Group 630

Puzzle 1

To mention or state in detail
Part of the Marx brothers with Chico and Harpo
Fold in the skin
European country that’s home to Vienna
Wailing sound made by a banshee
The period a king governs a land
The late Eppie Lederer, aka columnist Ann
Wooden implements for croquet
Bunches of sticks
Japanese style deep fried battered fish or veggies
V. S. wrote A Bend in the River
Planet to which Yoda went into exile in Star Wars
Narrow flat-bottomed vessel with a pole or paddle
Suspended sleeping, between trees
Expression of praise
Back ; following the right path once more
Birds with broadly spread rear feathers

Puzzle 2

Anne 17th C poet of The Miseries of Man
Lamp that casts illumination towards a ceiling
Banner flown on public buildings
The Murders, film investigating puppet murders
Sandwich roll filled with fried potatoes
Feeling of doubt or apprehension
In Solo Whist, an undertaking to win nine tricks
What fax is short for
Give pleasure or enjoyment to others
Blood is thicker ; family ties are important
Small sized piano
Raised platforms in front of house entrances

Puzzle 3

Cabinet type for papers
Not winning
What Scientologists call the immortal soul
Tools for smoothing wood
of crows; sinister collective noun for corvids
Steps, iconic scenes in Eisenstein’s film
Reuben creator of the Häagen-Dazs brand
Banned, blocked
Energetic French music hall dance
Dick Van Eight is Enough dad
One or the other
Fresco by the painter Raphael: The School of
Two-number system with 0s and 1s

Puzzle 4

Turquoise Goddess peak, on China-Nepal border
Needed to turn a TV on and off after a long day
Loft spaces in homes, often used for storage
Parries a blow in martial arts
When a player’s cards are exposed for all to see
Congregation singing book
Native North American social gathering
Watery substances
Cool area for storing food
Pear that grew on the little nut tree
The real name of Disney’ Sleeping Beauty

Puzzle 5

Removed in an appendectomy
Battery brand
Paying for something for someone
Table with raised sides for seating more diners
Reduce business costs, make cuts
Woolf, author of Orlando
Handrail that forms part of a staircase
Spiritual stories in Christianity
Legal protector, especially when parentless
Debut album for Elton John, devoid in the heavens
Small untruth
IBM competitor semiconductor business
Economize, make cuts
Star of the film Pretty in Pink: Molly
Small sailing vessels found on the Nile