Group 635

Puzzle 1

and brush, utensils to clean a house
Omen or warning, particularly of doom
Turns pink, reddens
Blade attached to the end of a firearm
Desk with slatted tambour cover
Machines that convert power into movement
First ship to offer round-the-world cruises
Room or business devoted to displaying artworks
The name the Mughal Empire gave itself
Thinks wistfully, considers
Hugh P.T. Barnum in The Greatest Showman
The Night King leads White in Game of Thrones
This city is home to NBA’s predator of the sky
Originator, instigator
Word remade with same letters
Receptacle worn by a horse when eating
The Church of the Flying Spaghetti began in 2005
Theatrical lyricist often with Andrew Lloyd Webber

Puzzle 2

Rubbery sealant used on reef tanks
Curse of Scotland, playing card aka the 9 of
the mark, to exceed a previously set boundary
River of Marilyn Monroe & Robert Mitchum film
Exoplanet, Earth’s equivalent in the galaxy
Minced beef, onion and bean curd dish
Naturally, like a native speaker
One long form of the name Teddy
First man to go on both North and South Poles
Lewis ; champion Formula One driver
Comfy, movable seats made from filled sacks
Accessory used in stage lighting
Keepsake souvenirs of mats for glasses
Judge’s decision, people cannot talk about a case

Puzzle 3

Said of the bank balance that is below zero
Very hard to convince
Too much of something, opposite of a dearth
Without a hem or dress
Narration or commentary off-camera in a TV show
Place for leaving outdoor clothes
Expert in matter, motion, force and energy

Puzzle 4

Buildings based on advertising, giant animals, etc
Without oxygen, like in space
Metal construction toy popular in the 20th century
Movable furniture for separate rooms, screen
Missing, doing without
Freestanding closet
Paul played Iron Man’s computer
All ; the current fashion
He, she, it, they or I
One-eyed Greek giant
Rolled meringue and cream dessert
German city on the Elbe, home to Zwinger Palace
First U.S. culinary magazine

Puzzle 5

Sherlock ; animated film with garden figures
Pass, like time
Movie iconic actress Elizabeth
Underground animal dwelling
Food that Dan Quayle learned too late has no e
stove, brand of domestic paraffin burner
Dark lunar rock formed from cooled lava
California train runs from Chicago to Emeryville
Print on system of printing smaller quantities
Caves, Indian frescoes on the Buddha’s life
Eat, swallow