Group 625

Puzzle 1

Stovetop coffee maker
Beaming with joy
A spinal disc condition, not slipped
Hellraiser: fifth Hellraiser movie
Poison found in crushed apple pips
Wiping down a kitchen floor hit by liquid spills
Lord married to Mary, Queen of Scots
Way, walkway leads to the UK’s national stadium
Small Mesopotamian horse descended from Arabians
Windblown, fluttering, streaming in the wind
Finger measures of salt when added to a recipe
Appraisals of new books in magazines and papers
American luxury store chain
Cole, he had fiddlers three
Sensual Hindu yoga, massage

Puzzle 2

Rock band My Romance
Caught ; apprehended mid-crime
With Morrie; Mitch Albom memoir
dew, US lemonade brand
dew, citrus soda brand in the US
Showing contempt for the rules
Obama campaign slogan
Japanese spitz-type dog with foxy features
Visiting spectrally
Dealt with legally
Miner’s illumination invented by Sir Humphry
Seattle team uses Native American art in logo
Pained and drawn expressions on faces

Puzzle 3

Items on display in the Uhrenmuseum in Vienna
Boated along a canal; anagram of badger
Fails an exam
Pharmaceutical company founded in NYC in 1849
Return to life from the ashes
A hound and a 70s smelly coat
Google logo manipulation on special days
Illuminations, lamps
Chest for storing children’s playthings
Don’t Let the Sun on Me, Elton John single
Circular swirling currents

Puzzle 4

Temporary garden structure
Aircraft storage place
Large skylight over a courtyard within a building
Cook an egg in water that is just below boiling
US House Speaker Nancy
Language used by Legolas
Cards with apertures used in framing pictures
Put an item up for sale again on eBay
Worried, anxious, unsettled
Irish, English or Gordon longhaired gundog breed
Paper towel brand with a Lumberjack mascot
Capital city of Australia’s Northern Territory

Puzzle 5

1960s musical genre, local to southern Louisiana
Hugging, enfolding, cuddling
A football club’s strongest line-up
Watch, observe, look out for
Sci-fi series Battlestar
Buckets keep these rain-blockers upright
Device for removing two small circles from paper
Actor who played playboy spy Austin Powers
Kitchen utensils made of wood
Penguins with marked black line under their heads
Ran off and avoided the law
Heyer; historical fiction and crime novelist
Restaurant/bar-type establishment