Group 638

Puzzle 1

Observant, attentively keeping an eye on
Opening night of a new Broadway show
Vital for good health alongside a healthy diet
Chewy Italian bread shaped like a slipper
Sagging or dangling
Psychological tests made popular by Rorschach
Sixties; nickname for hedonistic decade
Person who misses school or work
Airtight seal used in packaging
Forcefully; vigorously
Illustrated book describes real/imaginary animals
Polite asks for something
Shelf-type that appears be held up by nothing
She hit No. 1 with Love Me Like You Do : Ellie
Danish theme park for little builders
Supporting stands for table tops

Puzzle 2

Ancient Egyptian city; Tennessee blues town
Year ; bovine Chinese zodiac sign period
Toni Morrison’s 1987 novel
Having tiny dents
Detailed, comprehensive
Glaze or filling of semisweet chocolate and cream
Philadelphia Elton John with Backstreet Boys
Solid nickname of wrestler Dwayne Johnson
Loose and unisex Moroccan caftan
Small journalistic binder of pages for writing in
Ranges for making dinner on

Puzzle 3

Tourist attractions to see
Soul, Beatles LP of 1965
Small areas of land surrounded by water
Chased, pursued
Comics produced in South and North Korea
Place where cars are kept safely off road
fork, retractable utensil to spear silverskins
E.g. Swiss army, steak, switchblade
Senators play at the Canadian Tire Centre
Cannon or trebuchet
Desire or need for a drink

Puzzle 4

brass means you have some front
Synchronized groups perform dances in water
Roland ; Stephen King’s Dark Tower series hero
site; rubbish dump
Horror about four teenage girls dabbling in Wicca
Gigantic or huge
Measure of sheep threads
Home state of George Washington
jam cake, southern cake with caramel icing
Urban music of early 20th century Greece
Space ; astronomical Disney World attraction
Moving in water

Puzzle 5

Goody King’s instrument in Fame
Important, something that you can’t do without
Charon steered one of these on the river Styx
Country where hallaca is a national dish
Thankfulness or appreciation of good fortune
Elands, gnus, and impalas, for example
Getting ready, putting together, e.g. meals
Money lender with high interest rates
Make someone speechless, flabbergasted
Wars, series of 20th century Asian conflicts