Group 640

Puzzle 1

Small desk with desktop that lifts on hinges
Land area under government authority; not a state
Protectors of the queen and her buildings
Stampeding, marauding
Men’s protective sport device invented in Canada
Scandal associated with Richard Nixon
French cast-iron cookware, notably in orange
Violet eats Willy Wonka’s gum, becomes this fruit
Viggo star of Green Book

Puzzle 2

Park; murder-mystery film set in a stately home
Fireflies group, named after nocturnal birds
Benign tumor of glandular tissue
Measurement units in a temperature scale
Least tame
Worked dough
Minimal government economic involvement: -faire
Archaic terms for pubs, inns
Text sections at the bottom of document pages
Exhausted, drained
Gaining illegal access to an IT system
Removing unimportant plants from a garden
style, Scandinavian clean, light, white decor
California city named after Burroughs’ jungle hero
Low-ranking hereditary title

Puzzle 3

Song by Dexys Midnight Runners: Come On
Three Western comedy about Spanish friends
Road that takes a detour around a town
Tuesday, highpoint of the Lenten celebrations
Plea to a god
Classic comic actor and writer Carl
The Office’s beet farmer, Schrute
Saying: and smell the coffee
Roof drainage system
Difficult and awkward
Animal enzyme used to curdle cheese
bone, dog treats for chewing on

Puzzle 4

Milan writer banished by the Communist regime
Disney animated series and Ferb
Sportspeople with clubs
wing, fried chicken coated in hot sauce/butter
Small daily jobs
Small trips or jobs to collect or deliver things
Lost in pensive
Early computer programming language
Excited, stimulated; anagram of gelatin
Male child of your new partner
Barry ; Copacabana singer-songwriter

Puzzle 5

Off ; reckless, out-of-control
Act of price negotiation
Intricate handicraft that Brussels is famous for
Home of the Seattle SuperSonics, 1978-1985
Most populated city in New Zealand
Bankhead, early 20th century actress
Mock, scorn, mimic, deride
American folk singer and social rights activist
steppe; vast Northern Hemisphere grassland
Appliance for cooking food over charcoal
Tangible or substantial
Hillside vineyards, red and white wines
An objector who speaks out against something