Group 633

Puzzle 1

What a ! A wonderful thing or a bottle stopper
Winston Churchill’s mother, Jennie
Paper or plastic tubes for drinking with
Shakespeare play set in Denmark
Companion ship to Erebus, trapped in Arctic ice
Archer’s bag for holding arrows
Rock tour assistant
Small, forest-dwelling wildcat of C and S America
MSNBC Prison documentary series
Checks on financial accounts
Silent movie actress and flapper, Brooks
Praising promotional literature or sayings
tool, gardener’s tool for creating neat sides

Puzzle 2

Clear moon, : countryside weather lore
Mechanical version of the hand-held mangle board
Ian Rankin’s ex-SAS Scottish detective
Obscenity, rudeness
Film about the Seuss villain who stole Christmas
Glass lamp that mimics sun for fish in tanks
Underhand, deceitful
One of the largest pharmacy chains in the US
Tracy Turnblad’s 60s dance show journey
Reverse engineer a computer program
French blow poker for starting fires

Puzzle 3

Felon Robert LeRoy Parker better known as Butch
Estimated timings of a baby’s delivery
Curving a shot to the left in golf
Waterfalls along the Canadian and US border
Weapon thrown or projected at a target
Drop-leaf tables work because of a support
Magical women in covens
Stand up for a cause, support it
artist, creator of works from latex and air
Lead singer of Guns N’ Roses
Beer mug
Gapping between type on a page

Puzzle 4

Fezzik and Inigo were best mates in The Bride
Live Nation London festival, once sponsored by O2
The T in TVP, a meat substitute
Russian mystic, appointed to heal Tsarevich Alexei
Geological presidents monument
Cavendish, English writer of The Blazing World
Makes an error
Top of a cooker or a separate cooking platform
Member of the Church of England
Edgar Jr., US architect and lover of Kahlo
Alloy of pure gold and silver used in ornaments
Hidden city of Elves, in Beleriand, Middle-earth

Puzzle 5

Fabric made of yarn loops
Clandestine, like a spy
Language in which Adonai means God
Canopy added to a building for extra shade
Buffalo’s hockey team
Blue Belgian cartoon characters
Anna child star of Jane Campion’s The Piano
Damaged, bruised, e.g. pride
Complimenting piece that stands out
Puddle-Duck, a tale of a bonneted egg-layer
dance, jive; opening lyrics to Dancing Queen
Paul the Modfather