Group 627

Puzzle 1

State in which the Platte River is located
Example property on display to prospective buyers
Scots isle where Ben Fogle was Castaway in 2000
Spice that is small green pods with black seeds
Ewan Moulin Rouge’s Christian
Discontinue little by little
Chassis or punch, metalworker’s king hit tool
Another name for wellingtons
State of doubt or a dilemma
whales, acrobatic baleen mammals

Puzzle 2

Popular Korean shaved ice dessert
US philosopher who authored A Theory of Justice
The number of short films about Glenn Gould
Bill coach of the Patriots
Disturbing preoccupation with a person or idea
Makeup to transform a child into a tiger
Cock of the north mountain finch
Related to a substance that is poisonous to cells

Puzzle 3

You can play this on a field or on ice
Mendicant Muslims
Detached prepping structure mid-kitchen
Trick-taking card game; anagram of create
Attached to a washing line
The g in eg
Nurturing, kind
Swahili word for hippo
Growth rapid height increases by youngsters
Family-run eateries or bars in Portugal
NYC famed John Lennon residence

Puzzle 4

Stately home in Brideshead Revisited: Castle
Describes the state of hot lava or metal
Band that sang Don’t You Want Me: The Human
Not external
Nate is a short version of this boys’ name
Generic, chlorine-based cleaning product
One of the driest cities in the world, in Chile
Poet who wrote the Aeneid
Curd cheese used in Asian cookery
The Tennessee Titans formerly: the Houston
cipher; German ‘tuna fish’ cipher machines

Puzzle 5

Ed is in love with the shape of you
Knives, spoons, forks
Portuguese Black Panther world class footballer
Mary Returns as Emily Blunt
Meaninglessness, absurdity, stupidity
Sheer, plain-weave cloth originally from France
Type of lock added to a door’s edge via a recess
Large body of water between W and E Antarctica
Project ; 1959 study into building a lunar base
Small rounded beetle with a red back
Bought dinner for, lavished gifts on
Light as a stiff as a board