Group 679

Puzzle 1

Group of four people playing music together
of the Opera, play with masked protagonist
Fusing pieces of steel together by melting them
Blimp, zeppelin
Separated into parts or pieces
To bounce a basketball across the court
Moving side to side like a dog’s tail
Rough, rude and ill-mannered
Michelangelo’s chapel in the Vatican
Inflated sphere
City at the end of the Yellow Brick Road
Coldhearted; also thickened, hardened skin
Securing with key

Puzzle 2

Very tired
Performance of a song or play
Hand crinkle used in fortune telling and emotions
An expert in karate wears this
Denying access to group
Not the ending
What Sally sells by the seashore
Word used to describe a noun
An expert in martial arts wears this
Prolonged or lengthened deadline
Vacation property with multiple owners
Sideways orientation of a photograph
Medications to aid constipation

Puzzle 3

Pungent vegetable made up of cloves and bulbs
Humans need it to breathe
Truck with an open bed and a tailgate
Find three of these on a fork
Chase a person
Comedians, pranksters
Frozen oceanic hazard
Scuffle, small fight
Soft, warm material used for lining winter coats
Female that gives birth to or adopts a child
Prison officer
Vinyl phonograph music disc
Horizontal studio poles for ballet rehearsals
This little shepherdess lost her sheep
Remind an actor of lines

Puzzle 4

Worked out at the gym
10 to 0, the final ten seconds before New Year
Accountability, legal responsibility
Common school subject, study of earth and people
Practical, realistic, reasonable
Time of Arrival; ETA
in Seattle, Ryan and Hanks play lovers
Skin blemish such as a port wine stain
Removing stopper from wine bottle
Knowledgeable, wise about computers
Bright flowers associated with Day of the Dead

Puzzle 5

On the end of the feet; can be varnished
Yellow flower seen at Easter time
This TV family was led by Tony, a mob boss
Three-sided polygon
Correct off-key vocals with technology
Sent to a war zone
Lagging behind
Dipping into, tinkering with
Anna novel by Tolstoy
Once in a very rarely
To perform a controlled explosion
They allow hotel guests to enter their rooms
System whereby customers do the work of cashiers
Feeling sad for others going through a hard time
Someone who never dies
Soft part of bed you lie on to sleep
Final vacation taken ahead of a new arrival