Group 628

Puzzle 1

Have something down to a ; be highly skilled
Contempt, scorn
Thor Heyerdahl’s balsa raft
Sprays or posies of flowers
Mrs Gates, co-sponsor of the foundation
Small dried fruit in hot cross buns
A written record or study of human events
Nail-driving tools
Snuggled into, cosied up to
A short piece of writing, often found in magazines
Rice milky dessert with a dollop of jam
Valved brass instrument family, bugle-like
clogs, multihued Dutch wooden footwear
Palindrome that describes changing wall decoration
Helen B. US pediatric cardiologist
Moorish Spanish city of the Alhambra
Girl, Melanie Griffith as investment banker
Salad use this to dry lettuce leaves

Puzzle 2

Best friend of Yao and Ling in Mulan
Ugly blot on the landscape
Umbrian uni recognized in 1308 by Pope Clement V
Relating to the treatment of injury and illness
Name of game (and film) that traps players inside
Space for limbs on airplanes
Teams, not offense or defense in football
Break military rank after a spell of marching
Band with Kurt Cobain and Dave Grohl
and Dean, gold-medal ice dancers of the 1980s
Spouse or companion of a reigning monarch
Door brass hammer for alerting householders
Instrument for telling the time with shadows

Puzzle 3

Loud and frequent talker
Oven, kid appliance cooks with bulb
Covered in the most suds
Grasped strongly
Dampness, like on an early morning lawn
Walked off in a huff
toaster, device for heating bread with filling
An indication left by receding waters
Jacques ; speedy French road racing cyclist
Brand of advocaat, popular at Christmas
After the 1970 album by Neil Young
Shakespeare play about the Prince of Tyre
Blood-sucking humans
Opium-sourced substance used in pain relief
Kicked out of school
Volcanic eruption of 1883 near Java
Billed, requested payment for services

Puzzle 4

Wicker cribs
Steps, basic element of ballet, waltz, etc
US multi-medalist sprinter and long-jumper
Not had any attention paid to it
Snake depicted eating its own tail
Bullhorn used to manage crowds
Cheap fiction with colorful cover pictures
Feel encouraged and optimistic
Hourglass with trickling grains
Moaning about something
Pregnant; looking forward to
TV genre with opposing teams

Puzzle 5

Hit hard; crash bang
Discs used as replacement for money
Credits given for achievements
A large property or grounds with a large house
Relating to something or someone from Bonn or Berlin
Tingles, stings; needs to be scratched
Broadcast makes large scale planting easier
memory, created by repetitive motor tasks
Parental figure honored in June
Was afraid of
Backed off, refused to jump a fence
meat, beef spread that has a fat layer