Group 626

Puzzle 1

Bad ; no amount of brushing can fix this style
State where the Mar-a-Lago resort is located
Damn baseball musical of the 1950s
Nuts found in cantucci biscuits
A person who is mechanical and unemotional
Thrilling moment of terror or excitement
Starling, detective played by Jodie Foster
Mike Instagram cofounder
USAF lunar probe mission launched in 1958
Cylinder-style barbecue with hinged lid
USAF lunar probe program launched in 1958
To beg urgently, implore
Boundary of flesh and exposed part of tooth
Roof structures, usually with windows

Puzzle 2

Light Railway, London’s DLR
Grand terraced building, usually slim and narrow
Southern Ocean World Heritage Site: Island
Man, Leonardo sketch of bodily proportions
Old American spiritual, Down by the
Art of making people spellbound
Swelled through burning
Burden, oppress
Serving table, often near a formal dining table

Puzzle 3

Half a musical featured Flash, Bang, Wallop
Fortified white wine used in cocktails
Type of surgery that is not a medical emergency
People who have just joined a team or company
Glass Act, split commercial, investment banks
Ship’s biscuits that certainly weren’t soft
Shortcomings and weaknesses
Graf famous, round-the-world, 1920s airship
Aquatic platypus
Spring an annual decluttering of homes
Grappler, like Naomi, for example
Political philosophy of the State of Qin
Boxed game of identifying faces
An escort on horseback or motorcycle
Town and county in Ulster

Puzzle 4

Horizontal parts of the steps of a staircase
Book of the OT named after Holofernes’ beheader
Transfer a file from a computer, not down
Describes a dress with many folds or flounces
tank; domestic sewage chamber
center, for animals looking for a new home
Took advice
Hollow space; tooth decay
Artificial harbor on the Tiber in Ancient Rome
Of Northern Europe, Scandinavia
1980s William Shatner police drama T.J.
French style of soup made from crustaceans
Quinn was one according to Manfred Mann
Strained broth made from shellfish

Puzzle 5

Nickname for the US flag
Steadfast, dependable, trustworthy
Canó, MVP for 2013 champion Dominican Republic
Curried cauliflower side dish in Indian cuisine
Made a positive impression on
Side of a building with a pointed roof
Comedy drama series based on The Karate Kid
Small wedge; Hodor
Townsend ; defunct European ferry operators
Chocolate bar that’s also a galaxy
Mathematician, nobel laureate, studied game theory
One spouse at a time