Group 621

Puzzle 1

Insoluble substance found in vegetable fibers
Barking up the ; to be mistaken
With an instructive, informative purpose
Artistically pleasing to the eye
Part of archery target outside the scoring area
Desolate, miserable, unhappy
Bus line with the ad Leave the driving to us
Creating a new product or device
Understand, work on finding an answer
Grain-like seeds used in kasha varnishkes
Covering for a light-giving device
One of the largest Dutch cities, a world entrepôt

Puzzle 2

Information sent from one sender to one receiver
Stamped to indicate postage has been paid
Long, firm, cylindrical pillow
Volcanic Indian Ocean island once owned by France
What it’s like outside, e.g. sunny, raining
Preserved in brine or vinegar
Rod actor starred in In the Heat of the Night
Arranged in strata
Edge ; brink of success hit for Lady Gaga
Cell division that creates exact copies
Neatening clutter in the house
Manchurians who established Jin Dynasty in China
Oklahoma City basketball team
Making owl noises
Elliot, Martian boy in The Space Between Us

Puzzle 3

TV lawyer who charged $100,000 per case
Rattle your Lennon’s request to posh audience
Stocking holders
Crucially, importantly
Greek alphabet letter, capital looks like a Y
Takes detritus from river bed
and Lovage, very English play by Peter Shaffer
Banishing, expelling
US singer known for Lucky Star, Like a Prayer
Territory ruled by medieval Mongol ruler
Handcrafted floor coverings from fabric oddments
Greedily gobbling down one’s food
Encasement on the top of a room
Mountain pass between Italy and Austria: Pass
2018 superhero movie, Black
In a slantwise manner

Puzzle 4

From Venice; like a certain type of window blind
Processed canned pork meat
Small void in a piece of wood
Friedrich University is based in Jena, Germany
As tough as ; well-worn shoes
Multiple Oscar-winner Daniel My Left Foot star
Most worn and untidy
Tower with sails that drains a marsh or swamp

Puzzle 5

Collecting piles of leaves with a garden tool
NY NBA team, based at Madison Square Garden
What hippophobia is the fear of
Tom, Tom, the piper’s son, stole a pig and away
Indian soldiers of the British Army of the Raj
Johnny Depp stars as this failed movie director
Three times
Swiss melted cheese dish
Put inside
Calcium compound for cleaning washing machines
Patti Broadway Diva
Bats the eyes