Group 675

Puzzle 1

Resuming a role; anagram of springier
Ill-advised, unwise, mistaken
People native to Cairo or Alexandria, for example
Witness or an onlooker
Final demand or proposal
Snow or rockslides down a mountain
Stunned reaction to news that is felt widely
Quickly swiping finger through text on a screen
Christmas peppermint stick
Join in with a song
Container in which votes are posted at an election
Playing a guitar by moving fingers over strings
Reunite, resolve, patch up, end differences

Puzzle 2

Mathematical expression with two terms
Type of curry traditionally cooked in a clay oven
Places to catch flights from
Theatrical shows with singing actors
Competition between two teams pulling a rope
Rebel, someone who has changed allegiance
Former, from before
Aerial tramway or mountain ski lift
Precision, correctness
Increases size

Puzzle 3

Flour mix for coating fried fish
First name of Thank U, Next singer
Witches fly on these
Strong-smelling, spiky Asian fruit
Robin was this superhero’s longtime companion
Soft plush material, similar to velvet
Cirque du was founded by a street performer
Destruction, breakage
Hotel worker, responsible for carrying luggage
Run quickly for a short distance
An iguana, monitor or gecko
Covert, hidden
Mercury is one in our Solar System
Prevailing and passing style of clothes/fashions
Scant; in short supply
Ban the rude parts of a movie
Fan sites devoted to posting discussions
Fabric or paint sample
Norse fiends turned to stone in daylight

Puzzle 4

Units for measuring temperature
Ugly building, place; visually upsetting
Expedition, travel
Alpinist, one who goes up rock faces
Custom-designed women’s high fashion
Thinly sliced raw fish
Character assassination, defamation
A tiger has many
Organ that gurgles when it’s hungry
Catchy tunes used in TV advertising
Fun Easter activity for kids
Succeed financially, thrive, flourish
Not very deep
The Time H G Wells’ book of 1895

Puzzle 5

Wisdom, information, erudition
Tag game where players shoot each other with dyes
Very small pieces of dust or some other matter
Mark Twain’s tale of young boy in Mississippi
Farm tool used to move hay
Erase, wipe out
Customers, patrons
Sleuth, private investigator
Fund used to cover minor costs or expenses
Pay somebody back for a purchase they made for you