails, hair, and hoofs

English breath mint brand since the late 1700s

Band best known for Livin’ on a Prayer

Long angry critical rants

Conflict that inspired a poem by Tennyson: __ War

Noise-makers in game shows

Furry-skinned, round summer fruits good with cream


Ancient Roman city buried after volcanic eruption

Green Arrow is accomplished at this sport

Fifth letter of the Greek alphabet

Of colours that are dim or muted

Joy, elation

Galileo __, Italian astronomer and physicist

Puzzle 5

Prejudiced over someone’s gender

Mercenaries in feudal Japan

Protective garments worn in the kitchen

Not clearly visible

Twisted rope-like designs in knitting

Chinese mythology’s animal with a prehensile tail

__ weenie is very small

Buttons or pins, small images to be added to blogs

Use an alternative route, avoiding city centre

__ caramel, savory seasoned sweet sauce

Medical term for a nonmalignant tumor

America’s Got __, variety show

The least common

Only non-Scandanvian country bordering Finland

Central and South American alligator relative

Parade __, decorated vehicles from Carnival

Volcanic stone

Full-bodied; like a rich, flavorful wine

Group 416

Puzzle 1

King or queen

One more

Seat of national government

Large avian friend of Snuffleupagus

Silvery metal used in batteries and some medicines

Disease caused by plasmodium parasites

A dark sweet sherry

A stop between flights

Africa’s largest country

Puzzle 2

Production amount of a factory

__ Scream, band led by Bobby Gillespie

Farrah Fawcett __, blonde Charlie’s Angel

Country where the Battle of Agincourt took place

The bone next to the tibia

__ Bravo, muscly blond cartoon character

In football, a crucial pass that results in a goal

Largest city in Switzerland

Fury Road’s protagonist

Cook in water just below the boiling point

A photograph taken by you, of you

Hot under the __, means angry or annoyed

Pencil topper

Road from ancient Rome to southern Italy: __ Way

Spanish fried dough treat dipped in chocolate

Justly, evenly

Puzzle 3

Largest piece of fabric on a boat

Pinball parts for striking the ball

To remove money from an account

Single-celled organisms, such as an amoeba

Cooking vegetables above a pan of boiling water

Negatively charged particle, not a proton

Body of water between the UK and Norway

Changed a little, updated with tweaks

Describes all animal species living in an area

Era of 70s music with glitter, satin and make-up

Neck pain from a sudden and hard stop

Following someone stealthily

Careful, watchful

Cloudy skies with no sun

Mark made by a sharp metal sewing implement

Puzzle 4

Australian double-Oscar winner Cate __

Pleased, satisfied

An organisational body created for a certain purpose

Rule by the rich, government by the few

Wishful thinkers, fantasists

Story with a princess, e.g. Snow White


Five-pointed star

Greenish-blue semiprecious stone used in jewelry


Type of substance which blocks electricity flow

Action to close a frozen PC application

Physical activity routines

A person’s home

Demanding money through threats

Puzzle 5

Recurring periodically

Maleficent actress, __ Jolie

X marks the spot for buried ____

Medical term for mercury poisoning: __ disease

Murderer of an important person

Sofia is capital of this Eastern European country

White sauce with butter, flour and milk

A person who boasts

Seaworthy, anagram of Isabella

Group 417

Puzzle 1

British queen during the time of Shakespeare: __ I

Jesus Christ __ by Andrew Lloyd Webber

Daisy weed used to make wishes

Capital of Romania bordering capital of Hungary

Boat that carries large containers

Frank Lloyd Wright’s profession

Stage name of singer born as Katheryn Hudson

To dehydrate food at low temperatures

Belle of the ball at school party

Lively, full of energy, especially of older people

The sources of information in a course

International airport in Rome, code FCO

Insect with taste buds in its feet

Teams that play in the ultimate cup match

Doctor visit to one’s home

Takes a moment

Mixtures of two or more elements, in science

The original meat pattie in a bun

Puzzle 2

Two-shelled sea creature

Stands firm in wanting something

Little __ Boy, pa rum pum pum pum

Switches for adjusting brightness

Very slow moving thick ice mass from unmelted snow

19th C nationalists fighting for Irish freedom

Schulz cartoons with Charlie Brown and Snoopy

Speaking in __, also known as glossolalia

Chocolate and cream glaze used to cover pastries

Circus __, sporting arena of ancient Rome

Puzzle 3

Rigid airship with German name

Nationality of author Margaret Atwood

A follower of Jerry Garcia’s band

Old furniture and other old items with value

Insulted, anagram of delights

Collectible stones masquerading as companions

Vitality, enthusiasm, liveliness

Melodic container for jewellery

Beating of wings

Kickboxing foot strike not from the front

Impose on someone’s generosity

The ninth plague of Egypt

Joaquin Phoenix’s character in Gladiator

Sign up again

Restoration to initial state

Puzzle 4

Singing as a duo

Cutlery for measuring and stirring sugar in cups

Skilled shooters

Fluffy winter coverings for the sides of the head

Large city at the mouth of he Yangtze River

Margaret Thatcher’s nickname, The __

Spy drama series starring Claire Danes

Silver adhesive used by handymen

Those past their peak

Country where Satpara Lake is located

Mocking or teasing unkindly

German highway

French general, Charles __

Tiredness, sluggishness, fatigue

Assemble, organize

Sabena Airlines replacement: __ Airlines

Stolen, looted

Sudden release of emotion

Splash with flecks of liquid

Puzzle 5

Idiosyncratic, oddball, eccentric

Jackal-headed god associated with mummification

Hard spice seed that can be grated

The __ Woman, 70s sci fi show about Jaime Sommers

Humble, unassuming

Luke Skywalker actor, Mark __

Defames someone in print

The day after Thursday

Book of recollection

Friendly cartoon ghost

Delays something from occurring

New York City’s largest borough

Tiny bits of dry materials used to start a fire

Cerebral __, made of gray matter

__ of luck, good fortune happening by chance

Group 418

Puzzle 1

Italian word for flute

It fastens your shorts

Split or sever meat, along the grain

Resolve or reach an agreement

Mexican painter Diego __, married to Frida Kahlo

White stone used in kitchen surfaces & sculptures

Ancient Egyptian capital, within modern-day Luxor

Eddie __, Shrek’s Donkey

__ and bustle, rhyming phrase for frantic activity

Greek god of darkness

Puzzle 2

“Eat, drink and __”

__ Faso, country renamed in 1984 from Upper Volta

Muriel’s __, early Aussie hit for Toni Collette

Hugh Hefner’s magazine


Edible fish has wide mouth and extruded bottom lip

Abraham’s oldest son, as told in the Bible

Pavarotti’s profession prior to singing opera

Came out from somewhere

Where baseball pitchers warm up

Allowed, permitted, gave consent to

__ degeneration, ageing eye condition

Animal who sings when the sun rises

A sequence of film clips edited and put together

Meaningful sayings adopted by families

Point of no return for some ships: __ Triangle

Steered wildly

Puzzle 3

Timber that has been washed ashore

An individual taking part in a war

Ant-eating animals from Africa, with large ears

Reasoning, basis for thinking

Jewish Day of Atonement

Half-human and half-robot, such as in Blade Runner

Clinical measurement, e.g. pulse rate, temperature

Moving in circles, like a rotating door

____ shops, small businesses run by a couple

Reusing household waste

Colourful connection of devices by short distance

Comedy drama about the Gallagher family

Stubborn, determined, hanging on tightly

Second largest country in South America by area

Time period in which humans began using metals

Raw fish cafes

Of a machine suffering a sudden malfunction

Particularly dazzling diamond cut

Names written of people that have been ostracized

American author who penned The Godfather

Puzzle 4

Dribble in anticipation of food

Someone who travels the oceans, nautical explorer

Friendly, likes being around people

Act with the Heartbreakers as his backing group

“Don’t count your __ before they hatch”

Recoil when a gun is fired

Disease characterized by high blood glucose

Film: __ of the Corn

Turn on, make a machine start

TV apparatus that converts signals into pictures

Inflicted sanctions

Oil-processing plant

Edgar __, horror writer of The Tell-Tale Heart

To have the opposite effect of what was intended

First year student

Worms that have many body segments

Neatening, rearranging

Puzzle 5

Small sweep of hair pressed to the forehead

Person or team least likely to win

Disease associated with severe niacin deficiency

On your own two feet


Microscopic organisms that float in the ocean

Former file-sharing service with green logo

Narrow glass vessel used to heat chemicals in labs

Spiral threads of a climbing plant

Landlocked country whose capital is Gaborone

People who post regular online articles

Sat lazily

Chinese dish with meat and bean sprouts

Hitting sticks onto skins making percussive sounds

Group 419

Puzzle 1

He played Mr. Big in Sex and the City

Clean, not tarnished, generally of reputations

A piece of public outdoor furniture

Swedish tennis legend, no. 1 six times 1977-1981

Oscar __, late Dominican fashion designer

Skill used by Sherlock Holmes in solving crimes

People who finance and manage the making of a film

Sellers, vendors

Salacious online story to encourage site visits

Large Italian lake, in Perugia province

Person who passes away without leaving a will

It killed the cat

Wind that comes off the ocean

High seating in pubs and drinking establishments

Its capital is Jakarta

Largest city in Victoria, Australia

A divisive issue, can have serious consequences

Puzzle 2

Birth city of Barack Obama

Expressed, passed along

Afternoon gathering with hot drinks and cakes

Large Hadron __, the largest particle accelerator

Career for which one feels particularly suitable

Shallow container for holding bars of suds


Relating to the Milky Way

Defames in speech

Mozart’s first name

Nation ruled by Doctor Doom in Marvel Comics

Safety check that a vehicle is working properly

Swift antelopes found on African grassland plains

Fragment of wood caught in a finger perhaps

Artist’s device for spraying paint

Sea to the west of the Balkan Peninsula

Those with nothing between the ears

Soften food by soaking in liquid

Word board game with tiles

Peter Pan’s young male companions in Neverland

Puzzle 3

People who post regular video blog updates

Medical, scientific

Impetus gained by a moving object

Grease rendered from strips of pig meat

Second Estate, French social order pre-Revolution

Gland that is only found in males

Automatic, unthinking, e.g. a __ reaction

They’re good for holding bubbles and for relaxing

Long-tailed tropical tree-living monkey

Putters hit it

__, like Chewbacca, come from Kashyyk in Star Wars

Lachrymose channel in the eye

Swankiness, luxuriousness, grandeur

__ Sam, archenemy of Bugs Bunny

Observant, keeping a close eye

Comporting oneself correctly

Puzzle 4

System of raised dots essential for blind people

Watered down

A great deal, hard to resist

Freddy __ of Nightmare on Elm street

Mexican peninsula with Chichen Itza site

State of being abjectly poor

Another name for fabric, especially in art context

Cylindrical clay oven used in Indian cuisine

Movie and music legend who played Dorothy, Judy __

Sugary, milky, buttery sauce is a sweet topping

Colonel __, military character from Clue game

A large cup or goblet for drinking wine

Submarine missile

The O in the sporting body IOC

Win, triumph

Puzzle 5

Both India and Bangladesh share this river’s delta

Compelled to act in a certain way


The ability to think & behave in a rational manner

School uniform jacket

Morning joe

To inflict harm on behalf of another harmed

Paris museum with glass pyramid

Strong, effective, especially of pharmaceuticals

__ the Sailor, Arabic seafarer of legend

Wild horse tamed in the book by Mary O’Hara

Film production house

__ once, shame on you; Italian proverb

Group 420

Puzzle 1

Procedural problem-solving by a computer

Elvis Presley’s mansion, now a museum

Longest river in SW Asia

Showing moderation or self-restraint

Uprising, riot

They are for tying bows on your feet

Made less loose

Nontechnical term for tsunami

Moves from one place to another

U.S. actor & rapper, the Fresh Prince

Ukraine-born Black Swan Hollywood actress

eaten at the start of a meal

Organising, sorting out methodically

Destined to happen, down to fate

Late evening venue with music and dancing

Puzzle 2

Glassy or vitreous covering, or a paint type

Tacky, cheap, tasteless; the taste of gorgonzola

For keeping money safe when out and about

Hung around for someone

Scary movie series with ghostly mask

Motion pictures as found on YouTube

__ Swift released 1989 and Red

Of time, to go by

Found in, or produced by the sea

He flew too close to the Sun

Puzzle 3

Picasso anti-war mural for bombed Spanish village

Castrated or spayed

Ancient Greek lyric poet with an Acropolis statue

Scrape or laceration

Wheel of Fortune or Jeopardy, say

__ of Fire, movie centred on the 1924 Olympics

Accounts in other countries, hard to trace

Broadcast a programme or sports event online

Nationality of a native of Zagreb or Split

Like something lightweight that can be carried

Walking with long steps

Fixed or mended something that was broken

System of symbols used to represent numbers

Rarely occurring lunar experience

List of all the letters, A-Z

Puzzle 4

Monty Python’s Broadway musical

__ Clooney, George’s actress aunt

Ain’t No __ High Enough, Marvin Gaye love song

Boating sport, a bit like kayaking

Breakdown vehicle for moving immobile vehicles

Shame, scandal and ignominy

Powers that form patterns between planets

Engulfing with water

Once you pop, you can’t stop eating these chips

Italian flat bread made with olive oil

Chair made to seat two amorous people

__ Mead, US anthropologist

Relied on

Puzzle 5

Pouring oil over roasted meats

Brand perfumer of Hypnose and Poeme

Provider of input on the outcome of a sports event

Members of the ruling family

Prim and demure, overmodest

Hunting industry of the oceans

The sustained bombardment of a trench line

Administration of law, upholding of rights

Spooked, frequented by spirits

Country whose capital and largest city is Tallinn

Famous diaper brand

Shutter __, press this button to take a photo

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