Group 637

Puzzle 1

Solarium or winter garden
Chinese explorer and mapmaker with treasure fleets
Sugar metal canister for shaking out sweetness
Not close
Countryside hiker
Doctor who turns into comic book superhero Ant-Man
What you get when you add an s to nouns
Margaret Thatcher’s advertising man
One who is being educated
Perk, coffee shop on Friends
Ford Motor Company’s luxury car subdivision

Puzzle 2

Gloom, mournfulness
Sweetener, lure
Solid lump collected from the Moon’s surface
War among the Greek gods
A community made up of temporary housing
Most ancient golfing track at the Royal & Ancient
The Lou Gehrig’s nickname
Italian for cheese
Person who relinquishes a throne, for example
School acting group that meets regularly
O Little Town of Christmas carol
Restaurant/dining seating for a toddler

Puzzle 3

Medical treatment of injury, disease or disorder
Triumph, conquest, win
Self-absorbed person, narcissist
Cartoon cat pursuer of Pixie & Dixie
African country totally enveloped by South Africa
Fret or worry over
Turkish empire that ended in 1922
Everything is this in The Lego Movie
Brandy or cognac glass
Chatting, prattling, jawing
Covering thinly in gold

Puzzle 4

Ball tiny metal spheres
Amsterdam airport and a major European hub
International peace agreements or pacts
Nails, Johnny Cash covered their song Hurt
Most succulent and moist
than good; something damaging and unhelpful
Valley where wine is produced in British Columbia
Something made invalid, like a marriage
Mexican cooking beans
Bird of is a yellow and blue flower
Refrigerator: modern, intelligent fridge
Jeopardy winner, Ken

Puzzle 5

Blinking like a star
Volcanic peninsula in the Russian Far East
Wine chiller
Scotland’s largest castle, now a museum: Castle
Abdomen fat or the rise in a fairy cake
Yellow vehicle that whisks kids off to be educated
Place for making and selling scents
Slugs ; what little boys are made of, apparently
Movie about competitive cheerleading
the Earth; environmental campaigners
Ride over; treat someone with disrespect