Group 677

Puzzle 1

Hand-held portable touchscreen computer
Small or tiny
This is added to injury to make a situation worse
Waste cast aside in the street
People with badges & vehicles with flashing lights
Motivated to succeed
Wooden croquet or polo hammer
Venue for traditional circus acts
Large monkey, with a distinctive rear
Injuries that break the skin
Domingo, Carreras and Pavarotti were the Three
Moral principles
Iconic Swiss clock emblem sought by tourists
Made a snake noise

Puzzle 2

Nemo is this entertaining type of swimmer
Tiny pieces of something, like dust
Person who lives near Broadway or Times Square
He or she saves people from drowning at the pool
Urgency, dangerous crisis
Frightened, horrified, petrified
Taken off the guest list of a party
Snow White nemesis who spoke to her mirror
Use it to wash your clothes
Green citrus cocktail ingredient
Landline or cellular
Author of To Kill a Mockingbird
Make guesses about the outcome of something
One of 78 in a deck used for fortune-telling
Ink that is impossible to erase
Wish you were here photo notes sent in the mail
Song by Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee and Justin Bieber
Flippant remark, witty comment

Puzzle 3

Structure or edifice
Laptop component with letters and numbers
What a precipitation gauge measures
Attacked from a concealed place
You can turn this if you don’t want to see
Emporium for buying travel souvenirs
Made bigger
Expecting a baby
Juvenile, not fully developed
Branch of medical science concerning tumors
A written collection of punch lines
Promotional giveaway
Aromatic herb with needle-like leaves used to cook
Mutual cooperation among employees
Spears that athletes throw
Women’s stiff, shaping undergarments

Puzzle 4

Bed bases often contain these to absorb shock
Dishonest, immoral, fraudulent
Jeans have five of these, usually
Young animal sired by the king of the jungle
Dress up that copies an entity
A picture made up from various other media
Curse of a malevolent or envious gaze
Compliment, praise, say nice things
Fanged count who wears a cape
Fruit resembling a peach but much smaller
Gather up
Portable baby chair for safe travel in vehicles
Line that separates the sky from the earth
Hair and make-up expert
Unwell on a flight
call; actors on stage at end of a play
Low land areas between mountains
Particular features
Part of a fireplace that needs to be swept

Puzzle 5

Someone to share secrets with
A crash or smash between motor vehicles
Fly using air currents and wearing a parachute
Street felines
Declaration to stop fighting in a war
Customary, established action or practice
Person born under the sign of the crab
Protecting from attack
Time off work from work when you’re unwell
Computer tool that measures document length
Vessel for drinking fermented grapes
Safe place, haven, wildlife refuge
Giving in, caving in, yielding
Hoax phone chat made as a practical joke