Group 622

Puzzle 1

Siege warfare machine for hurling large stones
Punxsutawney Phil, for example
To become annoyed, with reference to a garment
Removed Xmas paper from
Pipe obstructions
Beach seating
Thistle with edible flower bud
Decorative parchment that covers a brick structure
Bass guitarist for The Who: the late John
Deliberate, not accidental
Tom US chef founded Crafted Hospitality

Puzzle 2

Money, bills
Issues an order; not demands but
Hockey team based out of Canadian capital
Same as Calvary, a small hill near Jerusalem
Vitality, energy, drive
Freddy ; Belgian contemporary of Eddy Merckx
Bubbles created by washing up liquid
C S Hornblower author who was born Cecil Smith
Aquatic mattress
of the Runaways sang Bad Reputation
End, cut short, prune
Region in France famous for its Camembert cheese
Music by Oscar-winner about a Zimbabwean singer
Level of noise or sound

Puzzle 3

Looking for, maybe even desperately
Holden, American actor
Cursed; damned
Some forms of life survive the atomic or blasts
Shoes with a patterned leather upper
Demands forcefully
Old-fashioned wringing laundry aids
Throwing a party, compering a do
Round citrus fruits for making breakfast juice
edition, an art book, say, with few copies
Building fronts
Plate that helps you serve a balanced diet
Big snakes, perhaps called Monty
Michael linguist who deciphered Linear B
Civil War hero Stonewall

Puzzle 4

Fortified keep along the English-Scottish border
Moving toy that dangles above sleepy babies
Nationality of Gisele Bundchen and Adriana Lima
Tampa Bay’s hockey team
Edit by removing offensive parts
Dicing ; taking dangerous risks
Get a motorbike going with one of these
Girl band of Lewis, Blatt and Appleton x 2
System that waters lawn
Capable of being replaced by new growth

Puzzle 5

Lewis, longtime Cincinnati Bengals coach
Removes everything from a table
Thickset, heavily built
Support framework for lighting on a film or TV set
Photo agency founded by Cartier-Bresson and Capa
Protective pinnies worn when barbecuing
Release from one’s grasp
Itchy dry skin condition
Bellingshausen’s ship used to discover Antarctica
Thomas the father of English cathedral music
Someone who passes secrets to the press
Frankfurter, wiener