Group 678

Puzzle 1

Extreme enthusiasts, sports supporters
Two words to express gratitude
Heating tube or panel found in a house
Alcoholic drink enjoyed before a meal
Lie outside in summer to soak up the rays
Nineties online messaging platform term
Irregular, deviant
Cures, medical treatments

Puzzle 2

Ripple through body when scared or chilled
Describes large dollops of ice cream from a tub
Rectangular slabs of wood for flooring
Leave, abandon, remove oneself from a place
Snaps, stops working
Swimwear known for two pieces tied with strings
Interruption or pause
They hold rain
Regal hats
Winnie-the-Pooh’s tiny quiet friend
Legal clause or provision in a contract
Very smart type of person
Violin played by a nursery rhyme cat
A barrier the runners must jump
Shouted like a lion
Shimmery Christmas garland
beetle, or dung beetle, iconic Egyptian symbol
Artwork made from colored glass or stone pieces

Puzzle 3

Rapturously happy, idyllic, delightful
Identify an exact location on a map
Portuguese navigator, who named the Pacific Ocean
Tough toil to achieve a goal
Rio’s yearly dance celebration
Poker, canasta, bridge
Up and down, not horizontal
They’re the main ingredient in guacamole
Unexpected shower of heavy rain
Wedges to stop novels from falling off a shelf
Side silhouettes
Petroleum jelly and skin hydration brand
Place where secret deals are made

Puzzle 4

Squares sewn into clothes that hold your keys
Jumps on suddenly, in a feline manner
Permanent, felt-tipped pens
Lips that are dry and cracked
In Harry Potter, an object containing a soul
Astonished, taken aback
Leisurely boat trips
To jump from a plane
Finishing ; final, perfecting details
Slow destruction of coast by ocean tides
Rock band known for You Give Love a Bad Name
Using DNA to replicate or copy a living creature
Resumed, restarted
Talk in a quiet voice, so as not to be overheard
Admiration, high regard or esteem

Puzzle 5

Impression in snow from a boot or shoe
Easily annoyed, impatient
Massive exploding star
Bar used as a brace to extend an artist’s canvas
Disney’s 1928 Mickey Mouse animation, Willie
Salt and pepper, for example
Collections of paper, including bills, letters
Maze of tunnels
Differs, goes against, diverges, opposes
Optical instrument for viewing stars and planets
Yummy, very tasty
Crime committed with help from someone in the know
Disinfect, sanitize, purify
Metal fixing device for fabrics. Not dangerous!
People who make up a company and drive it forward
Long luxury car used to transport VIPs
Twitching in anticipation of pain
Record of events, told in a story-like way
Create or falsify evidence
Wooden instruments played by flamenco dancers