Group 634

Puzzle 1

Shot when the 7 and 10 pins are split in bowling
Female X-Men mutant, introduced in 1978
Words for goodbye in French
Victoria Aveyard’s Mare Barrow fantasy book series
Alcoholic after-dinner drink
Time between is TBF in longform
Fictional town setting for One Life to Live
Small, folding blade with tools
Stand-alone jacket holder
Region of Italy containing the province of Milan
Walking babies
Express, Dietrich and a varied cast on a train
Entitled, qualified
Nellie the Elephant packed this

Puzzle 2

Facts and information a person has
Green and yellow US tractor brand
Traditional Christmas carol: God Rest Ye Merry
Wake; experimental James Joyce novel
Card-matching game also called Pairs
Christian ceremony using bread and wine
Large rectangular towel size
Substance added to make a liquid less watery
The enchanted clock in Beauty and the Beast

Puzzle 3

Hour hand, minute hand and hand on a clock
Disposing-your-hand card game, aka card dominoes
Thank You, P G Wodehouse’s manservant
David the Green Cross Code man and Darth Vader
Riding a water slide on a floating ring-shape
Castle attic
Awning, cloth covering
Largest city in Cameroon, but not the capital
Pauses, gaps
Good news from the doctor: A clean bill of
Piper, actress in Secret Diary of a Call Girl

Puzzle 4

Cleansing skin to shrink pores
Piano-like musical instruments played in church
Turkey device for moistening poultry
The Canadiens play at Bell
Hollywood worker who cuts scenes from a movie
Criminal destroyer of property
Utensil combines spoon, fork and knife
Jurassic Park menace or Toronto NBA player
RuPaul’s song Call Me
Pertaining to that thing
Untidy edge of fabric that has come away
Bass speaker

Puzzle 5

Blade for chopping meat
American wild pig with social behavior
Squirted with mist
James Master builder of the US Constitution
Uses, gives a job to
Built-in breakfast nook
Country where Bran Castle is located
Signal lights on hills
Engineless aircraft with large wingspans
Lynyrd Skynyrd signature song: Sweet Home
David Order of Merit, Pop Art painter