Group 41

Puzzle 1

Burnt to a __, exhausted

To dress or adorned with tasteless showiness

General name for a member of the Army

Nooked, in a small recessed section of a room

Levi __, inventor of the denim jeans

The ear is the __ organ

A famous puzzle solver

Baroque musician who composed the Four Seasons

Slightly different form of program or story

Developed radio telegraph system, Guglielmo __,

Vodka, whiskey, gin, intoxicating liquid

Extreme expression of disapproval

Replies to questions, either right or wrong

The eye of an __ is bigger than its brain

Puzzle 2

Largest town in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Device used to surf the web

Degas painted L’ __

Way of hitting a ball in tennis

A dentist invented this chair

Famous US musician author of “Blowin’ in the Wind”

Emperor of Japan during World War II

Costs of doing business

Saw with wide blade aka backsaw

Ms __ Bankhead, US actress

Salad made of finely shredded cabbage with vinegar

Puzzle 3

Man considered the inventor of the periodic table

__, or flu, kills thousands each year

Austrian currency before the Euro

Thick dairy product obtained by fermentation

Suffolk ship burial discovered in the 1930s

St Petersburg palatial art museum

Famous song by Paul McCartney: ” __ Oratorio”

Tropical cyclone given alphabetical names

Alexander Graham Bell invention

Stephen King’s 8 book fantasy series

It grabs children and pulls them into lakes

Puzzle 4

A person who shoots with bow and arrows

__ Zusak, Australian novelist

Male swimming suit

Birds tweet, ducks quack, hens __

Ask for something forcefully

Actress who invented a predecessor to Wi-Fi

Utensil used for cooking, __ pan

Little blue creatures with the same last name

Chubby sweet winged angel

Granny Smith, Gala, and Fuji are all types of __

Puzzle 5

Pregnancy occuring in the wrong place

Month Halloween is celebrated

Deserved to be laughed at

Legal member of a country or state

Scientist who discovered Penicillin

Chop, dice, slice on this board

Someone who plays a sport

Add sugar to improve taste

Who keeps __ with the wolf will learn to howl

Cutting wood to make a picture or toy

Half-sized flute made in Italy

Edith __, wrote The Age of Innocence

Machine that plays music when a coin is inserted

Record of money expenses, checking __

Male born from the same parents as you

Group 42

Puzzle 1

Land-locked S. American country

The __ of Venice, a Shakespeare’s comedy

Scientist who devised a formula to solve equations

The way birds of a feather flock

90s Tokyo subway attack used this chemical

Skyscrapers would be impractical without this device

A person employed to guard buildings or property

Mythical creature that awakens in a Moon phase

Popular material for kitchen flooring

__ Beauty, won the Oscar for best picture

Someone who has beaten all opponents

Pink bird known for its long neck

Wealth or riches, usually precious metals

Puzzle 2

Pez was created in this Austrian city

Tree that worried the Little Prince

All together without a certain one, excluding

80s film about a nonviolent leader

Someone withdrawn from society, recluse

Member of Fox’s Society of Friends

Classical dance form known for its grace

Shape-altering single-celled parasite

Control used from a distance

Confidence in something, faith

Handcart used by market vendors

Puzzle 3

British rock band that “creeps” out its fans

Open to more than one interpretation

David __, US TV talk show host for 33 years

Period of economic downturn

Woodward partner and Watergate exposer

Instrument for measuring time with sand

State when sudden changes in the brain happen

Large building where college students live

Bavarian smoked sausage with garlic flavor

Main character in Far from the Madding Crowd

Puzzle 4

Legally taken and raised by other parents

Small mammal, stands on back legs

Something done on paper with pencil or ink

Initial play of a football game

The way an empty sack cannot stand

Kylie __, Australian singer and actress

Australian-themed restaurant actually from Tampa

Among this Saharan people, it’s men who wear a veil

Quiet, inhibited; repressed or controlled

Machine that shapes wood

Nucleomituphobia is the fear of nuclear __

Liquid used as a nail polish remover

Puzzle 5

He invented a system for classifying lifeforms

__, Last Summer, a movie with Liz Taylor

Three sides, three angles, acute and obtuse

Care dispensed to the sick

Dynasty that ruled France in the High Middle Ages

Strongest muscle in the human body

Person who undercuts you, wants to destroy you

Massive Mexican top piece

American-Chinese dish typically served with rice

Group 43

Puzzle 1

The smallest continental area in the world

Jesus’ body, famously given at The Last Supper

TV series about the routine of a paper company

Period of two weeks

Acclaimed US novel written by Upton Sinclair

Became joined

Stream or river that flows into a larger one

Latin term used for the university one attended

Observation instrument that “gets around things”

Do-gooder with special powers

Mechanical version of the hand-held mangle board

Not continuous or systematic

Type of chemical that kills mites

A hit by The Beatles

Surname of a man who made a list that saved people

Like __, predictably and smoothly

Puzzle 2

Non-tonal language spoken in Central Africa

It is the New Black, according to a Netflix drama

Fried dough popular in Latin countries

Goats found in the Pyrenees

Accessory often worn with a tuxedo

German cryptography machine

Involuntary movement in reaction to something

Ornate hanging stuffed with candy and goodies

__ machine, device designed to make clothes

Straight away

Anagram of fibers

Huey, Dewey and Louie’s uncle

Key on a map, tells what symbols mean

Sang When a Man Loves a Woman before Bolton

Almost never, uncommon

Flea __, a popular bazaar aka swap meet

Puzzle 3

Socrates’ method to refute an argument

Capital of the Qin Dynasty

Neither a __ nor a lender be

Term for scientific solving of legal issues

Camera that instantly develops film

White grape wine from Germany

__ robot, a Jetson’s idea; auto cleaner

Feeds gas from fuel tank to injection system

__ racing, oval tracks; NASCAR

It takes two to play this

From Here to __, movie with Burt Lancaster

White or yellow flower; jonquil, narcissus

Round brown hard-shelled nut

Puzzle 4

Winged horse that sprouted from Medusa’s head

Cradle song

Shoulder blade

Comedic “dictator” with same look as real dictator

__ two stools you fall to the ground

Large blue-eyed domestic cat

__ Transform, decomposes a function of time

War comes from a Germanic root that meant “to __”

British comedian, the original Michael Scott

Large area of fruit-bearing trees

Country also known as Burma on the Bay of Bengal

Puzzle 5

To put money to gain returns

Thick liquid used to moisturize the body or skin

Structure giving passage over a river

Online THX is short for this word of gratitude

Explanation that’s been thought out and documented

Tarsila do __, Latin American artist

Large bird, known for holiday dinners

Santos __, for some the inventor of the airplane

French partner dance from the early 17th century

Group 44

Puzzle 1

Liquid used for oral hygiene

By far not a volunteer

Children of a couple

Highly pleased

Medication, inhibits development of certain pathogen

Small case for carrying papers for work

The place where celebrities exhibit their gowns

Invented the printing press in late Middle Ages

An entomologist

Moist creamy cheese, Stracchino

The chemical element Pu

Puzzle 2

Ability that allows you to be better at something

An official document conferring a right or privilege

Separation of __ and State

Fast food brand that urges us to Eat Fresh

Anti-malware software developed by Symantec

Covering on the outside of a building

Pale color, especially for Easter decorations

Buffy’s occupation related to vampires

Removing a piece of tissue for a detailed exam

Type of movie genre; scary, bloody

Puzzle 3

Landlocked, former Communist neighbor of Romania

Dishonest public official, with no integrity

Someone who helps you to run a business

Shy, timid, quiet

Farthest planet from the Sun

Humidifier is a __ that puts moisture in the air

Giant sea turtle whose back resembles an island

Nail __, scissors for the fingers and toes

Puzzle 4

A device to replace missing teeth

Bank account abroad, common in Cayman Islands

One of the heroes of the Trojan War

The __ and the Bobby-Soxer, movie with C. Grant

Someone who sends goods to another place

The Catcher in the Rye, by J.D __

He invented the lightning rod, bifocals and a stove

Used to operate valves in combustion engines

To drag a criminal under the bottom of a ship

Puzzle 5

Name for historical game birds in holiday songs

Newspapers, Internet, television, radio

Traveler who chronicled the Mongolian rule in China

__ Housewives, TV drama set in Wisteria Lane

Clock or watch to measure minutes, hours, etc.

English novelist famous for his Atonement novel

Only to a chosen few

Fluffy white material also called nitrocellulose

In medieval mythology the enemy of the dragon

Cold, sweet drink made with ice cream

Ignition device essential to turn on a car

Group 45

Puzzle 1

Area known for being dry, sandy

Someone who carries baseball bats for the team

Large caliber gun from the 16th century

Buzz __, astronaut, the second to walk on moon

Plant used in Japanese cooking, paste or beans

Ancient counting frame

Monty __, British comedy group of the absurd

Nerd rockers who paid tribute to Buddy Holly

Transform something into another form

They own extensive lands in Scotland

Father of Angelina Jolie, Jon __

It has 4 sides in equal length

Reflective surface in a bathroom to see yourself

Prevents Antonio from losing a pound of flesh

Puzzle 2

Device used to preserve food at low temperatures

Animated series set in the Space Age

Common herb used as a garnish

Deep and painful regret about something

Resistance to motion, exertion, or change

__ Deep, deepest part of the Tonga Trench

The __ of the Lambs, thriller with Jodie Foster

McDonald’s chubby purple mascot

Line of ancestry, tracing of the family

Musical composition and combination of chords

This professional invented the electric chair

Puzzle 3

It is a virtue

__ Cruz, won an Oscar for Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Exceeding normal sizes, immense

Reduce the storage required for data

Process of producing books, etc by using machinery

Condition of too much acid in the body

Fact or information that prove someone is guilty

Making and operating marionettes for fun

Deliberate killing of many people of one group

Someone who creates new things

Statement of equality with one or more variables

Puzzle 4

Marine crustacean with five pairs of legs

The feel of a surface or substance

To motivate someone to do something

Metal wire that allows TV or radio signal reception

Thoroughly washed hands, face, body

Michael __, UK scientist who discovered benzene

Ancient language spoken by Jesus

Bon __, said by waiters after delivering meals

He played folly in a book

Film starred by Liza Minnelli

__ Nation, nickname of an African country

Heavy artillery fire to stop enemy troops

Part of the ear that hangs down, usually pierced

Person who frequents a place, area

Greek currency before the euro

Puzzle 5

Turn something from one language to another

At a later time, not the current time

This makes prices go down

Pass liquid through a filter, coffee

Housing moisture problem that can be toxic

Polymer commonly used in synthetic clothes

Adding font files into an electronic document

Abraham __, pioneer of Yiddish theatre

Person who builds things out of wood

First TV __ by Rignoux and Fournier was in 1909

Hertz demonstrated this in 1886

Group 46

Puzzle 1

Battle won by the Shang dynasty in China

Urgency, importance

Round pastry with a hole in the middle

The quality or state of being greater

Early swimmers and divers used reeds as __

Type of radiation, made the Incredible Hulk

Manageable explosive patented in 1867

Barbara __, versatile actress of Double Indemnity

__ Mile, distance measurement of the sea

Large primate with blue and red face

One good turn __ another

Forceful two point shot in basketball

__ Band, high school football live music

German revolutionary who wrote a famous manifesto

Plant used as pain reliever and scent

Puzzle 2

The sad donkey on Winnie the Pooh

Small body of water usually running

Twelve __, family tree for Jewish people

Fruit bats are also called __ foxes

Land ruled by one monarch or government

Tape invented in 1930 by Richard Drew

Detroit sound that brought us Temptations

Her ominous stare turned men into stone

Natives of Barbados

Member of the grass family, used to make beer

Shared the Nobel in Medicine with Fleming and Chain

Puzzle 3

It was first bottled by French Benedictine monks

John Deere invented this in 1837

Pausing punctuation mark between two main clauses

Plane spotting site in the Dutch side of Caribbean

Usually wooden plaque you can ride the waves in

Greek heroes looking for the Golden Fleece

Norovirus is a common cause of food __

The __ of Notre Dame, a movie and an animation

Growing plants, trees, fruits, etc

Chuck __, novelist of transgressional fiction

Puzzle 4

The rechargeable lead-acid __ was invented in 1859

School for special training, military school

Present-day version of prince charming

Regard with disgust, disdain, distaste

To place furniture in

Captain __, a Marvel Comics superhero

Julia __, Pretty Woman actress and Oscar winner

Acupuncture uses __ inserted into the body


Largest member of the primate family

A group of stars or other celestial objects

Puzzle 5

Road Runner chaser often seen falling off cliffs

The __ gin was invented by Eli Whitney in 1794

Moving without having a particular place to go

Bomb developed by the Manhattan Project

Huge Spanish fleet to attack England

What you hear before train departure, All __

Bill Haley & His __, rocked around the clock

Light green vegetable eaten and used in cooking

Medical term for injury

Ski race over winding course marked with poles

Luck, risk, not predicted or controlled

Number system with only two symbols

Item used to climb to a higher level

Group 47

Puzzle 1

Dance duet in ballet usually performed by a couple

Disastrous drop of snow on a mountain

Oscar winner who had her own TV show in the 60s

Middle Eastern dish with chopped parsley or mint

Murderous Clown in Stephen King’s novel It

Walter Hunt patented the first __ rifle in 1849

Highest executive officer in a republic

John Loud invented and patented this pen in 1888

Led the Greeks in the Trojan War

Only living members of the genus Struthio

Cue and balls game similar to pool and snooker

Adverb meaning in strict sense commonly misused

A patient’s medical history

Puzzle 2

Lightweight, small shoes which are easily slipped on

Cooking glaze made of soy sauce and sugar

Female child

Distance north or south from the Equator

Name of an early plastic invented around the 1900s

Sylvester __ is Rocky Balboa

Theodor Kober helped to design it in the 1890s

Someone who buys goods or services

Used to keep the flames burning

__ is a 1985 game where you deliver papers

Puzzle 3

Nice country estate in France

Cheap motorcycle, Vespa

Payment made by a former spouse for living

Bruce Lee was a major ambassador of this art

The __, movie with Paul Newman as a pool player

Hugh Hefner’s mansion and naughty magazine

Anti-apartheid campaigner

Green herb essential for Italian cuisine

Gassner invented this battery in 1886

SpongeBob’s best friend, __ Star

Feeling deeply guilty, embarrassed, regretful

Guaranteed, sure, certain

Forced withdrawal of a military force

A large room used for formal or public events

Puzzle 4

Psychoactive compound found in a species of poppy

Someone who cuts men’s hair

A quizzing game involving obscure facts

Jean __, French corsair who captured Aztec gold

The oldest one discovered in Pi-Ramesses in Qantir

Man of Steel, faster than a speeding __

Naturally protected against diseases

A chess piece

Paper used for writing in ancient times

Another word for suppose or think

He invented the Morse Code in 1836

Metal pot to boil liquid, such as water for tea

Puzzle 5

Characterized by a state of overpowering emotion

Savage fierceness

Ring it to let someone know you’re there

An edible snail

Given by employers; daycare, profit sharing, etc

Monkey __, movie with Cary Grant

A game where rings are thrown around a peg

Song recorded by the Beatles

Odin’s eight-legged horse from Norse folklore

Synthetic rubber used for wet suits

Obstructive action to hinder a nation’s war effort

In custody before trial

Asymptomatic means you don’t have them

Transmission that you manually shift

Person hired to do small jobs around a building

Nobel prize winning author from Mississippi

It stands at 1344 meters above the sea in Scotland

Released the first cell phone in 1983

Oral examination, at college

The black panther in The Jungle Book

Unauthorized writing or drawing on a public place

Replication of crucifixion wounds

Invention that became very popular in the 1990s

To communicate, as information or news

Group 48

Puzzle 1

Found at the rear of an automobile

Profession of Italian Prospero Alpini

__ spider shell, large sea snail species

Expressing feelings or ideas with body movements

Cancer filtering organ that can be found in armpit

Someone who backs you in everything

The cotton __ was invented in 1850

__ Galley, William Kidd’s ship

Much better than no bread

This iconic festival was revived in 1994

Puzzle 2

Buffy the Vampire __

__ Palace, complex of lakes and gardens in Beijing

This Beatle imagined a hypothetical world

A house or a man can be made out of this

Sport of jumping off of something into the water

Menial worker, also describes their dull tasks

Machine used to propel a car, boat, or plane

Very shiny photograph print

Chest for valuables, ancient term

Amount of money to be spent on one area

Story told for forgiveness for an act

Puzzle 3

The science of life

Symptom of odd neural activity

Saturday and Sunday

Regulated plan, such as for diet or exercise

Figaro is a barber in this city in the opera

__ and Cream, beloved ice cream flavor

Written, video, or audio on a website

The shape or outline of the armhole

Conqueror of the Incan empire

Cartridge patented by Casimir Lefaucheux in 1835

Fargo and Burn After Reading actress, __ McDormand

__ is Jimmy Neutron’s metal dog

Puzzle 4

Electromagnetic energy used in medicine

The capital of Somalia

Arabic expression meaning God willing

Searched for the philosopher’s stone

Prom is its short form

Gullies are formed by __ heavy rains

Central church of the diocese, bishop’s HQ

Joint pain often felt by the elderly

A concept album released by the Beach Boys in 1966

Shoes that make a person look taller

Object used to open bottles of wine

Nifty, practical

Invention somehow related to x-rays

General name for domesticated farm animals

One who stages ballets

Sign, design used to identify products, companies

Member of the Gunpowder Plot in London in 1605

Small thin sausage

Term used to define complete vision loss

Novel by Nick Hornby turned into a film

Ray __, invented the e-mail in 1971

Puzzle 5

Defender of women’s rights

Month between November and January

Symbol of many Islamic states, Star and __

Leonardo Da Vinci is erroneously credited for this

A specialist in plant science

Another name for the spine

Car used as a time-machine in Back to the Future

Imitation is the sincerest form of __

A particular sort of journalist

Anagram of parmesan

Popular, straight woodwind instrument

German battleship sunk by the British

Violet quartz used in jewelry

Ibsen’s verse drama on Scandinavian folk tale

Writing online about different things for fun

The first stationary __ was invented in 1950

French for many or much, used with thank you

FIFA’s major tournament, soccer’s top prize

To put meat in a sauce for a period of time

Group 49

Puzzle 1

Medieval tapestry depicting the battle of Hastings

It was invented from boiling wine by a Dutch man

__ With Wolves, won the Academy Awards in 1991

Judge’s decision on a matter

__ Scott, Scottish novelist who wrote Ivanhoe

Item of elegance, not a necessity

Decorate architectural forms with miniatures

Punctuation, word separator, joiner

First popular web browser in 1993

Main raw material grown in a region

Opposite of everybody

Smaller insect, also a VW car

Someone who “takes you for a ride”; swindler

Positively charged subatomic particle

Eating room, sometimes reserved for guests

Puzzle 2

The Last of the __, a novel and a film

Agreement between two people, usually on paper

Any permanent military post

Money borrowed to buy a house or building

Purple flower with pleasant scent

Indian slow cooking technique

What the pasteurization process kills

Movement that aims equal rights for women

Keeps the landscape clean and pristine

Once the Austrian schilling corresponded to 100 __

Free from commotion or tumult

Giant ape that became a box office triumph

Careful, conservative, gingerly, guarded,

Something not inherited or present when born

Variant to curling, former Olympic event

Puzzle 3

A period of three years

Inhaling and exhaling

Hotel employee who helps you with excursions

Political and social system during the Middle Ages

Substance used like butter

A Winter Olympic sport

Set of glasses, cups used to set table

It means “fifty” in French

Devotion, fondness, love

Large place where water is stored

Process, set of rules used in computer programming

__ for Sugar Man, Sixto Rodriguez rediscovery

The semi arid part of southern Argentina

Decoration at the foot of a printed page

Character from Peanuts obsessed with Beethoven

Instrument that must be played with the mouth

Puzzle 4

Ruled by vanity, only interested in oneself

FM radio was patented by Edwin __ in 1933

Surname of a famous acting family in the US

The King of Crete commanded the building of the __

Bodily system that processes food

First __ powder for firearms was invented in 1884

Sports and exercises requiring strength

Painting or drawing executed by means of small dots

Princess __, young member of the British royalty

A person who mixes and serves drinks

What a witness states in a court of law

Famous British-American band, __ Mac

Protestant who follows teachings of Wesleys


Puzzle 5

__ Brody, The Pianist actor

Rich kids are born with this spoon in their mouth

Religion involving pins and dolls

Relating to treasury, money, revenues

Narcotic trademarked by Bayer in late 1890s

Martial art made famous by Steven Seagal

They will dissolve in vinegar

Attack someone violently

Legal term, application to a higher court

Asian Tiger, producer of electronic goods

The number of months in a year

Two-piece women’s swimsuit

Food dip made from chickpeas

Group 50

Puzzle 1

The 1st use of __ power for electricity was in 1951

These people stayed at the YMCA

Loss of memory, usually from brain injury

General hospital attendant, nonmedical

Chocolate rich dessert with nuts

__ Crowe, subject of, director of Almost Famous

Muslim fasting holiday

Main Dutch port in the 17th century Caribbean

Streaming site, originally mail order DVD service

Never ask pardon before you are __

Maigret’s creator

Free from doubt, sure, confident

HBO show about modern polygamists

Plant with bitter-tasting leaves used in salads

Code name for the first atomic bomb test

Puzzle 2

__ Republic, shares the island of Hispaniola

A place where a person lives

Refrigerator, microwave, oven, stove

Famous Italian mathematician from the Middle Ages

A word with the five vowels in alphabetical order

Name of the search for people accused of sorcery

An image with urban scenery as its primary focus

A dessert in which sherry or brandy is added

Janitor, custodian

Musical instrument used in Flamenco performances

Hairdo popular in the 18th century


Scientist who said there could be life outside Earth

Cool, nonchalant

Marion __, won an Oscar for La Vie en Rose

Puzzle 3

Rembrandt painted The __ of Samson

Someone who tries to influence legislation

Mendel founded this science in 1865

Throwing a coin in this place brings good luck

Any general business activity

Piddling, beggarly

Moving through water by using your arms and legs

__ Holmes, fiction character

Lump of tissue behind the nose, not tonsils

Something that causes diseases

__ carrier, a military ship with a flight deck

Puzzle 4

Expensive salt-cured fish eggs

Anagram of things

Breaker of the German Enigma code

Cat-fish linked to earthquakes in Japanese folklore

Say __ and thank you, nice manners

Blood condition with not enough red blood cells

Profession, usually lifelong, with special training

Big-nosed Peanut who sleeps on top of his house

Seventh planet from the sun in our Solar System

Scandinavian country

__ Jean, not Jackson’s lover

This scientist created three laws about motion

Humphrey __, a film noir actor

Japanese martial art of self-defense

Puzzle 5

Member of group containing humans and great apes

Simulated by another computer or software

Abdominal external __ muscle

St Augustine __, patron saint of brewers

Chicken, turkey, meat from birds

It was invented in 1771 by a British engineer

Two and A __, Charlie Sheen raunchy sitcom

Shyness or reservation, hesitancy, modesty

Professor without permanent status

To be without employment

Girl who is magically transported away from Kansas

Organs that regulate electrolytes in the blood

Country that shares name with a state in the US

Group 51

Puzzle 1

John Gorrie was awarded a patent for an __ machine

Controversial boxer with a face tattoo

A cruel unprincipled person

A convertible coupe

They’ve all got stoppers

Submitting, obeying in a humble manner

The __, Mel Brooks’ comedy about Broadway

Legendary sword that belonged to a British monarch

Unlawful __, illegal firing of an employee

Frenchman considered the father of modern chemistry

Canadian, member of the rock and roll hall of fame

Explosion of a star with substantial energy

A tourist destination in Dominican Republic

Health condition that cannot be solved

Fateful lovers, Francesca da Rimini and Paolo __

Someone who studies relations of organisms

Puzzle 2

To stand in for

His enemy was Captain Hook

Shivered with fear

First chemical element of group 6

Conforming to an established doctrine

Khaled __, Afghan-born American novelist

High intensity workout regimen

Act of drinking, especially Liquor

William Grove invented the first __ in 1842

One octave higher, “fake” singing voice

Puzzle 3

Wide semiaquatic reptile with long jaw

Underwater vessel designed for war

Italian pasta sauce with bacon, cheese and eggs

__ USA, nickname of a record label headquarter

To rise from the dead

An item of clothing

Pronounced, protruding muscles, __ Abs


Invented by the Bell Labs in 1954

Puzzle 4

Father of microbiology

The capital of Kenya

Venetian rowing boat for romantic tourists

Type of vehicle pulled by horses

Fear of __ old is gerascophobia

String of items used for decoration

Magistrates in charge of public area, historical

Write quickly, briefly

Half bovine, half canine

Perfumed liquid

Puzzle 5

Island nation south of Turkey, capital is Nicosia

A small european-style restaurant

Artificial cave, recess, or structure

Slang for a heavy drinker

Father of genetics

Rich and curly decoration from the 18th century

To remove a program or file from a computer

Written by a man, but known as Divine

Personification of darkness in Greek mythology

Cold box for food storage

Group 52

Puzzle 1

Until 1980 it was called Rhodesia

Jackson’s zombie-inspired masterpiece

Syndrome that provokes sudden involuntary tics

Board game involving diagonal moves, draughts

Nonsensical short poem in five lines

Place where people are buried

Helps in the kitchen

The personification of death in Greek mythology

French cold egg sauce with mustard

Australasian parrot with curved beak and crest

Antigen of a blood group system linked to a monkey

Game that requires a long stick with a netted pouch

To express your opinion about something

Fancy way of calling someone’s bottom

Delusions of __, unqualified greatness

Italian luxury car brand from Bologna

90s TV show often described as being about nothing

Puzzle 2

He is not recognized in his own land

Bring something to its original state

Stuffy person; too serious, little fun

Effervescent drink or a fizzy powder sweet

He proved that planets orbit the Sun

Andrew __, Tom Hanks role in Philadelphia

First act of offense, to attack first

Bringing something to an end, conclusion

He determined the nature of chemical bonds

Jewish patriarch asked to sacrifice his son

Puzzle 3

Workman’s must, tool to loosen, tighten nuts

Large area controlled by one ruler

Utterly illogical, untrue, senseless, laughable

Electric Water __, heats water quickly

Oedipus brought her to death

Someone who examines TV for language

Dark, dim; deeply shaded emotionally

Genetic predisposition to certain traits

Creator of evolutionary theory by natural selection

Egyptians used stones as this bedding item

State of something illegally taken from another

Liquid in the blood that holds cells together

Puzzle 4

American type of salami, usually found on pizza

Non-verbal and non-physical communication

Procedure in pregnancy to have access to the fetus

Jail release subject to good behavior

__ Waltz, won an Oscar for Inglorious Basterds

The daughter of necessity

Collected writings

Synthetic grass patented in 1965

Russian industrial city on the River Volga

Inverse operation to exponentiation

Puzzle 5

Body __ is the art of gaining muscles

__ and Guinevere, adulterous couple

An induced state of human consciousness

Tropical tree with tall trunk and large leaves

Theological school for clergymen

This star has guided ships for centuries

Maps that show where you can submerge in the ocean

Permanent legal residence, address

Arriving or acting at the right time

They play the snare

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris __, a film

Ana Lucia in Lost, __ Rodriguez

Medically known as allergic rhinitis

Professional in form of civil, electrical, etc

Small nation in the Horn of Africa

Group 53

Puzzle 1

Sets of notes played on a guitar

Home of Plato and Aristotle

Involuntary muscle contraction

Amount you’re paid for your job

To be filled with amazement; awe, admiration

Swimming race including all strokes

Violent encounter between two military forces

Mathematician related to the theory of probability

Italian white cheese similar to Parmesan

Gunman whose job is to go unseen

Head or skull, long ago

__ Fighter, videogame with global characters

The corn __ was invented in 1850

Puzzle 2

Napoleon’s birthplace

The concept of __ spray cans began in 1790

Place or structure that offers protection

Empress, wife of the ruler of Russia

A temporary solution

Greatest Arab traveller of Middle Ages, Ibn __

Small fruit that resembles an orange

Major prophet, “God will Strengthen”

Conforming to accepted standards of conduct

Milli _, infamous German duo caught faking it

__ Gump, won the Academy Awards in 1995

Michelangelo painted this famous chapel

People you are related to

Zodiac starts with the letter S

Puzzle 3

Dramatic Spanish dance and music

Young humans, not adults

Body of water at foot of the Caucasus Mountains

Scientist who developed the theory of relativity

Record in a permanent manner

A small unit of matter

Glands that produce a liquid in the mouth

The largest rodent in the world

Mattress filled with water

Place to find doctors, nurses and medicine

Led the expedition that first went around the world

Commitments to do something

A large fortified place, stronghold

Someone who brings news professionally

One of the best-known names in bridal wear

First page of a site online

Comic book character played by Samuel L Jackson

Puzzle 4

Surgeon board game with buzzing warning

Related to the science of equipment design

Adam Smith’s hand that controlled the market

Pope of Mope

His assassination triggered the first World War

The __, TV show starring Kevin Bacon as FBI agent

__ Graham Bell patented the telephone in 1876

A period of 10 years, a decade

Copper carbonate with green hues

Subordinated to a country’s embassy

Chickenpox, blister-like itchy rash, fever

Enemy of a government agent in a spy film

Ready to be used

Tomato was once called this

Puzzle 5

Way of getting meat from animals in the wild

__ Leary, an advocate of the LSD

Educated courtesan in Ancient Greece

Extravagant lie, not just a fib

College class with one way communication

The Last __, movie about a monarch of China

Written item for the purchase of something

Cell degeneration, state of decay

Leonardo __ could draw and write at the same time

This channel separates Britain from Europe

Small dried black fruit originally from Europe

Group 54

Puzzle 1

Black or white spice that has a sharp flavor

Temple holding a huge complex dedicated to Amun-Ra

__ Citizen, elderly person, usually retired

Chihuahua dogs are originally from this country

Added to milk to make cheese

To develop gradually and over time, change

Russian who worked with salivating dogs

Building or space where people work

French dance featuring high kicks and splits

__ steam turbine was invented in 1884

Puzzle 2

Luchino __, director of Rocco and his Brothers

Winter sport that combines skiing and shooting

Band best known for its hit “Eye of the Tiger”

Period when day is ending and night is beginning

__ cooker, airtight utensil for quick cooking

Largest lake in North America

He is as bad as the thief

Fortress of __, Superman’s place of solace

Pigeons may nest there

Goose liver dish accused of animal cruelty

Petrol, or __, powered a car first in 1886

Unofficial capital of the British West Indies

Puzzle 3

Male who works in law enforcement

Communication system consisting of dashes and dots

Autonomous region often at odds with Spain

Nut with an edible green kernel

It is what proves the rule

Painted Composition IV

Modern oven zaps food in less time

Medium-sized carnivore, “cousin” to the mongoose

Movable bed for patients

Less than a goatee, small tuft of facial hair

Puzzle 4

Reddish-yellow or brownish-yellow

Church of __, aka Anglican Church

He said acquired characteristics are inheritable

The US capital between 1789 and 1790

They were first put in 1973 Chevy models

Building or room containing books

Full of violent passion or rage

George __, Ali foe; an appliance king

Low seat without a back also known as footstool

Type of plumage on a bird

__ Millionaire, film about a game show contestant

Peruvian raw fish marinade

Chinese ecommerce powerhouse run by Jack Ma

State of society without laws or government

Puzzle 5

A very short period of time, an instant

A person who always tells the truth

Liquid used to cure something, magical potion

Traditional female Japanese performer

Small Spanish horse

Long walks through the woods on a trail

Touch, taste, smell, sight, hearing

Larger formal hat worn with a tuxedo

Creator of the universe in Hinduism

Small bushy trees, cut in ornate shapes in a yard

Electronic or mechanical item for a purpose

A laundry machine consisting of two rollers

Group 55

Puzzle 1

Sock hung to be filled with goodies on Christmas

Forest __ stars in The Last King of Scotland

Prison or jail for military personnel

Name given to popular topics on Twitter

An animal that feeds on plants and other animals

Round light green melon, similar to the cantaloupe

The first particle __ was invented in 1911

Someone who repairs machinery, cars, etc

Something very fine that can break easily

First engine-powered __ were introduced in 1868

__ Pumpkins, band of Halloween pranksters

Puzzle 2

Ukraine’s border with Belarus northeast of Kiev

Hypothetical type of compact exotic star

Louisa __, American author of Little Women

The song of __, dubbed the brother of Marseillaise

Hard-shelled pupa of a moth or butterfly

Pace at which those marrying in haste repent

Metallic festive covering, comes in a can

Yellow French sauce similar to tartar

Monet painted Beach in __

Loss of motor function, voluntary movements

Shooting game that will leave stains

Bill Gates started this company

Millionaires, billionaires, science of wealth

Puzzle 3

The celebration of two people getting married

The capital of Isle of Man

Never listens to anyone

Someone who provides foods for events and parties

Leave the gun, take the __

One-eyed monster of Greek mythology

A centenarian is someone who is one or older

Leif __, Icelandic explorer who 1st reached America

Amphibian native to a Mexican lake

Single-headed Philippine drum

Puzzle 4

A teacher, someone who helps, assists, guides

__ Ball, wartime weapon; ungraceful dive

A lot, more than enough

This city’s bridge is falling in a nursery rhyme

Being that is deceased but behaves like it is alive

Increase in size, volume, extent

__ of Miletus, one of the Seven Sages of Greece

Ignaz Semmelweis is the __ of modern antisepsis

To rise against constituted authority

A candy crab __ the polyps it lives in

__ Takei, Sulu on Star Trek, social media star

Puzzle 5

In law, honesty of intention

Heathcliff’s love in Wuthering Heights

Chief job that Masons attribute to God

Something repulsive, disgusting

South Florida 80s crime show with Don Johnson

Meat browned, stewed and served in its sauce

Wave this to show you surrender

Small marsupial from Australia and New Guinea

Theory supported by the idea of natural selection

Very absorbent towels may be made of this

Group 56

Puzzle 1

Just below the emperor, Austrian title

Number of seats in a restaurant when full

__ Roll, circular pastry known for its spice

12 a.m., height of night, a scary hour

Bible book of inspirational passages

Joan __, sister of Olivia de Havilland

Father of the study of groups of people

Brazilian acrobatic martial art created by slaves

A witch’s pot boiling with glowing goo

Great pain, anxiety, sorrow

80s band that made people jump

Sofia is the capital of __

Gauge that tells you how many miles are on a car

Puzzle 2

Road designed for high speed traffic

A type of short haircut

Mayim Bialik 90s, pre Big Bang Theory sitcom

To die = to __ one’s last

Game with ball and pins

To receive money when someone dies

Faye __, Broadway star who played Bonnie on screen

Small animals with six legs and hard shells

Medicine for stopping itching and pain

Puzzle 3

Ancient Greek writer of tragedies

Device to capture rodents

Decency, decorum

Day for ghouls, monsters and trick or treating

Largest Central American republic

The USB __ was launched in 1996

German sausage often eaten in buns with mustard

Antonio Vivaldi’s nickname

David Lynch cult TV series

Feeds on decaying flesh

A person who supervises the safety at the beach

Items like moisturizer, blush and eyeshadow

Cut your coat __ to your cloth

Gene that is not dominant

Egyptian dynasty after Alexander’s death

Puzzle 4

Mathematical study of change; “small pebble”

Coffee extracted in small, concentrated amounts

Pad of paper used to write information in

Small flying insect that bites and sucks blood

Melanie __, star of Working Girl

Artist’s farrago

The capital of Tajikistan

Helmut Ruska set the basis for the __ microscope

Puzzle 5

Virgin Mary appeared in this small French town

Sweet food eaten at the end of a meal

Athena counterpart in Roman mythology

A specialist in a particular branch of study

A theory that explains the origin of the universe

Depart secretly and quickly to avoid capture

To make designs in metal or glass by using acid

Large prying tool used by criminals in movies

Women’s dress hanging straight from the shoulders

Bewildered, confused, frustrated

Writer, comedian famous for SNL, 30 Rock

Hero of the novel Pride and Prejudice

Cough mixture

Group 57

Puzzle 1

Small fairy-like creature in folklore

__ calculator was invented in Japan in 1970

Timon & __, Disney animated TV show

Often discussed range of development disorders

Flash __ was invented circa 1980 by Toshiba

Type of dark red bean

Femme __, a seductive woman

Bible book of phrases that means “praises”

Ojos del __, active volcano in S. America

Civil __, 60s movement fighting for minorities

Macabre singer with female first name

Puzzle 2

Wonderful, fascinating, excellent

Disease that causes loss of taste function

Female western, Annie Oakley was one

Joint of the finger bones

Massive stretch of treeless land

Fish also known as sea needle

The last name of a yellow animated family from TV

Julian __, Wikileaks cyberactivist

Name or assign someone to a position

Alice Doesn’t Live Here __, a 1974 film

Type of paint mixed with water and egg

In this film Dustin Hoffman’s character has autism

Calculates insurance risks

Leafy vegetable, iceberg is one type

Magnavox __ was the 1st video game console

Puzzle 3

Jonathan Swift’s satire about this person’s travels

Pound __, Britain’s highly valued currency

Japanese botanical nuisance

Debbie __, actress of Singin’ in the Rain

Someone who creates musical scores

Cancer common in older men

Cryptography is the study of decoding secret __

Italian dish made with braised veal shanks

S. African country, capital is Gaborone

Puzzle 4

A flower-based liquid used in cosmetics

Port __, regulates transportation infrastructure

GMT comes from this Royal Observatory

Jack __, wide-mouthed joker before Ledger

Head of a school

Heated pool with swirling water

Klee painted Insula __

Giving up something you care about

__ Pope, second only to Shakespeare in being quoted

Wind instrument aka mouth organ

Founder and CEO of Amazon

Hormone that regulates sleep

Puzzle 5

Japanese art form using small trees

To take in without reflection, soak up

__ 7 was the first successful artificial heart

The Count of Monte __, Dumas adventure novel

__ of Sion, French fraternity that was a hoax

To ask a fee or price for something

Intriguing primates from Madagascar

General understanding, idea of something

According to the law, officially sanctioned

Rudolf __ invented this type of engine in 1893

Martial art that has a cartoon panda practitioner

Something to put money, cards, and other items in

Group 58

Puzzle 1

Hereditary warrior class in ancient Japan

Opal with a glassy appearance and fluorescent

David __, resigned as UK’s PM after the Brexit

Kernels that puff up when heated

Tiny sacs of air in the lungs

2010 Disney movie based on Rapunzel

Gourd rattles filled with seeds to keep rhythm

Gloves with the fingers in one area

Disconcerted, embarassed, ashamed of

Mad Men was named after ad men on this NY avenue

Tried to rescue Eurydice

Puzzle 2

Ventilation from the top of the house

To take money out of the bank

Nymph of Artemis turned into a bear

Trouser suspenders, once

Someone who works as what Dora the cartoon does

Galaxy that contains the Solar System

Trick-taking card game

The amount or number of something

__ Benz, Janis Joplin’s final song

Yellow pigmentation of the skin

The capital of India

Religious sacrament, contract between two people

Empty tomb or monument erected in memory of someone

Really fast runners

Romanian gymnast who got the perfect score

Bronte love story with Mr. Rochester

Whoopi __, 80s comedian, co-host of The View

Puzzle 3

__ disc, distant circumstellar disc in Solar System

Bugs Bunny archenemy that had a speech impediment

Kitchen utensils made of wood

Device that sends electrical shocks to the heart

Percussion instrument from Mexico

Spray blown from waves

Pea-sized gland controls growth, blood pressure

Written and printed publisher’s opinion

Some are wise and some are __

Puzzle with letters and black squares

Anagram of cart horse

It’s a __ Life, classic Christmas movie

Ancient Roman province in present-day Portugal

Another name for the Prime Minister of Ireland

Someone who works with or carves wood

Off-hand, unrehearsed

Puzzle 4

Money made from a job or business

Three-legged frame used for picture taking

What a rotten apple spoils

James Nasmyth invented the steam __ in 1839

Brazilian mountainside slum

Passage of water connecting two larger ones

Life-threatening condition aka blood poisoning

Way of acting, doing something, speaking

Usually indelible design on the skin

Creamy salad named after an Italian American chef

Ancient queen of Persia who has a Bible book

Puzzle 5

Tough decision between equally unfavourable choices

Makeup to enhance the eye

Expensive smelling underground fungus

Cats collectively

Self-punishment undertaken to atone for sin

A person who rules a kingdom or empire

The one the groom relies on to have his back

Newly enlisted military member

Bury this weapon to make peace

Hitchcock’s masterpiece with James Stewart

Monster mix of lion, goat, and snake in mythology

Determination of who keeps a minor child

Large impressive residence, celebrities’ house

Phenomenon studied by Galileo, Newton and Einstein

Explosive cocktail

__ Achenbach was a German landscape painter

An abolitionist fought against this

Group 59

Puzzle 1

Goblets and wine glasses

__ Bob, Bart’s stalker voiced by Kelsey Grammer

The original drummer for The Beatles

Removing plaque from the teeth at the dentist

Making something equal, even, uniform

Band of tissue used to connect bones

Rich tomato sauce used in Italian dishes

The Usual __, gave Kevin Spacey an Oscar

The sound of h as in hag

Loose pants with a bib and suspenders

Item used to enter information into a computer

This folk dance can get pretty loud

Puzzle 2

Island country including Java

This type of cooking uses minimal amount of oil

Dies for the love of himself

__ Dogs, Tarantino crime thriller

__ of Soul, James Brown’s nickname

Liver disease comes in B and C forms

Place for keeping things for future use

The wife of a viceroy

In electricity, the opposite of a conductor

__ Engels, writer on the English working classes

Tissue that is present in joints, rib cage, ears

DJ who contributed to popularize rock and roll

Puzzle 3

Britney __, pop princess who once shaved her head

Outermost major moon of Uranus

A person who has written a book

Punctuation to stress certain letters

William Otis invented the steam __ in 1839

Type of barrels used in the first diving bells

A soft gentle breeze, car model

Dairy much used in French cuisine

Comedian in a castle

String of beads for Hail Marys and Lord’s Prayers

To decapitate someone

Puzzle 4

To get better from a medical illness

First successful gas __ was invented in 1903

1981 game to get an amphibian across a street

Throat lymphoid tissues often surgically removed

Luxurious in style, design

Feline beauty contest

Singer, actress, feminist and top-selling artist

Mechanism that throws empty shells from a gun

Act of doing something exactly like someone else

Widespread African language

To fix foods to be eaten

Public sale giving goods to the highest bidder

Chinese game played by four similar to rummy

Multi-sided flat shape

Puzzle 5

Study of language in written historical sources

Australian sponge cake dessert covered in coconut

Atop Mount Titano

Central heating system of ducts and vents

A family of aliens with bald conical heads

Western movie legend aka Duke

This battle crushed the Incan empire

Opera singer known as the “Swedish Nightingale”

Longest reigning British monarch, Queen __ II

Someone legally qualified to be a doctor

Abetment, intrigue

Aguilera, Mya, Pink and Lil Kim mix, Lady __

Gymnastic ability, particularly in the air

Not hardcover, book that becomes damaged easier

Old-fashioned delivery of postal messages

Group 60

Puzzle 1

Company or group controlling all the market

Historical military weapon; throws stones, missiles

Character in Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing

The word nice comes from a Latin word meaning this

The very essence of something

Italian artist and inventor, __ da Vinci

A Swedish turnip

Death of living cells and tissues by many causes

The __ retriever is one of the most popular dogs

Type of needle found in the kitchen

Van __, was in love with brown-eyed girls

It was lost when Milton wrote about it

Someone who prays at an assembly, hospital

An elevated region, plateau, mountain region

Image of Jesus on the cross

Puzzle 2

Old-time facial hair, long, upward moustache

Construction equipment with a big bucket to dig

Was a bit too dramatic on stage

In Britain, book identifier in a library shelf


The back part of the body

Alexander __, Swedish actor of True Blood

State of being untrue

Group of people that come together for an occasion

Filmmaking process used by Pixar; Up, Toy Story

Games played on a rectangular table with balls

Rio de Janeiro’s tourist attraction

A small flute

Lined card to organize information pre-Internet

A device that sprays water

Soft animal toy named after American president

Chaos theory effect, small change, future result

Small French cake baked in a shell-like shape

Puzzle 3

What comes after fall

Christopher’s loveable friend, honey aficionado

Lilongwe is the capital of __

Area that contains your vocal cords

Heavenly, God-like intervention

Gigantic grey wolf from Inuit mythology

The fear of being __ alive is called taphephobia

Device used to clean air or fuel in a car

Excessive pride in one’s appearance or qualities

__ Wyatt, poet imprisoned, accused of adultery

Dwarf leopard of Central and South America

Soak in hot water to release the flavour

Dracula’s sleeping place, aka casket

Traditional stringed Chinese instrument

Victorian watch chain

Glazed aperture

Fast learners are quick on the __

Puzzle 4

Lively couples dance from Spain since 1700s

Upright, up and down, not horizontal

Judge’s decision, people cannot talk about a case

He gives name to a constant involving molecules

Vessels are taken there for repair

Winter game, __ fight

Mark out as evil, stigmatize

To prepare food so as to avoid decomposition

IBM competitor semiconductor business

Space by a hearth

Mrs. __, is loved more than she will know

Barely understood, sometimes removed organ

If it’s as dead as a __, then it’s dead indeed

One of the oldest inhabited cities in the world

Puzzle 5

To voluntarily sign up for military service

This paddle sport can be also called crew

First treaty to divide the Carolingian Empire

Large animals used for riding

Substance that catalyzes chemical reactions

The Last __, iconic meal with Jesus and disciples


Area between two mountains or hills

Aorta is the largest one in the body

Chinese assortment of fried dumplings

Hot __, kid’s game of tossing tuber

Message boards, online discussion sites

__ of Wrath, Steinbeck novel on the Dust Bowl

Airplane manufacturer, famous for 747

Composer who refused ever to make an opera