Group 680

Puzzle 1

Intentionally misleading, for fraudulent purposes
Egyptian queen, lover of Caesar and Antony
Nickname for fiery Mars
Affect or impact
Expression of unhappiness often committed to paper
Film starring Russell Crowe as a Roman fighter
Greasy pigments brushed onto a canvas
Someone who writes regular newspaper articles
hunt, challenge to find objects on a list
Safety instruction to a rollercoaster rider
Taping or videoing something
Hospital bacteria that have developed resistance
Fairy versions of this old woman appear in tales
Pasta mixed with eggs, cheese, bacon

Puzzle 2

Marine creature with showy, spiky, venomous fins
Female property owner who rents to tenants
Outstretched slapping greeting with palms
Slingshot weapon for launching stones
Quality of giving off light or rays
Good-value purchases
Titanic star Leonardo
Looked for or explored
Solitary, secluded
Belief system, faith
Home for a goldfish or koi carp
Reaching a destination
mirror; reflects what’s traveling behind you
Refined, shiny
Machines for making hard copies
A pumpkin became one in Cinderella
Metal finger protectors when sewing

Puzzle 3

No longer useful or needed
Evening party for wedding guests
A clock or a watch
Citizens who give money to the government annually
Mrs ; Robin Williams cross-dressing comedy film
Invented by the Chinese, used in munitions
The edges of a town
fruit, the apple in the Garden of Eden
Playground clapping game
The long name for the flu
Ship that transported Pilgrims to Plymouth Colony
Firm, unwavering, resolute
Custodian, guardian, janitor; sitter, nurse
Point where the sea reaches the beach
Awkward dive that hits the water abdomen-first
Mark left by a spilled Bordeaux

Puzzle 4

Billy Joel’s girl or Bruno Mars’ Funk
Pouted and behaved grumpily
Botanicals found in a tank e.g. anubias, Java fern
Rodent used in scientific research
Second largest continent
Kitchen ingredients such as cumin and nutmeg
Tower part of a house or castle
Sense, political pamphlet by Thomas Paine
Park, Boston’s baseball stadium
Not a round-trip flight
Greasy substance for styling hair
Not a solid and not a gas
Passage in the neck for breathing and swallowing

Puzzle 5

Places to build sand castles and sit in the sun
Updated Disney movie of Rapunzel’s story
Container for storing chisels, screwdrivers, etc
Sharp, unbearable pain
Earn something, e.g. praise
Be still my heart
Butter often accompanies this heated kernel
Joining together, combining
A Mary played by Emily Blunt
Piers from which divers can enter the sea