Group 624

Puzzle 1

Guidance handle for steering a boat
Born on the of July; 1989 Tom Cruise film
Circular dish that sits under a teacup, plate
Writing desk or a branch of an institution
Dark reddish purple
Opinion at odds with religion
Father of the two Princes in the Tower : IV
German folkloric animal, fire, human or candle
Female foxes
Clothing company, Republic
Japanese horseradish sauce, found in sushi plates

Puzzle 2

Opposite of youngest
Abbreviation and nickname for Santa Claus
Textured like the white cliffs of Dover
Add to the price for profit
Prisoner who received clemency in 1977: Patty
Vertical sections of steps on a staircase
Burrowing rodent that causes farmers trouble
Eight Freaks, monster-spider movie
Mitty, character with alternative existence
Houses, dwellings, residences
Actress Tia Mowry’s twin sister

Puzzle 3

Dumbo’s mouse friend
Walter painter fascinated with Jack the Ripper
Margaritaville singer, Jimmy
With Swedish, the official language of Helsinki
Freddy ; A Nightmare on Elm Street serial killer
Boring, everyday
Capital of Armenia
African coffee seeds; anagram of sour bat
When the Moon covers the Sun
Cropping up, occurring, e.g. a problem
Rich, woven fabric with a raised pattern
Meaty liquids
Curated popular stories on Twitter

Puzzle 4

Pope Alexander VI’s 3x married daughter: Borgia
Relating to the French region of Alsace
A just-married person
Climbing nook-filled structure for felines
Child abductors of Pullman’s His Dark Materials
Hit song by the band Chicago: in the Park
Handle to turn a latch
Chewy candy bar manufactured by Nestlé
Injured a joint by twisting or tearing
domain, the TL in TLDs
More tangled
Disqualified 2019 Derby winner: Maximum
Home environments of animals
Large paper size; a jester’s hat
Roman leader who won the Battle of Actium
Composer of film score for Chariots of Fire
Ignoring; not acknowledging

Puzzle 5

Yellow/white plant grown from a bulb; daffodil
Facilities, services provided in a hotel
Framed opening made in a chimney to contain flames
Dare; dispute
Dramatic French singer of Milord
Fool, dunce
Large Indian reservation in South Dakota
Half-moon blade for chopping herbs
Exposed to the elements and looking bedraggled
Facilities, services
Fur trapper protagonist role in The Revenant
Chaotic, haphazard