Group 632

Puzzle 1

Observe, remark upon details
Laurel & Hardy signature tune: The Song
Fertilized ovum
Type of managed fund of collective investments
His Girl Hawks’ wisecracking newspaper comedy
Late morning crossover meal
Callings, vocations
U2’s Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild
Turn an object or image upside down
Impregnated ovum
Pump-up mattress
Make smaller
Volcanic isle, third-largest of Japan’s islands
Religion traditionally associated with Haiti
Chain of Doughnut shops Kreme
Vegetable prep tool
Country whose independence Lord Byron fought for

Puzzle 2

Japanese car manufacturer that makes the Impreza
Solomon, who was born on a Monday
Core, and crust make up the earth
Green, edible shoots with purple pom pom flowers
Karen German psychoanalyst of womb envy
Spray can used with a duster
State sometimes called America’s Last Frontier
Marion actress and muse of Randolph Hearst
bridge, quickly assembled device used in WW2
Bullseye; retail store
Stamp a design on something
Temporarily take legal guardianship of children
Tatty, torn
Capital of Angola: not Rwanda but
Gave a dwelling to

Puzzle 3

Go with, escort
All the responsibilities of a citizen
Head ; an ostrich’s preferred position
Musician, singer and former husband of Cher
Ancient Greek repeating catapult weapon
Arbitrary reordering of cards
Tiny people who live under floors, per Mary Norton
Put right, remedied
Punch, Philadelphia peach brandy cocktail

Puzzle 4

Enter private land unlawfully
Capital of Virginia
Couch type with high back on one end; passing out
Nothing 2 U, song written by Prince
Kitchen boss
Spicy smoked fish, rice, and hard boiled eggs dish
Pet movie from Stephen King novel
Settled in an established tent site
Existential state of lack of presence, eg in death
Asphyxiates, stifles
Not waving but said female poet Stevie Smith
Martial art that focuses on grappling
Multiple and diverse
Good-natured friendliness, a French word

Puzzle 5

Otis sang (Sittin’ on) The Dock of the Bay
Believed, had faith in someone
salesman; second-hand vehicle dealer
Performer or someone with creative pretensions
German plane designer, especially of flying boats
Wax cylinders that give out light and heat
Failed to make any significant impact
Jumping athlete
Heavy deposit of grime and dirt over years
An unbeatable or near-unbeatable poker hand
Pulled something away from someone forcefully
Salander, Larsson’s trilogy main character