Group 629

Puzzle 1

Birds that inhabit mudflats and shorelines
Showing prejudice against the young or old
Garden; Darren Hayes and Daniel Jones’ group
Unauthorized school absentee
Hill, connects Manhattan with the Bronx
My name is Biblical saying about demons
Limestone plateau of west-central Ireland
Student skipping class
Stadium; branded home to Bolton Wanderers FC
Material border covering curtain fittings
Disguises, hides with a shawl
Attached like a door
Eats little bits of various foods; snacks

Puzzle 2

Tightening muscles
Dead Egyptians wrapped in linen strips
Go back to once more
Group of islands that includes Antigua and Barbuda
Lucky ; first boss of the Genovese crime family
Covers for air vents
Painter of the Paris Opera House ceiling: Marc
Gloria Swanson film role, Norma
TV mistake
Edward first climber to summit the Matterhorn
Frustum shaped, Christmas sweet bread
In my arrogant or IMAO

Puzzle 3

A Whole song from Disney movie Aladdin
Destinies, fates
Legal probes into incidents
Suddenly without warning
Something Heller’s follow-up to Catch-22
A line that is at right angles to the horizon
Kurt Austrian ex-secretary-general of the UN
Nightclub security guards
Fashion designer and founder of Complex
Andreas ; first to extract sugar from beets
Describes wines from France, Spain, Germany, Italy
Using too many words, redundancy in speech
Furniture leg used in Chippendale furniture
Overlapping roof coverings

Puzzle 4

1983 Australian drama film: He Might Hear You
Left empty
deposit; paid to reserve a rental property
Cheek-to-cheek greeting with no contact
basket, suspended plant pot
Warning signal, waved in front of a vintage car
Long-range, hidden sharpshooters
Subject to absorbing an idea unconsciously
Mythological Greek figure, brother of Electra
Pro golfer from Northern Ireland, Rory
Capital of Spain’s La Rioja autonomous community
Three-pointed hat
Cleopatra’s father: King XII
Jon comedian, former Daily Show host
Fast-food delivery website; sponsored The X Factor
Band that sang Love Me Do
Exhibit to show off goods
Studs, each worn on the sides of the head

Puzzle 5

Niagara, Victoria or Angel, for e.g.
Study of production, distribution and consumption
Theory associated with Abraham Maslow: of Needs
Springsteen song that Fallon sang in 62nd Emmy
Skill of making and repairing roofs using straw
For a specific purpose or occasion
number nine, children’s counting rhyme
Unlabelled vino in a restaurant
Describes a voyager, moving places to find work
Rebellious soldiers or sailors
Raising ; passing on knowledge to educate others
Utensil designed for baking a French pie
Headgear worn in Tocumen, perhaps