Group 676

Puzzle 1

Blackening, singeing, scorching
Flip of a penny at the start of a sports match
Sea separating the Italian and Balkan Peninsulas
Verbal disagreement, quarrel
Not wearing socks or shoes
Negative consequences due to your own wrongdoings
Something something blue, at weddings for luck
Avid reader
Comic book protagonist who lacks courage or morals
Giant reptile native to the Galápagos Islands
Newly enlisted army soldiers
Strength or force gained by motion
Misapprehension, false impression
Prepaid payment method for a specific store
Complete lunar sphere, seen once every 30 days
Insertion point for car keys
Images or photos
Abundance, surfeit
Non-electric guitar

Puzzle 2

die hard; it’s tough to change your ways
Add name to an email list; receive regularly
Estimation of an antique piece’s value
Extremely fierce and terrifying
Segments of the spinal column
Sweet treat made from cocoa beans and sugar
Adhesive in a cylindrical tube
Going to or being present at an event
Island where Peter Pan lives
Soldiers stationed closest to area of conflict
Squatting down in an attempt to hide
Very significant or of great value

Puzzle 3

Planting seeds
Rain, Prince film that featured Let’s Go Crazy
Style of electronic dance music
Small coins you may win in a video game
Split, partition
Come back
Gas used to help balloons float
Go into hiding, keep under the radar
Protective head cover for cyclists
People who make purchases, customers
Glass vessel with a stopper, for storing drinks
Street procession with floats and bands
Paper or plastic tubes for sipping a drink through

Puzzle 4

Blockade, obstruction
Stop something from happening, block
A dolphin’s fin
Loaning a property or vehicle for a period of time
Buildings for plane storage
Crumpled, like clothes taken from a suitcase
Half a dozen cans/bottles; tight abdominal muscles
Mozilla created this online browser
Rectangular shaped hatchet used to cut meat
Las Vegas wedding venues
Roads for planes to take off and land
Oscar-awarded epic film about a sinking ship
Roll-up surface for comfort when exercising

Puzzle 5

Exercises done to lengthen muscles after workout
A piece of clothing worn by astronauts
Medical group, could be A, B, AB or O
Offensive word or expression
Publication of a story told through drawings
Henry Mancini’s tune from Breakfast at Tiffany’s
Gwen Stefani solo hit, Girl
Dangerous or poisonous
A practice run before a performance
Found in a lamp, has a filament
Climbing plant that causes an itchy rash
Place where you live; dwelling place
Roll call to assess number of attendees
Singing, dancing ape in Disney’s The Jungle Book
Pony-like fishes
Easily irritated, tetchy
Dutch capital with extensive canal network
Doughy balls added to stews