Group 639

Puzzle 1

Consuming books for pleasure
Satirical office comic strip
Roy, Avalanche goaltender, one of best ever
Merv US TV host and media mogul
End, based on 1910 E.M. Forster novel
Making of bespoke wooden furniture
Type of plague with swollen lymph nodes
Forgive for a sin
Poured H2O to nourish garden plants
Perplexing 1989 hit for INXS
Edible marine crustacean with a long abdomen
Trademarked laminate used in 60s kitchen surfaces
Puts food in very cold storage
Rental occupancy
As pretty as a
A set of props

Puzzle 2

They prevent air entering part-used wine bottles
Eased off, gave in
Fuel oil and wax
Company that owns the Cadbury chocolate brand
Groups of four musicians
Too many to count
Hungarian author of The Sleepwalkers : Arthur
Person of charitable actions
Yearly planner
Summer skin condition from hot temperatures

Puzzle 3

Capital of the Canadian province of Nunavut
Sun shading umbrella
Name given to a female whose identity is unknown
Ancient paper folding art of Japan
Small curtain, often in a kitchen window
Game show once presented by Donny Osmond
Overwhelming happiness, euphoric religious state
Search out, try to track down something
Nothing Else by Metallica
Bic ; transparent biro, introduced in 1950
Operation to open someone up
Bruce Wayne’s underground headquarters
Middle Eastern coffee served in a tiny cup
Armani, Italian fashion designer
Oscar and Peter Carey’s Booker winner
It provides shade from the sun

Puzzle 4

Short wooden rods that are used in flat-packs
King Henry III’s successor to the throne: I
Bubbling noise made by a young baby
Cooks in an oven
2010 space documentary narrated by DiCaprio
Night, first major release for Kool & The Gang
Prized pink-fleshed river or sea fish
Ran away to get married
Söze, shady character in The Usual Suspects
Broadway Joe NFL quarterback
sizer, a ruler used in quilling

Puzzle 5

Democrats are donkeys and Republicans are
Communal pot and forks used to eat melted cheese
Seating for drinking patrons
Layer of wall paint applied beneath the main hue
Muddy coastal wetland area
Match between rivals FC Barcelona and Real Madrid
More inconvenient or clumsy than
Chocolate rodents
Discordant clashing noises, dissonance
A coat with eye-like markings
Earth metal used in fireworks, with symbol Sr
80’s cop show with Crockett and Tubbs in Florida