Group 623

Puzzle 1

Transportation that’s good for you and the planet
More deprived
Boris, the UK prime minister from July 2019
Table ; meals given to customers at their seats
Subtle eye contact gesture, closing one eye
Small flow of liquid
The M in CMYK printing cartridges
State known as the Heart of Dixie
Henry wrote Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death
Having an opening, like pores in a sponge
Fun search for hidden oval objects during Easter
Laying cloth over furniture
Big balls of laundry
Cause trouble or distress to someone
Architect of the pyramid of Zoser
What Ms Dolittle sold in Covent Garden

Puzzle 2

Victor and Nikki’s daughter on soap opera Y&R
Mrs and Miss are abbreviations of this word
Suggested, speculative, as in a budget
Some of these veggies are the daikon type
Athletic event with a sandpit
Something you have loaned from a friend
Scottish weapon, a double-edged broadsword
Establishing, setting up
cage bulbs possess many filaments
Superhero group that faces Thanos in Endgame
Group of superheroes who beat Thanos in Endgame

Puzzle 3

The Oscar-winner with Lemmon and MacLaine
Elvis’ style of shoes
Frame for carrying injured footballers
Slightly smaller mattress than a male monarch’s
Pictorial greetings sent home from holidays
gardens, place for scientific study
Bill who drew Calvin and Hobbes
Gen. Lee’s trusty steed during American Civil War
The Irish Rover folk band
Wallboard made from Portuguese trees

Puzzle 4

Hard white limestone used in architecture
Puts up scaffolding or a building
Extremely pressing
Toasted batter, served with ice cream and syrup
lithography, method of book printing
Isle off the toe of Italy’s boot
Shared combined resources, a little watery perhaps
Canadian pop singer who sang Baby
-Apennine; landing site for Apollo 15 mission
One of The Bold & The Beautiful’s worst villainess
Leave an airport
Shocked electrically

Puzzle 5

Second largest city in Victoria, Australia
Train service
John writer of legal thrillers
Pierce, Oscar-winning film with Joan Crawford
Laughs like a witch
Underground layer of water within permeable rock
Give someone a heads-up
Military leader, often associated with Africa
Patting with cloth
More hip, rhythmic
Brain ; puzzles to make you think
Turn on the electric and snuggle up in bed
Cantab’s rival
greens, where cricket matches are played
Padma actress, producer, Top Chef host
Witty intelligences
What everyone wears on their shirt at a conference
Being out of order, all over the place