Group 636

Puzzle 1

Annual celebration on December 25th
With a Little Help from by The Beatles
Occurrence, incident, event
Sweet yellow citrus spread
Ceiling windows that illuminate
Place where spies exchange briefcases
Slogan: You’re in with Allstate
Butterfly with flame-hued wing edges
Devoted to a task
Actor who played David Banner, the Incredible Hulk

Puzzle 2

Ford XB, bird of prey ride driven by Mad Max
The capital of Montana
Harsh, very bad
Secured with a metal pin
Parisian mecca for high-end shopping: Elysees
Cast out to sea
Jog one’s
Seven Seas Queen number
Greek mathematician, founder of geometry
Scrawl over, ruin

Puzzle 3

Little Pig Beatrix Potter story
Hill overlooking Barcelona, site of a fortress
Nationality of Usain Bolt and Grace Jones
Unexpectedly, by surprise, off guard
Draught ; placed by a door to keep out cold air
Given a prime (but fruity) position in business
Pillows for comfort/decoration on a sofa
Medicine wheeled devices delivering remedies
Luther Burbank’s profession
Ms. Mars, private investigator
Since U was a hit in 2004 for Kelly Clarkson
Width of a plane from tip to tip
Vincente ; Oscar-winning director of Gigi
Slackens a thirst
file shell is an ornate bivalve from Asia

Puzzle 4

Interactive learning session hosted by a museum
Lidia Bastianich’s autobiography: My Dream
Ryan actor lead in the Deadpool movies
Break in the middle of a match
Where supply is controlled by one sole company
TV show where the tribe has spoken
Wooden panel gives access via a flank
Paper lamps, can be sent off into the sky
Weights and pulleys used to stretch an injury
Bodies elected to govern towns and cities
Evoked, triggered

Puzzle 5

Threatening or menacing, as with a stare
Sword ; Lion-O’s weapon in ThunderCats
Throw away
Touched, felt, fingered
Walked with a bent back
Qualities that make up an entity; women’s magazine
Goes to Town sees Gary Cooper inherit millions
Receptacle for discarding cigarette butts
Shoe flaps that sit below laces
French car maker of the Mégane
Nationality of someone from Riga
The Last King of Scotland, in the 1998 Foden novel
Running like a river
Customer satisfaction market research firm