Group 631

Puzzle 1

Medieval Dutch city, home of the Frans Hals Museum
High-protein small pulses
reel, invented in 4th century in Ancient China
Strip of silk worn under a shirt collar
Machine that smooths the ice in hockey rink
King Henry II’s wife: of Aquitaine
Suggestive, earthy, vulgar, smutty
Nom ; a writer’s pen name
Ewok-like dog breed from Brussels
ring, used on a gas hob with an espresso maker
Lily- cowardly
Situation that is impossible to resolve
At the end of a sofa, to lean on
Ace three pet detective movies
Sore lips
Colombian Whenever, Wherever singer
The capital of New Jersey
Sea god who took on different shapes

Puzzle 2

Blabs about a secret
Vehicle motor
Former NBA player known as Dr. J., Erving
Game of throwing rings over spikes
Sprain or wound
Bill ; Apollo 8 crew who took Earthrise photo
Narrow table cloth
Informs asker who the fairest of all is
Not-to-be-repeated event; unique
Combustible fine material used to start a fire
Credit your money back after a returned purchase
caramel; sweet, buttery sauce or filling
Small mammal, like a stoat or ferret

Puzzle 3

Opposite of blend in; make yourself noticed
Replacing the mortar in between bricks in a wall
Solution or drop, used in alternative medicine
One of the members of the Jackson 5
Sound of a clock mechanism in action
Google headquarters city in California: View
Succeeding, soon to take office
Supremacy of one state over others
Solution, essence or drop, used in homeopathy
Sugar-free cola brand
In recent times
The Young 2009 film about the English queen
Ballroom dances with quick and slow step patterns
Multi-headed dog guarding the gates of Hades

Puzzle 4

Populous Mexican city in Chihuahua: Juárez
Era, historical period
TV show Desperate Housewives creator: Marc
Populous Mexican city in Chihuahua: Ciudad
Mentally or physically weak or incapacitated
Pannier made from woven grasses or twine
Extra, identical versions
A Star movie with Bradley Cooper
chic, distressed interior design styling
In a kind and welcoming way
Populous Mexican city, Chihuahua’s capital
Morose, like Eeyore
Used the tongue to eat an ice cream
Small-scale character doll: figure

Puzzle 5

Gauge theory at the heart of Standard Model
Discount, reduction on a sales label
Union, author of We’re Going To Need More Wine
State of wedded or holy bliss
Perforated bowls for draining pasta and salads
Denying someone of something
Electoral divisions
Big, snappy reptile that’s not a croc
The Black Keys song about a man looking for love
A household tidy or glove compartment
Shouting deeply
Magnetite, with attractive properties
Night of costume parties and sweet treats